WoT Console Update 4.7 Notes


Once again, time to see what madness WoT Console brings to the table (it’s nothing too surprising for those of you who’ve been keeping up with the game) except that some actual PC content people have been asking for a few years finally made it’s way in! So lets see what we got:

4.7 Update Sizes

  • Xbox 360: 89MB title update + 1.7GB download
  • Xbox One: 2.2GB
  • PlayStation 4: 2.1GB

New Features

  • New Soviet Tanks added!
    • Medium Tanks
      • Tier X: Object 430U
      • Tier X: K-91
    • Heavy Tanks
      • Tier VIII: IS-M
      • Tier IX: Object 705
      • Tier X: Object 705A
      • Tier IX: Object 257
      • Tier X: Object 277
    • Tank Destroyers
      • Tier X: Object 268 Version 4

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WoT Supertest: Even More Kharkov


A couple more variations of the ongoing Kharkov redesign. Including a video from the RU community:


So, what do you all think? At this point after the many (many, many….) redesigns that we’ve seen come out from testing do you think the map will ever see introduction? Do you even want to see it brought back in? Let’s hear your opinions in the comments.