M41D Chinese Premium


Well, the M41 sure does seem to get around a lot. The Chinese tree will see the addition of this Tier 8 light tank, in reality actually serving the armed forces of Taiwan. There it had a locally produced 76mm gun and some modernization to it’s firing systems (not that most of that matters in-game, but info is info):

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WoT Supertest: Emil 1951 Stats


Holy smokes, folks, another tank from supertest that’s not a Russian heavy! This time another of the Swedish autoloaders, Emil 1951:


WoT Supertest B.B.T.Br.Panc Stats


Quick stat rundown for a Polish vehicle that appeared in 2016 and hadn’t been seen since (with older stats visible so changes can be seen):


Tier: IV (Medium Tank)
HP: 380
Horsepower: 600 hp
Weight: 23 ton
Power to Weight: 26.09 hp/t
Speed: +45/-20 km/h
Hull Traverse: 36°/s
Turret Traverse: 35.5°/s
Terrain Resistance: 1,247/1,534/2,685 1,055/1,342/2,493
Hull Armor: 50/30/20 mm
Turret Armor: 50/40/30 mm
View Range: 340 m
Signal Range: 458.9 m
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WoT Console Weekly Server Update 10/2


New reskins/mercenary tanks and returning contracts for this week’s console update:

  • The Tier 8 Mercenary Light Tank, Turtle, will be for sale in the Store.
  • Halloween and other seasonal emblems are available.

New Merc Contracts:

  • Roundabout: Tier IV MERC Tank Destroyer
  • Long Reach: Tier VI MERC Heavy

Returning Contracts:

  • Thresher
  • Stubbs
  • Bulwark
  • Thunder Bucket