WoT Winter Challenge Missions


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So WoT is offering up the Soviet Skorpion, er…. SU-130PM for free if you complete a series of missions. Here is a breakdown of said missions and the rewards:

Stage 1

Mission for commitment  

  • Earn a total of 3 000 base experience points.
 *Only experience for being among the top-10 players on your team by experience earned is counted; can be completed in Tier VI-X vehicles only.

Mission for mastery 

  • Earn at least 850 points of base experience 1 time.
 *Available only for Tier X vehicles.



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WoT 10th Anniversary Player Rewards


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So, for the 10th anniversary of World of Tanks players will be receiving various prizes based on the year they first started playing (so someone who signed up December 31 of 2014 will get the same prize as someone who signed up January 1 of 2014). Here’s the breakdown of the rewards:

1 Year
• Medal 1 year of service 
• Emblem 1 year of service 
• 1,000 bonds 
• 1,000,000 credits

2-3 Years
• Medal for the service that reflects how many years you have been playing 
• The emblem for the service that reflects how many years you have been playing 
• 3,000 bonds 
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WoT Reddit Q&A 11/16


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New Reddit WG Q&A with Artem Safronov, Andrey Beletsky, Maxim Chuvalov (Executive Publishing Producer, creative director, Publishing Director respectively). Questions and answers are taken straight from the original Reddit thread, wonky formatting included:

Is there any truth to the rumors of buffing the German tree? 

Will the German lines be getting some love any time soon? I really like the German tanks but the tier 10’s aren’t desirable at all for CW, except for the Maus in niche strategies.
– Andrei Beletsky: We are planning to look into overall balance of all trees across all the nations in 2019, so, to some extend, there is. Continue reading

1.3 Common Test


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So testing for Update 1.3 is soon upon us, and with it some new content and adjustments, lets see what is known so far:

  • New Customization Options
  • Personal Mission 2.0 Changes
  • Dynamic display for Personal Mission progress in battle
  • Changes for some Personal Mission 1.0 reward tanks (not specified)
  • Changes to Pilsin, Himmilsdorf, Mannerheim Line, and Fisherman’s Bay
  • A new map for Grand Battles mode

In addition, soon testing will begin for Tier 8 Grand Battles

We’ll be sure to post more info as it comes. The update for those with the test server client should be out now.