WoT Test: Further Soviet 1.0.2 Changes


Further changes being made to the newer Soviet tanks in Supertest:

Object 277:

  • Premium penetration for 130 mm M-65 cannon decreased from 350 to 340 mm
  • Accuracy decreased from 0.35 to 0.38
  • Aim time increased from 2.5 to 2.7 seconds
  • Reload increased from 11.03 per 12.5 s
  •  RoF decreased from 5.22 to 4.8
  • Turret traverse increased from 26 to 27 ° / s


  • Total HP increased from 1,800 to 1,950

Object 268 Ver. 4:

  • Engine horsepower decreased from 1,500hp to 1,350hp
  • Top speed reduced from 55 to 50 kph
  • Reverse speed reduced from 22 to 18 kph
  • Hull traverse decreased from 20 to 18 ° / s
  • Aim time increased from 2 to 2.5 seconds
  • Total HP decreased from 2,100 to 2,000
  • Lower glacis armor reduced from 236 to 201mm (effective armor)
  • Armor hatches reduced from 252 to 232mm (effective armor)
  • General nerfs to shot dispersion


WoT Console: Mercenaries


Good day everyone,

Quick post to answer the questions posed in this post, yes, WoT Console is indeed getting a ‘mercenary’ tree…. or half of one to start with:

Here is the full news post for those interested, but the short version is essentially the backstory to Armored Warfare, Frankenstein tanks (rather than the assembly of little known variants from smaller nations that most hoped for) and these are all unlocked through what’s looking to be a version of Personal Missions from PC. Or you can just skip all of that and pay for them directly.  Continue reading

WoT Console: Things to Come?


Well, been a while since anything of significance has been hyped for World of Tanks Console, outside of continued map removals and War Stories (some of which were also removed after release).

Up until the middle of May, where slowly hyped up hyped up something over the course of a week, for that something to end up being a teaser for another announcement date two weeks later.

However, thanks to a quick post on the forum this last Sunday (June 3rd), we do have some hint as to what may be coming in this next update (along with hinted at balance passes and sound effects that will finally be updated a year after the sound engine was upgraded), an image of a splash screen:


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1.0.2 Map Changes


Some changes are coming to certain maps in 1.0.2. Here’s a (brief) overview:



  • Spawns have been adjusted to make the distance to key points of the map equal for both teams.
  • Bushes on the cliff moved closer to the edge.
  • The church has been rotated to serve as better cover for the northern team.
  • The density of bushes around the swamp has been changed for both teams.
  • A small step has been added to the slope in F7 for the northern team.

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