WoT: Medium Tanks Rebalance: A New Iteration



From the Portal.

In Update 1.5.1, medium tanks from Japanese and German technical trees have undergone significant changes. With these tweaks, the Leopard 1 and the STB-1 got a whole new life. Let’s roll!

Leopard 1: A Mobile Sniper

Since its introduction in World of Tanks, we’ve been considering the Leopard 1 as a long-distance sniper, quickly adapting to changes in the combat situation and providing support to allies from a distance. But a good sniper needs a suitable weapon, so we focused on improving it. Through two iterations of closed testing, we improved the following characteristics of this tank:

  • Accuracy
  • Armor penetration
  • Shell velocity
  • Gun stabilization

By default, it will fire armor-piercing shells, which will remain standard, at a speed of 1480 m/s. During the tests, we concluded that we should keep AP shells as standard because they better suit the nature of the vehicle, designed as it is for long-range combat. As we stated previously, the APCR shells will be special, but their armor penetration will be further improved to 323 mm. Their speed will reach 1613 m/s, which puts them among the fastest shells in the game.

The vehicle’s gun dispersion during movement and suspension rotation will be 0.13, and this is ~ 24% lower than its current value. This tweak, complemented by a very short aiming time (1.7 seconds), will allow the Leopard 1 to prepare for the shot much faster.

In addition, the rotation speed of the suspension will be improved to 50 degrees/s, and the maximum reverse speed will increase to 23 km/h.

These changes make the Leopard 1 a very mobile and deadly sniper. Tier VIII-IX vehicles from this branch will be subject to similar changes. We’ll also increase shell velocity for the Leopard Prototyp A, its armor penetration and alpha-damage, while decreasing the gun dispersion during suspension movement and improving as well as the rotation speed of the suspension itself. We will also improve aiming time and increase DPM. There will also be a slight increase in engine power.

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WoT: Update 1.5.1 Review/Preview


The promo video to start with.

Downtime EU.

World of Tanks servers will be down on 12 June from 02:30 to 08:30 CEST (UTC +2).

Premium Account

Players with Premium will be credited an additional 24 hours of WoT Premium Account time to make up for the update maintenance period. If you’d like to make any in-game purchases, please wait until the servers are running again.

Release Notes

Main Changes:

1. Session Statistics

Added the Session Statistics functionality that give players the possibility to monitor their detailed battle statistics for the day.  It will be collected for all Random Battles, except for Grand Battles. Session statistics are automatically cleared once a day, and all your daily activities are reset. However, you can reset the current statistics yourself and start gathering it again. The data are saved on the server, so Session Statistics will be available in all players’ game clients.

Session Statistics will be available right in the Garage, to the left of the Notification Center button.  Using the new functionality players can:

  • Check the change in the Personal Rating (WTR) over a game day.
  • View general statistics on income/expenses based on the results of battles played
  • View their performance based on the results of battles played per session (or per day)
  • See how effective they are when playing on various vehicles for the current session
  • View the influence of the current gaming session on the value of the parameters for all time (your game dynamics)
  • Reset the current statistics and start gathering it again
  • Session Statistics gives players the direct access to the Hall of Fame to view more detailed daily statistics

Also, as part of the work on Session Statistics, we slightly reworked the Hall of Fame and added to it:

  • Parameter information for all time
  • Indicators of the impact of current daily statistics on the parameters for all time

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WoT: New Frontline Map enters Super Test!


A new map for the Frontline mode with a current designation of “wg_epic_suburbia” is about to enter closed testing. The rules are familiar: there are six zones (bases) to defend or capture, and there are five large guns (the main targets) for the attackers to destroy.

The new map’s setting is winter in the suburbs of a post-WWII Central European city. Here you can battle it out in open patches with complex terrain, small towns, ruins of old castles, a power station, a quarry, vast military bunkers, and among lots of other stuff.

  • The first line of defense is chiefly made up of city blocks with some open passages and approaches. Expect close-to-mid-range fighting here.
  • The second defensive line is less urban, featuring large terrain folds at the flanks that favor bold and swift moves to take the best tactical positions. The power station in the middle is a true redoubt, being one of the most densely built-up parts of the map.
  • The last line (the zone with primary targets) has a mixed landscape with varied terrain shapes. There are military bunkers here, so large you can enter them to outmaneuver your adversaries or to fight them inside.

The map is currently in the works, and its looks aren’t final—but rest assured it’s a truly novel map for the Frontline mode you came to like so much :)

It’s too early to speak of the release date for the map as the testing is just starting.


Zone A : the defenders have a strong defense line from workshops and construction sites, but the capture point is located on a hill in front of them, where you can hide from fire behind fortifications and a monument.

Zone D:  battles take place in a valley from the relief around a mining excavator. The point is directly under the excavator.

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WoT: Developer Diaries: Kharkov


The legendary Kharkov map returns to World of Tanks. But it’s not just an old map converted to HD. This is a completely new map with details from the good old Kharkov map. It’s bigger, brighter, with tons of new details, but the atmosphere of a city engulfed in war is still there. A lot of work went into it, and we want to talk about the results. Watch the video and leave your comments!

WoT: Ammo Revision: Sandbox Test Incoming!



Last December we announced our intention to decrease the damage done by special rounds by 25–30% while keeping their armor penetration values. As such revisions require rigorous testing, more time was needed to implement them. Now that we have completed this round of changes, we would like to invite you to test it in the Sandbox.

How to Join the Test

The test launches today on the Sandbox server, and everyone is eligible to participate and evaluate the modifications we propose: you just need to apply on this site. Once your application is approved, your WGC launcher will feature a new title: World of Tanks Sandbox. You will need to install it to access the Sandbox server.

Important: The test will run from June 04  to June 10.

Reasons for Adjustments

Here’s why we are making these revisions:

  1. Currently, a significant portion of players choose ammo type solely on its armor penetration. For them, this single parameter is what makes the difference between a basic and a special round. The other stats (like normalization, penetration of environmental objects, auto-bounce angle, and velocity) are often ignored.
  2. While deciding to use special rounds, these players consider their immediate tactical situation. When firing special shells, one gets a clear advantage which is not offset by anything on the battlefield itself. However, the cost of using special shells only becomes apparent when the fight is over and the player realizes they have spent more Credits than expected.

One of the main goals of the ammo rebalancing is to encourage the player to choose ammunition more responsibly and thoughtfully in battle, taking into account the possible consequences of this choice. We want the player’s decision to be influenced not only by armor penetration, but also by a slew of other factors.

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