World of Warplanes Patch 2.1 – The Europeans are coming


The new Patch will go live on July 11 on 08:00 CEST to 12:00 CEST ( July 10 23:00 PT to 03:00 PT for NA)

Patch 2.1 will include planes from the Nations of Sweden, Israel, Poland and Czechoslovakia.

You will be able to Purchase the following planes in the in-game shop:

  • Avia Bk-534, a Czechoslovakian ( European) Tier 3 Fighter
  • PZL P-38 Wilk, а Polish (European) Tier III heavy fighter
  • Avia S-199, an Israeli (European) Tier VI multirole fighter
  • SAAB J 21RB, a Swedish (European) Tier VIII multirole fighter

New Special Reward Aircraft:

  • Avia B-534, а Czechoslovakian (European) Tier III fighter
  • Yak-7 M-82 A, a Soviet Tier V multirole fighter
  • P-82B Twin Mustang, an American Tier VIII heavy fighter

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World of Warplanes patch 2.0.13


Greetings everyone, World of Warplanes patch 2.0.13 has just released and here are the patchnotes:

  • Daily Log in has been added

Every monday a new daily bonus “session” will start giving you 5k credits on log in and another reward after completing a battle and getting 3k personal points. After the seventh day of completing all daily bonuses, players will get a crate which have the chance to drop Premium Aircraft, Gold, Free Exp, Universal premium time, equipment, consumables, ammunition, consumables and materials ( WoT players might be interested in this as gold and free exp can be used in WoT and playing a wowp match every day seems easy considering you could get free gold out of it)

New Aircraft and Aircraft changes

  • USSR and German Tier 7-10 Bombers available for research
  • Horten Ho 229 has been added
  • Various damage models got changed ( F-84B, F-84F, FW 252, Ta 183, Me P.1092, Me P.1101)

Secret Trials: Horten Ho 229

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Boost Status Report

Greetings everyone,

Many of you know that RsR has its own Discord server ( click here to join if you haven’t already)

Discord has recently added the Ability to boost your servers. Boosting servers will grant us different rewards: be it more emoji slots, higher quality voice chats, custom server banner and bigger upload limit for the community to share bigger files and images.

If you want to assist RsR in making the experience better for the whole community, join now and boost the server. ( Discord Nitro is needed to boost, but just joining is fine too)


Gretings from the entire RsR crew and the currently 1800 discord members.

World of Warplanes Patch 2.0.12


Greetings everyone, World of warplanes will release a new patch tomorrow which mainly adds new Soviet Bombers as well as many other things. Here’s a summary of the new changes:

Added new Soviet Bombers:

  • Tupolev Tu-2, soviet tier 7 Bomber
  • Tupolev Tu-10, soviet tier 8 Bomber
  • Tupolev Tu-12, soviet tier 9 Bomber
  • Sukhoy Su-10, soviet tier 10 Bomber

This month, you can unlock the new soviet tier 7 to 9 Bombers through Special Orders during the Red Comet event.

After the event, players will be able to Research and buy the Junkers EF-131 and Sukhoy Su-10. People who have played during the event will be able to get a large discount on them in exp and credits.a86c3b15e0d8aa473e18806df9c39936.jpg

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World of Warplanes Development Plans for 2019


Greetings everyone, Wargaming has released a Development plans post on the official World of Warplanes websites. To make things short and tidy, here is a summary of the upcoming content:

  • US Bomber branch will be completed by the end of 2019 which inclused the B-29 Superfortress ( likely tier 8). Tier 9 and 10 won’t be disclosed yet, but they’re planned to be unconventional planes that however did take to the skies.
  • The small nation arsenal will be expanded and will add planes like the Polish PZL.38 Wilk, the czechoslovakian Avia B-534 and S-199 as well as the Swedish Saab J-21R. These small nation planes will be joined into one nation in the game.
  • Summer event to earn the Horten Ho-229 will come.
  •  Referral program will launch later this year, the main Prize for recruiters will be the P-82B Twin Mustang.
  • Log-in  rewards planned for mid year.
  • PvP gamemode planned, planned to have no bots and no ground targets, so a Dogfight only gamemode.
  • Mercenary Pilots will be added, they could change their nation or could possess unique abilities. More info will come later.
  • Specialist 2 will be added, it allows the pilots to get alternative loadouts for tech tree planes ( Like the Me 262 A-1/U4 or BF 109 with underwing gunpods)
  • Another Iron Maiden collab is in the works, they’re trying to get Bruce Dickinson to do another set of videos where he’d talk about Soviet planes. In addition we’ll get the ability to earn the Bristol Beaufighter Mk. V IM with eddie as the gunner, in addition to all of that there will likely be a Music Video of IMs song “Tailgunner”

Pagan Online to enter Early Access


Greetings everyone,

Wargamings new title Pagan Online has just been released into early access available on Steam and in the WG-Store.

Being part of the Trials players ( Testers)  for PO myself i already had the chance to play this game before and i personally really likes the gameplay which is only PvE with co-op coming at a later point. Each Hero you can play has its own playstyle and adds a lot to the replayability, even if you have to play the same Story over again with each new hero you unlock. It will also have no microtransactions, so all you pay for will be the initial purchase of 26,99 Euros and nothing else. Ingame you can get various customisation options like Skins, Emotes and Pets just by playing the game.

All in all i can recommend PO but please do not take my word for granted, watch other reviews of it and only then make your decision whether you want it or not.


Lansen C: Not so swedish


Since the Lansen C was just released in World of Tanks, I’ve decided to write this article to show you the truth about the Swedish Lansen C.

SP15 and I already had a laugh at it when it was first announced as it’s a frankenstein of a tank.

While I don’t know much about the Lansen from the perspective of Sweden, i know a lot about the Swiss changes to the Lansen which basically made it a completely new tank that looked like the original Lansen.

First of all: The Lansen itself was initially a 75 mm Armed light tank with a maximal armor thickness of 50mm on the Turret and 38mm on the hull. In addition, the 105mm gun the Lansen C gets is wrong, Lansen C never even was considered with a gun of that caliber. Other Lansen designs possibly had it, though since I don’t know the story from the Swedish side, i can’t confirm nor deny that. The Lansen C also never was planned with the Volvo engine that WG ended up giving it.

Secondly Lansen C was a swiss made design in collaboration with sweden and less sweden designing it for the swiss.

As Wargaming had mentioned was the Lansen had multiple gun options such as a 84mm ( 20pdr) gun with the length being L/65, which would have resulted in the maximal possible recoil the Lansen could have handled, They also suggested a L/75 84mm gun, but that would have been to much for the tank to be able to withstand. another plan was it to mount a 90mm L/60 gun which would have barely been able to fit in the turret, but the Muzzle velocity would have to be reduced to 800-850 m/s and a projectile weight of merely 11 kg in order for the tank to withstand the recoil. Continue reading

Swiss Wheeled vehicles branch proposal 2.0


Author: Mizutayio

Since the French wheeled vehicles have been in the game for about a month now, I’ve decided to take a look at the swiss wheeled light tank branch and while I already made a post on them a while ago, I have made many changes to said line and the whole tree for that matter.

For now I’ll be talking about my idea of a swiss wheeled vehicle branch, how it would look and what it could bring to the game.

First of all we could talk about the overall gameplay that we could expect from these vehicles. While they would all be 4×4 except for the tier 10 vehicle, which would be 6×6. So a switch system would not work. It would only be one speed and one mode of agility. So alternatively while looking at the vehicles I had chosen I’ve noticed an interesting feature the tier 8-10 candidates have: they could all swim. While there certainly are vehicles in the game that could swim on their own (without many preparations like the Strv 103 or the Sherman for example) the Swiss wheeled lights would be a great way to introduce such a mechanic. And while it would be very situational and could not be used on every map, it could certainly give them the ability to escape from places other vehicles can’t, like the bodies of water at the Abbey map, the ability to flank a lot easier on the southern end, or even get a short-cut through the water in the middle of Malinovka. They could even get a better passability through water, so they barely slow down  those maps with some water. But this is all just an idea and it’s unlikely we’ll see that at all, they could just end up being normal vehicles without any fancy gimmick. Continue reading