Detailed Stat changes to Top tier Italians


We have Detail stat Screen shots with English overlays of the latest changes in supertest. We will compare with  this post HERE. Thanks to WoT News for the original Russian Tank Inspector screen shots. English overlays by myself. Old first new second, the changes include camo guns health and many other things, take a close look. Note these new screen shots don’t include the drum reload or DPM stats that were giving such bogus numbers.

P.44 Pantera

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New Italian Supertest Leaks


Todays forum “Leaks” for tier VIII, IX and X Italian tanks.

WoT 1.0 Test server Update 5


Yesterday there was an update on the test server. These were the contents:


Fixed problems:

– Colour filter selection interface errors
– Fixed a problem, due to which it was possible to change color correction parameters with minimum graphics settings in full-screen mode.
– Fixed an issue where the currently installed theme filter was disabled after switching to the user-defined color correction settings.
– Fixed an issue where disabling effects in the game settings caused all effects to be turned off on the map.
– Fixed a problem in the operation of auto-selection of players for team Battles.
– Fixed a problem causing the reload indicator to display incorrectly after minimizing the game while reloading.
– Fixed a problem with low framrate for Ultra presets for the first few seconds after loading the map.
– Fixed an issue that sometimes caused frame rate drop when switching to sniper mode.
– Fixed a problem that caused the client to hang when hovering over the marathon flag.
– Fixed an issue where the number of gun marks was not displayed in the garage .
– Fixed a problem that caused the turret to interact incorrectly with the hull after bombing explosions.
– Fixed a problem, due to which the shape of trees changed when you moved away from then towards them.

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Tier VIII P.44 Pantera, IX Prototipo Standard B, and X Progetto M40 mod 65.

We have Supertest stat screen shots with English translation and overlay.

P.44 Pantera

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Update 1.0: Preload Option



Wargaming informational:

We know quite well that waiting for the end of an update to download and install on the release day is hardly convenient. Therefore, we have recently added the option to download updates in advance. As Update 1.0 is fairly big, the preloading will happen in multiple stages.

Preloading the update will decrease the load on the game services on the day of the official release. Having pre-downloaded the update, you will be able to join the game right after patch release without a delay.

Here’s how it works

In the Launcher. Make sure “Enable the download of upcoming updates” is ticked. Click “Apply” to save the changes.

In the Wargaming Game Center. Make sure “Download updates in advance” is ticked. Click “Save” to apply the changes to the settings.

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Clan Wars Reward Tank Changes: Pt II



Further changes leaked from supertest:

M60 Tier X American Medium tank Clan Wars Reward.
– Max. forward speed up from 48.3 to 50 kph.
– Max. reverse speed up from 20 to 23 kph.
– The premium shell penetration (HEAT-T T384E4) up from 330 mm to 350 mm.
-Aim time down from 1.73 s to 1.53 s.
– Shot dispersion at 100m down from 0.336 m to 0.316 m;
– Aiming circle spread on Turret traverse down from 0.096 to 0.077;
– Aiming circle spread on max speed turret traverse down from 4.03 to 3.22;
– Aiming circle spread on max. speed vehicle Movement down from 4.63 to 4.79.

T95E6 Tier X American Medium tank Clan Wars Reward.
– Standard shell (AP-T M358) Penetration down from 258 mm to 248 mm;
– Damage per minute up from 2744.4 to 3128.6;
– Reload time down from 8.745 s to 7.671 s;
– Rate of fire up from 6.861 to 7.821 rounds/min;
– Hit Points down from 2000 to 1900;
– Shot dispersion at 100m up from 0.364 to 0.403;
– Aiming circle spread on vehicle Movement down from 0.153 to 0.115;
– Aiming circle spread on max speed vehicle Movement down from 8.64 to 6.48;
– Aiming circle spread on max. speed hull Traversing down from 7.06 to 5.29.

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Clan Wars Reward Tank Changes: Straight from Supertest


Four Clanwars reward tanks are currently undergoing testing of changes. These are the M 60, VK 72.01 (K),121B and T95E6. These are the given changes.