Maus & Other German Super-Heavy Changes


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Following the changes made to the top-tier Japanese super-heavies, the German line will likely be following suit, as part of an overall effort to refine the role of super-heavy tanks while trying to make sure they don’t over perform.

So far the only one discussed in detail is the Maus (though the Mauschen will be looked at as well). In short, it’s role as an armored fortress will remain preserved, with the only real armor changes being to the bottom hull, going from a very incorrect 250mm to its original 50mm.

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WG Tankfest 2017 Q&A


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At Tankfest this year, a few Community Contributors had the opportunity to ask questions with a couple of members of the WG NA team, discussing everything from communication between developers and players, overpowered premiums, and HD maps. Here are some of the key points of that Q&A:

–  Part of the goal with the Defender and the Chrysler K was to build armor back into the game. This was accompanied by several changes to other high tier, heavily armored tanks such as the Maus and Type 4&5 Japanese heavies.

– While the Type 4&5 heavies will see some nerfs with the Maus, the Defender won’t be brought back for sale for a long time. At least not until some changes are made to armor mechanics. Continue reading

WarGaming Authentication App


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Incredibly slow news day, but a short bit for those interested: WarGaming has a new mobile app that adds a new layer of protection for your WarGaming ID account. The app generates a temporary 6-digit code that is used to login, in addition to your already existing password. The idea being that the rapidly changing second layer will drastically reduce the chance of accounts being hacked.


1- Login to your WarGaming ID and enable two-step authentication.

2- Download the app and scan the code. Then enter the confirmation code.

3- When you next log in to your WarGaming account, enter the current 6-digit code from the app to confirm your identity.

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WoT French Rebalance Detailed Changes


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Detailed changes listed here for the French high tier mediums and tank destroyers:

AMX AC mle. 48

  • 120mm AC SA46 now equipped with a magazine autoloader.
  • DPM reduced from 2404.6 to 1894.3
  • Reload for magazine 32.603 (from old 9.973 single shot reload)
  • ROF decreased from 6.016 to 4,736
  • Magazine Capacity: 3 shells
  • Per-shot reload: 2.703 seconds
  • Increased side armor thickness from 40mm to 55mm
  • Reduced accuracy from .316 to .355
  • Decreased aim time from 2.78s to 2.59s
  • Reduced dispersion during hull rotation from .23 to .134
  • Decreased dispersion during maximum forward movement from 5.98 to 3.49
  • Increased ammunition capacity from 64 to 66 shells

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9.20 French Rebalance


In a similar vein to the Japanese heavies, several French machines will also receive a rebalance. First being the AMX 30s, the overall goal being to differentiate them a bit from their counterparts in other tech trees (i.e. Leopard 1).

AMX 30 B & AMX 30 Prototype

  • Reinforced turret armor.
  • Improved gun soft stats: dispersion on the move, DPM etc.
  • Reduced penetration and accuracy.

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9.20 Detailed Japanese Heavy Changes


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Yesterday we posted some general changes that will occur to the Japanese heavy line in 9.20, but now we have some more details on specific changes.

O-I Exp.

  • Removed 10cm Cannon Type 14, due to being too effective for a Tier V machine.
  • Reinforced hull armor from 75mm to 100mm.
  • Reinforced turret armor from 75mm to 100mm
  • Reduced turret traverse from 22.9 deg/sec to 20.9 deg/sec.
  • Reduced shot dispersion during turret traverse from 3.8 to 3.45.

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Pedrogao Grande Charity Stream

Hello everyone,

As some of you may or may not know, there are a series of devastating wildfires in Portugal at the moment. Being from Portugal herself, our own Rita will be starting up a charity stream to help aid victims of the ongoing fires. So if any of you from among our readers wish to stop in and donate or show your support it would be greatly appreciated.

Stream will of course be on Rita’s Twitch channel:

For those of you who just want to donate, the page to do so is here:


Thank you all ahead of time for any support given.

WoT 9.20 Japanese Heavy Changes


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Something news worthy on an otherwise slow day, changes to a few select Japanese heavies in supertest, apparently for Patch 9.20. Even better, the screens are in English!

O-I Exp.

Overall frontal armor will be increased, allowing it to serve better as a breakthrough heavy. However, its 105 will be removed and overall mobility will be reduced.


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