Let’s discuss

Good day everyone, me and my friend Ragnarov2, came up with some ideas on how WG could fix some of the problems WoT has, while WG does have their own ideas, we still wanted to share our ideas with the goal to start a discussion in the comments below.
Also keep in mind that WG is likely to never see this and that these are merely our ideas of how things could be done, these ideas will likely never come into the game. So don’t go hating on us because we wrote something that you might not agree with, if you don’t agree with us let us know politely and maybe we could start a nice conversation.

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How to Fix Arty

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Let’s discuss

The Straussler MBT – Hungarian tier 10 candidate

Author: Karika

Hello everyone!

I’m Károly Németh, a.k.a. Karika, a Hungarian military historian and in this article I would like to share something interesting with you, WoT community members. Today, we will take a look at the Straussler Main Battle Tank, a never before published armored fighting vehicle concept from the Cold War.

Recently I did an in-depth study of its designer, Nicholas Straussler, a Hungarian born British inventor, automotive and military vehicle designer. During this research I have found this rather interesting concept of a tank lying forgotten in the archives of the Bovington Tank Museum.

TL;DR: Here’s tank concept with outstanding mobility, an autoloading 120mm gun and probably paper armor which could be a tier 10 Hungarian TD in World of Tanks.


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The Straussler MBT – Hungarian tier 10 candidate

Advent Calendar Day 24

The Last offer in the Advent calendar is as predicted the Krupp Steyr Waffenträger


There are 3 options to buy them for EU and SEA: Big Bundle, Standart Bundle or just the vehicle itself.

The Standart Bundle contains:

  • Krupp-Steyr WT
  • Garage Slot
  • 8350 Gold
  • 15x Missions – x5 EXP for a Victory
  • 30x Personal Reserves for 100% Crew EXP for 2 Hours

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Advent Calendar Day 24