Swedish tanks Revisited: Sav m/43 & variants


Author: SP15

Welcome back everyone! Today we are going to take a look back at the Swedish assault guns. But before we do that id like to announce that I will be doing a couple of articles on WG’s recently announced Swedish medium branch, and the new Swedish premium tanks. I will also be holding a general Q&A over at my Blog: From the Swedish Archives:


Sav m/43

The Sav m/43 was a WW 2 era assault gun that served with the Swedish armed forces between 1945 and 1973. In total of 36 were built during 1944-47 by Scania-Vabis. These vehicles were initially equipped with short 75 mm guns but all vehicles were retrofitted with 105 mm guns in 1946. They would serve with both the infantry and artillery where they were organized in independent assault gun divisions or platoons. The Sav m/43 would be superseded by the Ikv 102 & 103 infantry support guns which featured a similar main gun on a much lighter and more mobile chassis.

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World of Warplanes – Operation Holiday Maneuvers


December is here, so it’s time to decorate a tree, turn on the fairy lights, and, of course, accept some gifts. Immerse yourself in the holiday bustle with the new Operation Holiday Maneuvers event!

Join the jolly winter marathon and collect candy to be rewarded with aircraft from the new branch of multirole fighters, a unique pilot, days of Premium Account, gold, and much more.

Complete daily missions and get the most out of each battle to collect a whole load of candy. Advancing along the marathon route depends directly on the amount of candy you have. Every candy piece you earn moves you closer to the coveted reward!

You can get candy by participating in battles, completing daily missions, or finding them in the holiday Supply crate: Continue reading

World of Warplanes Update 2.0.9


Original Article on the Wowp main page

Update 2.0.9 introduces new aircraft to World of Warplanes, balance and game mode changes, new opportunities to speed up the path to the best vehicles in the game, and, of course, the Christmas Event.

Fans of intense aerial combat might enjoy the new British multirole Hawker line as the key features of these aircraft are their high speed and powerful weapons. New boosters, in turn, allow players to get increased rewards for their efforts — earn even more credits and experience to make the most of every battle! Attack aircraft pilots might like the new opportunity to manually reload outboard weapons. This feature will guarantee that you will be fully armed when flying to any target. In addition, with this update release, all players get the chance to receive two unique Premium aircraft by completing special chains of missions available in the Supply Service.

Operation Holiday Maneuvers

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Swedish tanks: Strv m/38 – m/40k


Author: SP15

The strv m/38, m/39, m/40L & m/40k were Swedish light tanks that served with the Swedish army troughout and beyond ww2. At one point they were some of the most advanced tanks in the world but after the war they would be religated to the role of reconnaissance vehicles.



In the mid 1930s as tensions were starting to rise in mainland Europe the Swedish army began looking at the acquisition of new tanks for its first tank battalion. The Swedish army had since 1922 operated an experimental tank battalion at Göta livgarde which had allowed them to gain experience with operating tanks. The tanks used by the Göta livgarde tank battalion were however severely outdated and due to a lack of spare parts half of the vehicles ended up being cannibalized.

Several attempts were made to find a replacement in the late 20’s – early 30’s but despite testing numerous potential designs and even funding the development of a domestic tank design (the strv m/31) mediocre trial results and a lack of funds forced the army to delay the purchase. I wont go into detail about those attempts here but If you want to know more about them I have an article on the Strv m/31’s development. Continue reading

World of Warplanes patch 2.0.8 patchnotes + video



Greetings everyone, Patch 2.0.8 will be released tomorrow and have published the patch notes as well as a video showcasing the ne US bombers and Japanese heavy fighters:

Update 2.0.8 introduces two brand new tech tree branches to World of Warplanes—the huge and destructive American Flying Fortresses and the extremely dangerous Japanese heavy fighters to counter them. Feel the deafening roar of powerful engines and the rumble of heavy weapons with this update.

In addition, with the release of the update, new ratings start. All active players now have the opportunity to take part in the ratings while fighting in battles to receive valuable prizes based on the rating results.

Early access to new aircraft

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Big World of Warplanes 5th anniversary giveaway


*UPDATE* The giveaway has ended as mentioned in another post and the winners have been contacted per E-mail. Due to various requests, my future giveaways will have a proper list with the winners.


Greetings everyone,

Since World of Warplanes 5th anniversary ( November 12th) is soon upon us me and WoWp EU CM eekeeboo have decided to host a Big Giveaway on RsR.

Just click on the links below to go to the giveaways.

Spitfire VB IM


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Also I’ll be using this chance to let people know that we have a RsR Discord Server

For those that have an interest in Playing WoWp, join the official WoWp Discord Server