Armored Warfare: What’s coming?


this is what you can expect in the upcoming AW patches:

Merkava Mk.IIB


An Israeli MBT that’s been highly requested by the community, still in development. More info about its historicity can be found here:


Highwall Map


An industrial/mining PVP map coming in the 0.14 patch, 1200 x 1200 dimension.


Green: Made specially for LTs and TDs, MBTs may be found occasionally on the south road.

Red: A haven from SPG fire for MBTs.

Blue: Area made for faster vehicles, MBTs can use this route but cautiously as its easier for SPG to fire at.




Do you like them?

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Armored Warfare: What’s coming?

38 thoughts on “Armored Warfare: What’s coming?

      1. Nova says:

        Well it could be worse, it could be Rita’s escort service. Though there might be some people willing to pay for that, cause you know, Internet, girl gamer, this internet place really is strange

    1. jetpowerfie says:

      Either way I agree. And audio wise it beat WoT too till the current update. Maybe after all the vehicles get HD the maps will be graphically reworked and they’ll get a lot prettier.

    1. Teobold Tor says:

      This. When I want PvP tank battles I play World of Tanks, the thing that got me playing AW was the PvE mode. Yes I’m one of those people who plays AW without wanting to slag off Wargaming in every battle.

      1. pixywing says:

        No other game gives you such a sense of being part of a team as PVE does in AW. World of tanks teams just bash each other, calling each other bad based on XVM instead of how well they are playing the game (seen a “good” player say that the “bad” player with 9 kills lost us the game. I always thought when you died you lost your team the game regardless of how well you did, but I guess “good” players disagree).

        Or League of Legends where people wish you cancer, before the game even starts. Although at least its the bad players in League that are toxic whereas the “good” players are toxic in World of Tanks, which makes doing clan wars hard as you have to put up with people with the maturity of 6 year olds.

    1. silentvengace says:

      actually WoT gets the best tank in the whole world capable of destroying even the most heavy armored capitalist tank in all the lands! yes comrade, im talking about the super stronk KV-2 made of only the highest grade of stalinium mined straight from the stalinlium rich lands of mother russia!!! lol

  1. Map great.

    Merkava meh…

    The mm seems to be horrible in AW recently since the ‘fix’. Just keep getting +/- 2 mm.
    What I loved about AW mm was that you almost only see same tier tanks. Is that not a thing anymore? Last night I played 16 battles friding my tier 5’s. In 14 of them I was facing tier 7 tanks.
    I really don’t mind waiting in queue or getting like 7vs7 games or whatever. I just want everyone to be on a level playing field. And recently with this WoT style +/- 2mm it is just horrible.
    Sure I can still do stuff and the tanks are better balanced than in WoT especially across tiers but it’s just not fun if you are bottom all the dam time. And it makes it a lot lot harder to carry games.

    Please see this SS and pass it on if possible.

  2. Teobold Tor says:

    Just wondering but will OE bring in the ability to flip tanks over like WoT has now? I turned an AFV up on it’s back but couldn’t flip it over which was a shame.

  3. TDMillard says:

    I hope we see Centurions make and appearance in AW, especially the later models. Could quite possibly have the Swedish, Israeli and South African modified/modernised versions as well. Maybe even the AVRE with that 165mm demolition gun…

    1. TDMillard says:

      Also, whilst thinking about British vehicles and AW. I wonder if we’ll see a second Warrior with the upgraded turret and 40mm gun. There’s also the new Ajax vehicle, with the same 40mm Case Telescoped Ammunition gun, which is the Scimitar replace. Speaking of Scimitar, I wonder if that will appear in game seeing as it would basically be combining the hull of the Scorpion with the turret of the Fox.

  4. I never give a real try at AW until this week because I am now completely fed up with WoT.

    And I tell you 1 thing: AW is freaking awesome!!!!

    Cant stop playing it!!!!

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