World of Tanks NA. Update 9.18

Announcement and Server Downtime.

As previously announced patch 9.18 is being rolled out on the NA servers over night.

Tuesday April 18th, 2017 for the release of Update 9.18

Maintenance will begin 1:00AM PDT (08:00 UTC) and will last approximately six (6) hours. During this time, the World of Tanks servers will be unavailable.


After the maintenance has completed, please run the World of Tanks Launcher (WOTLauncher.exe) to ensure that the game client updates properly.

If you selected the option for automatic updates in the World of Tanks Launcher ensure that the game has finished updating

Strongholds: Advances and Clan Wars Global Map will be unavailable Tuesday, April 18th due to the 9.18 release.


World of Tanks NA. Update 9.18

9.18: Common Test Third Iteration

Test server is back online. If you have “9.18_test2” just run it and it will update. If you need to install click this link. Download the test client installer (4,9 MB). (EDIT. Russian Tech Tree Captures added from DoM1N)

List of changes in the third general test 9.18

– The problem with the hovering of the sight when switching between the “trajectory view” and the “overhead view” of the camera of the sight of the automatic control system is solved.
– Resolved a problem with “departures” when switching to full screen mode on a monitor with a resolution of 4K.
– Fixed displaying a mini-map in the sight “trajectory view”.
– Fixed the position of guns for the tank Pz.Kpfw.I
– Resolved the problem with the camera hanging in the center of the map when switching to the enemy machine in observer mode.

Changes have been made to some of the branches of the Tech Tree. Continue reading “9.18: Common Test Third Iteration”

9.18: Common Test Third Iteration