Anton Pankov Q&A

Good day everyone,

Brief bits from a LiveJournal Q&A with Antoin Pankov.

* Anton, can you clear up a bit of VK72.01 K?
I understand that after it entering as a third top tier German heavy, we get two tanks (for Clan Wars and general players), which will not be different either in armor, not in performance characteristics, and will be the only difference in the skin? Or is it going to be different, different armor and so on?
Just in case, if there is only visual difference, it doesn’t seem fair to the players who took his 5th campaign just before it was announced a change in the tech tree.
– The tank has not been tested, there is nothing I can comment on. I do not want to create false expectations.

* 6 AFK/bots in my match. 6 out of 15, and they get XP for the fight, why give them experience only for the fact that they were drunk in a bush and found the red button in the fight?
– Here it is necessary to divide who could not connect and who is really afk. The system will be one size fits all.

* I saw info about the exchanging tanks for gold. Can you clarify this?
– Information about the tanks for gold was really misinterpreted. Wait until announcement in January 2017.

* Antoine, anything to say about personal missions? Are they in any state of correction or refinement?
– With the current season, all more or less ok.* HD content – it sounded like almost all tanks were transferred to HD, but it is not so, when are you finishing Tiers 8-10 at least?
– Over the next year for sure, though not until the end of spring at least.

* Number of arty – why not 1-2? 3 arty is too much, and the timing to replace variable 5 to 3 seems very simple, even a micro patch.
– Its coming with the new matchmaker.

* Christmas tree and presents – the rules, but you can make boxes for medals in the future.

– Yes, if the boxes show itself ok – gently, without going overboard, we may go that direction..

* AFK players as always get XP, this encourages bot users.
– I know.

-Evilly admits that the fact that AFK players are able to earn XP, encouraging bot users.

* After the release of the VK 72.01 in the tech tree, will you give players who have the Clan Wars version the opportunity to exchange it for another Clan Wars tank, or simply give it special camouflage on the Clan Wars version and be done with it?
– No, can not be exchanged.

* At the end of the Sandbox, with the Tier 10 lights and arty changes, if we don’t like them, will that input be factored in and it’ll be possible to test without modifications ?
– Of course.

* What is the size of Abby in HD and how much hard disk space do we need (approximately) after the release of the entire content in HD (it is already possible to calculate how much maps + tanks weigh in HD)?
– It is too early to talk about the final size. We will squeeze until it stops.

* The engine will remain BigWorld or will you move to something else (Unity for example)?
– The engine will remain BW, but there is virtually nothing left from old BW.

*With the current move of light tanks from Tier 8 to Tier 9, is it worth it to gather XP on them in order to unlock the Tier 10s?
– Not yet determined.

*When will we have the opportunity to play on the HD maps (as I understand its in  sandbox)?
– When ready, sometime later.

*New lighting for maps in HD?
– Yes.

* If I am not mistaken, in the new schedule you implemented Havok or some other destructible algorithm?
– Experimenting, so far only with small objects.

* Don’t you think that the introduction of high-explosive shells for high tier Japanese tanks only reduces the role of armor in top tiers?
– No, I do not.

* Will you continue the practice of withdrawing preferential MM tanks from sale?
– Yes.

* Is the appearance of Sheridan final? It looks so-so, and players are expecting to see the usual Sheridan, not a pilot version. In the 10th tier it’s not usually much cooler than 9. Many prefer to play the T49, because of the lower repair cost and even appearance.
– Yes, with the exception of the final fine details.

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Anton Pankov Q&A

45 thoughts on “Anton Pankov Q&A

  1. * 6 AFK/bots in my match.
    – I wonder, how can one be so absolutely sure another player is a bot? I know some people who are just bad players and simply won’t play like you would expect seasoned players to. It doesn’t make them bots.

    * Number of arty – why not 1-2? 3 arty is too much, and the timing to replace variable 5 to 3 seems very simple, even a micro patch.
    – Lol, I barely seem 3 arty in this game as it is now. I don’t really think this is much of an issue anymore…

    1. SpeedyCraft51 says:

      I’d pay to see 5 arties per game so I finaly have a chance to beat my fucking mission. This shit done and Obj260 is almost mine. “Kill 3 arties in one game in a medium tank”… 2 months that I’m on it now, and either I dont have the right mm, either I get killstolen…

      1. sfcstorm says:

        THis is good news for you then, I am sure they will change mission requirements. And if not, all you have to do is get games with a baddie arty platoon and its much easier now. It means most times they will all congregate and you can just sneak in and blap them in one area. Also if they are ina platoon odds are you wont face the same med or lighttank platoon and so they wont screen well.

        Guys will get greedy and want to lock down all the arty slots in each platoon, and it will suck to play vs them, but for your mission it will be much better.

    2. GrimmReaperBG says:

      Does it actually makes any difference if you meet a boting programm or just an protohuman without mental abilities? How does it changes the end result- they are both not playing!

      1. If read again, you will see I replied to the bot part, not the afk part. So they are in fact both playing, just not really good. And it actually matters a great deal. Reporting someone is for when he/she breaks the rules. Someone simply playing badly is not breaking the rules. Simple as that.

        And if we allow people to report others for playing badly, where is the line? And who gets to decide when someone plays good enough? WG allowing people to report others for simply not playing good enough sets a dangerous precedent. To an average player, a tomato player is bad. But to some unicum players, a player with average skill might be playing bad. And even an unicum can have a bad day. H*ll, I’ve seen my share of so-called unicum players who were really not that good.

        So, how do you decide when someone is good enough to play? And what gives you the right to judge others on this in an open game like this?

  2. Th3Grimmi says:

    As advice:

    In the World of Warplanes premium shop, there is an offer for 19€ which includes 5000 Gold and 30 Days of premium.
    The Gold and the Premium both apply to World of Tanks.

    That offer is limited for 1 per Account

  3. SpeedyCraft51 says:

    CW whiners : too bad.

    I bet Beta Testers would have liked KV-220 to stay exclusive aswell.
    Or players who got their special PzII J/BT SV packs that were supposed to be exclusive too.
    Or all marathon tanks that some players also earned by investing lots of time in the game, how unfair that other people can get them aswell without any effort.

    At least in the case of VK :
    1- it’ll be a regular tank that you cant just buy (the free xp has to be earned at some point if you want to do it this way)
    2- you still have bonus camo to compensate and show that your tank is different, the other situations above got nothing except the “T” for KV-220
    3- you can get the same tank twice which is nice if you like it (only the KV-220 has this possibility in the tanks listed above)
    4- premium status at tier X, you still have it. Only CW winners will have it ever.

    A bunch of kids whining because they have to feel special one way or another, and being able to have free tier 8 and 10 premium tanks and enough free gold to have perma premium account isnt enough, as well as special camo saying “look I’m better than you because I spend my life in this game”, is apparently not enough…

    1. Sasque says:

      Yup, especially when nobody ever plays the premium VK 72 anymore… Seen those only when the tank was obtained by those big clans and after a month or so nobody was playing it

      1. SpeedyCraft51 says:

        If the tank was at least played then yeah I would understand the rant slightly more, but here its a tank you meet maybe once every 2k battles, nobody plays it anymore out of the few who actualy got it because its just an E-100 with a better turret front (I think).

        Here people are whining for the sake of whining. All they want is to obtain a newer and better tank as a compensation, but they dont even care about the tank itself. They just try to get free stuff or to keep their tank special even if they never use it.

      2. sfcstorm says:

        THis is a even better reason why a tank we worked so hard for needs to be different or at least better.

        The Armor on the E100 was better, as you have to of side armor and spaced armor, also with square armor you can predict angles way easier.It carried twice the rounds, had a way better reload and on a tank with 20 sec reload this matters tons. Also it didn`t have better gun handling but much much worse.

        Seriously there is no upside except a tad bit of speed and rear turret for sidescraping.

        It needs to be the smaller faster vs of the E100 that has laser aim for losing reload, armor and tons more shells.

    2. sfcstorm says:

      All these points are dumb. And don`t say we are whiners because you aren`t invested. You sound like the typical player who doesnt own one and so you are acting like these players who put in tons of time and effort should just get these gimmicks rather than real differences.

      I had to play every nightsx2 to earn mine. This isnt like a T22 or other “Rewards” that you can game or cheat to get. This is about competing and not just that, but putting tons of time in.

      WHo cares about a “camo bonus” that shows others its different. I dont care about bragging or being noticed, I care about having a unique tank that gives me advantages and disadvantages that play differently. So I can have a unique gaming experience. Who wants the exact same tank as a nirmal T10 with a camo bonus? Ill just buy camo if I want that.

      THis is nothing like Beta tanks in which I also have. Beta tanks were actually a gift. There was never a expectation of “Earning” a tank. They announced that a few days before 1k games or above got it, but the experience and fun was the reward for playing beta.

      But for CW it was said early and often this WAS A UNIQUE TANK. Earned only 1 way, and that way was a shitty campaign that was tedious and boring.

      IMO the thing they should do if they absolutely cannot change is offer every owner of one a alternate choice of gift tank. This way we could at least have picked a M60 or T96 etc.

      But saying that they are whiners because they worked hard for a tank that was clearly stated as only to be earned, seems more childish than the “Whiners” and seems much more like you didnt have the time to invest or the skill, and want others to suffer with you.

      I now dont have time to play as I work fulltime, so should everyone not get reward tanks now? Hell no, its one of the only things that retains are solid player base anymore.

    3. Xavier says:

      Its especially dumb when 9/10 players with CW reward tanks/camos suck. I’m an orange scrub in a caernarvon and I somehow manage to beat a T95E2 in a brawl on half health…

      1. sfcstorm says:

        T95e2 is not a CW tank at all. You get one for inviting a player to WOT and him getting a T10…This is night and day different than a Campaign tank.

        As a whole CW guys who compete are very very good players, who are much better at the game than most. On NA only 2k players get tanks out of 10x that number who play in clans.

        Lastly Caern has a major advantage over a T95e2 in a brawl. One has 226mm pen and basically it means its autopen in a hull shot. The other [T95] has only 181mm pen and needs to precisely hit the lower plate, not the turret or upper, but only the lower.

        This is the typical answers I hear from guys who are not informed, but seem to hate on CW players. Guys are mad at successful clans or players who have the time to earn CW tanks, and rather than applauding these guys for skill and dedication, you focus on how “They” really seem to suck and therefor aren`t worthy. Even if they did suck, they worked hard for it, and it should be honored. They cleary said these CW tanks were completely unique and would never be sold or put in game. Since they broke there word, they could give guys a replacement CW tank.

      2. First of all, a T95e2 is a tier 8 recruit tank with terrible penetration that has nothing to do with clan wars whatsoever. Congrats on killing one, but you basically only killed a same tier tank in a much weaker vehicle. Second of all, the people driving the CW reward tank are generally SUBSTANTIALLY more skilled than you.

  4. sfcstorm says:

    This “limit” to 3 arty is just stupid. This literally does nothing except buff “Arty Parties”.
    Now all you have to do is is be in a arty Plat and you are now 100% sure you are all arty members. This means most times you will be vs random arty pieces and its simple cleanup. Arty is so powerful 3 focusing one target is stupid.

    There needs to be a limit of 2 and no Platoons with more than 1.

    1. SpeedyCraft51 says:

      That’s tank racism lol.

      Because you think a platoon of 3 meds or 3 heavies or 3 TDs or 3 autoloaders working together wont also focus the same targets and completely change the outcome of a battle if halfway competent ?
      Thats what platoons are for. Think, for one fucking second…

      1. Think for 1 second eh? How about you think about 3 arty following you around the map? How about being permatracked by arty? And theres nothig you or your teammates can do. No one can take a hit, shoot them, or buy you time.
        If another platoon wants to focus you, they have to expose. But arty can sit in the back and follow you the whole game.

      2. sfcstorm says:

        Arty isnt like those other platoons. They are indirect fire with satellite style views, that spit out the ability to one shot tanks all depending on RNG. Sorry but we dont need more RNG in game, and we dont need platoons who are in no danger at all sitting back and focusing targets who have 0 chance to retaliate.

        Arty initself is not healthy in game as it is. It rewards turtling and non aggressive pay. Now what will happen when a Heavy who is top tier and supposed to push gets primaried by 3 arties who are all focusing him? You think he will do his job and lead a charge? How about dynamically move up? NOPE, he will find cover and sit behind it. He will not move as he will be killed super quickly.

        This is not good gameplay, and if you think it is thats just sad.

        This limit was BS. In most games that were already not productive arty had 3 pieces on board. But now, a 3 man top tier arty platoon at T10 can literally run 3 autoloaders and every 70 seconds unload 9 SHOTS!!! T10 arty was never meant to be in that large of numbers, and if it was you balanced it out by having a organized team rush the enemy. But in PUBS this was simply never supposed to happen.

        How about 3 Conq GCs that can shoot over almost anything and 1 shotting things like E5`s and med tanks? Now how about 3? Now imagine the other team gets T8 Arties as they often do? With 3 T10 or god forbid 53/55s vs T8`s the game is so lopsided in open maps its insane. And on maps like Himmels dorf as well. But in maps like ensk its 100% the opposite way, that team is screwed.

        Its iot just that Arty is OP, its that it is super UP as well in situations just like the Waffle was and the old 183 and all the other relics they got out of the game.

        They need 2 Arties max per team. Arty is like a sniper in other games, except snipers have to have LOS meaning they need to risk being detected. Artiies do not until late game. And in other games there is a hard counter to them as soon as they shoot…Arty do not have this until scouts can get within 200m.

        You want BALANCE, and 3 arties per platoon is not even close. 3 T10 Arties on open maps= 80% win chance and on maps like Ensk 20%. hat is not healthy or balanced.

      1. sfcstorm says:

        This is true. My idea would alleviate that. Take away that stupid birds eye view/god perspective. Make them fire like shotguns and give them a range adjuster of + 50 meters – 50 and make them range in there shots. This would punish campers because they would die and it would be more dangerous the longer you wait while making being hit on the move almost impossible.

  5. – The tank has not been tested, there is nothing I can comment on. I do not want to create false expectations.

    Seriously, don’t even test it. This change to the German line is actually autistic. What cancerous cunt thought that making a 100% fake tank based on the Krupp Lowe design be top tier after the Porsche design for the Tiger II (that’s already been unhistorically buffed beyond compare mind you) purely because they “look similar”?

    Yer nar mate that’s fucked reasoning and it’s a fucked idea to even consider this. Want a more historical solution then your own WG?

    That, 100% more logical and historical… you know because it doesn’t contain your own creation. How about instead of trying to change the Germans though you fix the American TDs;
    – T28, T28 Proto and T110E4 are all fake
    – T30 is a HT and was even the tier 10HT once
    – T110e3 is actually the T110e4 design
    – Hull of the T110e4 (e3 in-game) is wrong and so is the E5 for the that matter

    Butt all this fucked up shit in the US TD line isn’t as important as “The VKb doesn’t build into the Maus like we want it to so we’re going to have it build into a tank that we made”? I’m sorry but WG you need to get your shit together and learn where you need to set your priorities. Do NOT implement your change to the Germans…

    1. Xavier says:

      – T28 is kind of real
      – They should re-make the T28 Prot. and make it actually look like the concept

      Those arent even the worst offenders in that line… T25/2 is completely made up. Why on fucking earth would they put an M36 turret on the hull of the T25? It would have the same gun as the T25 but less armor. The T25 AT is just completely pulled out of their asses.

      1. I was trying to limit myself to just the top tiers but yes you’re right, the issues with the US TD line do extend further then just the tier 8 and higher, but WG feel that the German HT line needs to be fucked over then doing any real fix to a line that’s actually messed

      2. pixywing says:

        What’s also bad is the American line is not only the made up tanks, but the fact they are also useless and some of the worst tanks in the game. With the amount of premium ammo spam and how OP mediums are the T28 and T95 are some of the worst tanks to grind as you instantly die and get penned from the front by mediums 2 tiers lower.

    2. SpeedyCraft51 says:

      VK72.01 is a Lowe Design, and considering most tanks in WoT arr unhistorical I dont see anything wrong with it.
      Again, go play WT it you want realism, we’ll see you back in a week when you’re tired of fighting the same tanks over and over again and getting oneshot out of nowhere right at the start of battles.

      1. Xavier says:

        Real VK 72.01 K was to be 72 tons. The one in game is around 130 tons. That’s almost doubling its weight. Real one was to have 100mm front and 80mm side armor, not 200/160.

        Most tanks are unhistorical…. somewhat true but there are only a few tanks that are completely made up. IMHO the VK 72.01 K is more made up than the 59 Patton, which we know is 100% made up because it cannot have existed.

      2. First of all it wouldn’t be called a Lowe design it would be a be design by Krupp for the Lowe… if it was a real design…

        It’s not a real tank, it’s a 100% fake tank made up by WG that they based off of the Lowe. There is no reason for them to fuck up the German line with it.

        Excuse my Aussie, but if you support this then ya fucked in the head cunt

      1. Xavier says:

        Tiger I at tier 6 would make more sense than having it at tier 7. It wouldn’t even be the best tier 6 heavy…

  6. The T49 is currently the most broken tank in the game. Excellent camo, good speed and an insane derp gun – in the right hands it’s just too powerful, much worse than any arty. I’m afraid that the Sheridan will be the same. 🙁

    1. That’s simply your opinion. Most good players would agree that the t49 is the worst of the tier 8 light tanks. Taking it a step farther, many if not most would even say that the Bulldog is a far better tank even as a tier 7. “In the right hands” any tank is OP.

  7. wolvenworks says:

    so they modified BigWorld to the point it’s not Bigworld, right? i think they should come up with a name for the not-BigWorld engine. i dunno….BigWorld 2.0, WGEngine, World of Engine…….

    1. SpeedyCraft51 says:

      When I read “world of engine” the first thing that comes to my mind is the terrible sounds of broken engines this patch…
      I think this fits perfectly with WG.

  8. pixywing says:

    What gets me to stop playing world of tanks faster than anything is when I do 2k damage 3 kills lose and get less exp than the afk bot on the enemy team that won 15-4. This game rewards winning and how much you won by more than how well you actually did and is beyond frustrating.

  9. Asghaad says:

    what im wondering is what will happen with the Premium Bulldog, they probably wont make it the only T9 premium tank in the game so what will actually happen with it

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