New Soviet Tanks Estimated Arrival Time


Good day everyone,

Quick add on to the recent stats for the new Soviet tanks (latest stats here), showing where these will be going in the tech tree (granted, it’s not exactly hard to imagine), with the caveat that these are likely at least a couple of updates (as per Russian community sources). Any changes to this estimate timeline will be posted as soon as possible.

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WoT Console Update 4.4


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So with PC unveiling Update 1.0, what has been brought with World of Tanks Console’s newest update? Well, prepare to be disappointed, folks…


Download Sizes:

Xbox One: ~4.87GB / Xbox 360: ~117MB Title Update + 1.53GB Download
PlayStation 4: ~4.57GB

New Features


    • Spoils of War is a three-part series consisting of one chapter each. Each chapter introduces you to a German, American, and Soviet commander on the edge of ending ties with their respective nations.

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WoT Kharkov Changes


Good day everyone,

Quick post showing off the changes coming to the Kharkov map.

This area will be simplified, with the number of lanes reduced in order to make the battles a bit more predictable.


1-2) This area will be simplified, with the number of lanes and streets being reduced considerable in order to make the battles a bit easier for players to predict and understand. With the lanes making it easier for heavy tanks to defend themselves.

3) This area will remain largely unchanged from previous ST versions. With the goal of having it be an area for medium tanks, lights, and TDs.

4-5) The center area will not be closed off, but the number of entrances will be reduced, with some designed in such a way to allow tanks to enter, but not exit.

New Asian Map In Supertest


Good day everyone,

A new, as of yet unnamed, Asian themed map has appeared in Supertest.

A small city/town section will occupy the center section with hills to the north. A small section of beach is available for tanks small enough along the southern border. Map size is stated at 1000m x 1000m. Nothing is permanently set, as it is still a very early build.

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Don’t Ask Questions: Moderator Abuse in World of Tanks Console’s Forums


Good day everyone,

Brief intro before we get started, this was brought to our attention several days ago by long-time blog reader and console player Firehawk894 after he sought some answers regarding the duties of certain staff members at WarGaming. After seeing the screenshots he provided, and knowing this isn’t the first case of WarGaming moderators abusing their own strike system to get rid of people quicker, we asked if he would like to speak up on the matter. Without further ado:

By Firehawk894

Hello everyone. So recently I logged onto the World of Tank console forums, just to see what the community had been up to lately, another thread complaining about Arty, someone complaining about Gold Ammo and so on. Surprisingly, I had a red flag next to my notifications, when I click on it, what do I find? “Your account has received its third strike”. I thought that was quite strange, given that I have never had a first or second strike during my years on the forums, only minor “educational warnings”. (The system on the WoT Console forums is a five strike system. Strikes are permanently attached to your account with the fifth being a permanent ban from the forums)

It turned out that one of the moderators didn’t take very kindly to me expressing the opinion that the game is being run down by heavy handed moderation, developers that ignore their wider community and job titles that sound like jokes but are actually serious roles.


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WoT Developer Q&A


Good day everyone,

Recently the World of Tanks developers had an open conference to discuss plans for 1.0 and the future of the game. Here’s the newest info:

Preferential MM

  • Preferential MM will continue to slowly be phased out, even with vehicles that already have it. The first planned vehicle will be KV-5. The nature of those changes aren’t worked out yet. Though there will likely be the option for gold compensation or the rebalanced vehicle.
  • On that note, these plans exist only for Tier 8 premium tanks. Lower (and less expensive) tiers will likely have something different happen to them.


Crew and Crew UI Changes

  • The developers are working on a new system for some perks. One of these might be a new version of Sixth Sense that works automatically and is already active to a new commander.
  • There are also plans to change up the admittedly terrible crew and barracks UI.
  • In addition to changing skills, WG also want to work on possibilities for transferring the crew from tank to tank.
  • Most of these changes were prompted by the fact that the current crew skill system is pretty monotonous, with only a few essential skills being selected. The exact nature of these changes haven’t been made completely clear.
  • Testing for these changes should start sooner rather than later. A big part of this is communicating these changes to players with highly skilled veteran crews.

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WoT Supertest: Italian Tiers 8-10 Stats


Good day everyone,

Today we have some very preliminary stats for the Italian tier 8, 9, and 10 vehicles. Just the stats at this point, no early models or even names to serve as eye-candy unfortunately:




  • Tier: X Medium Tank
  • HP: 1,900
  • Max Speed: 65/-23 kph
  • Turret Traverse: 33 deg/sec
  • Hull Traverse: 54 deg/sec
  • View Range: 400 m
  • Damage: 390/390/480
  • Penetration : 268/330/53mm
  • Reload: 19/16/13/10 sec
  • Shell Reload: 3.0 sec
  • Magazine Size: 4
  • Accuracy: 0.33
  • Aim Time: 2.3 sec

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WoT Update 9.22 Full Notes


Full notes for the 9.22 update hitting EU and NA in the next couple of days:

Improvements to the Matchmaker

  • The improvements to the matchmaker will ensure more even distribution among the battle types enabled by players (Standard Battle, Attack/Defense, Encounter Battle, Grand Battle). The battle type selector will consider the history of the player’s previous battles. The Grand Battles will not come in a succession.

Improvements to the Vehicle Customization

  • The lower panel of the customization interface will contain the Applied sign for elements that are applied to the vehicle.
  • Increased the clickable spots for the Emblems and Inscriptions.
  • When purchasing customization elements, the Purchase and Exit text will be displayed to players. If a player does not make a purchase but only changes a customization element (elements), the Apply and Exit text will be displayed.

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