“Artillery is a good class for autistic people”


while Deconoir and I were organising the WGL GF Q&As for you, we came by a particular phrase that I chose to withheld for double translative confirmation because honestly this would be just taking the piss at this point…

But during one of the Q&A sessions Slava Makarov has said the following:

“Artillery is a good class for autistic people, why are you complaining about it”

Don’t even know where to start…

First, I don’t care that this comment was made particularly towards arty players, at the end of the day they make part of the community whether people like it or not.

Also, there are different levels and strong individualism in austism, many of them are in fact capable of leading normal lifes, generalising every autistic person so low like this is highly offensive.

And let’s not speak of how hypocritical this is given that about a week ago, Wargaming kicked someone from the Community Contributor program because of his use of language.

And last, before anyone comes with “but they are Russians, this is their way” excuse, I never, in over 2 years had this much Russians contacting me to tell about this statement and every single one of them is not happy about it either.

This is fucking disgusting.

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“Artillery is a good class for autistic people”

185 thoughts on ““Artillery is a good class for autistic people”

  1. Steve says:

    Maybe put in a ticket to Support asking if you can still play arty because you aren’t autistic? But WG continue to shoot themselves in the foot so make the most of it, ultimately if they are gobshites or not they have the power.

  2. Anonymous says:

    what the fuck is all this fuss about? haven’t seen so many comments here since maus buff. so he said what he said, and i’m glad he did. ofensive statment or not, at least he tried to be honest about his opinion, unlike some other wg scum. full respect!
    and, ofc, half of community is now crying, bla-bla-bla… so boring.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Yea, screw those SJWs. I think that statement was meant as a joke (and jokes may be offending, deal with it already) so just let them bitch around. Won’t change anything either.

      1. Coirnoir says:

        How about I hold you down while my autistic daughter kicks your teeth in and see how funny you think it is then scumbag.

      2. Anonymous says:

        threatening people on the internetz with violence; much intellect, so scared, very Hero. Wow.
        No, this is exactly what I mean: What is funny about disabilities/racism/holocaust/slavery/terrorism/cancer? Nothing and everything. Ofc. there is absolutely nobody who wants anybody to suffer from one of these things, but there are people who do suffer from these and thats the point. But making everything a taboo topic does not help anybody, it just creates more barriers between those people and the others considered “normal”. I can make fun of everybody and everything, including myself and I highly respect people who can make jokes about their own disability/ their race/their religion. So: tell me what does threatening smbdy in the internet help you with? Exactly: nothing. You wont be ever able to reach me or whatever. You are just making yourself trouble by being pissed. Just hear my advice: Take your life with a grain of sarcasm and you will soon live with way less trouble and stress.

    2. Anonymous says:

      “How about I hold you down while my autistic daughter kicks your teeth in and see how funny you think it is then scumbag.”
      Is that what autistic people and their parents do?
      Maybe Makarov has kind of point there. Btw, she plays arty too? According to this, she looks more like a heavy player to me.

  3. Steve says:

    Was he being serious? Does the Russian office actually believe that artillery is somehow suited to people with autism?

    1. cynicaldutchie says:

      Arty is definitely a crutch for people who are terrible at the game though just like derp guns. To call these people autistic is another thing but I’m personally just glad someone at WG has seen the light at long last.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Part of Russian slang language. Don’t pay much attention. On Russian side often we call bad players as “cancers” (because red stats), “deers” (because they sits into bushes) and sometimes autisths (autistic on Russian). It is absolutely not related on real disease.
    F.e. many peoples use “idiot” word. But idioty is also medical terms. So all that is just part of terminology for bad players. No more.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Funny :D. We refer a mostly red stat team the Red Army. They usually attack mindlessly in great numbers and then die without making a dent.

      Cancer is an insidious thing that eats you alive from the inside. If you go 1 on 1 against cancer, the cancer wins 100%. You need to combined effort of thousands of people to beat a single cancer.
      If I was to call a player cancer, it would the one, who hacks and cheats the game inside and out. Invulnerable, unlimited ammo, no clipping, wallhack you name it. Your only option to victory is to have mods and admins around. If the cheater is serious about his business, he will kill you regardless of mods, admins, punkbuster or any anti-cheat measures.

  5. Thaldor says:

    Oh god… First the SirFoch PR disaster, then again broken promises (in my opinion, they really didn’t say anything else in the GF Q&A about P2W situation than “everything is as it should be”) and now this. Has WG fired their PR staff and hired some monkeys instead to cut down some expenses?

    Like everything was quite well for sometime. No drama and even while there was saltiness in the community, it was handled professional and everybody was calm. And now WG just flips the table time after time. Ok, probably SirFoch incident made us read and hear WG much closer to find more mistakes and WG has done these a lot all the time but just now we notice them.

  6. Bricktop says:

    It’s actually amusing how community went from edgy aggressive foch army to bunch of offended snowflakes. You guys just love to feed yourself on some drama.

  7. Streamer says arty is retarded (this particular streamer likes to use that word liberally – be it for arty, for teammates, for WG). Sure, autists aren’t retarded so why say it? Are arty players retarded by association?
    Do people say arty is retarded in direct analogy to retard (disability) human beings? Or is it in relation to what exactly?

    He’s lucky retarded people are retarded otherwise he’d have a problem on his hands. He seems to know the limit. No homophobic or racist remarks but I guess retards are fair game.

  8. Phat_Buddah says:

    In a way this clearify a lot, this comment is acctualy in line with the rest of the WG comments and happenings recently, its so stupid, and with zero toughts of what they represent. I wanna know what WG stands for in all this, i dont think people wanna support a company who disrespect their customers with any kinda negativity. They acctualy Overestimate their products by exteme measurement and underestimate the power of the community, if they think the wave after wave of sucha bullshit and crap will be without any counteractions from public and community they are even more stupid than i thought. And If people still keeps to fill WGs pockets with premium money, they aren´t any better than the WG company, and can just stand in the WG que, This may sound bitter but when sucha HIGH LEVEL emplyees and even people in leading positions have this mentality its useless to try to make them think better way, they are to up in their own ” false Glory” they cant look down on normal people, yet less to understand.

    I dont even think its possible to turn this ship/tank/plane around, its way of the point of return, safely anyway.

    I dont care if sucha comments or actions will be a result after a heavy round at the local PUB or whatever, Its what they represent at all time, if they fail, the dammage is done. Period.
    If u manage to read all and didnt fell asleep i congrat you.

    Have a nice day/evening all.

  9. jakub_czyli_ja says:

    After all, some retards have put arty into WoT, good they have a healthy dose of self-criticism.
    And they define their target.

  10. Infernal969 says:

    “Also, there are different levels and strong individualism in austism, many of them are in fact capable of leading normal lifes, generalising every autistic person so low like this is highly offensive.”

    So, you are basically saying that arty players are lowlifes and it’s offensive to call autistic person an arty player?
    Nice, lmao.

  11. *has legitimate high functioning Autism* this is pretty pathetic for someone to say that,i may hate arty and the people who play it but i’d never say arty is for autistic people,person needs to be fired or something…

    1. Pip says:

      The quote doesn’t say that arty is for autistic people *only*.

      And you “may hate arty and people who play it”???

      No wonder you’d like to fire people over a quite possible misunderstanding on your part, if you’re so full of hate.

      1. but you’re wrong 🙂 i am not a person of hate although i did use the word hate i should have said dislike i was wrong there i will admit that

  12. Just based on the quote, I’m not even sure that he meant it in a negative way. But if Russian speakers are angry in droves, I guess chances are he did fuck up. I don’t think he should get fired for it, but someone should have a chat with him, and for PR, we’re gonna want a written apology/clarification of course. Let’s just hope they don’t double-down on this thing like with the SirFoch incident.

    1. Pip says:

      Why not just leave it at “Just based on the quote, I’m not even sure that he meant it in a negative way.”???

      Just because some people are allegedly angry in droves doesn’t mean they’re right.

    1. Pip says:

      Based on just his one quoted sentence so many seem upset about, I don’t think he must have meant it in a bad way.

      What’s wrong about being autistic or playing arty?

      Seems rather that some people are reading their own negative bias towards either autists or arty (or both) into it.

  13. Pat says:

    I have had Autism for 47 years. I have played over 30,000 battles in WOT.
    I have never ever played 1 game in artillery and never will.
    Die in hell you sky pigs.

  14. revelation123 says:

    Those with high functioning autism like Asperger’s are far more intelligent than neurotypicals. In fact, many of the greatest geniuses throughout history, like Einstein and Newton, are believed to be autistic.

  15. noname says:

    In RU community people are being called “autists” for their “retardness”.

    Artillery gameplay is easy, primitive, lets you punish others without any risk, boring and so on. You simply point a mouse and click once a half a minute. And very often artillery players just play their own game, with just a left hand and not giving a duck about whats happening and where their help is needed. And whats worse, arty player can wreck someone’s game just because he decided so, without any efforts.

    Thus arty players are hated, and due to some resemblance with those with autism called “autists”.
    Also it is sort of a “meme” on RU internets, describing players spending lots of time in some “boring” and “repetative” games like sandbox genre.

    Nothing to do with actual autism, though might sound bad and offensive.

  16. Jay says:

    Oh noes let us be completely triggered and cry about someone saying a shitty class is good for autistic people.

    Can you guys stop crying over a word?

  17. wolvenworks says:

    eh i’m used to that kinda insult. i’m hyperactive, so a lot of ppl mistook me for autistic back then. i take that as a badge of honor, to be not a cut-and-paste cookie cutter mob

  18. Marc Schreiber says:

    Wg did only state that artillery is a class which appears to be good for a particular group of people. This comment does not hold any opinions on autistic people in general, although the words could have been chosen different. But…

    Would it be different if WG stated that arty was for players with no friends (no platoon option now) or that it is for “skypigs”, “clickers”, “cancer” and “annoying fuckers”. Yes it would. However, I encountered a lot of players that typed that shit into the chat and you complain about one guy from WG…. oh come on.

  19. Anonymous says:

    the more read about this company , its actions, reposts to totally unsuitable CC s , self destructive class changes , the more War Thunder looks likely to get my custom.

    Its a game but all the bullish from all sides makes me wonder what its all about?

    it was fun now its far from that.

  20. Pip says:

    Wtf do you people find offensive about “Artillery is a good class for autistic people”???

    None of those words are offensive, nor does their combination somehow constitute an insult.

    If anything, it was a chill comment praising the arty class as besuiting of most people (if it fits autists, it probably won’t feel particularly uncomfy for non-autists as well).

    1. The insinuation is that Artillery is a class that only autistic people play because they can’t ‘function’ enough to play any of the other classes.

      IT’s like someone saying that playing the Maus or E-100 is good for obese people because they can relate to the tank

      1. Pip says:

        I like your explanation, thanks.

        If some people took it that way, it’s understandable they might have chosen to feel somewhat offended.

        Nevertheless, I feel the quoted/translated statement was worded in such a way that it’s not 100% certain the speaker must have meant it to be harshly insulting. (Perhaps he was just trying to be a little funny.)

        Maybe I’m wrong, but anyway I think we still have some say about whether we want such a quick ambiguous remark/opinion to feel like an insult, or just a bit of harmless criticism response instead.

  21. kunexar says:

    At least you can hope that arty will help you at any point, while retarded top tier tier10 tanks are fcking camping behind t8…..

  22. Nevermind says:

    Lets be clear there is not much skill required to be an Arty player, but to equate a person with a developmental disability with your run-of-the-mill scumbag is way out of line.

    1. Pip says:

      There is not much skill required to be *any* class player. There is just some skill required to be a *good* player.

      And you don’t have to equate autism with disability either.

      If you prefer seeing things only from the worst possible perspective, you’ll have a hard time not getting offended in conversations quite often.

  23. sideburn says:

    Relax, guys. This is sarcastic joke for russian comunity only. Some sort of ‘sky cancer’ you have. It’s not that big deal.

  24. VonDvtch says:

    I just have to say to all the arty haters out there the class isnt much diffrent from what you do .. position click shoot reposition click shoot… what makes you diffrent nothing just to be a bigot. All of you need to feel superior in one way or another. Well your loss. But as an autist myself i feel this is as offensive from Wg as it is for the germans to single out Judes. And they started already we cant play in platoons. Whats next we need a star on our tank to play? Just because every hater doesnt have situational awareness on where its safe on the map in regard to arty positions. Which is your own responibility to sit there like a lame duck to be shot at. If Arty is gone it will be Derp guns then the TDs bweeeh just childish behaviour from a dying community. Time to diversify and seek out other games.

    1. Pip says:

      I’m with you on the bigot/superiority part, but I think you don’t have to let the autism quote offend you.

      Worst case, it was meant as kind of a joke response to some of the most boring old (and to some extent offensive) remarks about arty being cancerous in someones opinion and hence due to further nerfs or removal from the game.

      Anyhow, seems the guy stood up for arty in a sense, albeit he wasn’t too PC or at least cautious about it.

      => No wonder he’s getting his share of hate now, since we all know that “everybody hates arty”…

  25. sake666 says:

    Okay guys. I am not really offended. But I am autistic myself and am going to study Physics and Astronomy this summer at Radboud University, Nijmegen, the Netherlands. So I think I am allowed to say that I am pretty smart myself. So I must conclude that this comment from Wargaming is incredibly offensive. Not that it matters, but I hate arty actually. And lastly, youtuber, streamer and WoT unicum 06wallst or Honest Gaming, a good friend of AgingJedi for example, is ALSO autistic. To him and me this is way too far. Shame on you, Wargaming. AGAIN. Jim Sterling can be contacted again.

    1. Sasque says:

      I always find it hilarious when non-autistic people get triggered over the word “autism” meanwhile actual autistic people rarely or never get offended by it

    2. Pip says:

      You can be smart all you want, hate whatever you feel like, feel offended by anything, or get excited or richer by clickbait on YouTube.

      I’d nevertheless suggest that by hating arty a bit less and feeling less offended by autism you’d have a much better gaming experience in WoT and maybe even a small quality of life improvement in general.

  26. HUN_Sector says:

    The game is falling, the servers are empty. (during weekend, there were 5k people on eu1, 6k on eu2 in the forenoon)
    Developers going crazy, because income redued.
    Investors become angry, as people realises that other games makes the one more happy.

    And soon World of Tanks will be a note in the history of videogames

  27. Michael Cruse says:

    I Would Like To Make a Point of Saying I have been playing this game for six Years Now, I have supported Wargaming in a lot of their developments and have now finally had it with their pathetic outlook. I myself have a diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome, an Autistic SPECTRUM!! Disorder and I despise Artillery on the basis it can still destroy an armoured vehicle (only ever happened once in the history of Armoured Warfare and only occurred by complete accident and bad luck.) Which infuriates me because bearing in mind the numerical quantity of armoured vehicles to have fought in conflicts across the globe, only 1 has been destroyed by artillery more so not even a Self Propelled Howitzer! So bearing again bearing in mind I am considered Autistic and that i Despise Artillery how is artillery good for autistic players? (this is not implying that all people within the spectrum share my views or outlook but to demonstrate how ignorant wargaming are to make such a statement)

  28. I’ve got both ADHD and Asperger’s Syndrome which is classified as a mild form of Autism and I play WoWs with the same tactic that WWI and WWII British, German, US, and Japanese Naval Captains commanded their ships while in combat operations. Although I’m still new to WoWs but I’m using the knowledge that I gained from watching Jingles, and other WoWs players that have YouTube channels. And whenever I played WoT Blitz with my cousin we would talk and try to stay together so that way we would last as long as we can in a match.

  29. Anonymous says:

    After “sky cancer”,now it’s autistic? Hope their relative and children all are healthy.Good Luck.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Grow up pls,Children learn what you are speaking now,and they will do a lots of impolite action to other children at school.WG should consider to fire this man,it’s a game,not a xxxx party.

  31. As an autistic person, this doesn’t surprise me in the least… WG Russians have no idea how to make a statement without it being controversial… can we give the microphone to someone with common sense please?

    Also why doesn’t it surprise me at all that half of the comments on this post are people poking fun at autistic people. That’s the WoT community for you.

  32. Steve says:

    I contacted WG support about this and the story is that it was all due to a misquote, but with a ‘smiley face’ included. I’m surprised I got an answer and obviously the Support team have been briefed and are ready to deflect criticism.

  33. Mike Hunt says:

    If you seek offense, you will find offense. If this offends you I do not envy you and your life of being offended.

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