Soviet TD Changes: Update


Good day everyone,

Most of you remember our earlier post on changes coming to the Obj. 263 line. Well it seems that those changes have either been postponed or scrapped entirely. Apparently on a stream yesterday, Development Director Milos Jerabek agreed with players opinions that the decision to move the 263 to Tier 9 and place the Obj. 268 Ver.4 was a pretty bad idea.

The announcement has been received pretty well from the RU playerbase, and from the reaction in the comments of the previous post, I’m sure you all will be glad to hear it as well.

That’s it for now, everyone.

IS-M Supertest Stats


Straight from supertest its… another Soviet heavy (Edit: Apparently for a new mini-branch that’s been unannounced to us mere mortals. Let’s hope that pans out). I know folks…. lets look at the stats anyway:


  • Tier: 8
  • HP: 1500
  • Hull Armor: 120/120/80mm
  • Turret Armor: 250/140/120mm
  • Turret Traverse: 32 deg/sec.
  • Hull Traverse: 26 deg/sec.
  • View Range: 350m
  • Speed: +35/-12 kph
  • Penetration: 212/240/68mm
  • Damage: 390/390/530
  • Accuracy: 0.42
  • Aim Time: 3 sec.
  • Reload: 12.6 sec.

WoT Console: Volk T-44-100 and Verzila KV-4 K


Good day everyone,

Well, despite the World of Tanks Console team doing some good and offering long sought out standard versions of premiums for their actual base prices this month (including the Type 59/Patton, who’s “Legion” variant first went on sale over a year ago in November 2016) they just couldn’t resist slapping some paint on something an jacking up the price for it. So what do we have today?

The “Volk” T-44-100 and the “Verzila” KV-4K

Thankfully, they were kind enough to put a video overview out on this one:

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WoT Console: Custom Flags


Good day everybody,

With WoT Console’s somewhat unexpected drop of update 4.2, there was little preview or fanfare to cover the new features implemented. So, despite being out for a day, here is a quick look at the new customizable flag feature for World of Tanks Console:

Flags are a new tab under Tank Customization, with the usual assortment of national flags:

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WoT Console Update 4.2 Patch Notes


Good day everyone,

With a bit of a chaotic week preceding, WoT Console has launched Update 4.2, bringing Tier X light tanks, a tech tree for viewing rare premiums in the armor viewer, and a few other things:

New Features

  • Multi-Base Assault: new game mode featured in only five maps initially and currently only available in Team Training and Tournaments.
    • Ghost Town
    • Cliff – Winter
    • Mines
    • Mines Rain
    • Liberty Falls
  • Tank flags: Expanding our players’ ability to customize their tanks by adding Flags! Players can choose a standard flag or create their own.
  • Premium Tank Tree: displays all rare Premium tanks that are currently in-game. Look up the armor profile, modules, stats, see what’s missing from your collection, or just admire the tanks in all their glory.
  • Log Tab: You can now access up to 10 of your most recent battles and they are now saved across game sessions on the same server.
    Replays expire after 14 days or when server/major version updates are done and will show “replay is expired”.
  • “Detected” alert mechanics changed to “Targeted”
    • Removed the “directional” requirement. Now the alert will trigger no matter what direction you are looking.

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T-44 LT New Stats


Good day everyone,

So another <sigh> Soviet premium is in testing now, this time a new iteration of the T-44 LT. The name is pretty self explanatory, so let’s look at the current stats (*Updated with more detailed stats/screenshots):


  • Tier 8
  • HP: 1,100
  • Engine Power: 850hp
  • Power to Weight: 27.1 hp/t
  • Hull Armor: 90/75/44mm
  • Turret Armor: 120/90/70mm
  • Speed: +68/-24 kph
  • Turret Traverse: 46.9 deg/sec.
  • Hull Traverse: 50 deg/sec.
  • Terrain Resistances: 0.863/0.959/1.918
  • View Range: 390 m
  • Signal Range: 700

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VK 168.01 ST Stats Update


Good day everyone,

So the Tier 8 premium VK 168.01 is up in supertest again, but this time sporting a new paint job and a “historical” description of dubious value. So lets see what we have:


  • Tier: 8
  • HP: 1,700
  • Engine Power: 780hp
  • Weight: 168 t
  • Power to Weight: 4.64
  • Speed: + 20/-15 kph
  • Hull Traverse: 18 deg/sec.
  • Turret Traverse: 15.6 deg/sec.
  • Ground resistance: 0.767 / 0.863 / 1.918
  • Hull Armor: 180/130/100 mm
  • Turret Armor: 230/160/100 mm
  • View Range: 400 m
  • Radio Range: 740.4 m
  • Crew: 6




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WoT Supertest: Alternate Soviet TD Changes


So a new  configuration for the alternate Soviet TD branch has been revealed in supertest. Tiers 7 & 8 look to be the same, though with some altered stats, however the currently Tier X Object 263 is being dropped down a tier to make room for the a new Tier X: The Object 268 Version 4. Let’s take a look at the stats:

Object 268 Version 4


  • Tier: 10
  • HP: 2100
  • Hull Armor: 250/100/45mm
  • Hull Traverse: 23 deg/sec.
  • View Range: 420m
  • Speed: +55/-22 kph.
  • Depression/Elevation: -5/+15 deg.
  • Penetration: 293/360/90mm
  • Damage: 750/750/1100
  • Accuracy: 0.44
  • Aim Time: 2 sec.
  • Reload: 20.5 sec.

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