Armored Warfare: 0.14 Update Trailer


This is the trailer for the next Armored Warfare Update, 0.14:


What we can expect:

  • A new PvP Map Highwall
  • New PvE Missions (Albatross, Cerberus)
  • Light Tank and Tank Destroyer Penetration Overhaul
  • High Tier Gameplay Changes
  • Replay System
  • Field Rebuild Kit
  • Social Network Sharing

More Info here:

I saw a glimpse of the Replay System last night and its actually better than WGs, cant wait for it and I’m pretty sure content producers will be very happy about it!

And while still in AW subject, I started compiling for a new AW Q&A with SilentStalker, if you have any more questions please leave them here. 🙂

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