WoT Console: Forum Closings


In a rather bizarre move on World of Tanks Console, WarGaming is shutting down the non-English community sections of it’s forum on October 26th. The reasoning behind this decision according to the original post by Ph3lan (which has now been deleted, so no screencaps):

“Hello everyone,

For the past 4 years, our game has grown and evolved. Alongside the game’s growth and evolution, so has the player community. This evolution of the community has led to changes on where the discussion about the game happens. With that being said, Wargaming EU must also change in order to better communicate with its console community.

Social Media is now the focal point of the community’s discourse. New and exciting possibilities are also offered by the tools available on the Xbox and PS4 systems.

Moving forward, we will use these platforms to better interact with the community and will move away from the forums as a means of communication from the 26th of October, 2017.

You can find us here:
– On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wotconsole/

– On Twitter: https://twitter.com/…g_neten?lang=en

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Minsk Developer Q&A with CCs


Good day everyone,

Today we have a fairly substantial Q&A from a CC meeting with the developers in Minsk. Courtesy of MatchyHK:

Q: When will be the HD maps be released? Will they all maps come in the same time?

A: We are working as hard as possible on the HD maps at the moment. A lot of the maps are in the final stage, where the map developers are working on finalising the maps and stabilising the codes. Some of them are still in the process. Of course, when we release the HD maps, we will try to release as many maps as possible but we want to keep the quality of the map as high as possible. If some of the maps that didn’t make it into the release will be add in future updates. We want to make sure we have enough maps before releasing them so it does not have a significant impact on the matchmaking.

Q: We notice there is a few new options in the graphic settings section (The sandbox we played on is in Russian, the wordings were translated with the help of WG’s translator- wordings can be slightly different in the live version) – Tessellation, Tessellation in sniper mode and improved physics, what does these do?

A: Tessellation will mean every object in the game will be render in 3D, rather than in 2D, same for the sniper mode option. Lastly it is obvious for “Improved physics”. These settings will be for high end machines. We are also introducing a new pre-set called “Ultra” for high end PCs, where we only recommend players will high end graphics card (e.g. 1060 or + level) to run this graphic pre-set. There will be more graphics effects include in the “Ultra” settings. Please don’t get confuse with the existing pre-set of “Maximum”.  The “Ultra” pre-set will be more demand than the existing “Maximum” settings. (The devs are considering renaming “Maximum” into something else that are less confusing.)

 Q: In the short time, we (community contributors that are testing the sandbox) conclude that Steppes north spawn needs some tweaking. Will the team consider changing it?

A: Thank you for the feedback. We will make the map developers aware of that and we will collect the heat map and the feedback from the players on the Sandbox test server to decide whether further tweak is needed. Honestly it is hard to just copy and paste the old maps and put them in the HD map rendering. Continue reading

WoT Console Update 4.1 Server Downtime


Brief post for our console readers, listed server downtimes for Update 4.1 (full patchnotes can be read here):

Server downtime:

PS4 – 12:00 FET (09:00 UTC, 04:00 CDT, 02:00 PDT) (CES – 11AM) October 10th 2017

XBOX -14:00 FET (11:00 UTC, 06:00 CDT, 04:00 PDT) (CES – 1:00PM) October 10th 2017


Downtime will be 3+ hours.

Since downtime is longer than expected, we will be compensating premium time holders a day of premium. 

WoT 9.20.1 Release Dates


Good day everyone,

Brief bit of news for today, the announced date for the release on 9.20.1 on the RU region has been announced for October 17th. As usual, you can expect the update to roll out on EU and NA from the 18th to the 20th.

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