Armor Changes to Object 257 From Tier X Reward to Tier IX Tech tree Tank

The really significant Changes are to the front and some to the side armor.For the back and turret I can not find any reliably significant changes. Though the suspension and transverse rear transmission are still no damage hit boxes ( the blue parts of the armor profile pics). Tier X left and Tier IX right. At all times great pains were taken to get alignment and impact points the same for both the live client and 9.22 test client. Screen shots taken with Tank Inspector.

As you will see there is very little room for error when shooting the rear sprocket and trying to get a penning shot, also the hull bottom is quite high up.




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Armor Changes to Object 257 From Tier X Reward to Tier IX Tech tree Tank

26 thoughts on “Armor Changes to Object 257 From Tier X Reward to Tier IX Tech tree Tank

  1. GamingW/War says:

    Sorry, on mobile so can’t blow up the image. But I don’t see anything different. It just looks like they put it at tier 9 and called it good. Lazy, money grubbing WG with Russian bis! Do you want t59 in loot box? Yes? Do we like money? Yes.

    1. GamingW/War says:

      I pulled it up on PC and its very small change for the most part. I say I needs to be nerffed a bit more on the sides and then maybe it will be okay. I do like the 1mm buff on the rear though that’s funny.

    2. Anonymous says:

      You’re calling WG money grubbing over this? What basis do u have? I mean they have a lot things they can be called out on but money grubbing over a non-premium tank? Dude u either need some sleep or to think before u type b/c this is obtainable by EVERYONE for FREE

      1. Torgar says:

        The issue is Wargaming has shown a tendancy with the last few tank lines added for them to be very strong so people use free xp to get them right away. Where does all that free xp come from you may ask? Well lots of people spend gold on the 1=35 conversion days to convert from the tanks they find fun grinding tons of free xp on. So in a way it is money grubbing because they know many people to use free xp to unlock these the second it comes to live server.

      2. GamingW/War says:

        Correct but can you pen it with regular ammo effectively? No.
        So, what are we going to do? Dab that 2 key and fire all the gold we can to kill it. Yes, you can use credits to purchase the ammo but your not going to make credits that game. Most players are going to purchase a premium tank, premium account time or even both to make up the difference in credits. The third option is to stay at tier 6 and never have to see them and make plenty of money at the same time but that’s a small number of players.

        Yet this isn’t money grubbing because it a tank we can all achieve? The Type 4 is OP as well and most people just shoot gold. This is a stronger more capable Type 4. It’s basically a tier 10 tank at tier 9. So, nothing wrong for it being in the game? It’s fine that we all have to fire gold at it and it makes the Obj. 252 look normal now? Buts it’s a tier 9 heavy! It’s supposed to be stronger the a tier 8! Yes but not like this.

        There’s a cause and effect when they implement such Tanks to the game. Players will either buy Wargamings goods to make there experience more enjoyable at top tier, leave, or purchase premium tier 6’s and stay at a low tier. They are going to make money off this in one form or another. It’s just not as blatant as a 60$ price tag and YouTubers creating more attention for the tank.

      3. Trololo says:

        Torgar, nobody is forced to do the conversion. You can just grind the tank regularly. So it’s people’s own greed and impatience making them jump on the chance to get the tank quickly by using (probably converted) free XP.

        The only valid argumentation is that you may need to fire premium ammo to reliably damage these tanks, requiring you to have a high credit income, which is most easily achieved with a premium account plus optionally a premium tank (the latter isn’t required though, you can grind money with good regular medium tier tanks quite effectively).

  2. Ion7 says:

    I thinks it is safe to say its over powered…
    Nerf the upper plate, turet sides, traverse, and give it weak internal moduels and it could be balanced. Something to offset the armor.

  3. godofdun says:

    This might be enough, we’ll have to see how it plays. I think the bigger problem is the angle, not the thickness. Those bottom data points are not high on the pen needed at an equal plane like pictured, but they’re really darn close to autobounce as it is.

    1. Anonymous says:

      these aren’t updated stats, this is just what it had when it was a tier 10 compared to when they bumped it down to 9

  4. Mikosah says:

    Ivan? Da Igor? Players learned sekrit of defeating armor! They no flank, they just load moar goald! Impossibru tovarish, our incontrovertible studies tell us gold ammo is only tiny fraction of overall ammo used, cannot possibly be problem.
    …..But what if glorious soviet armor could be defeated by capitalist goald ammo? Putin forbid! We’ll make armor so idiot-proof that even goald-spam cannot defeat it! What could go wrong?

  5. DZ says:

    and they wonder why this game is going to the pits.. its all the 45%ers that think they know best, that are ruining the game.. gj snowflakes, maybe you can whine about a participation trophy next, since u downloaded the game.

  6. Torgar says:

    I think a lot of you are missreading this. The armor changes shown are what the tank was at tier 10 and what it currently is at tier 9 on the test server. They have not changed anything yet.

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