War Thunder 1.87: Challenger 2 and the introduction of Tier VII


Good day everyone, some big WT news today: Tier VII is coming to War Thunder Ground Forces and the vanguard of this news is the British Challenger 2 MBT. For the Challenger 2, we are told to expect a vehicle similar to the Challenger 1 but with much-upgraded armour and armament. The armament consists of an L30 120mm cannon armed with improved ammunition compared to the L11 and the armour focuses on the turret which receives a decent level of protection: up to 500mm for kinetic and 900mm for HEAT. It should be noted however that the lower glacis remains a glaring weak spot for the tank, relegating it to second-line duties similar to the Challenger 1.


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War Thunder: Lunar New Year Event


As Obi-Wan Kenobi once said: “Hello there”. For those of you who have been wondering where I have been, I have recently got my commission in the Royal Navy and I am now capable of devoting a small portion of my time again to writing for you guys.

So today, War Thunder is getting on board with the Chinese New Year and providing the following decal for players:

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War Thunder 1.75: SAu 40


Good day ladies and gentlemen, today War Thunder has unveiled it’s first non pre-order French tank, and it is the current WoT Tier IV Tank Destroyer the SAu 40. In War Thunder it will be armed with an 75mm APX cannon, it’s main addition to the battle field is going to be a very potent AP shell that has a very decent HE filler.

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War Thunder 1.75: French Tanks arrive


Good day to all of you. Today the contents of 1.75 have been teased with a major announcement: the French ground forces are arriving to War Thunder.

As of today there are 3 pre-order packs: the B1ter (tier II) for €14.99, the Sherman M4/FL10 (tier III) for 29.99 and finally the AMX 13 SS.11 (tier IV) for 39.99.


Stay tuned for more updates, and for all you french tank fans, it appears to be a joyeux Noel :3.

World of Tanks Graphic update preview


Good day ladies and gentlemen, today have a nice video for you courtesy of 80 level. In this video we can see the depth of the planned graphic changes and it is looking beautiful. From what we see in the video these are some changes that are going to improve the look of the game considerably. How they will factor into the gameplay on the maps themselves is yet to be determined.

Source: 80 level