Supertest: AMX Canon d’assault de 105 (UPDATED)


Good day everyone,

A new French tank destroyer is in supertest, here are the screenshots and early stats (now updated with more complete stats):


Tier: 8

HP: 1000

Weight: 26.88 t

Engine Power: 720 hp

Power to Weight: 26.79 hp/t

Speed: +55/-18 kph

Terrain Resistance: 1.247/1.342/2.301

Gun Traverse: 27.1 deg/sec

Hull Traverse: 28 deg/sec

Armor: 100/40/30mm

View Range: 360m

Signal Range: 750m


Gun: 105mm CN 105

Damage: 390/390/480

Penetration: 260/320/53mm

DPM: 1952.2

Reload: 11.986 sec

Rate of Fire: 5.006

Accuracy: .288

Aim Time: 1.92 sec

Depression: -8 deg

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Valkyria Chronicles Crew Art


Good day all,

Crew art to accompany the upcoming Valkyria Chronicles premiums has been released. No surprise they’re sticking with the anime art style of the games.


So far these tanks are looking to be exclusive to the Asia server. For more info on the tanks themselves, check out the stats here.

WoT Console Micro Update


Good day everyone,

Quick post on what came in the micro-update for WoT Console this morning:

First off, they actually buffed something that needed buffing!

-Centurion Mk.1 and Mk.7/1 both have had their top speeds increased to 50 kph.

-Centurion Mk.7/1 reload for the 105mm L7A1 decreased from 12 seconds to 11.2 seconds.

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9.19 General Test Update


Quick post, going over a few changes during the General Test shutdown on the 11th, going into the second iteration:

  • Visual changes made to the VK 72.01 (K) turret.
  • AMX-13 75- Fixed an issue with earning “Elite” status on the tank.
  • T-50- Fixed an error with the display of the stock and top engines.
  • Changes made to sound effects
  • Fixed icons for “Top 12” and “Top 3” in the Ranked Battles Personal Results tab.
  • Fixed an issue with automatic resupply, which caused the feature to not work even with sufficient credits available.
  • Fixed a display issue with changing chevron ranks in Ranked Battles.


That’s it for now, folks.

May 8th Q&A with Storm & Evilly


Good day everyone,

Very quick Q&A from Storm and Evilly. Storm’s bit is mostly letting us know he’s alive, but figured it was worth posting after not hearing from the guy for awhile:

Michael Zywiec (Storm) communicates with players Learn:

* Is the game is played by anyone other than WG bots ?! And when CVG will play in your product?

– Sorry, I cannot come up with a funny answer as I’m not on Tanks anymore.

* Michael, why do you still follow tanks and WG if it’s said you’re retired? Just momentum?

– Tanks for me is like a child. Stuck with them for life, no joking.

* The reality is a bit harsh. You regestered in 2010 but had completely abandoned it by 2016. Now you’re rarely ever around.

– Seriously, after 6 years you get tired.

* Are you still working with WG or on some other project?

– Alas, I can not say.

* Michael is it true you’ve left Tanks forever?, If it’s not a secret, can you say where you went? Did SerB also leave?

– Well you never know what can happen, but nothing to really say yet.


Anton (Evilly) Pankow (Executive Publishing Producer) talks with players in LiveJournal:

– In 9.19 there won’t be any significant balance revisions.

* A lot of the recent game developments are completely unnecessary: four new prem tank per month. , bonds, the Nameless / Edelweiss, buffs that have everyone camping the fields.

– You make it sound as if the proxy currency is something very bad.

– On balancing -We will be keeping an eye out for improvements and fixes.

* Are there any new maps planned for this century?

– So far we have everything thrown at our current projects.  

* Hello Anton, I’ll ad to the previously mentioned:

Look at tank profitability. A lot of friends are saying that it’s hard to be profitable on tech tree tanks.

– We can take a look at the economy.

* Maybe a bit subjective, but Randoms have become too fast.

– There some exploring to do.

Latin American Server Incoming?


Yesterday World of Tanks Blitz players received an update which gave them the following:


Now obviously this is just for Blitz players at the moment, but as some have pointed out, WG isn’t going to go to the expense of purchasing servers in the region exclusively for Blitz, so it may be a good sign that PC may be receiving it as well. Not much more info is out at the moment, such as whether it’ll be a single server or cluster, but we’ll update if anything comes up.


From the lads at: Report de Batalla

Supertest- Bonds & Advanced Equipment (UPDATED)


Good day everyone,

Quick overview of some of the upcoming 9.19 features: Bonds, and the Advanced Equipment you can spend them on.

Bonds– A new currency set to be one of the rewards for playing ranked battles. They will be rewarded at the end of the Ranked Battle Session, and cannot be bought or obtained elsewhere. Total bonds will be displayed alongside your gold and credits in the garage.

Bonds can be used to buy new in-game items available in 9.19.

  1. Enhanced equipment. Cost in bonds is quite high, purchased permanently, can be dismounted for 10 gold, can be used on any tank in any battle mode.. You can’t use enhanced equipment together with standard equipment of the same kind.
  2. Battle instructions. Installed in new slot #7 (#1-3 – equipments, #4-6 – consumables, #7 – new slot). There are 2 kinds of battle instructions, first one improves installed equipment, the other grants or improves crew skills. Used after battle, cost is low (varies depending on equipment/skill that it improved). Can be used on any tank in any battle mode.

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T-34-2G FT Supertest Stats


Supertest stats for the Tier 7 Chinese TD:

Tier: 7

HP: 800

Weight: 32.085t

Engine Power: 520hp

Power to Weight: 16.21 hp/t

Terrain Resistance: 1.151/1.534/2.205

Speed: +50/-16 kph

Hull Traverse: 40 deg/sec

Gun Traverse: 31.3 deg/sec

Hull Armor: 70/45/??mm

View Range: 360m

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WoT Console Update 3.7- Co-Op Assault


Good day everyone,

WarGaming has released the preview for the next console update, adding a new Co-op mode among other things. Might be a nice addition if it’s done well. Here’s the preview:

Proving Grounds Co-Op PvE


Four new co-op scenarios are being added to the in-game Proving Grounds. You can play cooperatively with another human player (through platoons or joining another random player) , or alone with two AI teammates that can be controlled with the command radial:

  • Map Ping: AI allies move to the chosen sector as long as there are no enemies currently spotted
  • Follow Me: Your AI allies will follow your move
  • Request Fire: AI allies will focus fire on your target

So far there will be four maps with different objectives. A platoon leader will select their tank, with the rest of the team choosing from compatible vehicles. The maps/modes so far are listed:

  • Heilbronn Assault (standard): Destroy all enemies or capture the enemy base
  • Dukla Pass Assault (assault): Keep your base defended, or destroy all enemies
  • Thiepval Ridge Assault (standard): Destroy all enemies or capture the enemy base
  • Murovanka – Winter Assault (standard): Destroy all enemies or capture the enemy base

Maps will also feature ammo and repair pick ups. Continue reading