Tank Chats #92: Challenger 2: Part 2


From The Tank Museum Bovington.

Part 2 of a two-part episode on Challenger 2. As David Willey had so much to say about this British in-service vehicle, it has been split into two parts. The second part examines the Challenger 2 in service. David talks to soldiers currently serving on the Challenger 2, looks at where it has seen service and some of the tank’s features. With thanks to the British Army for their assistance. Watch part 1 here: https://youtu.be/IlcRsMB9SwM

WoT: The Dawn of Industry Event Is Delayed


Short post.

We have an important message.
Due to potential external technical issues, starting the Global Map Dawn of Industry event on January 16 could provide a less-than-comfortable and enjoyable gameplay experience.
Launching a large-scale event when even a single battle may impact the outcome is a really big risk. Possible technical errors may lead to a loss of progress in the event, which, in turn, would affect reward distribution and delivery.
Taking these factors into account, we decided to delay the event until February 13. Please accept our sincere apology for this delay.
We truly appreciate your understanding and patience.

WoWs: Dev Blog

ST, New ships

Todays release.

Japanese battleship Yashima, tier X

Yashima is an alternative project of Yamato, armed with 6 510-mm guns and modernized AA defense. The battleship has shells with high damage and very good penetration, but not the best ballistics. As these shells need to pass through a thick armor to detonate, there will often be over-penetration when lightly armored targets are hit. However, enemy battleships are a perfect target for Yashima.

Hit points — 97200. Plating — 32 mm.

Main battery — 3×2 510 mm.
Firing range — 26.6 km. Dispersion at this range — 272 m.
Sigma — 2.10.
Maximum HE shell damage — 8100. Chance to cause fire — 40%. HE initial velocity — 720 m/s.
Maximum AP shell damage — 19400. AP initial velocity — 720 m/s.
Reload time — 35.0 s.
180 degree turn time — 60.0 s.

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WoT: Developer Diaries: Holiday Ops 2020


In the latest episode of World of Tanks Developer Diaries, we’ll tell you why the Holiday Garage looks the way it does, what Snow Maidens could have looked like, how many cats are hidden in the Garage, how the festive tangerine style was created, and how Santa’s flying sleigh with vehicle-carrying Gift Boxes came to be. Learn all this and many more interesting stories about Holiday Ops 2020 in this video!

WoWs: USS Texas. The Story of Superdreadnought

One of the last remaining dreadnoughts in the world is the American Texas battleship. With the help of the archival wartime newsreels and CG animation, we will tell the viewers about the most important points on the battle path of the veteran ship: covering the Normandy landings, artillery duel against the Hamburg battery, and supporting the Iwo Jima invasion.

WoT: Dawn of Industry on the Global Map!


A new big game event comes to the Global Map in World of Tanks: Dawn of Industry. This time players will see something completely new: the ability to use the new Workshop to assemble a vehicle (the KV-4 Kreslavskiy, IS-5 (Object 730), Chieftain/T95, or T23E3) or experimental modules that will considerably improve your vehicle’s characteristics but only for the Global map. The best clan strategists and commanders will fight for prizes and rewards: bonds, days of WoT Premium account, female crew members, Directives, credits, new styles, the Graphite 3D style for Object 907, emblems, personal reserves, and, of course, a Tier X reward vehicle (the T95/FV4201 Chieftain, Object 907, VK 72.01, M60, 121B, or T95E6). Don’t miss the new game event! Prepare for industrialization!