Armored Recovery Vehicles Proposal / discussion


Note: There is a Poll at the end where you can vote wether you like the idea or not.

First of all: What are ARVs?

Well, ARVs are a type of vehicles meant to recover allied vehicles and do field repairs.

Well how would these vehicles work in World of Tanks?

It’s quite simple actually, me and a couple of people have talked about it in the RsR discord channel. If you haven’t joined it already, I highly recommend you do. Link to the Discord is here.

Also a huge thanks to wapted for making these amazing images.

After a healthy discussion we’ve come to the conclusion that ARVs likely need 3 modes: Repair mode, Defender mode and Travel mode. ARVs would start off in Defender mode in which they have average mobility and are able to place down Tank Traps and Anti-Tank Mines.

Repair Mode:

First, we have the Repair mode: In Repair mode the ARV can not move, however now it can boost the repair speed of allied tanks within an area of 30-40 meters. It could also boost the effectiveness of damaged modules, so orange modules normally work at 50% of their usual effectiveness, and an ARV in Repair mode can work at 75% of their normal effectiveness. Additionally an ARV can repair orange modules with the same speed as it would take to repair a red module. The Tank which wants to get it’s modules repaired can choose which module, it would work like a repair kit, press a button and then chose what module you want fixed. It’s basically a Repair tool on tracks with a much shorter cooldown. It’s main job is it to make allied tanks fit for combat again and heal them (more effectively than in Travel mode). which can be compared to a field repair in Real life.

Also Allied vehicles in proximity can replenish their ammo, in order to not make people spam premium ammo, the ammo should be only filled with standard shells like AP or HE, depending on if the gun is a derp gun or a standard Tank gun.

It would maybe replenish a shell every 0.5 seconds for very small guns up to a couple of seconds for high caliber guns.

Ammo resupply could also work like the target heal, where the ammo gets fully replenished instantly but there would be a cooldown of maybe 30 seconds.

Travel Mode:

Next, we have Travel mode, they’re more mobile as in defender mode, but they can not boost any module repairs neither can they place mines and traps. They can however buff individual Targets ( which is the opposite as arty) which does last for a couple of seconds, damage done during that time counts towards assist damage. They can also heal hit points of tanks for example 300 HP with maybe 40 seconds cooldown to not make it to op. In travel mode they can also unflip allies and get them unstuck if they somehow screwed up. When an ally is flipped, the ARV driver would get a notification on their screen and Minimap that an allied tank is flipped, in addition allies could call for a towing cable in case they’re stuck on map obstacles ( Sand River, i’m looking at you)

AT Mines:

Also yeah, we know that historically, AT Mines were meant to destroy tanks, but we don’t want the same problems to come back like with arty, so they should do a lot of damage to modules like tracks but minor damage to the tank itself. They would also be visible, not too visible though, just enough a good ARV player could hide them well enough that bad players can’t see them in time while bad ARV players would place them in places where they’re easy to spot. The mines would also have a detection radius and whenever a tank enters that radius, the mine would go off.  You can destroy AT mines merely by shooting at them or alternatively just avoid them.

Doing damage in ARVs might be difficult depending on play style. Also in order to prevent the ARV to place mines while it’s getting chased, the ARV must stand still in order to place a Mine, same goes for the Tank traps. Since you rely on the relatively passive anti-tank mines to deal the damage, you need to know the flow of maps and predict where enemies will drive so as to run over your mine. Many players would switch to tank trap deployment and healer roles due to this unpredictability, after all, having teams steamroll, push, or camp too hard provides too little advance for the enemy, and reduces chances of enemies rolling onto deployed mines. Also if an enemy does happen to run into an allied mine, following would happen: it would inflict damage, which is low however, doing damage isn’t the main purpose of an ARV, and it would notify the team where the mine went off, so like a Ping on the map.



Depending on if WG wants to consider the ARV class, it could also be possible for German ARVs to mount the Goliath remote controlled mine, but that’s merely just a thought and should not be considered atm.

Tank Traps:

Next are the Tank Traps, they do whatever Tank traps do best: prevent tanks from moving to a certain location and damage lightly armored and light vehicles.

While you do ask yourself, why the hell ARVs should get traps and mines, it’s easy. It’s one way for them to defend themselves or a flank. Without that, ARVs would have no way of defending themselves, it would also add some strategy to the game and a way to block out paths momentarily,. which could give your team the ability to retreat, considering the ARV placed them smart, as it would only get a limited amount of Traps and AT mines which it can place at once. Nobody would like a chokepoint with 20 mines and 30 traps. That isn’t to say you can’t put a few mines or traps in “tank alley” on Himmelsdorf and such, they could definitely act as a deterrent to funnel enemies towards other parts of a map. They would also get a limited amount of mines and traps that they can bring in one battle.

Tank traps would be divided into 3 different types: Light, Medium and Heavy traps.

Light traps can be destroyed by every class just by driving into them, light vehicles take some time to destroy the traps. Vehicles with light traps can place more traps than vehicles with medium or heavy traps.

Medium traps can not be destroyed by light vehicles and it takes medium weight vehicles a while to destroy these. ARVs with medium traps can place less down at once than vehicles with the light traps, but more than vehicles with the heavy ones.

The heavy traps work pretty much the same as the others, it just takes heavier vehicles to destroy these traps.


While this all looks like a lot of information. Let me boil it down:

This is how an average tier 10 ARV could potentially look like if WG decides to add them:


Overall: ( works in all modes)

Passive ability: +25% Effectiveness of damaged modules within 40 meters

Passive Ability: +10% Repair speed within a radius of 40 meters


Travel mode:

Ability 1: Heal 300 damage every 40 seconds ( you’d have to target an allied tank)

Ability 2: Buff allied tank for 20 seconds, cooldown 2 minutes ( buff can be negated by Artillery. In the same way a well placed buff can negate an artillery hit on an ally)

Ability 3: Tow Cable


Repair mode:

Takes a couple of seconds to go into repair mode ( 5 seconds maybe)

Passive ability: +25% repair speed within radius of 60 meters

Passive ability: Fully repair damaged modules.

Ability: Heal 600 damage every 40 seconds ( you’d have to target an allied tank)

Drawback: you cannot move.


Defender mode:

Ability 1: You can place Tank Traps in front of your tank when you press LMB you can have a certain amount of traps active at once ( depends on type), newly placed ones will replace old ones ( replaced traps could be given back to the player)

  • You must be standing still to place them
  • Does not affect allies (to prevent trolling)
  • Can be easily destroyed by heavy vehicles, not so much by medium vehicles and hard for light vehicles

Ability 2: You can place mines in front of the tank when LMB is pressed. you can only place 3-4 mines at once, in general it’s the same as with the tank traps.

  • You must be standing still to place them
  • Can be Destroyed by gunfire
  • When you run over one, it will likely destroy your tracks
  • Would do the same damage to the tank as an average shot from a medium tank of the same tier.
  • Does not affect allies.
  • Can be seen and avoided when played smart.
  • Can be hardly seen and avoided when properly placed.
  • Can not be placed in close proximity to each other.


This is just a way on how the ARVs can both control flanks and support the team when the situation calls for it. It would be interesting to play and depending on how it’s implemented, a very interesting addition.

I haven’t looked greatly into some of the tech trees, but most major nations could make a line from tier 3-4 to tier 10.

Also each nation could get a trait that makes them special, one nation could be focused on the Defender Mode ( more traps, more mines with more damage) while others could be able to give 2 buffs or heal less but have a shorter cooldown between heals. while another nation could have a big heal but a very long cooldown.

Possibilities are endless and it could be easy for WG to test it on the Sandbox if they ever decide to try them.

Also if the Mine thing bothers you, there’s always the possibility for WG to maybe add a commander perk which shows you whenever you’re in proximity to an enemy mine. It won’t show you how far away it is, nor where it is.

Sure, we might have overlooked a lot of things, but this article is merely about what still could be done. And yes, while the ARV class sounds like a difficult one to play, it could find a lot of fans and add some new strategic possibilities from closing down Flanks to apply the buff in the right moment to push a flank which could make competitive play like CW, stronghold or even Esports more strategic.
What do you think, would you guys like to see ARVs if they would be made like this?

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Armored Recovery Vehicles Proposal / discussion

91 thoughts on “Armored Recovery Vehicles Proposal / discussion

  1. It’s certainly an interesting idea, but I just don’t think World of Tanks is suited to this style of support class, especially in its current form. Possibly they could be included in WoT 2.0, or even as some AI-controlled recovery method if you are stuck or flip your tank. Alternatively, press a button (on a cooldown) and you gain control of an ARV in order to recover your tank before the ARV or your tank is destroyed.

      1. Oh yeah, it would take a while, but it would involve a complete overhaul of the entire game, the maps, the gamemodes etc. Hence why it would fit ground-up in WoT 2.0 that is supposedly being considered right now

      2. I wouldn’t even say WoT 2.0 but overal in current WoT, if they change the maps and, generally overhaul the entire game it’s gonna be possible.

    1. Ragnarokbazil says:

      I like this idea I support it.. It makes classes very fun to play.. And its like a game like defend the to or the lultracktor or ms1 but in pubs… I like the idea it makes even places where heavy tanks are getting pinned have a chance to stop 15 nill defeats .

    2. "Light" tank-player says:

      That AI controlled method sounds pretty cool alhambra117, it would be nice to not rely on the kindness of others when you flip yourself…

  2. Enigmaticmuffin says:

    its a very creative idea, but think about how the mines and traps would function in game, it just wouldnt mesh well with the game’s pace and the way some tanks function. making mistakes is already punished severely in this game, and this would just exacerbate that issue i think. If these vehicles were in from the start and the game was designed to accommodate them in turn, yes i think it could work. But at this point, it would be a very unnecessary thing for the game

      1. Enigmaticmuffin says:

        I do think that on the level of CW gameplay, where speed is basically the meta, defender mode would be useful to slow down the pace there and change up strategy and how people approach. However, in randoms I think it would be problematic

  3. A Dude says:

    It’s very interesting, certainly would add to the WoT-style arcade features based on historical elements (ARVs did exist after all). I only fear that it may be too much.

    1. you do know that we are NOT wargaming, we can not fix arty, it’s not hard to understand that we’re merely a blog and the only thing that connects us to WG is that we show news about WoT and sometimes other games.

      1. Foch-fan says:

        What u smoke dude, u think I say this to Rita, no man, is to the develovers of wargaming that keep proposing stupid things that nobody is asking.

  4. Ron Pestes says:

    Not a good idea at all. We have enough problems with arty and other tanks that make it difficult to move around the map. Adding mines and traps would just stop play and make everything defensive. I would be shocked if this was added to WOT because it would just wreck the game completely.

  5. It is a fantastic idea, the only issue I think are the maps, we need maps that have the same play style of the maps from 2-3 years ago as well as being much much bigger to allow for the ARV to hide etc.

    My idea would be to have a new variation of the game modes (assault etc) where there are larger maps with 40 players in a game (20-25mins long) allowing for ARV drivers to play on small 30 player maps for faster pace gameplay or larger maps where they have more time to set up traps but it is easier for the enemy to go round them as the map is larger.

    Let me know what you guys think 🙂

  6. Swatdennis says:

    It is a cool idea, but the main issue is that it NEEDS teammates in order to work and the tanks need to be frontline only, so OR they have armour OR a extreme amount of health…. I just do not see any point in adding it into WOT because i feel that WOT does not need base skill added into the game, it is not how the game is designed

  7. Some tanks got really low amount of ammo. Giving free ammo (YAY) is bad due to that. That tank also would me boring as hell. This type of tanks could make bigger camp, so no, it is not good idea I think

  8. Jan says:

    Diversity is always good, but would be a bitch to balance and as they already discuss – prevent trolling.

    Obvious danger of making another hated class like arty here

  9. vou direito ao assunto para mim nao funcionaria na atual configuraçao do jogo por 2 importantes razoes que nao esta exposto neste artigo e passo a referenciar
    1: a aplicaçao desta variante de tanques implicaria que os mesmos tivessem um papel mais passivo do que so por minas e obstaculos no campo, o unico efeito que puderiam ter no jogo deixaria de ser muito crucial dependendo das caractristicas dos tanques e da sua capacidade de mobilidade em qualquer senario de batalhae da sua resistencia ao solo,bem como que tipo de armamento defensivo teriam para puderes serem uteis quando so restarem 2/3 tanques em jogo
    2: a extensao do mapa, no atual sistema de 10×10 o mapa e pequeno para ser possivel um uso 100% desta variante de tanques que e proposto,sendo assim possivelmente o aumento para 15×15 podesse ser o ideal e mais equilibrado tendo em conta os tanques mais lentos do jogo puderem ter alguma participaçao importante , uma vez que foi notado a falta de mobilidade e a consequente buff de tanques como o t-95 e o t-28.
    ora disto isto ha que ter em conta o seguinte:
    sendo proposto esta nova linha teem que ter em atençao estes camp+os que referi pois com a actual configuraçao dos mapas estas variantes tornasseao alvos faceis no campo de batalha, em random batles e raro a cooperaçao entre jogadores outro factor pelo qual eu estou contra a proposta desta nova linha no entantotenho que dar o merito merecido a quem pessou nesta possibilidade, deixo em aberto que seja reanalisado a proposta desta linha e que tenham em atençao o que eu referenciei para futuro desenvolvimento

  10. marianr87 says:

    I like this, but not for random. It should be implemented into any future historic mode though. That way it would make it much more different than current modes and more diverse and interesting, though in that case the vehicles would not be unlockable by the player outside of historic mode.

  11. Anonymous says:

    How would u ever get XP. Only assist damage! It seems. If u get from repairing, reloading, possible spotting. Could be a huge grind

    1. Well it really depends on how it’s implemented. It would be a new mechanic if it’s implemented and that means that the EXP and credits income could be increased.
      Anyway the chances of actually ever seeing these in WoT is close to zero.

    2. Heinz says:

      you dont like only doing assist damage? then you probably hate the arty on sandbox server…. despide that your mines can do dmg and when you track an enemy with a tank trap you get even more assist dmg. healing your fellows could give extra xp as well

  12. Xavier says:

    It wouldn’t work with the current 15v15 random battles. There are too many tanks in the game to add a support class. Games with support classes usually have rigid classes already. Take TF2 for example, a game with not 1 but 2 support classes. Those support classes can only work because both teams have like 5 different classes, and while those classes can be customized, not to the point where it feels like a different play-style. What I’m trying to say is that in WoT currently, there can be any combination of lights, mediums, heavies, TDs, and SPGs. If there was only 1 tank per type, then an ARV would make sense. But in a game where the AMX-50 B and Maus are the same ‘heavy’ class, there cannot be a support class that makes sense. That’s part of the reason that arty is so hard to do right.

    1. It’s a proposal, not a news leak. So there’s an almost certain chance that you’ll never have to see ARVs in the game. Also, are we only allowed to propose stuff on the first of april?

  13. Medic TF2 – The Class everybody love but nobody want to play

    Same with ARV concept, deal too small damage, depend too much on allies, will become punching bag if team have no HT, or have HT but not a brawler type (Autoloader HT like AMX line, T57,.. etc) , so tbh, i dont think anybody would like to play ARV

    1. You didn’t describe the TF2 medic there, you described every medic, ARVs would be for the people that like to play Support classes in other games. and yeah, medics are punching bags when they are left alone. But hey, that playstyle may be attracrive for some people. Me included.
      Also in the end it’s a matter of how it’s implemented

  14. interesting idea, although I believe few players would use them, what could however give it a “push” is that I can see them being “heavily” used in e-sports or competitive modes
    we all know maps have some pots that favor one of the spawns and with ARVs (and other engineer vehicles in general) you could force the enemy to attack from where the map favours you, while at the same time enemy ARVs should be able to disable such obstacles but it would be exposed and they could end losing their healer
    I can definitly see e-sports using them
    there’s already 1 tank I would expect, I don’t remember how exactly the prototype was called but it’s a M46 Patton with dozer blade, whinch at the back (looks like a crane to lift wrecks) and 165mm howitzer (gun could be balanced by giving the other abilities longer timers)

  15. Luis Carlos says:

    I love this idea, specially because i think it can produce longer and more tactical minded games, i look forward to this!

  16. party1c says:

    whoever came up with this… ever played random? majority of players is antisocial, selfish and has no idea about map-meta.

    all we get from this is: your own team gets trapped between enenmy and tank traps. imagine you go up the hill on himmelsdorf and your teammate starts to block the way back… or the recovery vehicle is busy laying mines in your own cap when you need help.

    im not saying this isnt a nice idea, and maybe this works in clanwars or fortification. but we all know how stupid, irrational and lazy the average normal random bot is.

    this would end up with much more hate and frustration than arty ever caused.

    1. Worst case scenario, we’ve thought about these, Allies mines and traps would not affect allies, if it would, it would be the perfect toy for griefing assholes. Also, idiots are everywhere, and the thing with placing mines is just a thing most of these noobs would have to learn in order to make more than 30 exp per battle.

      Also the poll itself has the option to vote “Yes but without Defender mode” as i’m perfectly aware the this defender mode is highly controversial. for the points you’ve mentioned.

      1. also the sole reason we have proposed the defender mode is for a way for the ARV to defend itself in the worst case scenario. It’s entirely possible to not even add the defender mode but when the ARV is the last tank alive, it has not a single way to defend itself or to pull a win out of it’s ass, unless it caps. I mean with the proposed mines system it’s not likely to carry either as it would do minor damage and wouldn’t kill a tank unless it’s on extremely low health.

  17. Wahnfried III says:

    An interesting idea, but I think that balancing is complex – and in dire need of additional work – already.

    So no.

  18. GamingW/War says:

    No. Just straight up no. This class I could see as effective in clan wars or strongholds but everything else no. Support classes in WoT are iffy at best, simply because their would only be a hand full of players that would play them and a smaller number of them that play it well. The problem I see currently with tanks is that the player base doesn’t understand the game mechanics and just play casually. Nothing wrong with that but it’s not helping them win nor is gameplay any better. WG needs to teach the player base how to play the game first before they give us new mechanics.

  19. leo says:

    this sounds like a load of hot garbage
    TANK TRAPS AND MINES?!!? every fucking corridoor will be full of these goddamn things, the game will slow down IMMENSELY as everyone is constantly being repaired and then mine’d
    terrible, terrible ideas

    1. You did read that the proposal says that a maximum of like 4 mines can be placed at all times, so it is impossible to encounter more than 4 mines, also something i didn’t write down but there’s also the possibility to make placing a mine or so takes 10 seconds. So this mine spam would be the absolute worst case scenario.

      Also it’s just a proposal, if you don’t like the Traps and mines aspect there’s the possibility to not evne implement it.

    2. Heinz says:

      Leo, I challenge you to get into any light tank on himmelsdorf, on the start of the battle you go to any corridor you want to and stand still there for like 15-20 sec and then run away. you wont survive that! same for these vehicles. you will only see traps and mines when your team wins a flank and the enemys run away and leave them

  20. Liam says:

    can you imagine the que wait times trying to match up all tier recovery vehicles lol. So will these vehicles be a part of the 15v15

    1. Not many people will play Recivery vehicles anyway, as medic classes generally aren’t as popular as DPS or Tank classes which in WoT would be meds and heavies.

  21. LordofDiscord says:

    Really some people contributing to this blog should remember as they posted above that they should be posting news about WOT and not as in this case their own ideas of the direction the game should be heading and would be very well advised to check the forums to find this stupid idea has been suggested from the start.
    Think logically, of how many or actually how few current maps this would work on with a 15 minute game time.Then go back to the forums and search all the times this crappy idea has been suggested over the Years normally by someone who wants a tank simulator game,which this isn’t,and hasn’t been taken up for the simple reason its a bad idea
    Then think…if the mines can BE seen then everyone will move slower looking for them..more sluggish games/draws.
    How would the current limited graphics make it possible?
    This is frankly one of the worst ideas to annoy people and break game flow I can think of..I mean really? after sandbox perma stunned by arty and perma tracked by mines?
    Look up an old game called actually had some input and development from people that worked on WOT (and maybe still do for all I know) It actually contains a lot of the same vehicles as WOT,has seriously OP arty..has repair vehicles that can heal vehicles/lay mines and replenish ammo.Nothing new to see in this suggestion far more important issues for gameplay to deal with than this rubbish
    Of course thats only an opinion of a below average player with 90,000 games but no way I’d have reached that number of games with this sort of shit in the game

  22. Jeff says:

    You would be able to lay mines/traps near arty to discourage attacks/arty poaching. Well, that’s the end of that idea…..I can already hear the whining!

  23. soho says:

    Whilst I like the sound of this idea in theory, the big question is “will it be fun to play?”

    My answer is leaning more towards a no. As while a support class will be handy, the current state of the play and players of WoT does not lend itself to a passive style of play such as this. With no was to defend themselves it’ll more than likely prove more frustrating than fun for a majority of players. This can only really be compounded given that the class will have no reactive way to defend itself.

    As I said, I like the idea, I just don’t think it will work in the current game.

  24. Elexirtrike says:

    AT- Mines?
    Tank Traps

    AVR. Meh don’t waste your time, this idea will just end up in WG’s trashcan.

    That’s just how it is.

  25. sniperexe says:

    Did not have time to read everything, but the first thing that popped in my mind is that they could be a good counter for those arty stuns wg is preparing. This game could take a whole different direction with ARV’s. Best of luck to this idea.

  26. Blankman says:

    It’s interesting, especially the AT Mines.. But it’d a problem if they could repair allied vehicle’s HP, especially if several ARVs are focusing on 1 highly armoured vehicle, it’d be too tough to crack..

    The boost to damaged modules are nice though, but it shouldn’t be able to repair them to an undamaged state, 75% is good enough..

    The ammo replenishing are good, but needs to take a bit longer to replenish, so as to not entirely remove a weak aspect of a punchy vehicle with low ammo count..

    All in all, quite a solid concept, it’d be interesting if WG saw this and do a test with the new ARV concept..

  27. James k says:

    I’ll commend your work but you even said it yourself it won’t work in the game right now and not even likely in 2.0 if that’s even coming….

  28. I really like seeing the experimental idea Mizutayio, it’s good to suggest new mechanics and work out on paper what might the effect be. Certainly would add a new dynamics to the game and it would be fun to recover HP or deal with unique utility abillities. It all does seem extraordinarily complex however. Siege mode was simple, press x and you lose mobility to get a boost in firepower. Autoloaders are simple, burst damage vs long reload. Scouts have their cammo on the move and artillery are orbital glass cannons.

    My challenge for you is how do you summarize ARV’s in 30 words or less. It’s a bit much to go all over the place with different tank trap ideas and a complex combination of healing abilities and mines. Ideally, you want your average player to be able to hop into an ARV and have an easy time having fun rather than opening up a wiki to figure out how the thing works.

    I see your final image had a respectable summary and selling point, that should have been the first image you shown and the focus of your writing. Not just something to be glossed over.

    Always looking forward to new content to your everyday player. Keep it simple and remember it has to be fun, not frustrating, or over complicated. If you add content that is only viable to 1% to the community that can understand it, then it’s not good content. I wish you the best of luck fussing about balancing the numbers, I don’t want to harp to hard on the specifics when this concept is still in infancy and no prototype hasn’t been made.

  29. I feel like a lot of people are blinded by the “shiny new tanks!” syndrome.

    Here’s the deal; What I see here are vehicles that:

    1)Require a player to maintain coordination between themself and their teammates, which is simply something that doesn’t happen in random battles without a great deal of luck.

    2) Much like arty, make their damage off of attacking players who have no chance of firing back. At the same time, this damage needs to be taken advantage off by your allies, which is something that cannot be relied on. A scout tank can get away with this by spotting enemies early in the game and in rapid succession, more or less assuring your allies will hit one of the tanks that’s been spotted. These vehicles, on the other hand, could lay mines, but would likely be unable to track enough vehicles at once, or even in a game, to gaurentee allied hits.

    3) Exist solely to make the game more static than it already is. Obstacles impair movement around the map. This is compounded by the possability for ARVs to pair up with heavily armored vehicles such as the T95 or Maus to lock down positions, making it nearly impossible to dig them out.

    Other issues I’m seeing here is that, due to the sluggish nature of ARVs, they won’t be able to reach vital mid-map points to place mines and obstacles, instead resulting in a buildup of these defenses around the base, where they will either play a pivitol role in their team’s defense, or will be totally useless. While it’s alright for RNG to effect a single shot at a time, I wouldn’t want my entire match result to be decided by it.

    Overall what I see here is something that has no place in this game. War Thunder, maybe, but certainly not World of Corridors.

    1. CRUMLICHARTS you sir are absolutely correct with all the points you have made I agree this has no place in WoT and if they introduced it as a separate game mode nobody would play it and it would die in no time.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Had this idea about four years ago, mine layers, mine sweepers and recovery vehicles, which were extremely tough vehicles, tons of armor meant to go into extreme circumstances and pull tanks out of the muck, savage guns on them also, I also had the idea of rocketry at the same time. Sounds like a fun idea, perhaps promoting a npc game format, or special game type. I give the idea a thumbs up, and after five years, I think the game is seriously lacking in the map department, so perhaps this is a chance to expand them as well.

  31. BringFreedom says:

    WoT become WoW? I don’t like WoW style pvp they fight forever because of the healers and very boring so why I moved wow to wot and that ARV users will support only high winrate players because they think a potato players are useless so I’m not recommend that ARV system battle

  32. party1c says:


    mines and traps dont effect your own team? that wouldnt happen. it equals to “teamdmg = off”. but without these features arv tanks are defenseless.

    therefore you have no way to win a battle if you are the last tank standing. but thats against the general idea devs have for the game obviously… look at the tier X lights. this game is made more and more arcade. a few years ago you had to do teamwork for win… scouts had to spot, meds had to flank and go on hills fast, TDs were slow and heavyly armored and you needed arty to take them out.

    today we have superfast paper TDs, sniper-lights, a shitload of autoloader heavys, artys have to relay solely on rng. and meds… well, they are fit for any situation. they lack real purpose, since with tier X lights you can do the same, some TDs are faster, you can attak heavys frontal or do redline sniping.

    there is no need to adopt a certain playstyle anymore, and the only class that has a really distinctive playstyle left and cant carry a game, arty, is the most hated in the game.

    and last but not least: damaged modules and the number of shells your tank can carry are balance factors. giving a tier 10 autoloader unlimited ammo… just imagine you dont have to think anymore about shoting two magazines blindly in a bush. just cause maybe theres a spotter. or not. doesnt matter.

    thats why i think that ARVs dont fit into wot. they are to special, they need skill and knowlede of gamemechanics/map-meta to make a significant difference. they need to be played with the will to help your team, and need a team willing to cover you. but people who know how to play dont like tanks that dont benefit to your wn8 and cant carry.

    simply utopic.

  33. SeppC says:

    The current game length is around 5 minutes. When you dont enlarge this time somehow and make bigger Maps, those ARVs are bullshit (imagine ARVs on ENSK or even Mines – what should they do there).
    In the current game design i dont see a place for them – even if the idea is interesting

  34. Genone says:

    In special gamemodes it might be interesting, in regular randoms it would be a either pointless or outright horrible concept:
    – module repair will be pointless when multi-use repairkits are implemented.
    – heal ability would be gamebreaking, even with the severe limitations proposed: Heavily armored tanks will potentially become much stronger, ARVs become mission-critical, esp. if limited to one per team. So when one team has a braindead ARV player it will have a massive handicap to overcome (as in repair mode it could trigger a massive HP difference between teams).
    – even more useless than arty as last man standing
    – mines+traps would be mostly useless with current maps in uncoordinated games, unless you’d have insance camo/armor stats or could place them at high distances: If you try to put them at strategic relevant positions in early game you’ll almost certainly get spotted and most likely killed in the process. If you put them in your own territory by the time the enemy reaches them your team will usually have collapsed on that flank so they won’t do any good there. In endgame the area of effect will likely be too small for them to be of any practical use.

  35. Bob Murphey says:

    1) This sounds like it would be more suited to War Thunder than WoT. In WT repairs can take up to 2 minutes or so as opposed to the ~10 sec. max in WoT, making this much more viable in such an arena. Of course in WT, everyone can help to repair their teammates once repairs have been unlocked, so it wouldn’t really be needed there anyway.

    2) I honestly don’t think that more than a handful or WoT players would even consider playing an ARV because the vast majority really don’t give a rat’s ass about the condition of their teammates. How many times have you seen the calls for help from a flipped tank gone ignored even by those in the immediate vicinity? Again, more suited to War Thunder where multiple spawns let you play a variety of tanks in the same battle, increasing the likelihood that someone would choose to play ARV at some point, probably late in the battle.

    3) IRL, ARVs don’t run around doing their thing in the heat of battle; they come in after things have calmed down. Adding them to the game would take it even further from realism, and we all know how much blowback is received whenever unrealistic elements are introduced.

    4) Again, to the realism point – mines are not put down in the middle of battle, they are emplaced beforehand as defensive measures.

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s good that you are thinking about things to try to make the game better. I just don’t think this is it.

  36. DickHerMax says:

    Are you guys playing the same game as I do? You want to place mines and infinitely repair bunker-tanks on 400×400 maps with only 3 canyons where tanks meet? Instead of such ideas how about we make siege mode for arty? Plenty of them shoot in “compact” form right now, like GW Panther which should “deploy” before shooting. There is also a reason why arty has those “spoons” (forgot the english name for it :D) on the back they used to dig into ground so they do not move away after giving a shot. Many of them has gun locks so they do not get damaged in travel/transport mode. WG already has siege mode mechanics, so just extrend it on arty. It would also prevent arty from running away in no time or doing drive-by like BatChats.

  37. Schywz says:

    Replace artillery with class as the recovery class is an annoyance but not a game ender, and makes for interesting gameplay if you give recovery vehicles mine sweeping abilities.

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