Anton Pankov Q&A

Good day everyone,

Brief bits from a LiveJournal Q&A with Antoin Pankov.

* Anton, can you clear up a bit of VK72.01 K?
I understand that after it entering as a third top tier German heavy, we get two tanks (for Clan Wars and general players), which will not be different either in armor, not in performance characteristics, and will be the only difference in the skin? Or is it going to be different, different armor and so on?
Just in case, if there is only visual difference, it doesn’t seem fair to the players who took his 5th campaign just before it was announced a change in the tech tree.
– The tank has not been tested, there is nothing I can comment on. I do not want to create false expectations.

* 6 AFK/bots in my match. 6 out of 15, and they get XP for the fight, why give them experience only for the fact that they were drunk in a bush and found the red button in the fight?
– Here it is necessary to divide who could not connect and who is really afk. The system will be one size fits all.

* I saw info about the exchanging tanks for gold. Can you clarify this?
– Information about the tanks for gold was really misinterpreted. Wait until announcement in January 2017.

* Antoine, anything to say about personal missions? Are they in any state of correction or refinement?
– With the current season, all more or less ok.* HD content – it sounded like almost all tanks were transferred to HD, but it is not so, when are you finishing Tiers 8-10 at least?
– Over the next year for sure, though not until the end of spring at least.

* Number of arty – why not 1-2? 3 arty is too much, and the timing to replace variable 5 to 3 seems very simple, even a micro patch.
– Its coming with the new matchmaker.

* Christmas tree and presents – the rules, but you can make boxes for medals in the future.

– Yes, if the boxes show itself ok – gently, without going overboard, we may go that direction..

* AFK players as always get XP, this encourages bot users.
– I know.

-Evilly admits that the fact that AFK players are able to earn XP, encouraging bot users.

* After the release of the VK 72.01 in the tech tree, will you give players who have the Clan Wars version the opportunity to exchange it for another Clan Wars tank, or simply give it special camouflage on the Clan Wars version and be done with it?
– No, can not be exchanged.

* At the end of the Sandbox, with the Tier 10 lights and arty changes, if we don’t like them, will that input be factored in and it’ll be possible to test without modifications ?
– Of course.

* What is the size of Abby in HD and how much hard disk space do we need (approximately) after the release of the entire content in HD (it is already possible to calculate how much maps + tanks weigh in HD)?
– It is too early to talk about the final size. We will squeeze until it stops.

* The engine will remain BigWorld or will you move to something else (Unity for example)?
– The engine will remain BW, but there is virtually nothing left from old BW.

*With the current move of light tanks from Tier 8 to Tier 9, is it worth it to gather XP on them in order to unlock the Tier 10s?
– Not yet determined.

*When will we have the opportunity to play on the HD maps (as I understand its in  sandbox)?
– When ready, sometime later.

*New lighting for maps in HD?
– Yes.

* If I am not mistaken, in the new schedule you implemented Havok or some other destructible algorithm?
– Experimenting, so far only with small objects.

* Don’t you think that the introduction of high-explosive shells for high tier Japanese tanks only reduces the role of armor in top tiers?
– No, I do not.

* Will you continue the practice of withdrawing preferential MM tanks from sale?
– Yes.

* Is the appearance of Sheridan final? It looks so-so, and players are expecting to see the usual Sheridan, not a pilot version. In the 10th tier it’s not usually much cooler than 9. Many prefer to play the T49, because of the lower repair cost and even appearance.
– Yes, with the exception of the final fine details.

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