Anton Pankov Q&A Excerpts

Recently WarGaming’s COO Anton Pankov responded to a Q&A session on LiveJournal. Many of these were repeats so we’re giving the (very) short version:

– Expect articles and videos in the near future to explain the new overmatch mechanics coming in 9.17.

-Cross team chat is unlikely to ever be coming back. WG sees it as non-essential.

-There is a bug with gun stability and accuracy. It’s being looked into.

-Devs are taking feedback regarding improvements to the damage panel.

-(When asked about removing map restrictions for low tiers) “Why? Is seal-clubbing on the same map boring?”

-Devs are taking feedback to improve the information on the new minimaps (clearly marking destructable objects, bushes, elevation changes etc.)

Thats all for now.



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Anton Pankov Q&A Excerpts

27 thoughts on “Anton Pankov Q&A Excerpts

    1. I have to agree with Eidoss843 here, there really isn’t any productive reason you would want cross team chat and it is too easily abused by cheaters and short tempered people, go play armored warfare or war thunder if you want cross team chat.

  1. why can’t they just give players the option to turn cross team chat on or off? It’s really not that hard. Not a fan of the salt? turn it off. Want some quality banter? turn it on. Super simple stuff WG… but I suppose that’s why it never occurred to them

    1. Anonymous says:

      Agreed…the game is like playing bots without cross team chat. Why not remove opponent player names too since that’s non essential.

      Mute is a perfect solution. I personnaly see very few instances of “betraying your team”, so removing chat is unlikely to affect that. Although I have seen more TKing recently so maybe cross chat was not the silver bullet WG wanted.

      Every fps type game out there has cross team banter so I doubt Ill be playing much longer. My own team wont even chat, so it feels pretty souless now.

  2. Considering the number of free gift low tier tanks I have now, I’ve played quite a few T2 & T3 battles to get some extra XP. They weren’t ALL seal clubbing (not with the tanks they’ve given away…)

    1. Maybe they need some more PvE maps and modes for lower tiers that are restricted to players with minimum 250 games in tier I-V games. Simply take seal clubbing out of the equation entirely. The reason we don’t see PvE more is because you don’t get even half the credit earning in PvP.

  3. mark west says:

    This guy is such a fucking asshole. I HATE tier 10. Why? The maps are all to small for tier 10 tanks, but mostly due to tier 10 arty and that the games are long and boring with nothing but either spamming gold or sniping weakspots or getting clobbered by high alpha TDs. I have 27,000 games, but less than 500 at tier ten despite 15 tier 10 tanks. I play tiers 2-8 and mostly only tier 8 prefs. I dont play low tiers to seal club, i play low tiers because its more fun. The tanks r smaller which makes the maps much bigger, the games are more fast paced, dynamic and over quick unlike the campfests at tier 10 so ANTON can go fuck himself. I play this game for fun and thats why I play lower tiers, ITS MORE FUN! I will never, ever, spend another dime on this game. WG DEVS like Anton can go fuck themselves.

    1. I’d say a little more settlety and less “fuck” would give your argument some more weight. Then I would even tend to agree!
      Tier X games can be a real pain on small maps, when there is no space to work at all … smaller tiers are nice to play because of their related mechanic. Why condemn lower tanks like PzIIIJ into oblivion because its tier 4? Such a relevant vehicle may have some role even for experienced players … i think some kind of PvE could fit in here perfectly.

    2. bbmoose says:

      I totally agree on this. I have only 4 tier 10’s, simply because I don’t think the grind is worth it. You only encounter Object 140’s, T110E5’s, OP autoloaders (looking at you, Skoda TVP), high alpha TD’s (Grille 15 is a real pain in the ass of gamebalance) and sickening arties. And you lose credits every single game, if you get damaged yourself a bit and do not more then 3k damage to others. And yes, half of the maps are not suitable for tier 10 gameplay (Ensk, Himmelsdorf, Mines, Pilsen and all the other small maps. Leave spawn and get rekt by a Grille 15.

      It’s simply not worth it, I’d rather play tier 8 and 9 and suffer 33% of the time when I’m bottom tier.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Cross team chat is non-essential, you say? Eh…

    Won’t miss it entirely, but you might as well just get rid of in-battle chat then. I personally saw cross chat as toxic balancing, if needed…which is essential for some people to keep their blood pressure low. But I’ve had too many battles to care about that.

    Other than that and the occasional, friendly salute (Remember those o7 figures? Good times). If anything, this might encourage more fail platooning and they won’t be able to voice displeasure because most will have either turned their chats off or just not care.

  5. wolvenworks says:

    allchat not coming back? how am i supposed to needlessly taunt my enemies, or inform them that my entire team are babies?

    also, it’s not seal-clubbing if you truly enjoy lowtiers because they actually play more decently than hightiers (though you immediately know which one has tier 1 skills when they goldspam ON A TIER 2 match i’m lookin at you rich vietnamese players)

  6. Nevermind says:

    For the life of me I.can not understand why Mines is still a tier 10 map. It us way too small. Why don’t the developers do something useful, like finish the global rebalance, or fix the shit mm. The best thing they did do was remove cross team chat. Now there is so much less carp in game on the SEA server.

  7. panzer1c says:

    most of the times devs sound to me like a mechanic telling me he made my horn louder cause he wasnt able to fix my brakes. you want less toxicity? you want to end sealclubbing? give us skill-mm. cause thats the main problem with random. you force pros and tomatos in the same battles. tomatos get mad cause “herp derp cheater/goldnoob/ whatever” and pros get mad cause tomatos dont know what to do and block scoutpositions with maus, do wn8-focus or whatever. virtually every competetive mmo has a ranksystem or skill-mm. only WG is not able to come up with something solving all these problems.

    1. Anonymous says:

      It was well known that the first man to die during the normandy landings proceeded to spend the next month on the radio saying that his team sucked and no support.

  8. Pangzhu says:

    (When asked about removing map restrictions for low tiers) “Why? Is seal-clubbing on the same map boring?”

    His comment regarding the low tier map restriction is just plain disgusting and infuriating…

    Spitting in the face of everyone who has bought any tier 2 and 3 premium tanks – was not boring to take our money for tanks that are boring to play now on purpose. If they didn’t want experienced players in low tiers they should not sell low tier premium tanks to players with more than x amount of battles or so 😉

    I don’t have any need to seal club, but i really like the occasional low tier matches to relief the stress build up from tier 8+ mm.
    why cant they simply remove the map restrictions for experienced players, like they already had talked about?

    He doesn’t seem to understand the simple notion that real seal clubbers enjoy preying on the weak despite of how few maps there are. Seal clubbers are still there. they only want to shoot up the newbies again and again.
    The fewer experienced players are playing low tier games, the worse it is for beginners, because the density of hard core seal clubbers will be higher.

    1. Eraser says:

      When I joined, sealclubbing was much worse. Experienced players running impenetrable T18s with perked crews and equipment. And tier 1s started with 50% crews, not 100 like now.

      But it’s a hell of a learning experience. Now I see people in tier 4 and 5 going into the field on campanovka. I learned to not do that my very first game.

  9. SpeedyCraft51 says:

    “Cross team chat is unlikely to ever be coming back. WG sees it as non-essential.”

    Yeah I too think communicating with other players is unnecessary in an MMO.
    Also I’d take it to the next level, and as they said the main reason behind the removal of cross-team chat was toxicity and insults, why not remove all chats except platoon and clan chat ? Because there is toxicity about everywhere anyway and chatting is non-essential because players are too rarely constructive (it happens but who cares about these players anyway).
    Even hide the player’s nicknames and kill XVM so no player can get offended by anyone else.

    It’s the fucking internet WG what the hell do you expect people to say in chats ?
    The game isnt supposed to be allowed to children so who cares about what is being said, if you go online you should expect this to happen :/

    1. abusemtex says:

      Uhm – well, no.
      In WoT the level of toxicity, insult and rage exceeds everything I have experiended during the last decade.
      And I played CoD a lot!
      Cross team chat is useless as f0ck! About time the remove this sh1t.

  10. madogthefirst says:

    -(When asked about removing map restrictions for low tiers) “Why? Is seal-clubbing on the same map boring?”

    WarGaming should just be thankful some people are still willing to play those awful tiers. With some many moronic changes it is like they are actively looking to kill the game.

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