Black Market Su-76I fiasco

Today a fuckup of big proportions has happened to WG.

The special Black Market offer for this afternoon was the infamous Su-76I, a Soviet Tier 3 premium TD for 15k Gold.

Or so we thought. Turns out something went wrong behind the scenes and the Su-76I got mixed up with the Su-76G FT, so many people who wanted to buy a nice Tier 3 premium TD got a Chinese Tier 4 tech tree TD instead. Other players report getting a 14.7k gold refund with WG keeping 300 gold for the Garage slot that came with it. Others say that they couldn’t even buy the offer because they already had the Su-76G FT, while others also claim they had neither vehicle. I can’t confirm if any of the other issues were true or not, however the situation is silly enough as it is.



By the time of writing this article, WG has already apologized on the forums and on the main website and is proposing the extremely generous offer for the players to get 2 tanks for the price of one; Keep the Tier 4 chinese TD for free and get the Su-76I ontop.


So far the Issue hasn’t been fixed yet.

Black Market Su-76I fiasco

World of Warplanes Patch 2.1.1

The festive winter 2.1.1 update introduces new vehicles, aircraft balance changes, a marathon for the new Soviet multirole fighter, and, of course, New Year specials with a whole lot of surprises and gifts.

New Special Reward Aircraft:

  • The Supermarine Spitfire Vb U.K. fighter. The aircraft is equipped with powerful machine guns and autocannons, and can boast decent maneuverability, boost, and speed;
  • Beaufighter V — a British Tier V heavy fighter. Equipped with two 20-mm guns and a turret. In general, it is a light version of the regular heavy fighter;
  • I-21 — a Soviet Tier V lightweight fighter. The aircraft’s performance is optimized for Tier V — reduced maximum dive speed, cruise speed slightly decreased, the guns’ characteristics in the “Specialist” configuration are similar to those in Stock configuration. The aircraft has a unique feature — five slots for equipment and five slots for consumables.


Winter Marathon for the Yak-7 M-82

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World of Warplanes Patch 2.1.1

Let’s Talk Swiss again & QnA collection

Greetings everyone, It has been a while since i last talked about the Swiss tech tree and while it may seem that not a lot has happened since then, there has actually been quite some things happening behind the scenes.

-Scroll to the end for the QnA part

Now i really need this tree to get as much attention as possible, so please share it everywhere you can, be it the many european forums, the NA Forum, Asia Forum, Russian Forum or social media.  I am not allowed to say anything but maybe WG is very well aware of the tree and is just shelving it for a later date, and maybe when it gets enough attention we’d get a new nation instead of yet another Russian tier 8 premium tank, who knows 😉

For Starters, let’s talk about the Changes to the tree since last time. First one are changes to the Wheeled top tier vehicles, tier 9 and 10 mainly, Tier 9 will stay the Piranha I but instead of a 90mm armed turet it gets the FL-10 turret with a 75mm autoloading gun. Tier 10 will be the Piranha ARES which is a Piranha APC with a HV 75mm ARES autocannon. My idea about these top tier tanks is that they would bring something new to tier 9 and 10, until now tier 10 tanks usually carry at least 100mm or larger guns, tier 9 is generally 88 or 90mm or above, at least for a viable build, there are tanks with 75mms at tier 9 but those are worthless guns for the most part. However these vehicles would have 75mm guns with similar penetration to other tanks of the same role and tier. Look at them as the high tier variants of the AMX 13 57

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Let’s Talk Swiss again & QnA collection

World of Warplanes Patch 2.1 – The Europeans are coming

The new Patch will go live on July 11 on 08:00 CEST to 12:00 CEST ( July 10 23:00 PT to 03:00 PT for NA)

Patch 2.1 will include planes from the Nations of Sweden, Israel, Poland and Czechoslovakia.

You will be able to Purchase the following planes in the in-game shop:

  • Avia Bk-534, a Czechoslovakian ( European) Tier 3 Fighter
  • PZL P-38 Wilk, а Polish (European) Tier III heavy fighter
  • Avia S-199, an Israeli (European) Tier VI multirole fighter
  • SAAB J 21RB, a Swedish (European) Tier VIII multirole fighter

New Special Reward Aircraft:

  • Avia B-534, а Czechoslovakian (European) Tier III fighter
  • Yak-7 M-82 A, a Soviet Tier V multirole fighter
  • P-82B Twin Mustang, an American Tier VIII heavy fighter

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World of Warplanes Patch 2.1 – The Europeans are coming

World of Warplanes patch 2.0.13

Greetings everyone, World of Warplanes patch 2.0.13 has just released and here are the patchnotes:

  • Daily Log in has been added

Every monday a new daily bonus “session” will start giving you 5k credits on log in and another reward after completing a battle and getting 3k personal points. After the seventh day of completing all daily bonuses, players will get a crate which have the chance to drop Premium Aircraft, Gold, Free Exp, Universal premium time, equipment, consumables, ammunition, consumables and materials ( WoT players might be interested in this as gold and free exp can be used in WoT and playing a wowp match every day seems easy considering you could get free gold out of it)

New Aircraft and Aircraft changes

  • USSR and German Tier 7-10 Bombers available for research
  • Horten Ho 229 has been added
  • Various damage models got changed ( F-84B, F-84F, FW 252, Ta 183, Me P.1092, Me P.1101)

Secret Trials: Horten Ho 229

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World of Warplanes patch 2.0.13

Boost Status Report

Greetings everyone,

Many of you know that RsR has its own Discord server ( click here to join if you haven’t already)

Discord has recently added the Ability to boost your servers. Boosting servers will grant us different rewards: be it more emoji slots, higher quality voice chats, custom server banner and bigger upload limit for the community to share bigger files and images.

If you want to assist RsR in making the experience better for the whole community, join now and boost the server. ( Discord Nitro is needed to boost, but just joining is fine too)


Gretings from the entire RsR crew and the currently 1800 discord members.

Boost Status Report