Armor changes with the transfer to HD Models Pt1.

Bat.-Chatillon 155 55, Bat.-Chatillon 155 58, Churchill I and M6.

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Armor changes with the transfer to HD Models Pt1.

15 thoughts on “Armor changes with the transfer to HD Models Pt1.

  1. docbassie says:

    anddd they again keep removing weakspots… what is WGs problem with them? are they afraid it make players OP when they take time to learn the game?

    1. Seth says:

      Evidently they are. I am guessing that this is their solution to player skill imbalance between teams instead of adding something to MM to balance it.

  2. Dalek04 says:

    -like another player already said-
    WG 2014 : “with new HD models we will increase the details of collision models. Instead of having big slabs of single-value armors, we will detail every angle and every part of the armor individualy, which will allow for more diverse models and more precise weakspots.”

  3. Phat_Buddah says:

    Even MORE nerfing to Arty…nice WG, why not just remove the *Arty from game, or even just reclassify the game to WG-WSHAR (War Gaming Weed Smoking History and Accuracy Reality)

    1. I really like the armour nerf on the artys, I mean its a tier X game. Against normal tanks, having 15 armour is as usefull as 100. The difference lies with HE-shells. I am also a arty player, but what I really hate is to counter arty. Even then I full hit the artys, normaly the artys survive! With the new “nerf” Arty-Countering is much more usefull!

    2. Actually thats a really great idea, Im pretty sure there are way more players who want arty on their way out than to stay. Count me among them at least. I so often get focussed by 2/3 arties it just ruins the game, the damage aint even too bad, but you are just perma stunned, so much fun…

      1. Phat_Buddah says:

        If u feeling pinpointed by artys often when you playing, i would say you are eather a bold one taking huge chances with no cover or a slow superheavy who cant use its speed to get away.

  4. Phat_Buddah says:

    I think i can Agree with the counter Arty thing, but all other situations, this Nerf is step to totaly getting ARTY useless. All you Arty player out there, how manny times have you been runned up with a little thiny shitty tank with aprox 20 % health left, and you hit him in a desperate attempt to survive, and the outcome is that you stun that little bastard and he will kill you in a blink of an eye, we as artyplayer have ZERO possibillitys to even TRY to defend our self against Anyone, with Some sort of armor we atleast have a 1/100 chance to bounce a shoot and maybe counter attack to the antagonist. I play verry agressive in my artys, and feel it works great for me after the Nerf and Stun patch. But to even decimate the ARTYs chances to even bounce 1 or 2 shoots sometimes gives the fun of playing ARTY a deathpenalty in 11th hour.

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