“Artillery is a good class for autistic people”


while Deconoir and I were organising the WGL GF Q&As for you, we came by a particular phrase that I chose to withheld for double translative confirmation because honestly this would be just taking the piss at this point…

But during one of the Q&A sessions Slava Makarov has said the following:

“Artillery is a good class for autistic people, why are you complaining about it”

Don’t even know where to start…

First, I don’t care that this comment was made particularly towards arty players, at the end of the day they make part of the community whether people like it or not.

Also, there are different levels and strong individualism in austism, many of them are in fact capable of leading normal lifes, generalising every autistic person so low like this is highly offensive.

And let’s not speak of how hypocritical this is given that about a week ago, Wargaming kicked someone from the Community Contributor program because of his use of language.

And last, before anyone comes with “but they are Russians, this is their way” excuse, I never, in over 2 years had this much Russians contacting me to tell about this statement and every single one of them is not happy about it either.

This is fucking disgusting.

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