May 8th Q&A with Storm & Evilly

Good day everyone,

Very quick Q&A from Storm and Evilly. Storm’s bit is mostly letting us know he’s alive, but figured it was worth posting after not hearing from the guy for awhile:

Michael Zywiec (Storm) communicates with players Learn:

* Is the game is played by anyone other than WG bots ?! And when CVG will play in your product?

– Sorry, I cannot come up with a funny answer as I’m not on Tanks anymore.

* Michael, why do you still follow tanks and WG if it’s said you’re retired? Just momentum?

– Tanks for me is like a child. Stuck with them for life, no joking.

* The reality is a bit harsh. You regestered in 2010 but had completely abandoned it by 2016. Now you’re rarely ever around.

– Seriously, after 6 years you get tired.

* Are you still working with WG or on some other project?

– Alas, I can not say.

* Michael is it true you’ve left Tanks forever?, If it’s not a secret, can you say where you went? Did SerB also leave?

– Well you never know what can happen, but nothing to really say yet.


Anton (Evilly) Pankow (Executive Publishing Producer) talks with players in LiveJournal:

– In 9.19 there won’t be any significant balance revisions.

* A lot of the recent game developments are completely unnecessary: four new prem tank per month. , bonds, the Nameless / Edelweiss, buffs that have everyone camping the fields.

– You make it sound as if the proxy currency is something very bad.

– On balancing -We will be keeping an eye out for improvements and fixes.

* Are there any new maps planned for this century?

– So far we have everything thrown at our current projects.  

* Hello Anton, I’ll ad to the previously mentioned:

Look at tank profitability. A lot of friends are saying that it’s hard to be profitable on tech tree tanks.

– We can take a look at the economy.

* Maybe a bit subjective, but Randoms have become too fast.

– There some exploring to do.

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