April’s fool Vehicle: IS-360


meet the April’s Fool vehicle, the IS-360:

IS-360 “Spherical Tank”, designed by B. Mikova was one of the many tank projects, that had a mono-cycle structure. Project was designed in June 1942, it didn’t generated much interest among the Main Armored Directorate of the Red Army and was shelved. Until now.


Tier: I
HP: 1500
Min/Max. weight: 10/15 t
Engine HP: 500
Power-to-weight: 50 hp/t
Top speed: 100/50 km/h
Traverse speed: 70 d/s
Terrain Resistance: 0.7/0.8/1.1
Hull armor: 15/15/15
Damage: 32
Penetration: 51
ROF: 20,00
Reload: 3,0
Accuracy: 0,3
Aim Time: 1,2
Depression: -30/+30
Turret(or rather, main gun) traverse speed: 50
Viewrange: 270
Radio range: 300




In-Garage Screenshots:

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April’s fool Vehicle: IS-360

48 thoughts on “April’s fool Vehicle: IS-360

    1. Crazytony0 says:

      Well, multiturret support doesnt exist in wot yet. So i gues we will see the folowing:

      both guns will fire alternatly (visualy only however) the actual sheels will orgin from the center of the vehicle. If i am not mistaken, this is the way the MTLS works. (or what is the name of that super rare bugger again?)

      1. Anonymous says:

        The MTLS-1G14 is in game and uses twin 37mm guns and fires them both simultaneously. To say that this tank couldn’t fire both guns would be inaccurate.

    2. michalm9 says:

      OR… This will be a test for the concept of multigun tanks (i doubt it but still), just like that rainbow briefcase arty thing was in one of the previous ones.

  1. Crazytony0 says:

    Just wondering, is april’s fool so much bigger in Rusia? Cause they do a lot of effort for this every year.

    1. Anonymous says:

      I don’t think you understand. . . This thing goes 100kmh with 50 horsepower/ Tonne… there are gonna be balls rolling everywhere

  2. Anonymous says:

    Look at the map, I bet that the real fight is to push your opponents down to the laval holes (it’s like a billiard table)

  3. Plebamemnon says:

    Really wish the devs would focus on making the game better rather than spending so much time on these stupid single-serve events…

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