Anton Pankov Q&A Excerpts

Recently WarGaming’s COO Anton Pankov responded to a Q&A session on LiveJournal. Many of these were repeats so we’re giving the (very) short version:

– Expect articles and videos in the near future to explain the new overmatch mechanics coming in 9.17.

-Cross team chat is unlikely to ever be coming back. WG sees it as non-essential.

-There is a bug with gun stability and accuracy. It’s being looked into.

-Devs are taking feedback regarding improvements to the damage panel.

-(When asked about removing map restrictions for low tiers) “Why? Is seal-clubbing on the same map boring?”

-Devs are taking feedback to improve the information on the new minimaps (clearly marking destructable objects, bushes, elevation changes etc.)

Thats all for now.



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