World of Tanks New Artillery/SPG Gameplay – SandBox Test Server

By DezGamez. Seems to do what it says on the tin.


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28 thoughts on “ARTILLERY REWORK

  1. Anonymous says:

    Arty rework is trash, it’s better now, just remove AP-type rounds and lower the shell arc. If you hate arty, realize it was actually devastating to infantry in real life (I know it isn’t tanks necessarily, but you get the point).

  2. Anonymous says:

    Nightmare , I dont play arty but it keeps me on my toes. Here it does little damage and you can use first aid kits to fix the whole tank instantly. Really – no use at all then. But World of Heavy Tanks on corridor maps with no pen and better armour will love it. Another class nerfed (after TD’s) just Meds to go and then Heavy Power – can play this game on their own with no one else playing any more …..

  3. stinky swiss cheese says:

    what wil happen to the personal missions? at the moment i am halfway the object and i have to do a shit load of dmg….

  4. Enigmaticmuffin says:

    I like everything about this except the alpha on the BC 155 58
    like come on at LEAST give it 910 alpha like the KV-2

  5. SpeedyCraft51 says:

    Meanwhile Type4 gets a premium ammo that does 1.4k dmg and its a heavy tank with soon-to-be unpenetrable armor.
    Combine that with the existing 1750dmg 230mm pen HESH ammo on 183mm TDs.

    And people still think arty is the biggest problem in the game.

    Also I’m pretty sure there is an NDA with SB server, so unless DezGamez was officialy allowed to post his video he might be in troubles. Didnt watch it yet tho so he might have.

      1. Velez says:

        He has to apply to clear the NDA agreement, once he clears and is allowed to release information his ID code will be removed from the background. If he has his ID in the background then he has broken the NDA

      1. SpeedyCraft51 says:

        The shoulders are now as armored as the front whereas in 9.17 they are as armored as the sides (which means it cant angle effectively).
        Thats a huge buff for this part of the armor.

    1. Kvetak26 says:

      “Combine that with the existing 1750dmg 230mm pen HESH ammo on 183mm TDs.”

      I think that these are going to be changed with a new patch and they will loose this prem ammo, won’t they?

  6. World of Titanic says:

    So the answer is stunning the crew and reducing the skills and perks that we have spent YEARS of SLOW progression to build them up? Well they dismantled the rest of the game I guess the crew and players efforts are next on the chopping block, Just more of the same thing. Had high hopes for this game, nothing lasts forever.

  7. echo says:

    so far so good, i like those changes…but WG must rework SPG missions now, u wont be able to do 4K+ dmg now i would say…

  8. Kusa Aezotee says:

    Out of curiosity, how is the resupply of consumables affected by the new multi-use system? Do you only have to resupply new ones if you used a cunsumable once like before, and do multiple uses increase the cost or something? Or is it a case of either don’t use it at all and don’t pay, or use it five times with one flat resupply cost?

  9. sir_novicius says:

    Arty seems far too accurate considering the lowered aim time on SB in my opinion.
    Arty will never miss anything that isn’t really fast with these changes, combine that with stun that may last longer then the reload…

  10. So ,, that French auto-loader Arty SPG with Dez playing it was and is STILL the highest 2200+ damage score on the team, so auto-loader SPG balanced?
    well I think not! looks still as OP as hell

    Single shot SPG looks ok much more balanced, less hate as it is now

  11. Soifon99 says:

    this arty change is never going to work, these are tier 10 SPG’s and they barely do dmg, ok the splash is great and the lame stun thing works.. but how the hell is this going to work on lower tiers?
    so the leheff and FV? they will do 5 dmg each time they hit? and those tiny shells have no splash.. so yeh good luck WG.. if they implement this arty class will be terrible and will die.

    1. Joe Blobdob says:

      This is the arty changes for tier 10 on the sandbox, every tier will have to be redone and tested. This will take a long time to do. The changes at tier 10 won’t just be implemented across the tiers, if they find none of it works at the other tiers they will scrap it and start again, they said that at the start of the sandbox. You really need to read in-depth what the sandbox is about.

      1. SpeedyCraft51 says:

        They also said they were gonna use SB to do tons of micro tests on lany new mechanisms.
        Yet within 6-7 months we got 2 sandbox phases and they both tested the same things with minor adjustments to reworks that are not major changes but more like major nerfs, when everyone said it was bad to begin with.

        You really need to read in-depth what the sandbox is about to realise that WG is doing none of what they announced.
        If they were the tests would be permanent and they would test tons of stuff. We wouldnt have twice the same shit after 6 months of wait. Because if in a year all they can do with a dedicated testing platform is twice the same thing at the same tier, we have more chances of seing Pokemon GO reviving than the global rebalance coming live.

  12. Gojonnogo says:

    I had some problems when I initially read the notes for the sandbox, but watching everything combined throughout a game and actually the changes look quite promising.

  13. CAPIRAGE says:

    I don’t like the enemy tanks having a stun indicator, I think one should be aware of the situation, it should be rewarding for players who actually pay attention. Remove the indicators and it will be fine.

  14. cwt says:

    Reaload time vs. damage done ratio is way too nerfed. Stun effect time should be taken out of this equation because from video I can see its 99% cases fixed or not used by team. So reduce reload time by 50% and it will be OK.

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