Panzer 58 remodel (KW 30/57)


Hello everyone,

As some of you might remember in an Article on August 1st regarding the swiss national day themed modpack i have mentioned a Panzer 58 remodel to a more historically accurate configuration. Well it has been finished around 1-2 weeks after said article was released and i forgot about it.

Well thanks to some reminders in the RsR discord ( Invite link can be found in the side bar) i can finally present to you the finalized mod.

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World of Warplanes 2.0 open test


Greetings everyone,

World of Warplanes has just opened up a testserver for the patch 2.0 to the public.

How to install it: Open up the Wargaming Game Launcher, go to the Tab “All Game” and click on the button on the top right which says: “Install game by ID” then type in WOWP.CT.OPENTEST2017@ Continue reading