Wowp tech tree showcase [POLL]


So part 3 of Switzerland is taking a bit of time due to Mizutayio having some strict schedules atm. So to make the time pass i made a poll asking u guys what Nation you want us to showcase after Switzerland. We have 12 trees in the works but ho knows what nations we might work on in the future.

Vote here

War Thunder [Development] Fletcher Class Destroyer


Members of the pre-beta test will be able to test this destroyer in one of the future tests, and results of this test will taken into account for the future development of our fleet.

Introduced in the early 1940s and serving well after WW2 with other nations, few ships ever managed to gain such an iconic status during their operational service as the US Fletcher class destroyer. Instantly recognizable to most fans of military history, this naval legend is ready to be deployed in one of the upcoming naval testing sessions to once more change the tide of battle.  Continue reading

War Thunder – [Live] Community missions and more!



We continue to compile the most interesting missions, camouflages, screenshots and in general any content created by our players. This part is dedicated to the creations from May

We haven’t updated any tracks in aircraft races. But here it is! For such a gift we need to thank our player _Gilard_, who is also the author of many other missions.
Try it out!

New aircraft event “race” is already available on live for everyone. Continue reading

War Thunder – [Competition] Loving the Unloved

For those creative i would like to present a new chapter in the unloved story!


Today we like to announce yet again, the start of a new chapter of our “Loving the Unloved” contest.

So far we gave our love to fighter planes and bombers, but now its time to take a look at our tanks.

We decided, to give some well deserved love in form of freshly new skins to the Matilda Mk II “Queen of the desert”!

You have two weeks starting today (06/15), to create a historic skin for this classy tank. The best three will be selected by the Live.WT moderation team.

This is also your chance to get a very rare tank as a 1st. Price: The RBT-5 Continue reading