The Chrysler K in the bigger picture


Author: SP15

In light of the sir Foch vs WG controversy I thought I would go ahead and offer some thoughts on why we have seen the game take the direction it has with the arguably OP premiums that sparked this controversy in the first place.

Pushing for premiums

As someone who was personally involved in the research and creation of the Swedish tech tree I was in contact with several people at wargaming for quite some time. Trough one of my contacts from that time I know that Wargaming have been pushing for larger numbers of “more competitive” premium tanks for quite some time now, dating back to the introduction of the Panther 88. Continue reading

Swedish Q&A #2 answers part 1


Answers by SP15

“Are there plans for medium tank line? If implemented, what would be their special feature?”

“Is it possible to make a unique tier X medium Swedish tank that stands out from it’s competition and doesn’t’t feel like just another Leopard 1 or STB-1 type tank? What kind of special characteristics would it feature if so?”

“Having one premium MT in game and another premium MT in testing, when would the MT line introduced in-game? Soon or not?”

At this point Wargaming has absolutely no plans for a Swedish medium branch as far as I know, however personally I see two options for how a Swedish medium line could look.

The first option would be to extend the current medium line with tanks that would continue the theme of moderate armor, good mobility and firepower introduced with the Leo at tier 7. Such a line has the advantage of complete historical accuracy and being able to connect to a potential light tank line. The tier 8 position would be occupied by a uparmored lansen version followed by the UDES 15 and UDES 15/16 MBT projects.


Lansen m/51, UDES 15 and UDES 15/16.

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A look at the potential swiss TD line


I intended to post this article on the weekend, but due to the overwhelmingly good feedback so far i want to post it earlier.

Next part will be the SPGs and will likely come tomorrow. Whether i will follow up on it with an article about a possible wheeled vehicles i can’t say yet, it is however very likely. Also part 1 of the swedish Q&A will be posted on saturday and since so many questions came up on my last 2 articles i think of doing a Swiss Q&A again. And there are many other articles  planned, so things won’t get boring considering i don’t get to lazy.

Disclaimer: I do not work for WG so i have no power in what they will add and what they do with the game, please don’t comment about such things.

Anyway, here is the TD line i have proposed to WG, enjoy.

Tier 3: 34M. Pz. K-41

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A quick look at the Swiss heavy tank line


Due to the extremely good feedback on yesterdays article on the swiss medium line, i’ll be doing an overview of the heavy tanks sooner than i planned.

I’ll start with the Standard Disclaimer that i do not work for WG and thus have no influence in what they do.

And another disclaimer, which i don’t know why it still need to be brought up:


Switzerland = Swiss, Sweden = Swedish

Anyway let’s talk tank. Continue reading

A look at the potential swiss medium tank line


Hello everyone,

a while back i have talked about the swiss light tank line from tier 1 to 10. Today i will be talking about the Medium Tanks.

And something i want to tell in advance. I am not working for WG, nor have i any power in deciding what they do, same goes for every RsR author and Historian doing Q&As on this blog. So if you have a problem with either WG or how WG develops their game, please vent your anger on the Forums instead of here, it’s much more useful over there as barely anyone from WG reads the comments here.

With that being said, let’s get on with the Medium Tanks.

Tier 5: Panzerkanone 2

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Wowp 2.0 another sneak peak


It’s not a lot but it certainly is something neat. Based on this video the HP seem to get restored during flight. Wether that is a skill, some equipment, or just a stock mechanic is known.

On another note: There are rumors that 2.0 will be released at the end of May.