War Thunder 1.91: Westland Scout & Wasp


Continuing on from the last devblog, War Thunder is going to introduce the Westland Scout and its naval version the Wasp in 1.91. These two helicopters will form the early tiers of the British Helicopter tree and are set to be on par with the Helicopters of the other nations, coming armed with 2 7.62mm GPMGs and 4 SS.11 ATGMs. The main differences between the Scout and the Wasp will be their tops speeds, with the Scout having a top speed of 193 km/h (120 mph) and the Was a speed of 211 km/h (131 mph).

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War Thunder 1.91: Westland AH.1 Lynx


Today, in the run-up to Gamescom, War Thunder has released the first proper devblog for War Thunder 1.91 and it comes in the form of the AH.1 Lynx, a British helicopter built by Westland that has only recently come out of service with the British armed forces. In-game it is set to be armed with a wide variety of weapons, and from the pictures, we can see Hellfire missiles will be amongst them. The others listed and observed so far are the following: 20 mm Oerlikon KAD-B cannon, 70 mm rockets Hydra 70, 8 ATGMS (either TOW2 or Hellfire) and 4 Stinger AAMs.


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War Thunder 1.91 German Ground Forces tech tree reshuffle


Hello everyone, today we have been given an insight into the planned German Ground Forces tech tree shuffle that was announced late last year. For those of you who have not heard of this, it has been the dev teams intention to make the German Ground Forces a bit more historical, taking particular issues with the Maus, Tiger II (105), Panther II and the Flakpanzer 341. As I am sure you notice, these designs are either blueprint only, or never went beyond the prototype stage. Here is War Thunder’s official comment on these vehicles:

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War Thunder 1.89 update out tomorrow

Hello everyone, today it has been announced that there will be maintenance for War Thunder 1.89 tomorrow starting at 08:00 GMT so get your engines ready, your weapons loaded and get ready for the Imperial Japanese Navy and their Heavy Cruisers!

War Thunder 1.89 Devblog monster post


Hello everyone, after what has been what felt like an eternity of awesome Navy work, including being called Willy Warren in a TV interview, I once again have the chance to bring to you some War Thunder news. It is safe to say there is a lot to talk about so prepare for the biggest War Thunder post you have seen today, as we have plenty of devblogs for your reading pleasure such as new MBTs, an answer to the Tunguska and a whole new navy. This Post will go nation by nation so readers can go through the devblogs so far in a logical order. Without further ado, let’s get into it!


9P149 “Shturm-S”:

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War Thunder 1.87: IAR 316B, SA.341F and SA.342M Gazelles


Hey everyone, first devblog of today and we have a 3 for 1. Today we have seen the first French helicopters that will join the skies of War Thunder, they are the IAR 316B and 2 helicopters from the Gazelle family: SA.341F and SA.342M variants. To start we will look at the focus of the devblog, the Gazelles.

SA.341F & SA.342M Gazelle:

For all helicopter fans, the Gazelles will be a mainstay of the French helicopter tech tree. In the 2 variants, we will first encounter the SA.341F, a lightweight attack helicopter that comes armed with a 20mm GIAT cannon as its primary armament. It can also carry 7 unguided missiles, 2 HOT ATGMs and up to 2 Mistral anti-aircraft missiles. It is set to be a fast helo, flying up to 310km/h (195 mph) and will have great manoeuvrability too.

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