Armchair Admirals: Live Premiere

Fan of naval history?

Get your fix in good company with our all-new live talk show — Armchair Admirals.

Start time

26th June 2020

  • 19:00:00 UK time
  • 20:00:00 CET
  • 14:00:00 Eastern

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Armchair Admirals brings together a panel of passionate experts to talk about the most important battles and developments in 20th-century naval history. Expect to see some familiar faces hosting the program: The Mighty Jingles, Drachinifel, and World of Warships’ own Tuccy.

Given that it’s been 78 years to the month since the battle of Midway, the main subject of the pilot episode of Armchair Admirals will be the decisive aircraft carrier battles of 1942.


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Armchair Admirals: Live Premiere

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