MS74 Series 2A torpedo boat: War Thunder Naval Forces


Good day everyone, today we have been shown another addition to the Italian naval forces in the form of the MS74 Series 2A torpedo boat. This is a lesser known torpedo boat used by the Italian navy and has a unique story behind it too. These boats originate from captured Yugoslavian torpedo boats which were seized in 1941. After some testing by the Regia Marina they were deemed superior to the MAS 500 series used by the Italians and immediately ordered 18. These boats were split into 2 families (each consisting of 18 boats), a 1942 series and a 1943 series which we see being added in this devblog.

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Les Français arrivent! War Thunder 1.73


Good day Ladies and Gentlemen. First of all please forgive the lack of writing, the reason behind this was on October 10th to the 11th I had the final part of my officer selection for the Royal Navy, so as you would expect I put all my effort into passing that.

Now with that out of the way let us delve into the main news of the day: 1.73 in War Thunder is going to be the patch that brought the Armée de l’air to the game. Now for those excited to know what planes are going to be added, we have 2 confirmed ones that will be added as premiums, these are the Dewoitine D.371 H.S.9 and the SO.8000 Narval, rank 1 and rank 4 respectively.

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War Thunder 1.71 Review part 1: Aircraft


Good day to everyone. As I am sure you are aware, War Thunder patch 1.71 was released on the 19th of September. In this series of articles I will be covering the content and features included in ‘The New Era”, starting with the aircraft. So in these reviews I will be giving a brief overview of the aircraft and their stats.




This new pair of planes is the final upgrade to the famed Corsair series. The F4U-4 is the machine gun armed variant of the two, with 6x 12.7mm MGs and a BR of 5.3. Then following it immediately in the line is the F4U-4B which is the same airframe but armed with 4x 20mm cannons and a BR of 5.7. Both of these planes come with an option of a pair of 500lb, a pair of 1000lb or 8 HVAR rockets. Both of these planes are a classic examples of the boom and zoom with the top speed of 711 km/h being on the F4U-4.  While not necessary per say, they do provide a nice transition from the earlier Corsairs into the F8F series.

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New Author: Billywarren007


Good day to all you fine ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce myself. I am Billy Warren and you may know me from several Twitch streams and from my common epithet “the Scapegoat”. For those that do not know me yet I am a 23 year old graduate in International Politics, French and Arabic and am currently in the process of joining the Royal Navy as a submarine warfare officer.

As of today my role on the blog is to cover content related to War Thunder, and with the recent release of 1.71 there will be plenty of topics to look at in the near future. As for my experience of War Thunder, I have been playing since the days of x2 daily, 20 ranks and that time when you were not able to bail out of planes. Managed to grind myself through blood, sweat and plenty of salty tears to rank 5 in all nations and forces minus Japan Ground Forces (not very honourable).

I look forward to bringing you all sorts of War Thunder content and if you have any questions feel free to message me on Discord.

Look to the skies and I will see you around!