Armored Warfare: Patch 0.16


I’m back from the Czech Republic after paying a visit to Silentstalker and it’s been awhile since I’ve written about Armored Warfare.  The only reason I had gone quiet with the game is because of my growing discontentment about some subjects but they brought up a new patch, the 0.16 and it looks very good so far, this is the trailer:

Main Features:

  • Gameplay Improvements based on Community Feedback
  • New High-Tier Vehicles
  • A Loot System
  • Updated Sound Effects
  • Three New PvE Missions
  • A new Commendation System

More can be found here.

Left Armored Warfare patching while was gone today ad played already a bit, some sound effects are a bit annoying but they can be turned off, so far so good. Trying to get the new PVE missions.

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