Wowp – Test the new conquest mode!



We’re launching the limited public test of the new World of Warplanes version.

One of the main features of this big update will be the new «Conquest» game mode. The essence of the new game mode is to capture and hold key points on the battlefield.

«Conquest» Game Mode

Airfields and Military bases, Command Centres and Industrial objects — all these targets will be protected by fighters and anti-aircraft artillery. The capture of each particular target will not only give you Influence Points, but also tangible bonuses in battle and having them can decide the outcome of the battle.


We’re presenting a new class of planes — bombers, with good flight performance at high-altitude, powerful engines and a devastating load. You will be able to control one of these heavyweight planes or become a member of the interception group and meet them before they drop their bombs. Those who always dreamed of becoming a rear gunner will get this opportunity too. Yes, we’re introducing the option of manual rear gunner control.

Respawn Mechanics

Of course, the testers of the new version will be able to try out the new mechanics of in-battle respawn, check reworked maps, new graphics, and effects.

The skies are calling!

Want to try the World of Warplanes 2.0 before release? You have only a little left to do: apply for the limited public test and join the testing team! The new look of the game depends on you. Take part in the battles, pay attention to the errors, share impressions and express your wishes.

Apply now!

Link to the EU portal

Link to the NA portal

I myself as a wowp player really hope that these plans will make Wowp a more popular game. It would be fair if as many people as possible can test it and give a lot of feedback any maybe we can get them to make even more changes in the future.

Wowp – Test the new conquest mode!

Armored Warfare: What went wrong

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Author: Gatortribe


As a select few of you may already know, I’ve been a design consultant for Obsidian Entertainment/ since the beginning of Early Access (was around for the alpha tests too). Needless to say, I’ve been invested in this game more than just monetarily. I met a lot of wonderful people along the way– my clan mates (KEVIN started out as a group of us design consultants, with Obeyrist, Kilo, and Illusionalsgcty – my officers – helping just as much if not more), those I met later on (XDMR, Urallfish, other EU friends), and of course the Obsidian/ guys (Thank you Rich, Josh, and Michael for all you did- your passion for the game was just incredible, and I truly believe that we could have had an amazingly successful game without MailRU being in the way). I hope to keep my ties with most of them, and for those who are without a job, I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. Continue reading “Armored Warfare: What went wrong”

Armored Warfare: What went wrong

Swedish tanks part 30: Strv M/46 & TLP-47

Author: SP15



Perhaps one of the least well understood periods in Swedish tank design took place in the years of 1946 and 1947. During this time the Swedish army was still unsure of what role the tank would play after ww2, but they knew a new tank would be needed for the post war period. Based on work that had started during the war, preparations would be made for a future medium tank and tank destroyer but these projects would ultimately be discontinued only a few months after the start of their development.

Early ideas
As early as 1943 the Swedish army had started working on preparations for their next medium tank. Reports from Finland about captured T34´s had shown that even the most modern Swedish tanks were lacking in regards to firepower and armor protection, largely tanks to a 20 ton weight limit that had been in place during their development. A weight limit of 30 tons was chosen for the new tank despite mobility concerns to avoid this problem from happening again. Due to the need to get the 30 ton ready as soon as possible work had started on the basis of a reinforced and enlarged Strv m/42 chassis, the tank would also make use of the “Delat torn” turret in development for the Strv m/42. These early ideas/drafts for a 30 ton tank had been named “Pricken” by Landsverk who was handling the development of the vehicle.

“Pricken” as of 1944
edpkk8e Continue reading “Swedish tanks part 30: Strv M/46 & TLP-47”

Swedish tanks part 30: Strv M/46 & TLP-47

Why you should give WOWP a second chance

So i’ve been playing World of Warplanes a lot in the past 3 years, nowhere near as much as WoT, but still long enough to get a Tier 10 and multiple tier 7-8 planes.

And while most people would write me off and tell me to play War Thunder, don’t worry, I play and enjoy WT, not as much as I do WoWp but that’s just me. Literally, I’m one of the few players playing WoWp, which still manages to break 1k players online at once easily for a couple of hours per day.

Anyway, the reason I’m writing this, and the reason I’m writing this here out of all places is: I want people to try the game again, to give it a second chance. For that I need a large audience.

First of all, it had many changes since it has been released and considering no one is playing it, they did a reasonable job at adding content and fixing the game (to an extent).

By convincing enough people to give it a second chance I hope to boost the development and the quality of it as more people can say what they want.

I have gotten a WT player with over 5000 playing hours to play WoWp and, even if we had to figure out a couple of things, like the ideal settings (which I will come back to later in this article) for the controls, he actually enjoyed it to an extent, mainly because he just prefers realistic games, but for someone who enjoys arcade games or even WT arcade, it will certainly be worth it.

Some of the main selling points of the game are by far some of the unique aircraft, which, to be fair, for some people are a no go, but that’s why War Thunder exists, and that’s a good thing.

But generally, WoWp can add aircraft which Gaijin would never add to WT.

Aircraft like that are for example: the Swedish Saab 51, various Swiss heavy fighters, the Danish OV-J-1. Continue reading “Why you should give WOWP a second chance”

Why you should give WOWP a second chance

Let’s discuss

Good day everyone, me and my friend Ragnarov2, came up with some ideas on how WG could fix some of the problems WoT has, while WG does have their own ideas, we still wanted to share our ideas with the goal to start a discussion in the comments below.
Also keep in mind that WG is likely to never see this and that these are merely our ideas of how things could be done, these ideas will likely never come into the game. So don’t go hating on us because we wrote something that you might not agree with, if you don’t agree with us let us know politely and maybe we could start a nice conversation.

(Warning! This Article is Text only)

How to Fix Arty

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Let’s discuss