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Panhard EBR F-10 Changes

Good day everyone,

Some changes made to the Panhard EBR F-10 after the recent semi-public test phase:

Brief changelog:

  • Engine power increased by 5%.
  • Braking effectiveness improved.
  • Switch time between driving modes reduced from 0.2 to 0.1 s.
  • Debuff from wheel damage reduced.
  • Maneuverability in the Cruise mode at slow speed improved.
  • Magazine reload time reduced from 10.3 s to 9.5 s.

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WoT Console: War Crimes Are Zany!

Good day everyone,

Been a long time since we’ve posted a real World of Tank Console (sorry, “Mercenaries”). Quite a bit has happened, which I may cover in a more in-depth article at some point soon, though it’s with the confession that I haven’t touched the game since April, mainly because I’m someone who wants to play something with tanks and not armored clown cars. That said, some things are worth coming back and writing about…

For those of you who don’t know, WoT Console has decided to focus most efforts (that aren’t porting PC assets) into the Mercenary theme: tanks and commanders based around a Mad Max style continuation of WW2 (but without any of the interesting aspects such a scenario could bring. It’s mostly an excuse to put a punk-rock aesthetic to a game that never needed it) and has been met with, at best, mixed reception from players. However, their most recent addition has raised a few eyebrows. Mercenary tanks come with unique commanders with a full backstory, which isn’t the worst idea really, but this is something special (taken from the WoT Console mobile German language site and translated):

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WoT Supertest: Minsk Changes

Some changes made to test version of Minsk, with it’s size reduced to 900x900m and the number of destructible objects reduced.

The overall idea is to open up some space for more mobile vehicles and make positioning more important. The city section is so far nowhere near its final layout, and will probably see some more drastic changes after an overall map layout is decided.

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World of Tanks: MKA Gift Tank Economy Updates

Good day everyone,

Some quick changes made to the economic stats for the MKA (Tier 2 German Premium gift tank that most will surely sell off before long. Long live the yearly free garage slot). So far the actual vehicle statistics are identical to when we last posted back in October. You can see those stats here. As for the new changes:

  • Improved vehicle description
  • Price/value of the vehicle changed from 100 to 500 Gold
  • Shell price changed from 14 to 16 credits
  • Projectile to damage price ratio increased from 0.21 to 0.255