Arty Players go on Talk Show


Thanks to Teobold Tor! Will leave this here, good night.

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Arty Players go on Talk Show

109 thoughts on “Arty Players go on Talk Show

      1. Arkus86 says:

        I can’t say arty is perfectly fine as it is, but it’s nowhere as bad as people make it seem.

    1. Teobold Tor says:

      I actually play artillery (when I’m eating and for personal missions), I posted the link in a comment and think it’s hilarious. Lighteneth thou uppeth.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow, I can’t even enjoy it because I understand what that host and guests are really saying. Its not really a fun topic.

  2. The Isolationist says:

    Lel. There will always be haters and lovers of arty in WoT. Personally, I don’t mind arty, thankful when they kill strong enemies, cursing them when they keep raining shells on me.

    What I really don’t get is that, why people have to be so rabid about hating artillery. They are just becoming as hateable as the arties themselves.

      1. ๐Ÿ˜€ got over 3k overall Wn8 Still don’t mind arty and play it myself as well if you get clicked go and click on others ๐Ÿ˜‰

      2. stormcrow99 says:

        Yh as your winrate and WN8 goes up you exponentially become more knowledgeable and right in all of your arguments regardless if they change or not in the process and how right/wrong you are. Stats are quite literally everything, battle performance can be completely irrelevant or a reputation saver depending on the color of your WN8 status.

        People like this absolute fucking… not-safe-for-work named Roland make me feel just filthy for belonging to the same or even similar group of people. Uninstall WoT, get out of my planet, turn into a fucking martian, leave the solar system, bend time and space to fuck off to another dimension. Cancel your existence.

    1. silentvengace says:

      Yeah i dont get why people get so hateful on arty sure its BS but theres no reason to tell arty players to commit suicide or call them cancer. I acually get pissed when people say that crap to me when im playing my grille, because there disrespecting an belittling thos that have cancer or knows friends an friend that have/tried to commit suicide

    2. It’s mainly because it’s broken as a class. It’s aggravating to play and play against as it’s all RNG. You get no warning when shot at, a splash takes 1/3rd, sometimes half your HP in high tiers and sometimes killing your modules and crew in the process. Counter battery is rare, so arty don’t really need to worry much. Just have to relocate slightly. People hate arty and those who play arty as they think it ruins the fun of a tank v tank game. Like you can hold a flank in a heavily armored tank, angling perfectly only for that armor to be completely useless. As for learning to play against it, avoiding arty fire in an open map with a medium or light tank should be easy, but a good arty player can still hit or splash them, or sometimes, RNG just guides it so it one-shots the MT/LT. Heavies, especially super heavies are rendered almost completely useless in open maps with more than 1 arty. Once they’re spotted they can be hit quite easily. They have no choice but to hump a rock/hill somewhere or for those who aren’t experienced enough, just camp at the back of the map. But sometimes a rock or building isn’t enough of a cover as arty like the FV304 and Conqueror GC have a high gun arc and shoot over those covers, and with the battle assistant mod they can quite easily see which rock/building they can shoot over.

      1. Anthony Rye says:

        I play a mix of vehicles – about 18-20% of games with mid tier arty. IF the red arty is spotted then I will ALWAYS aim for them unless in peril myself. As for easy – that’s individual perception – watch the locations , watch the trees and fences ( No I don’t use cheat mods). Even if the enemy disappears you can sometimes still cause damage. When driving non-arty, the first thing I look for is how many arty in game and whether I need to be Arty safe or not – playing Arty teaches you about blind spots/building & hill shadows etc, and will teach those rabid anti-arty to survive longer.

      2. q says:

        SAI91.. please.. you are looking at arty only from 1 perspective.. but not to end there i will alaborate on your pinpoints:
        1. “You get no warning when shot at” – do you get any warning whebn shoot from FV 4005 ? No you dont , but somehow that dosent bother you, and i have to say, that its way easier to 1shot a med or light tank with fv 4005 ( i got it )
        2. “a splash takes 1/3rd, sometimes half your HP in high tiers and sometimes killing your modules and crew in the process” – and that is bad becouse you would like to be invincible and if you think that o,8 accuracy over 100 meters , and you shoot from 600 metrers plus , is wasy to hit target u clearly dont play arty or is troll /stupid . Arty loads \~~45 seconds.. just how much damage can you do in a med or hvy tank ? pretty sure over 1500 plus and then you whine that an arty splashed you for 500 dmg .. be resonable..
        3. “Heavies, especially super heavies are rendered almost completely useless in open maps ” So what about closed, small and city maps? WHy your olny think about one side of the coin ? Arty is helpless there again ur fine with that..
        i had enough, arty becouse of lemming trains and city maps usually cant do much.. making good wn8 / cash/ exp in arty is pretty much impossible.. belice me, for every shot u get hit by arty they miss 5 of them ..
        pls stop hating tank type u dont play.. i have meds becouse they are op and unbalanced, they are fast , sturdy , good view range, op dps..

    3. TingTong says:

      It’s is amusing listening to the toxic streamers like sir foch and circon. They hate WOT, especially arty so much, yet they know they have to play it as it is the only way they can earn money. When they play something else they only get a few viewers. To them it is like going to work at a job they hate. Even now they have to schedule there streams when QB, and a lot of the russian streamers are offline or they will be wasting there time. People need to learn if something is pissing you off so much, then you need to play something different. They probably have hemorrhoids the size of golf balls LOL When I play arty I dont turn into an arty apologist as circ will call you, and when I play HT’s or TD’s I dont turn into a toxic whinger. WG are making billions. Do you think they will change for the salty minority? The amount of people that went to AW was only a temporary speed hump for them.

      1. when even developers hate arty well yeah lol, arty was a mistake and they cant do nothing but rebalance it now since a lot of people have arty, and rebalance is coming , but is pretty annoying when you are above purple and some idiot 45% keep going after you with his arty platoon because xvm sniping and dont come with bs like get arty safe or keep moving even at 55 kmph they hit you since is all about rng

      2. stormcrow99 says:

        I wouldn’t go as far as saying the AW speed bump existed to WoT. I mean it’s a totally different thing. It’s never going to kill WoT. Kinda like people saying Overwatch will take TF2’s place.

      3. TingTong says:

        @Yuyuko Saigyouji – As if it is just arty. Doesnt matter what class I play, it is always a nice challenge to take out purple players, especially when they are rerolls lol It is seal clubing to pick on tomatoes.

      1. The Isolationist says:

        From Wikipedia:

        “In 2006 one of the sketches, “Boemerang” (Boomerang)…features the host of a talk show, :Boemerang”, breaking into fits of giggles after hearing the voice of one of his guests, who spoke in a squeaky manner due to a failed tonsillectomy.”

  3. The reason why I have 30650 battles in arty, 98% of my total battles, is because I am Darth Clicker….lol. Seriously I like playing arty and being a support vehicle for my team. The hate in chat shows me how big of a dick the other players are and also how immature they are. It makes me laugh because I always imagine the arty haters as looking like one of the dudes from the movie Dumb and Dumber or maybe one of the Three Stooges. The game without arty would be easy mode. I understand why the little tank players want to have an easy mode.

    It is a freaking game people!!!! If you are not having fun playing it, find another game to play. Grow up, put your big boy/big girl underwear on and fight…dont cry.

    videos and posts like Rita has made here only serves to energize the Dark Side and strengthens the Clickers. haha

    Come to the Dark Side Rita….I am your father.

    1. BattleBudgie says:

      ” I understand why the little tank players want to have an easy mode. ”

      I immediately burst out laughing when I saw this written by an arty player. Oh the irony, the bitter, bitter irony.

      1. Answer this question please.a…simple yes or no will suffice…you know to keep it simple for the simple tank drivers: Are battles easier or not when there is not an arty on the enemy team? If you say no, then that means that arty does not have an effect on your battles…if you say yes, then….well you know.

      2. BattleBudgie says:

        Is it easier to play a CoD round when there isn’t any aimbot and/or WH using players on the enemy team? Easier doesn’t necessarily mean worse, so your argument is invalid.

    2. RudiGRU says:

      So being able to land shots without getting spotted and without the possibility of getting shot is not an easy mode… Yeah…
      Playing with one hand is not easy mode… Yeah…
      Not having to move in all the battle is not easy mode… Yeah…
      Being able to kill an enemy with one shot is not easy mode… Yeah…
      Being able to damage tanks failing completly the shot and splashing them for 600-800 dmg is not easy mode, of course…

      Poor arty players, they have the most difficult class to play… Arty can be played with one arm, and being retarded, so hard mode, because of that I play light tanks and medium tanks.

      1. Teobold Tor says:

        The fact that I can play artillery one handed while eating piza and do a good job shows how hard arty is to play.
        It’s frustrating playing it as it’s pure RNG however tightly you aim but it definitely is easy mode

      2. stormcrow99 says:

        One handed means jack shit. There is a video of a dude playing call of fucking duty WITH HIS MOUTH. NO HANDS, FEET, POINTY OBJECT. MOUTH. So how do you like them apples.

    3. Dead_Zombie says:

      darthclicker, so you spewing your trash talk, is any better then the players spewing theirs in a battle? arty players are just window lickers, who can’t, or don’t have the common sense or ability to play any type of game that would require a CQB situation. arty players in WoT, are the same people who would play games like CoD as a sniper, and hide across the map as well. people get pissed, because arty is the only cheap ass class that can be in the battle, and hide clear across the map, and just point and click with no fear of the person they are clicking, returning fire on them. or the real players, are having a really good 1 v 1 battle, and trying to outsmart each other, and its getting down to the last shot for both, and some shitty arty player, kills the other player, or both players.. go focus on the shitters that are camping in the back, which is what arty was intended to stop. not the guys actually playing the game..

      Personally, arty players (95% of them) are the same people who would hide behind their trash dumpster (in their trailer park), and watch a family member get their ass kicked, because they are to afraid to come out and do anything about it. or they would hide, and throw rocks over the dumpster in hopes of hitting the person, either way, they are corner cowards.

      1. Shiva says:

        CS, there I preferred knife over sniping ๐Ÿ˜€
        Would you dare to attack one of my family members in front of me?
        Or am I one of the 5%?

    4. i dont expect non-experienced arty players to understand, i avoid 2 berts and a m44 in a churchill 7 just by moving back and forth in a tank that can hardly reach 20kmp most players wouldnt find arties annoying if they knew how to avoid them, i cant even tell the last time i was killed by arty

  4. ^This post gave me cancer. (I’m in remission) i don’t understand why people are offended about calling arty cancer. The description is accurate, its hit or miss, hits you suddenly , changes your life, slams you through emotions and sometimes outright kils you. It’s BS. It’s always been BS. WG, And SlavaM and a few other lead developers have mentioned that they have always known it was broken. THe mechanics of arty need a fundamental change. This is truth, its time for the arty players to give up their broken game mechanics and get screwed over like the rest of us. Even Listy as confirmed big changes for arty. And it’s about time to. Slava was recently talking about artys in platoons averaging WR’s over 80%. Arty is broken, its defended so heavily because arty players know it is broken and do not want to give up something so easy.

      1. TingTong says:

        Are you one of those players who rams himself right next to the enemy tank then spams “requesting fire”? Even if a GC missed the blast radius will still TK you. You dont have to touch the enemy tank to have them spotted lol

    1. Bas says:

      @docbassie, i know… i had to turn down the sound a bit to follow the subs. Lol both ways! First i thought it was serious show but later not.

    2. Exactly! It’s quite a sad clip if you understand what’s being said. It’s particularly sad that these people were first embarrassed on their national TV and now again for a “I have arty” vid ๐Ÿ™

  5. YouDontCare says:

    The subtitles are just hate speech made by whining kids.

    Could someone translate what’s really being said into english?

    1. So arties are OP but FV304 is fine ?

      Makes you wonder which one is the most retarded between the arty player and the arty hater :/

      A thing taking half a minute to reload shell that will miss 4/5 of the time or do only 1 third of paper damage is apparently more OP than an arty able to consistently hit their target every 10s and with a shell arc so high it’ll pen even the most armored targets for full damage.

      Get your shit together dude, if you’re gonna complain about something at least try to learn what you’re talking about…

      1. Michael Hughes says:

        he is saying all arty should just one shot you, with out warning, and you should be unable to do anything

  6. ^_^ it’s nice that we artillery players, on the most part, have a good sense of humour but sometimes the constant barrage of hate gets a little frustrating…

    1. BattleBudgie says:

      You know what else is frustrating? When some bush-hugger vaporizes 3/4 of your health from the other side of the map, then commits suicide 5 minutes later, immediately after you break through and manage to spot him.

  7. drogo says:

    I recently did an experiment with playing artillery on the test server, playing from t5-t10 in the american and british lines. Artillery from t5-7 was hard to be consistent with the damage, the games where very dynamic and the splash radius is very small. While far from what I would call fun, t5-t6 was the most engaging and required at least a little map awareness. Once I moved to t8 and especially t9 and t10 it became a completely different story. I would consistently be getting 3k-4k damage games and the play became so much more boring as you have a significantly longer downtime while reloading. You don’t even need to be that accurate (lucky) with your shots as the T92 can splash a target for 700+ with out too much difficulty.

    After doing this experiment I have a much greater empathy for those playing low to mid tier arty however high tier arty players are still just scum.

  8. x says:

    There is nothing wrong with playing arty if you are mentally or physically disabled. The rest should just get *** and die. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. Bas says:

    And another thing, arti isnt hard… its pretty easy but its harder to do well. I play mostly lights and meds and now arti for the first time. WN8 1200-1300 WR 50% so normal player. I also dislike abuse in any form escpecially since my 8yr old is also playing this game but before that as well. I can rage as well sometimes against RNG and blatant stupidity but there is no need to vent it in such harsh language. If possible i make a joke: OP: here comes the c…er Me: get your chemo ready….
    Like some said remember to have fun and accept that RNG-arti is part of the game and roll with it.
    BTW: never hear purples/players complaining when I support them, help them get there spotting missions etc.
    Have fun all and leave the hate.
    Make love and lots of dmg ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. BattleBudgie says:

        Learning how to avoid it? Please tell me about how you avoid arty on Prokhorovka with your E 100? Or how you avoid it when dogfighting with two other heavies on the frontline? Teach me master, I’ve been playing this game since 2010, but still haven’t been able to figure it out.

      2. QwaarJet says:

        How to avoid arty on Prokhorovka in an E100? You don’t. It’s one of the few shit maps for heavies and one of the few good ones for arty. Have you tried hitting jack shit in an Obj 261 on Kharkov or Himmelsdorf? It’s distinctly NOT fun.

      3. Klimax says:

        You should be constantly moving. Most of SPGs won’t get good shot and you should be doing that anyway as weakspots are nice target for opposing tanks. Also you should be using cover often enough too and not just because of SPGs. (And if tank doesn’t normally need cover because others have trouble with it then SPGs are its intended counter)

        As for Prokhorovka, I would be more wary of TDs then SPGs anyway.

  10. BattleBudgie says:

    Oh my, SilentStalker would call this “anti-arty Jihad”…

    But who the fuck cares about him, this is fucking gold ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. Keller13 says:

    So glad I wasn’t drinking when I watched this. As for all of the hate against artillery. Other than constantly moving there is no defence against it. Even then it’s a crapshoot if you want actually play the game and not hump a rock. Heavies on an open map might as well just off themselves because they are screwed. If you have good stats you will be focus fired the whole game, no matter what tank you are in. There is no way to shoot back across the map at the artillery until you have killed their whole team. And then they usually suicide to prevent paybacks. As for saying there is skill involved? Due to missions,I have played artillery. Guess what, it’s like rolling the dice. Almost all rng. When someone says good shot I feel ashamed accepting it because it was mostly rng. The major supporters of artillery are the ones with a 40% win rate that can’t play anything else. It’s a testament to how broken it is by how much it’s hated. One class out of five and these asshats say to go play another game. Why don’t they try to play another type of tank. As for it being called cancer. I do have losses due to cancer. In game I will call artillery cancer. Because I’m not so over sensitive that I get my feelings hurt by strangers on the internet. If you don’t want to be hated by other players, then put on your big boy pants and leave the comfort of the cap circle. Because as long as I have played the game I’ve seen how broken artillery is, and have hated for ruining the fun of a good game.

    1. Shiva says:

      So, hating on internet is allowed and the targets are over sensitive?
      Atleast that is how I understand this:
      “Because Iโ€™m not so over sensitive that I get my feelings hurt by strangers on the internet”
      Sweet, I can use that ingame, whenever enemy team gets butthurt of my spg’s, or other classes.
      No, I will not call any class cancer or wish their players or their relatives cancer either.
      I’m playing every class of vehicles in WoT.
      SPG’s doesn’t trouble me, wonder why? Even when I play slow heavy’s.
      Suicide in WoT? No way, never! I’ll fight to the bitter end, regardless of what tanks I use.
      I have seen XVM users suicide, because of “bad” teams.
      RNG, yeah, that can suck sometimes. But that’s as it is.

      Those rabid SPG haters, I could almost bet on that they ONLY remember when spg’s damage them.
      They will not remember when other classes kill them, except if they get ammoracked.
      And they will never notice all the shots that misses their tanks doing zero damage.

      Removing SPG’s from game, then the game will go this way:

      I have once used a Conqueror as a spotter tank on Prokhorovka in a tier 9-10 game.
      Why? because our light tanks didn’t do that. Both teams had 2-3spg’s.
      Yes, enemy spg’s tried to shoot me. All of them.

      Grow some balls, if being damaged by SPG’s are your worst problems.

      1. Keller13 says:

        1: Never have nor ever will wish cancer on anyone or their family.
        2: Artillery is a cancer in this game in it’s current form
        3: If spgs don’t trouble you while you are playing heavies then you must not be in the front being a heavy. Humping a rock in the back is not the best place for an E100.
        4: I’ve seen more artillery players suicide than any other class. And more consistently bad players at higher tier in artillery. They have so little map awareness that I have killed three artillery pieces in a light tank and none of them even started to move until the second or third shot into them.
        5: Tier 9/10 game in a Conqueror. Is there one other than the tier 9 or am I missing something?
        6: Only remembering when artillery hit me? Are we talking the enemy team or mine? Because it’s kind of 50/50 with potatoes I see in artillery.
        7: Fighting until the bitter end as an artillery. That’s rare to find in an artillery piece. But enough have shotgunned me in a full health medium that I’m not suprised.
        8: Some of the most fluid and active games I’ve seen are without artillery. Rarely do I see the campfest that all arty players like to say the game will become without them.
        9: Grow some balls? Mine dropped quite a while ago, and I left the comfort of my base to face people head on, not hide in the back the whole game.
        Last but not least, there are four other tank types in the game that due serve a purpose, the game will be just fine without the tomato gardens at the back of the maps.

      2. TingTong says:

        @Keller13 If you have 30+ seconds reload left when a LT comes and fires at you, it is not going to make a difference if you turn or not. I only waste my time to turn if I have an option to shoot. So dont think you are invisible. Its also funny the amount of times on open maps where the HT’s will camp behing the arty. I guess there balls are still waiting to drop? Im still waiting for xvm to flag non dropped balls players. With or without arty the amount of draws is a joke. Its also amazing the amount of players who whinge when hit by arty, then 2 minutes later complain when arty is not covering them lol

  12. Arty is the only class that doesnt care about gold ammo spam. Rather play arty and rebalance gold spammers (thus purple players) and OP tanks than play another class where how skilled I play doesnt matter because a gold spammer will kill the regular ammo player first whatever he does. Angling is dead, aiming is dead, now people just autoaik with gold loaded and poke for half a second out of cover to pen their target. Now arty gives them tank cancer each time they do poke.

    To unfair problem an unfair cure.

    1. Nocomment says:

      But 100% gold load out Pro’s spamming from 450-500m in a Russian med is a sure sign of a skilled player pushing the quality of game-play higher…or not. They deserve all the Arty hits they whine about.

      Don’t play arty beyond the odd game and don’t really mind it in game. Its much less of an issue than the above gold spammers and thier like imo.

    2. BattleBudgie says:

      Oh, no you justify playing arty with gold ammo? Skill is meaningless in normal tanks because of it? Joke of the week. Skill is meaningless when playing arty, because RNG plays instead of you. I’m playing normal tanks, I’m playing against people spamming gold, and thank you very much, I’m OK, I manage. Now we know you don’t, but that’s not normal tanks’ fault, and not gold ammo’s fault, that’s your fault mate. So don’t act like you didn’t start playing arty because you couldn’t handle playing normal tanks. You did.

    1. BattleBudgie says:

      2016 and people still complain about hunger and poverty? Guess what, problems don’t disappear over time by some dark magic, unless people make them disappear.

  13. Saelens says:

    Can not watch this movie ๐Ÿ˜›
    Because i speak dutch and with the fake subtitles its to hard to follow. ๐Ÿ˜›

    Best show ever.

  14. CrochetyOldGit says:

    I play a mix of vehicles and approx 18-20% are mid tier arty. Regarding SAI19’s comment re counter battery fire, If – a big If – the red arty is spotted then that is my priority unless in peril myself.(see- trying to help the HT whingers on my team)
    Is arty easy? – this is personal perception – in essence YES , but to do it well requires an element of skill, and patience ( and RNG). You need to watch the battlefield – and if you are watching and know the terrain then even if a red veh becomes unspotted then a blind shot can sometimes hit/damage . Also watch for terrain destruction – trees fences buildings etc ( no I do NOT use a cheat mod) these can give clues.
    As arty is in the game we should all accept it – would you remove a queen from chess because you got checkmated by it?
    The other thing is, if the moaners played arty themselves they would learn the battlefield from a different perspective and learn to be ‘arty-safe’ & thus cause more damage themselves by surviving longer. They would then appreciate how a well used arty can seriously slow down or stop an attack on a weak flank.
    Gold ammo with increased burst radius – I usually have one or two rounds for when the idiot red team cluster together at a choke point – can easily damage 3 tanks with one round – but then you know when arty on the other side not to do that, don’t you?
    Finally – the first thing I look for when NOT playing arty is how many arty in the game and whether I need to keep my tanks in building shadows/ hill blind spots etc.

    Stop whinging – use arty to teach yourself to be a better MT,LT,HT,TD player by surviving longer.

  15. Errorcreator says:

    Artillery is balanced by having bad accuracy, so it can be extremely frustrating to play too, atleast the tier 6-7s that have too low splash to really do any damage if it misses. Meaning it’s not good for anyone in its current state. Can be frustrating to play and always is extremely frustrating to get hit by.

    1. sj says:

      Amen! I played only about 2% of my games in SPGs and had a stupid game in M41HMC recently. All of my fully aimed shots missed but I hit both my snapshots (including LT on the move). Playing SPG in totally RNG depended game.

    2. BattleBudgie says:

      Pretty much this. Frustrating to play, AND frustrating to play against. Meaning it’s a gamebreaker piece of shit of class. Rebalance it, or make them gtfo.

      1. Kulingile says:

        I’m a 1650/2150 WN8 player, and I play artillery for the personal missions. I’m working on the Brit line (FV207 and Conqueror GC for CW) and I believe that artillery is the most frustrating class in the game – both to play and to play against.

        Playing artillery (and being half decent at it), you have to have extreme map awareness and excellent knowledge of the vertical terrain on every map. You need to be able to see which enemy tanks your team is having a hard time taking out and focus your fire at them, while watching for gaps in your own lines that would allow tanks to push through and kill you. “Camping” is the noob’s way of playing artillery. I have seen so many artillery players die because they camped on the side of the map that had only 1 or 2 of our tanks defending. I typically move 1 to 1.5 km while playing artillery.

        But no matter how well you play, artillery is extremely RNG dependent. I’ve had perfectly aimed shots from 400 meters away sail over the top of the stationary tank I was shooting at. My hit ratio in “normal” tanks is 76% last 4k battles (63% overall), but I average only 43% hits in playing artillery. Note that I don’t play American artillery with its massively OP splash radius. If I miss by more than a meter or so, no damage. Even 90% of direct hits do only 400-500 damage, and then you have a 33 second reload. If you calculate the dpm factoring in the accuracy, the average tank does:
        2400 dpm * 0.76 = 1824 dpm
        (0.9 * 500 dmg + 0.1 * 1250 dmg) / 0.55 min * 0.43 = 449 dpm

        Tank dpm >> Artillery dpm
        1824 >> 449

        Playing against artillery is just as frustrating and RNG dependent. I had a tier 10 game 3 days ago in my M103 on Fisherman’s Bay. From south spawn I went through J8 to get into the city (at the near-top speed of 31 kph). I get lit by a scout. Then (while still moving as fast as I can), I get nailed by an M40/43 for over 2/3 of my health. Frankly, I was impressed that he hit me, but it was still ridiculously frustrating to be 50 seconds into a game and already be one-shotable by more than half of the enemy team.

        Sadly removal of artillery isn’t an option because too many player play artillery. Also, the removal of artillery would break the game balance.

        As someone who plays both artillery and regular tanks, I eagerly look forward to the global rebalance. Maybe artillery can be come a useful and fun class after all.

  16. Man, all these Easium stat padders need to grow up and learn 3 simple rules when playing WoT:

    Rule 1: Get shit on by Arty from such a height that you think RNGod himself is shitting on you.

    Rule 2: Deal with it like an adult. Fume to yourself and not in chat. You only make yourself look like an immature asshole.

    Rule 3: Exit to Garage, choose another tank, start a new battle and get over it and yourself.

    Not even the most fanatic Tumblr Feminists bitch and moan as badly as the quote “most skilled players in the game” when they get hit by arty.

    1. x says:

      1. Never give a flying fuck about what strangers think about your actions online.

      2. Mock and swear as much as you fucking please, the more players get offended the better. No pity for them as they were retarded enough to care.

      3. When killed, never ever go to the garage just keep spewing filth at them. There is a good probability that they deserve it, anyway.

      4. If they start crying about ticketing and reporting, job well done. Rinse and repeat as wg is too pussy to ban even botters and cheaters for good.

  17. comitetul central says:

    Only one small change needs to be made to fix the arty problem: disable the team kill checks when the target is an arty, noone gets blue/banned if you TK an arty. Problem will be fixed in about a week by the players.

  18. GU-7 says:

    I play arty, and this put a smile on my face ๐Ÿ˜›

    Why? because most of the people here don’t know better…

  19. Hravn says:


  20. Marcobelmont says:

    Arty is arty, you will whining even after global rebalance. Pls stop insult people that have cancer like me, it’s so disgusting. Talk with wg, not to the players.

  21. Ser_G says:

    Let me give you all a unicum’s perspective on arty. I play on NA, 2630 wn8 yaddayadda stats etc. Low and mid tier arty are actually not too bad, low splash coupled with low damage can be managed quite easily; if you get caught in the middle of a field in your O-I then the fault lies with you for going there. High tier arty is broken, a game mechanic that rewards you with 600-800 points of damage and module crits for missing a shot it’s just dumb. You don’t find that in any other games, and if you do the devs will patch it in short order.

    My true issue with arty is xvm: that stupid stats mod that changes the diametric of play to the detriment of the game. Getting focused by arty every so often is annoying. Having it happen game after game after game because my name is a lovely shade of lilac… that is rage inducing. I just want to play and enjoy the game like everyone else, yet I get shit on and/or yoloed simply because I have good stats.

    1. GU-7 says:

      That is true, I have to agree, but what is also broken about high tier arty, is the ROF, DPM, and the accuracy. Having to reload 1 round for 40 to 50 seconds, only to do 500 – 1000 damage on average, and sometimes on rare occasions one hit someone, is also an drawback. Which is also why I’m wondering what they (Wargaming) plan to do when it comes to the global re-balance.

      I agree that the damage is broken, but so is the time to load ONE shell, and other various mechanics that hurt arty to begin with, such as the RNG, and DPM. Sure it’s bad, but it’s bad for BOTH sides, not just for people on the receiving end.

      What I think really pisses people off, and the same goes for me, is when arty seeks water, seriously people, take your defeat, you lost! At least try to go down fighting… But this kind of gameplay, of seeking water has also damaged the views of arty, sure they camp basically the whole match, but then they remove the ability to get that top gun, or more exp people become enraged, and have the right to be… So the water crap is bogus.

      XVM is a tool, yet a curse, saw that coming a long time ago, even I as a heavy tank player (the class I mostly play as), has seen this before, sure my stats arnt that great, around 1700-1800 WN8, but when you are around nothing but tomatoes, and potatoes, that green sign above your head starts looking like a massive bulls-eye.

      So yeah, Arty is broken, its true, as an arty player I agree, but people only want to bury it in the ground 6 feet under and consider arty as dead. Sure arty is a pain in the ass, but what I was trying to explain here, is that it’s a pain in the ass for both sides, and eventually people will have to compromise, and agree with something here, instead of acting like a bunch of 5 year old who just took a belt to the ass. It’s a game people, and it should be treated that way, and it has lost all right’s to be considered as a serious situation… So get over it, be constructive if you want something done, and consider not only yourself, but others who also want to have fun in World of Tanks, because having these constant useless debates, and arguments isn’t fun at all… its Toxic…


  22. idk about u guys but if someone thinks playing arty is easy then i want to try and and carry a match in the first game in their arty and i dnt just mean doing a lot of dmg or camping the whole match

  23. Shiva says:

    This video, it would have been jackpot if it had been about those whining about SPG’s.
    “Arty haters go on talk show”

    Here’s a nice video from an Arty Hater:
    Btw, he’s nicer in chat after streams than in the streams itself.

    XVM-stats ingame, those are just evil and no good.

  24. shankmeyster says:

    if you are playing arty and don’t like the hate comments, make sure to turn off battle chat and enable only people on your list to contact you. that will save you a LOT of anger issues.

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