World of Warplanes: XF-85 Goblin

World of Warplanes has just released the XF-85 Goblin and is currently selling it as the apparently the first and only premium plane you could by in Wowp, which is a first for any WG title. This is a rather unexpected move made by Wargaming and i’m not sure what i should think of it. But you be the Judges of WG selling a tier 9 vehicle for money in their game.

More details on the plane can be found here

Quick description of the Plane: The XF-85 Goblin is a parasite fighter and was meant to be launched and retrieved in mid flight by B-29 bombers in order to protect them. The project was cancelled and the Goblin never entered mass production as the docking maneuver was simply to dangerous.

World of Warplanes March Dev QnA part 2


Here is part 2 of the March Dev QnA, klick here for part 1

Q: Will there be a mode without respawn?

A: Definitely not for the current game modes. Maybe in the future, but only as a special additional hardcore mode.


Q: Will the training room be modified to allow more rules (game mode, number of NPC bots, etc.)

A: There will be an option to select game modes in the training room once several game modes become available simultaneously in the main game. The number of bots on the team can already be adjusted in the training room settings.

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World of Warplanes Dev QnA March 2018 part 1


Hello everyone, the Wowp devs have posted this QnA on the official Wowp devblog.

These questions were taken from the Wowp Reddit discord server which is full of nice people to chat with. If you want to joint that server, here’s the link to join it.

However, future questions will be taken from the Discord server of Larsia ‘Priolia’ Vishnya, who is part of the Wowp dev team. I recommend visiting it if you like to ask Wowp related questions to the devteam directly or just talk with other Wowp players.

Q: Any chance of adding the YB-35 or it’s jet engine version as a high-tier US bomber?

A: Yes, this is a possibility.

Q: Are there any plans for buffs to machine guns (especially the later ones in the US fighter line)? It doesn’t make sense that you have guns from 7 mm to 13 mm that can fire for 20-30 seconds and then you go up 8 mm and suddenly you can only fire for like 5 seconds. Continue reading

Swiss Tech Tree QnA #3


Thanks to everyone for asking so many Questions. I am glad that so many people still seem interested in this tree. But before that i’ll use this opportunity to announce that Milkym4n has released a new Remodel for the VK 30.01 P to look like the Laupen 16t medium tank based on the G-13. More detailed info on them can be found in my Laupen article i wrote for Tanks Encyclopedia

Here are the answers to your questions.


-With the introduction of novel mechanics like the Swedish pneumatic suspension and the Italian auto-reloader system, is there any novel game mechanic that the Swiss could introduce? Are their any tanks in the Swiss tree that can be added or modified to take advantage of the above mentioned mechanics?

From my point of view, Switzerland would be a pretty normal nation without any new mechanics. Not saying that it wouldn’t make use of already existing mechanics like autoloader/ autoreloader and siege mode. Take the tier 5 G-13 in my proposal, while in real life it used the 7.5 cm Pak. 48, my proposal actually shows a 7.5 cm Pak. 51 as its top gun, it was an actual suggestion by the swiss military to equip the G-13 tank destroyer in swiss service with the guns used on the AMX 13 light tanks. So the ingame G-13 should be able to take advantage of either the autoloader or autoreloader mechanic. While other tanks like the Panzer 74 could make use of either autoloader or autoreloader as well as the siege mode.

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Swiss Tanks QnA #3 Ask away


Good evening everyone, many things have happened over the last year, New Tanks got added, Italy is in the works and poland has already been announced as well. IT’s almost been a year since the last QnA on swiss vehicles and i thought that it could be time for a new one.

Here is the link to the latest version of my proposal which i am trying my best that WG will actually make a tree as close to my proposal as possible.

To get things out of the way, keep in mind that i am just acting as a historical consultant for WG, so i can not answer to questions that aren’t swiss TT related, in addition WG does not read this chat, so any ‘remove arty’ or ‘Fix the game first’ comments will ever be read nor answered.

That being said, ask away.

World of Tanks 1.0 Graphic Settings


Good afternoon everyone, World of Tanks EU has released a video yesterday explaining what the graphics settings do to the appearance and what they do on your components, if you have any issues with the performance this guide by WG should help you out.