World of Warplanes Iron Maiden Spitfire Mk. Vb marathon


Greetings everyone, for the next week from August 6th to Augist 13, you’ll get the chance to Earn a tier 6 Premium Spitfire Mk. Vb in the Iron Maiden theme including Eddie as the Pilot.

All you have to do is finish 5 Missions in order to get your hands on it. they are all tier 4 and up.

First mission: Win a battle.

Second mission: Deal 5000 damage to enemy planes in any number of battles.

Third mission: Siege 5 Airfields in any number of battles.

Fourth mission: Earn 7500 exp in any number of battles.

Fifth mission: Destroy 10 fighters, 5 heavy fighters, 10 multi role fighters, 10 attack aircraft and 5 bombers in any number of battles.


WoWp- WG 20th anniversary event


Good morning everyone,

This event is for all Regions ( NA, EU and RU)

World of Warplanes is celebrating WGs 20th anniversary. You get the chance to earn a Free tier 4 Soviet Premium Fighter, the Polikarpov I-153 DM-4  starting today until the 6th of august.

All you have to do is complete 5 missions:

  1. Become one of the top 3 players on your team by Personal Points
  2. Play a battle
  3. Win a battle and be in the top 5 in Personal Points
  4. Earn 25k Personal Points in any number of battles
  5. Complete mission 1 through 4

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World of Warplanes partners with Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden


Greetings everyone,

As the title implies has WoWp partnered with Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden to bring many awesome things like a WoWp themed music video for Iron Maidens Aces High as well as a weekly video series Running from June to August and can be compared to the Tank Talks from David Fletcher.

In Addition World of Warplanes will have subtle Iron Maiden imagery in their Hangars so keep your eyes open.

And according to the official Post on the Wowp website, there will be more to come.

World of Warplanes 2.0.5 to come soon (Text heavy)


Greetings everyone,

The Patchnotes for the next Wowp patch 2.0.5 have been released.

As for when the Patch will hit the live servers:

June 13th for the RU server and June 14th for NA, nothing known for EU, but based on past patches it could be either the 13th or 14th.

As for the Patch itself, it will implement the Progression 2.0 patch which will greatly allow you to customize the playstyle of your plane to your liking.

To make it short, the most important changes in this patch:

  • New equipment and consumables
  • Hangar UI changes
  • Ability to upgrade your elite planes to specialist planes
  • Battle replays reenabled
  • Bot behaviour changed
  • Test Flights

Devblog for Consumables and their effects

Devblog for Equipment and their effects

New Materials

From the NA website 

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The goods and bads about World of Tanks


Good evening everyone, MarkGFL ( formerly known as Aging Jedi) has posted a video talking about his love/hate relationship with World of Tanks adressing 5 things he hates and 5 things he loves about World of Tanks. He’s mentioning some valid points and i think that most of you can agree to him as well.

World of Warplanes: XF-85 Goblin


World of Warplanes has just released the XF-85 Goblin and is currently selling it as the apparently the first and only premium plane you could by in Wowp, which is a first for any WG title. This is a rather unexpected move made by Wargaming and i’m not sure what i should think of it. But you be the Judges of WG selling a tier 9 vehicle for money in their game.

More details on the plane can be found here

Quick description of the Plane: The XF-85 Goblin is a parasite fighter and was meant to be launched and retrieved in mid flight by B-29 bombers in order to protect them. The project was cancelled and the Goblin never entered mass production as the docking maneuver was simply to dangerous.

World of Warplanes March Dev QnA part 2


Here is part 2 of the March Dev QnA, klick here for part 1

Q: Will there be a mode without respawn?

A: Definitely not for the current game modes. Maybe in the future, but only as a special additional hardcore mode.


Q: Will the training room be modified to allow more rules (game mode, number of NPC bots, etc.)

A: There will be an option to select game modes in the training room once several game modes become available simultaneously in the main game. The number of bots on the team can already be adjusted in the training room settings.

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