Armored Warfare Goofed up too


It’s been awhile since I’ve written about Armored Warfare, on Friday while I was out and about enjoying my day off they “done goofed up” as well. Many of you been requesting me to talk about this and I just caught up now.


Basically, what happened was that AW decided to do a Flash Sale from a couple Premium bundles, to be precise:

  • All-In-One Pack (85% Discount)
  • MERC Pack (50% Discount)
  • ICE Pack (50% Discount)
  • WOLF Pack (20% Discount)

This Flash sale was available for 24 hours, only 100 packages were available and the worst, instead of being able to buy it directly My.Com had the brilliant idea of making people having to buy gold to be able to purchase the packages. What could go wrong? Well, basically everything.

Note: I suggest to read the following while listening to Benny Hill.

-An announcement was made that there would be a Flash Sale.

-Players invaded the Portal and headbanged their F5 key, waiting for the Sale links to be given and crashed the Portal.

-Although the main Portal page was down, the background links were working, so some players found a way to the links.

-Meanwhile, a mass of panicking players who had spent money on gold for the packages flooded the forum.

-Forum luckily held in place.

-When Portal came back, the 100 packages were gone by the smartasses who had found the Flash Sales links.

-Panicking intensifies and even more flood the forums.

-Forum still held in place.

-Armored Warfare realising they done fucked up,  generated 500 more packages.

-SilentStalker was sent by the incompetent ones to warn on the forum thread that there would be 500 more packages.

-There was such a flux on the thread that when he pressed publish it got immediately buried by the panicking players.

-The 500 packages appear on the Portal while most players were unaware.

-The 500 packages got snatched immediately as well.

-AW made some good money.

-AW made some really angry players too. Paying Players.


And now I have to ask you:




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Armored Warfare Goofed up too

85 thoughts on “Armored Warfare Goofed up too

  1. Why is WoT in the “who goofed up last week” poll. In what way did they fuck up something? is there anythign that i am not aware off, form what i know, only AW and Gajing fucked up, and both fucked up equally bad.

    1. CLAYM0RE says:

      well, yeah gaijin screwed up bad with phly daily if you know him but im not aware of any “goofing” on WoTside

    2. DeadArashi says:

      WG took a whole fucking week to push 9.15 onto SEAserver after every other server got it? I don’t know about you but I think that qualifies as a major fuck up to me

      1. Anonymous says:

        Hm robbed a bunch of people off their money, gaijin does their best to ruin their community and wot… Has a delayed patch.
        Yeah wot is only half as bad as the others.

      2. drakko26 says:

        Compared to Gaijin and That’s not a fuckup, that’s a delay.

        Also, not to be labeled as a WG fanboy but I don’t remember them cocking it up that badly (I may be mistaking, depending on how you view the pricing of new prem tanks fiasco

    3. 1389__ says:

      I agree, why is WoT on the list ? In the end WoT is the only one making quality updates, providing good content for the players, etc…Comparing WG to Gayjin is insulting.

    4. Secret Squirrel says:

      Wot – update quality while overall quality of the update is awesome there are a few errors on niggles so to say. Crashing client (without any mods and with a fresh install), sound issues (disappearing hit sounds or crew announcements), no auto aim announcement, the T key now announces that you are “attacking” in chat if you are not pointing it at your ally(“follow me xyz”) or a enemy(“concentrate fire on xyz”). My experience why Wot is in the list. Someone could say that all of these points are just minor niggles at worst, which is true, but it just proves that WG is still in the mind set that there is a need to fix something that works and that there is no way that they can take a clear step foreward without a bit of moonwalking…

      1. Klimax says:

        Actually, crashing client is right now more of issue with drivers. People really need to ensure that their drivers are current. (GPU and sound rivers are very often culprits in crashing…)

    1. CandyCake says:

      They just like the comunism too much, they like to have a feel of having power but they forgot that people think for themselves and are free to choose.

    1. Anonymous says:

      oh look, another player whining about the SEA server, please, you have have your own shit to deal with other there and keep your shit in there…do you seriously think any NA or EU players will give a rat’s ass about you?

      1. drakko26 says:

        @Diego – while you’re right about the insults, the point still stands – being late with the patch is not a cockup. Did they mention a date when it was going to be released on the SEA server?

        Also, how is this a WG(as a whole) mess up and not a SEA cluster fuckup?

        Dunno how to tell you this but, borrowing from your own words, you dun fucked up.

  2. Well, this is a tiny bit misleading…

    To the best of my knowledge, the All-in-one pack, the one that got the huge 85% discount, was the only one that had a purchase limit (100 pieces, both servers). The other packs (MERC, ICE and WOLF) didn’t have a limit (anybody was free to get one). Of course, there was a stampede to get the big one (cheapest, and had the other 3 packs in it – big surprise everyone would want it, right?). Personally, I think it’s a good thing AW offers huge discounts for their premium vehicles. They make a lot of money off of them, which is the whole point. The only bad thing is the insanely small limit for the really good stuff that everyone wants. And let’s face it, there are a lot of crybabies that are going to rage that they couldn’t get the best stuff for the lowest price and now their life is ruined for some idiotic first world reason.

    As for paying in gold for the bundles, that’s actually a great thing. In AW you get 50 gold every week just for logging into the game every day. Add to that the various events they run from time to time that net you rather large amounts of gold, and you’re basically sitting on a pretty hefty pile of shiny stuff. The way AW does it, you can get entire packs like these either for free, or for far smaller sums of real money than normal. This is a great thing. The only bad thing about all this is that you don’t have an “or” option, as in pay up using gold OR real money. Maybe they’ll wise up and offer this choice too, it would be great for everyone (increased sales and happier customers).

    And people didn’t have to wait until the flash sale started to get the gold, they could purchase it anytime. Nobody stopped them or forced them to do anything they didn’t want to.

    All in all, this is all just a storm in a tea cup. “Oh look, I’m so sad I couldn’t get the 14 (if I remember correctly) vehicle bundle for less than half the price WG asks for a single tier 8 premium… boo-hoo… so I’m going to go back to WG, at least there are no discounts worth a damn there…”

    How long has it been since you’ve touched AW, Rita? A month? More? It shows. Don’t get me wrong, it’s far from perfect, but when you find this whole “Black-Bundle-Friday” situation worthier of a post than the idiotic transition from Reload to Rate-of-Fire they made rather recently, it’s pretty clear you’ve been out of it for a good while now. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see you put up more posts about AW (useful ones, at least). I really, really would, especially since you’re friends with SilentStalker and could certainly get your hands on a lot of cool news well ahead of time and so on. But if you’re just going to limit yourself to bashing and making a big deal out of not very much…

    1. Mkoo says:

      The reload time to rate of fire change in AW was a very good change. It solved one problem – the discrepancy between alpha and reload retrofits and reload stacking. Unfortunately, the change wasn’t perfect, since OE somewhat didn’t think about what the change really means for autocannons.

      1. They really didn’t need to nerf the reload even further, the situation was really ok the way it was before they made the switch to rate of fire. Right now, there is pretty much no way to survive in a light tank versus autocannons. Rate of fire retrofits only decrease the time between shots for autoloader arties, which wasn’t an issue to begin with (due to aim time). The ridiculously expensive retrofits have even less to recommend investing in them. Literally the only vehicles that benefitted from this were vehicles equipped with autocannons, that already had monstrous DPM and should have received LESS DPM, NOT more. It just makes zero sense.

    2. hmn says:

      You’re the one that’s misleading, here. The problem was that the 85% discount was, rather suspiciously, totally unavailable to players, except a few that bizarrely had a link to the sale page that had yet to be officially linked to by OE… there was literally no way to get the bundle unless you had that link beforehand.

      1. I’m too old for conspiracy theories, man. If they really wanted to do something like that, they could do it far more easily server-side. They control the actual units sold counter, you know? It’s not a conspiracy, just bad planning and thinking on their part (which may have been intentional). And a lot of first world outrage.

      2. Hello, right click on a page, then “inspect the element”, browse the source code until you find a suspicious link, and it’s done.

        It has happened to WG too with their “one bonus code daily” last year’s grand finals.

        Conspiracy theorists are the people smart enough to think about all the crazy scenarios that could happen (I am not sarcastic when I say smart), but cannot think half a damn second about “what about if it was a basic mistake and a little exploit even a 12 years old could find if he pressed the right key combo without paying attention ? ”

    3. Anonymous says:

      About your comment on prices…
      If my.Com is offering huge discounts on random occasions, it’s that the game is in a really, really bad place.

      You never put a large discount on your most popular products unless you’re desperate to get some money flow.

      The fact that WG is still selling premium vehicles at very high prices means they’re incredibly stable.

      One more point for WG, easily being the best of the lot, despite their game having huge core flaws that the two other games knew they could avoid making while crating their games.

      In the end, AW is crashing and burning, and Gaijin is staying alive by making premium US vehicles to milk NA players (regular US vehicles being inferior, see a crap superpershing with non functional spaced armor being a regular tank, and the t29 being a premium at the same tier and battle rating), milking German tank fans, and making sure the mass of Russian players are happy and spending their ever decreasing currency on “xaxaxaxa Russia stronk, t-34 won the war!” type of bullshit.

      1. Just LOL. By your logic, Steam should’ve gone bankrupt 100 times over by now, what with their frequent, large discounts policy. I remember a statistic published by Valve that showed how discounting the software you are selling will not only lead to a huge increase in sales, but also a huge increase in profits. They’re not doing this out of the goodness of their hearts.

        The fact that WG is still selling premium vehicles at insanely high prices only means that they’re a bunch of greedy cunts with no real talent for business. The only reason WG is still the biggest is because they’ve been at it far longer than everyone else and had the market to themselves most of this time.

        And I disagree that AW is crashing and burning. It’s far too early to tell. But judging things only from posts like this one Rita made, I can’t really blame you for thinking this. At any rate, if AW does die, WoT will go down with it. WG are incapable of improving anything unless they’re pressured into it by competition.

      2. Jagdwerwolf says:

        Well, not just US vehicles, Overfilled tier V, P2W ATGM Centurion, and nerfs to Soviet stuff.
        Nothing but cash grabbing.

    4. Gorzki says:

      but it made a lot of people angry. doesnt matter if those people are stupid or unfair, they are still customers.

      Offering limited access goods or very good stuff that is very hard to get (like t-22 in WoT) makes more people angry then happy and that’s the lesson they should learn.

      No reason to reward few percent of most dedicated players, cause you alienate 40% of other players.
      Just make offers less amazing but much more accessible

      1. True, rewarding people with the opportunity to give you money is a retarded idea. This “100 bundles only” crap must die. They should keep offering large discounts from time to time, but not in limited quantities only.

  3. Mkoo says:

    Voted War Thunder. AW screwed up, the server shouldn’t have crashed…but it’s a mistake and it can be excused. However, there is no excuse for attempting censorship.

  4. I strongly hesitated between AW and WT.

    Honestly the recent World of Tanks release went okay but for a few glitches and NA server acting up yesterday. And WG is doing its usual business, for better and worse.

  5. How did WG fuck up? well there is the SEA patch delay, the sale of one of the rather OP low tier tanks on the NA server, and the endless sarcastic dismissal of players questions about actually fixing the bugs and broken parts of the game over the last two to four years. The new ‘global rebalance’ is ‘when its done its done’ with minimal details being given out, rather like it is a long long way off still, rather like the ‘we need to do something about the arty’ that is still ongoing. Then there is the ‘here is another new high tier Russian tank’ that is OP then nerfed, but only over going to be gained by a few players, because the game needs more Russian premiums. The Chieftain Mk6, promised long ago, then some sort of plan for a reward tank until it turned out many many players want it, with still nothing to replace the FV215b…after the ‘we dont know anything about a ‘Super Conqueror’ or the guy saying he has got full details for it (only for it to turn out to be the guy who did all the other measuring for them, so a rather obvious lie yet again). Only a minor active fuck up by their standards for the week, but a week still plagued by the many bugs WG fail to fix, patch after patch, almost like they dont care as long as people spend cash. Still running a broken game with minimal attempts to fix it is an ongoing fuck up.

    1. pixywing says:

      I have spent $25 on World of Tanks in the last 16 months and I don’t see me spending money anytime soon with the almost zero forward progress they are making as they had a worse game at the end of 2015 than they did at the start of 2015.

      1. exocet6951 says:

        Then let’s look at the competition !

        WT? Plane meta is shit. End tier content is laughably unbalanced. Tanks? Worse now than what they had in CBT, 2 years ago. WT is a trainwreck.

        AW? Lolz, they managed to kill the NA server in less than a year, despite it being the most anticipated games of the genre. That takes talent.

        So as surprising as it may sound, WG is actually in the lead, by a huge margin, in terms of quality.
        Hell, they even boosted the amounts of historical articles they put up, and are making polls for events like “on track” , so they have better community management than both AW and WT combined.

        I used to loathe WG as game devs, but taking a step back really helps putting it all in context.
        WG, and by extension WoT, sucks the least in that genre.

      2. pixywing says:

        World of tanks has gotten rid of gold for tanks you already own thus making on-tracks bad for anyone who has the tanks. Discounts only occur up to tier 7 instead of 8 how they used to. 2015 weekend specials were terrible compared to 2014. We had E-25s handed out after the compensation changes thus anyone who paid money for an e-25 or gold were screwed and told they were an idiot for buying a premium tank thus making players not want to buy them anymore. WG gives riggers free tier 10 premiums and 8.1 million credits.

        AW might have a smaller population, but WoT NA isn’t doing much better with its 1 minute queue times during the morning of an infinite x2 day.

        How is the community management any good for WoT, you have weekend specials being posted late Friday instead of Wednesday when I started. There used to be forum discussions on all of there events now there is not even one that is linked to a forum in addition to the removal of the negative vote thus making an endless drivel of “I don’t like this” or this is terrible posts that take up a large portion of the forum instead of just dropping an negative vote.

        You also act like I have to play a tank game, when I could be playing better games like Overwatch to get my fix.

      3. exocet6951 says:

        I never said you HAD to play a tank game, that’s ridiculous. But considering its rivals, WG is doing a hell of a lot better than the others.

  6. Johnny Winter Nielsen says:

    Hmmm Rita i allwayse listening to Benny Hill wen readingyour blog 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    then your commest ar so more fun 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    This poste was made while listening to Benny Hill 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    all remmeber its only a game

  7. Anonymous says:

    I KNOW it sounds bad for AW… and was DUMB…. (mistake)


    Warthunder Censorship is THE WORST.
    Censorship should NEVER EVER EVER be tolerated or defended.
    You cant get worse than that… cant.

    btw wot does what wot does… half backen stuff. Nothing new.
    The progress is slow, but they just promis a bit to much (to fans, that want miracles)

  8. You can say that it was their first time attempting to see how far they could milk players, and that now they know it’s a bad idea. Maybe they wont do it again. It was a stupid idea but let’s say they’re learning. We’ll have to see in the future if they keep doing this kind of things before immediately judging them at the same level as Gaijin who forgot it wasnt cold war and USSR was down and still try to send anyone not agreeing with them to gulag. Because gaijin did it for years and got known for that. Same for WG : it’s not their first time at anything really.
    That comparision is a bit unfair currently. Wait a bit to see if they deserve the same attention (it’s, russian company, I havenno doubt they will deserve it at some point but right now maybe not)

  9. wfschepel says:

    AW, easy choice. Technical issues happen, but everybody should have equal access to content. Just allowing 100 items available for sale… that is pure evil. And stupid. You make 100 customers happy and give the middlefinger to everybody else. I figured somebody like SS would be smart enough to talk the people in charge out of idiocy like that. Guess not.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Hey Rita, thought I should let you know that according to the ingame bulletin board (on the SEA server) the Sentinel ACIV/E1 is being released on the premium shop on the 3rd of June.

  11. Silvio I says:

    It was EASY, I got packs all the packs for my AW account. All I did was google AW store, and I was in. :): ) Thanks

    1. OrigamiChik3n says:

      It was even EASIER for me, I was away from computer for 4 days from Friday to Monday. All i did was spending my money on beer and food rather than video game. Thanks

  12. OrigamiChik3n says:

    The poll lacks one essential option: “Haven’t played any of the aforementioned games in more than a week”.

  13. CandyCake says:

    I mean, WG fucked up with polish players once again after publishing news about new nation and then decided, fuck you polacks, we gonna add sweeds first…

  14. nothing says:

    I would vote for Rita…. This post about one sales fuckup. Did we forget the other fuckups of the others?

  15. Nothing says:

    I just lost the FV4202 and the WT E100 over the last weeks… Tier X tanks I spent time on to get them in my garage. WG robbed me off these and… then I had to do mission to get the FV4202p back?

    1. Gorzki says:

      you got action X for FV4202 and they do not differ much. So you got a way to get easily new tier 8 premium

      And WTE100 change to grille 15 – it’s the same story like if you would have your vehicle drastically nerfed/altered. Such stuff has to be done

      1. Nothing says:

        I did not want the Action X nor the Grille 15. Nor did I want to do a mission for tier 8 prem (i have enough of them). It is stupid that they introduce tanks that they take away. Why, according to WG: “it is not historical correct”.

        It was never historical correct neither are a lot of the tanks ingame..

  16. Shrike58 says:

    If you mean the aggravations with WoT 9.15 that’s just working as intended.

    I’m inclined to to say AW takes the “win” as Gaijin being thuggish is a feature, not a bug at this point.

    AW also has less room for failure.

  17. Teobold Tor says:

    Warthunder goofed up the most IMO.
    My.Com were stupid not to realise the huge demand they’d have for their bundles and how much that would strain their servers, they compounded it by not telling people they were releasing another 500 packs on the homepage but putting it in the thread. Noob error.
    But, with the original 100 packages between NA and EU you’d have to realise you had slim to no chance of getting one before you forked over for 5000 gold even if the server had been working.
    It was a cock up, but it isn’t in the same league as the clusterfck Gajin did. Asking the community to either condone abuse of YouTube’s copyright strike system, or screw up the thing that makes Realistic battles different from Arcade… seriously?
    Jingles seems to have pissed off their CEO with his latest Mingles too.

  18. Me says:

    Armored Warfare seriously fucked up reload retrofits and matchmaking in last patch, but that was their first fuckup. War Thunder Ground Forces is pathetic trash so big, that it is not worth even clicking and Wargaming is constantly shitting in your mouth while laughing since beta, so my choice was obvious.

    1. Teobold Tor says:

      The short version:
      PhlyDaily posted a video showing someone in a Realistic battle cheating (he had markers up and was shooting through houses)
      This really rustled Gajin’s jimmies and they pushed him into making the video private.
      Next the CEO posted a poll asking if the community supported either 1) reinstating markers over enemy tanks in Realistic or 2) Gajin striking videos off YT channels which showed or discussed the cheats as a copyright violation – which is illegal.
      It isn’t the first time they’ve wanted to abuse the YT copyright strike system.

      1. Thank you very much for taking the time to reply.

        ps: Now it make perfect sense!!! I didn´t get it when Rita was rattling again Gajin! Anyhow cheats on War Thunder are really easy to come by and you can spot them a kilometre or two away (sorry the other way around: they spot and shoot you from 2km and through a house) lol

  19. Konsequator says:

    I dont understand the hate about AW. Sure it was chaoitic but all of you who bought the gold accepted the risk of not getting a package.. Now 600, 6 more than intended have been sold. Sure those flash sales are always questionable but with that ammount of discount it was understandable. And complaining about the smart guys getting their links… You could also have gotten them. For me I didnt took part in this sale for different reason but also bevause of this. I also read mutliple forum users worrying about a possible server crash. So the compainers didnt take all risks in count and thats what they got from it.

      1. Nothing says:

        When was the last time WG or WT had such a good offer? Can’t remember over the last years.. The real fuckup is that WG and WT don’t give a fuck about players. And they all make mistakes

  20. Squiggle says:

    Tbh, that’s just plain stupidity by AW. Gaijin are trying to censor everything they don’t like and abuse another company’s copyright policy. So they’re a bigger pack of dicks

  21. John says:

    The problem with this event is that people somehow feel cheated because they spent $20 on gold. These people are unable to comprehend that with that $20, they were either lucky and got $140 of tanks or unlucky and got over $40 dollars of tanks. Either way it was a great bargain.

    I was one of the people hitting F5, read forums, almost gave up, and then miraculously the link popped and I got the big package. However, my expectation was that one of the $40 packages was the most likely outcome and I was fine with that

  22. 500? Didn’t they give only 50 extra packages?
    Yes it’s still a website fuck-up. But it was a crazy good deal.
    There weren’t only selling limited amount of packs, I could have, and did, buy a pack of premium vehicles that weren’t limited in quantity.

    If you read through the announcement of the sale you should have known that 100 packs for both server is a small amount and a lot of people will be pissed.
    My plan, going into this mess, was to get the Merc pack one way or another, since I did buy it I am happy, that I bought unique camo premium vehicles at a discount. I am somewhat disappointed that I missed the main prize/didn’t have legit chance to get it and at the same time I am angry at myself for not figuring out by myself to check for links. It was a interesting experience from which I think I came out ok.
    I had a chance to give some of my money for something that I wanted in a F2P game that I enjoyed so far.
    It wasn’t that bad…
    Wargaming with it’s decentralized server jurisdiction fuck up, also looks to me like a small slip up that leaves some people angry.
    In both cases someone fucked things up, stuff happens we move on.

    Comparing that to Soviet Style justification of censorship from Gaijin. I think Gaijin takes the cake in the, worst of the worst, category.

    It’s hard to type when you’r tired btw.

  23. Anonymous says:

    You fags are adorable, You know WT rips both WOT and AW a new a$$hole. Go one with your “Ultra HD” toy tanks with 50 foot long barrels and Armoured Bordem

  24. Anonymous says:

    Actually, Rita… 🙂

    You missed one step in the debacle that was the flash sale:

    When SilentStalker came into the rant thread on the forums, he announced there were going to be an additional 50 bundles (five-zero) added to the sale, not 500. They sold an additional 500 bundles ’cause, well, decimal places are hard.

    SS came back into the thread again later and announced that the additional 450 bundles were indeed sold in error. I’m halfway surprised they didn’t try to claw-back the extra bundles sold…

  25. Rita AW never Released 500 extra There Sale Gateway Crashed and When into Panic Mode To Quote SS “No, that is simply not true. By the time the 50 bundles were released, the links were already available on portal to everyone (I actually coordinated that).”
    However there are multiply People who prove the Portal was still broken and unreleased

  26. wolvenworks says:

    You’re including WT here, King of Fuckups. I think there’s not many companies that CAN screw up as hard as them (other than EA and Activision) since it’s already another level of WTF

  27. Yukikaze88 says:

    Rita, I just want to let you know that the AW devs have followed up with a proper response to the fiasco. While I’m sure it will not soothe any major hurt feelings or offer any recompense to those who spent in hope of getting the packs, the fact that they stood up to admit their faults and promise to, in a way, make things up to the general player community, shows the importance they place on customer (player) service in comparison to the other two competing developers, I feel.

    Only time will tell if these words translate into action and commercial success.

    See thread link here:

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