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From WoT Portal the official bumf about the Italian tanks.

Late last year, we announced that two new European nations will be coming in 2018: Poland and Italy. The supertest of Progetto M35 mod 46 in January revealed that the new nation’s tech tree would be full of Mediterranean machines. As Progetto’s brethren roll out for a supertest, we want to give you a little heads-up about these new kids on the block.

The first post-1.0 update will unleash 11 Italian medium tanks reinforcing the game with the tenth Tech Tree. Tiers I–VII retrace the history of the nation’s tankbuilding, from Italy’s early tank designs at lower tiers through to post-WWII machines at mid-to-higher tiers. But the cherry on the cake are Tiers VIII–X with a new gun system, a hybrid between an autoloader and a regular gun. This Italian revolver of sorts, called “autoreloader,” can automatically reload a shell in the drum even when the drum is not empty yet.

Historical Spotlight

The new branch of mediums covers three periods of Italian tank design: the timid first steps, the catch-up and post-war, western-oriented.

  • The timid first steps: Out in front in terms of tank design at the time was the French. The Italian tanks drew inspiration from, or more blatantly copied, French designs but over time experimented with their own ideas. Distinguishing features were light armor and various gun calibers.
  • Catch-up Phase: Attempting to reach the standard set by the most developed tank-building nations, it was about more firepower and thicker armor. Originally started to produce heavies, it was actually mediums that made it off the production line.
  • Post-war, Western-oriented: Now it was all about mobility, excellent firepower, good angles of depression and insignificant armor. How times had changed…

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The Tank Museum Bovington

Tank Chats #48 Centaur Dozer

Given by historian David Fletcher: A Centaur tank converted into a dozer, part of the Tank Chat Funnies specials. The design had been worked out by 79th Armoured Division in Belgium in autumn 1944. In early 1945, the first conversions were issued to 87th Assault Dozer Squadron, 6th Assault Regiment Royal Engineers; a few saw action in Germany. Some were deployed during the Korean War and the intervention around the Suez Canal in 1956.

New Italian Tech Tree Part- I



In this part we will have the Tier I Fiat 300 the Tier II M14/41 and the Tier II L6/40 . we have Russian screenshot of the stats on which I have put an English overlay and in the wild pics. Some with textures and some of the model only. Those with textures also get model only pictures. But first the new tech tree. WORK IN PROGRESS.

Fiat 3000

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Update 1.0: Remastered Graphics: Part III


Graphics are vital to making the in-game world and locales as realistic as possible and a perfect of mix of elements can make you feel like you’re almost there in the midst of battle.

Join us as we continue the walk through visual enhancements. Today, we explain how the new graphics engine will change flora and objects and trust us, you won’t want to miss out on these visuals captured in-game!

Flora: Small Details, Big Changes

The flora of World of Tanks changes completely with Update 1.0. Trees become more detailed and look just like in the wild. There’s more than just a handful of tree types: over 100, to be more precise. Whether you’re exploring the tangled routes of sunny suburbia dotted with pine trees, making your way through snow-caped spruces or meticulously picking your next target whilst hiding among widespread oak canopies — different trees and plant types help diversify the locales and give each map a unique footprint.


Grass now loads in faster and shadows look more realistic giving maps like Karelia and Mines an extra dimension of realism. On top of that, all these trees and plants react to what’s happening in a battle, whether it be firing a shell or adjusting your hull. Worry not, this will not give away your position, these effects will only be seen by you. See for yourself in the video above.

The Future of Flora

This is an ongoing process so we are still working on certain elements. We will work on physics and animation: currently the trees do not fall as naturally as they would in real life. It is even possible that improvements will allow trees to influence gameplay, such as using a felled tree to hide your weak spot.

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WoT Update 1.0 release date


On the RU cluster update 1.0 will go live on the morning of Tuesday the 20th of March. It’s most likely to be one day later on EU and NA.

So if you have any unclaimed Christmas rewards ( girl crew or discounts) you must claim them before then.