Tiger 131: A Twist In The Tale

From the Tank Museum Bovington.

Tiger 131 is the most famous tank in the world and the story isn’t over… The Tank Museum has released a new documentary, presented by BBC War Correspondent Kate Adie, detailing how astonishing evidence came to light and changed the long accepted story of the world’s most famous tank. Enjoy.


WoT Patch 1.5 – T78 Tier 6 US Premium TD


T78 (🇺🇸US, Tier-6, premium) in final form. This was initially intended to replace the T25/2 but WG diverted it to a premium ( I wonder why ?). Pictures and stat screen.

Tank Chats #72 M3A1 Stuart

From the Tank Museum Bovington

David Fletcher talks through the next Stuart in the series and explains the differences between the variants. The Stuart is a Second World War American light tank and was supplied to Britain and other Commonwealth countries during WW2 under lend-lease.