Armored Warfare Goofed up too


It’s been awhile since I’ve written about Armored Warfare, on Friday while I was out and about enjoying my day off they “done goofed up” as well. Many of you been requesting me to talk about this and I just caught up now.


Basically, what happened was that AW decided to do a Flash Sale from a couple Premium bundles, to be precise:

  • All-In-One Pack (85% Discount)
  • MERC Pack (50% Discount)
  • ICE Pack (50% Discount)
  • WOLF Pack (20% Discount)

This Flash sale was available for 24 hours, only 100 packages were available and the worst, instead of being able to buy it directly My.Com had the brilliant idea of making people having to buy gold to be able to purchase the packages. What could go wrong? Well, basically everything.

Note: I suggest to read the following while listening to Benny Hill.

-An announcement was made that there would be a Flash Sale.

-Players invaded the Portal and headbanged their F5 key, waiting for the Sale links to be given and crashed the Portal.

-Although the main Portal page was down, the background links were working, so some players found a way to the links.

-Meanwhile, a mass of panicking players who had spent money on gold for the packages flooded the forum.

-Forum luckily held in place.

-When Portal came back, the 100 packages were gone by the smartasses who had found the Flash Sales links.

-Panicking intensifies and even more flood the forums.

-Forum still held in place.

-Armored Warfare realising they done fucked up,  generated 500 more packages.

-SilentStalker was sent by the incompetent ones to warn on the forum thread that there would be 500 more packages.

-There was such a flux on the thread that when he pressed publish it got immediately buried by the panicking players.

-The 500 packages appear on the Portal while most players were unaware.

-The 500 packages got snatched immediately as well.

-AW made some good money.

-AW made some really angry players too. Paying Players.


And now I have to ask you:




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