Armored Warfare: Patch 0.16


I’m back from the Czech Republic after paying a visit to Silentstalker and it’s been awhile since I’ve written about Armored Warfare.  The only reason I had gone quiet with the game is because of my growing discontentment about some subjects but they brought up a new patch, the 0.16 and it looks very good so far, this is the trailer:

Main Features:

  • Gameplay Improvements based on Community Feedback
  • New High-Tier Vehicles
  • A Loot System
  • Updated Sound Effects
  • Three New PvE Missions
  • A new Commendation System

More can be found here.

Left Armored Warfare patching while was gone today ad played already a bit, some sound effects are a bit annoying but they can be turned off, so far so good. Trying to get the new PVE missions.

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Armored Warfare: Patch 0.16

27 thoughts on “Armored Warfare: Patch 0.16

  1. silentvengace says:

    PVE is okish on NA atleast an thats all i play in AW cause im tired of PVP from playing WoT for 5 years >->

  2. Kallecrash says:

    I couldn’t play this last time I downloaded it. I think I’m gonna download it again and hope it works this time. 🙂

    1. You need to start from a totally clean install. There is a problem when installing over previous versions sometimes, it doesn effect all people but does crop up now and then for no obvious reason – it has for me once, hence after a chat with one of the staff there I know more about this issue.

  3. Jason Wilhite says:

    I like the new update. It is more playable and it looks like there is much more to come. I just hope it gets updated more often. There are hundreds of armor variations that can be added to complete tech trees from all over the world.

  4. Silentstalker banged you well so you will once again spam about AW? This game is another failure, deal with it SS, you chose wrong way.

  5. Xx1Tommy1xX says:

    Well looks like they are cleaning the mess they made bit by bit. Good to see that they are trying to do good. I’ll give it another chance and see what happens…then…………wait for WoT2

  6. Rita, I really cannot see what issues there are with AW that are not totally swamped by the issues in WoT despite the latter knowing about many of them for longer than AW has even existed? Certainly there are some irritating bugs, rather like WoT and WT, but at least they dont make one of the irritating bugs the MD or at least try to fix them in under four years rather than deny they exist. WoT is now mostly about milking cash of the players and has massive balance issues, it is at least worth sticking with it as the company has genuine special offers and marathons worth winning.

    1. Mkoo says:

      AW does have some serious problems in the high tiers and with some maps. I don’t know what issues Rita has in mind, though. Well, there are also some problems with MyCom and their screwups with events and stuff…but I think it’s getting better. The most recent events were great and went quite smoothly.

    2. mortha says:

      1) really hate that AW is megacampfest. Basically every battle is like Malinovka from WOT some two years ago.
      2) really long waiting to get in PVP or even in PVE, but that comes from that game is boring, cause it is F*CKING CAMPFEST.
      3) Really dislike that i need to use that shitty launcher to get to playing. And when I exit game, it goes hiding in minitray – if i exit, then exit game, i don’t want to hear about You. Same like porn…
      4)I have never received any gifts, even they send me those emails with text: hey, you have been a while away, here is some giftcard with 2 days of premium… That code NEVER WORKS.
      5) That research tree is a brainspawn from some autistic lunatic. I never know what i need to do to get that tank, i just randomly play, until i get some green light. Bullshit.
      6) Base – even a monkey randomly kicking keyboard by now would fully develop ‘BASE’. There is no challenge to base building – just login once a month, click everything to build and get to some real gaming – like witcher or wot or fallout…
      7) But the biggest issue is that AW made game for WOT haters, so they focused on whiners opinions about game which is by far the most played in that genre. It was insanaty to do it. Cause their opinions are not valid. You do not go to jail for opinons from prisoners about law abiding and safety on streets. Cause now those whiners who were so hyped about AW kicking wot’s ass are either playing some other game or went back to WOT. In WOT player can use four classes of vehicles, and feel the difference between them and they can do smth if they have some brain tissue. In AW are only two classes: main battle and tank destroyers. All other are irrelevant. Arties are total shit, that causes everyone to camp, cause nothing to fear from camping, just sit behind rock and whine about noobs. Scouts are so hard to use and if everyone is camping, there is no use of them, cause noone can be shot, so they run around frantically, clicking minimap and crashing to death, all whilst polishing enemies with their absolutely useless guns – which idiot in AW thought that machinegun is the key to victory vs MBT which is two tiers higher?
      8) In wot with VK2801 i can kill tier 8 heavy. There is a slight chance that one tank can do smth on map inWOT. In AW you are so restricted by that tank class, that you must obey or kill yourself. I believe that is another very big issue.

      * now I will go a play a bit AW. First ten battles with artie, then ten battles with scout. All in PVP. I recon it will take only some 20 hours of waiting to get in battle. Then I will get drunk and shout at this game for some ten minutes and will play broforce…

      1. Mkoo says:

        1) What?
        2) Depends on server and time. No queue problems on EU in reasonable times.
        3) Ok
        4) Worst case scenario – contact support
        5) It’s simple. If you can’t understand it, I’m afraid it’s you.
        6) Base is not a fully developed feature. Let’s complain about free bonuses, though.
        7) There are some balance issues in the high tiers.
        8) So if AW is more about teamwork it’s bad? It’s still possible to carry as an individual, though.

  7. Anonymous Silent Stalker fan. says:

    Rita, SS wrote on his blog at one point that he was not a fan of the way you were running things. Did that come up?

    1. hmn says:

      My guess would be a behind the scenes falling out, but I doubt either Rita nor SS will ever reveal the reason publicly.

  8. AW PVP is still great and had x10 xp event yesterday 😀 (haven’t check if still runs today).
    If the players stop playing like it is WOT and play as they should in AW then, everything is fine

  9. BattleBudgie says:

    Paying SilentStalker a visit? So there’s no beef between you two? Last time I saw he didn’t speak very high of you.

    About 0.16: it might be the first step in the right direction (fixing the game instead of forcing new, half-done content and a crazy amount of reskinned premium tanks and bundles in it). If they also fix the balance, the high tier gameplay and the maps eventually, it might actually turn out to be an adequate alternative to WoT. Sadly though, I doubt that’ll ever happen. The game is virtually dead, it came to the point where its players practically know each other by name. As someone who doesn’t like PvE (boooring), I couldn’t play the game, even if I wanted to. There are mostly a couple hours a day when you can get into a PvP match, otherwise there are just not enough players online.

  10. The lord your savior says:

    AHA…. so the NEWS i send you rita, about wargaming buying a new software…
    wasn’t interesting?

    for those that care: (copied what i send)

    There… an article bought a license from Graphine (belgians) for a HD texture streaming stuff…
    this middleware can be put in engines and allow for higher texture, wihle reducing load times and space.

    I GUESS you kinda stream the already processed content, to players which still chew on it. Sharing is carring.

    You can figure out the rest of the article 😉
    Just a heads up

    greets; ZombieFX

  11. redheadsg1 says:

    “My growing discontentment about some subjects” ….. ummm on what subjects ?

    Anyway i like what they done in 0.16 patch about loot crates, makes me play the game even more (btw i feel sorry for NA players not having good server population with players).

    WoT didn’t do nothing about rewarding good players, they didn’t solved any problems since 0.8 patch (prem ammo, arty, balance,cheat mods, garage slots…). They might finally fix some problems after all of these years with Sandbox server.

    1. Tbh from what I’m seeing in the sandbox server, they seem to be trying to dumb down the game even further. Increased pen drop over distance, shot dispersion, piling unique vehicles into predetermined roles. While arty can no longer one shot tanks, they cripple you into uselessness with the stuns. Not sure which one is worse of the two. Those from us NA/EU/ASIA giving feedbacks feels like our opinion’s ignored with the recent SB patch. Hopefully it’s not the case, and with SB still having a long way to go, I hope the community can direct it towards a better path than the current one they seems to be planning on.

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