May 8th Q&A with Storm & Evilly

Good day everyone,

Very quick Q&A from Storm and Evilly. Storm’s bit is mostly letting us know he’s alive, but figured it was worth posting after not hearing from the guy for awhile:

Michael Zywiec (Storm) communicates with players Learn:

* Is the game is played by anyone other than WG bots ?! And when CVG will play in your product?

– Sorry, I cannot come up with a funny answer as I’m not on Tanks anymore.

* Michael, why do you still follow tanks and WG if it’s said you’re retired? Just momentum?

– Tanks for me is like a child. Stuck with them for life, no joking.

* The reality is a bit harsh. You regestered in 2010 but had completely abandoned it by 2016. Now you’re rarely ever around.

– Seriously, after 6 years you get tired.

* Are you still working with WG or on some other project?

– Alas, I can not say.

* Michael is it true you’ve left Tanks forever?, If it’s not a secret, can you say where you went? Did SerB also leave?

– Well you never know what can happen, but nothing to really say yet.


Anton (Evilly) Pankow (Executive Publishing Producer) talks with players in LiveJournal:

– In 9.19 there won’t be any significant balance revisions.

* A lot of the recent game developments are completely unnecessary: four new prem tank per month. , bonds, the Nameless / Edelweiss, buffs that have everyone camping the fields.

– You make it sound as if the proxy currency is something very bad.

– On balancing -We will be keeping an eye out for improvements and fixes.

* Are there any new maps planned for this century?

– So far we have everything thrown at our current projects.  

* Hello Anton, I’ll ad to the previously mentioned:

Look at tank profitability. A lot of friends are saying that it’s hard to be profitable on tech tree tanks.

– We can take a look at the economy.

* Maybe a bit subjective, but Randoms have become too fast.

– There some exploring to do.

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May 8th Q&A with Storm & Evilly

15 thoughts on “May 8th Q&A with Storm & Evilly

  1. Tomah4wk says:

    Storm has been victimized because of Rubicon (and maybe his way of answering questions). Based on the way he is answering the questions now it sounds like it’s “Reporting Live from the Gulag” while being watched by a commissar.

  2. New Maps


    don’t be stupid if anything LESS Maps in WOT maybe 5 or 6 like you get in the server rotation
    and why do you the players need more than 6 Maps?

    our best idea for Maps is ~
    5 City Map
    1 Open Map

    that’s the plan -Now go and play 25 battles per hour in a hour all on the same Map

    1. wolvenworks says:

      one of the senior devs at WG that supposedly took over WoT from SerB back then. doesn’t look like it tho after this article, so i guess Murazor’s in charge again now?

  3. DickHerMax says:

    Seems like the position of WoT Senior Dev is like Hogwart’s Defence Against Dark Arts teacher position, cursed.

    1. Type 319 Sharpedo says:

      Also doesn’t help that this takes place in an industry requiring much less brainpower (than STEM careers, for example) and in a country under dictatorship and a crumbling economy…

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