New Test Server is live.



This test sever has an unskipable tutorial but its main purpose is to “test” the new in-game shop. What Wargaming has to say.

Explore the New In-Game Shop

A brand-new in-game shop has been under construction for several months within the dev team, and it’s finally available for everyone to test. We’re planning to drastically change the shop’s interface and functionality, so we’re rolling out a separate Common Test specifically for the feature.

Why We’ve Done This

The current shop allows you to browse through the list of available vehicles, modules, shells, and other items, providing decent filtering tools and featuring special offers. Its design hasn’t been updated, however, leaving much to be improved. We started working on the new version, pursuing two main goals.

  1. Functionality: We want “Shop 2.0” to become the go-to place for anyone looking to get new in-game content. For this reason, the new shop will provide extensive information about every item available.
  2. Convenience: Instead small consecutive changes, we opted for making a completely new design from scratch and focus on usability and the overall look.
For a better understanding of what should be improved, changed, or even removed, we’re asking everyone to join the test and share their feedback (please see the forum link at the end of the article).
If you have the test client already just update in the normal way. If you don’t just go here test client installer. Now, let’s take a closer look at what the upcoming shop will offer.

Everything is Close at Hand

The horizontally aligned three-tab menu has been replaced with a vertical set of icons, which now only contain Shop items. The “Depot” tab has been redesigned and taken its place in the main menu, while special offers are now part of the Shop under “Best.”

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Micropatch World of Tanks 1.0.2



Overnight a micro patch will be rolled out on RU, EU and NA.The regions can’t agree on a patch number  but new folders at /mods/ and /res_mods/ will mean that your mods will need moving to these new folders or reinstalling, we don’t yet know which.

Server Down times.

  • RU: The work will begin on July 19 at 6:00 (MSK) and will last about 45 minutes. At this time servers will be unavailable. Scheduled server reboots are canceled.
  • EU: The World of Tanks servers will be unavailable on 19.07.2018 from 06:00 – 06:45 CEST due to this update.
  • NA: Micro Patch will be applied at – 04:00 AM (Central Time) 7/19/2018. Planned downtime is about 45 minutes.

Patch note:

  • Fixed the issue when shells in the magazine were displayed as loaded after changing a shell type during reloading.
  • Fixed some technical issues.


Polish Tiers I-IV in Supertest Pt 2


Today the final renders for the Polish light tanks but with the correct pics for the tier 4.

4TP Tier 1 Light Tank

Typical of many tier 1’s only a 2 man crew.

In 1935 it was decided to create new light tanks for the Polish army. Development was undertaken at the Państwowe Zakłady Inżynieryjne (PZInż) works under the supervision of the engineer E. Habih. The design of the vehicle was strongly influenced by foreign developments, for example the British four-ton Vickers Carden Loyd Commercial Light Tank. In December 1936 the documentation was ready, on the basis of which the creation of the prototype of the PZInż.140 tank began. From the autumn of 1937 to May 1939 the road tests of the vehicle were carried out, but it didn’t enter serial production.

7TP Tier2 Light Tank

Carried a 4 man crew. The 7TP was the development of the British Vickers Mk.E, produced in Poland under license. The machine differed from the original with a more powerful PZIn diesel engine. 235 (Saurer VBLDb), turret and weapons. The first series of machines was made in a two-turret version. In 1935, an agreement was concluded with the Swedish firm Bofors to manufacture a turret with cannon armament of the same firm for installation on a single-turret version of the tank. The first prototype of the single-turret tank 7TP was tested in February 1937. After that, mass production began, and until September 1939, 110 single-turret 7TPs were produced.

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Lost City Map in HD


The area looks like it’d been deserted for a very long time and has been taken over by the desert. Note the blowing sand and dust devils from 0:37 in the video. The map is being tested in two versions. One for full tier X MM and one for up to tier VIII only.

A free cam video of the HD rework of Lost city.

Our previous post about this.  Thanks to WoT Express for posting to YouTube.