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Micro patch


From the RU forums.

On the 16th of August there will be a micro patch which will introduce two new folders at /res_mods/ and /mods/ This will stop mods from working. If the patch introduces nothing fundamental you may get away with just copy pasting the contents of the folders to the new folders. If not just wait for your mod maker to upload the relevant mod version.

source, WoT Express.

Tank Museum Bovington


Second World War Tiger Veterans

On 6 April, The Tank Museum opened its new Tiger Collection Exhibition, bringing five members of the Tiger tank family together for the first time.

Opening the exhibition were four Second World War veterans, two German and two British. Before the opening, we sat down with Ken Tout, Ernest Slarks, Wilhelm Fischer and Waldemar Pliska, and asked them what they thought of the new collection.


Update 9.20: Common Test


This is basically Wargaming’s synopsis of what is going on in the test a decent one stop shop for most things. Most of this has been covered in greater detail in RSR like HD screen shots and Test notes , for other stuff just scroll back through history.

Update 9.20: Common Test

Update 9.20 is heading full speed towards Common Test today. If you’ve been waiting to battle it out in the new 30v30 mode, Chinese TDs or rebalanced vehicles, this is your chance to get a first hands-on chance with them. Once you have some time to play a few games, hop into the 9.20 forum thread to share your thoughts. It’ll help us fine-tune the update.

Ranked Battles

Ranked Battles just recently finished its Beta Season, raising mixed feelings across the global World of Tanks community. We’ve dug into all your feedback and would like to touch upon changes that we hope will improve your experience.

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