World of Warplanes Dev QnA part 2


Hello everyone, part 2 of 2 is here. I hope most of your questions have been answered for now.

If you haven’t seen part 1 yet, i highly recommend you check it out here 

Q: Are there any plans to fix the ramming mechanic? Since when can two WW2 airplanes collide and the “heavier” one is not totaled, i’m fairly certain both planes would be fubar. Im also fairly certain no sane pilot would ram other planes as a strategy to taking down an opponent. Continue reading

World of Warplanes Dev QnA part 1


Good afternoon everyone, it has been almost 2 weeks but part 1 is finally ready for you to read. Part 2 will come later this weekend.

Q: Any plans for landing and repairing as well as landing to capture points?

We would like to see an interesting implementation of landing and takeoff ourselves. But in our opinion it should not just be an additional step for a player to enter the battle or repair their aircraft, but also have an underlying mechanic and meaning. Until we have a real working prototype that we’re satisfied with we can’t say anything specific. Continue reading

Swedish tanks: Landsverk Lago


Author: SP15

Between 1928 and 1941 the Swedish based Landsverk company would develop, construct and deliver over 100 AFV’s to nations all over the world, one of which was the Lago (afv not nation). The Lago would ultimately serve as the basis for Sweden’s Strv m/42 and Pvkv m/43 but the original intention behind its design had been to construct a medium tank for the European market. Continue reading

World of Warplanes Dev QnA – post your questions


I have some great news for everyone playing Wowp or considering to play Wowp. WG has agreed to host an exclusive Dev QnA for this blog. All you have to do is post your questions and the devs will be answering them as soon as possible.

I want to set up some special Rules though:

  • Check the comments to see if your question is already asked.
  • Keep the questions on topic, these are World of Warplanes devs and no WoT or Wows devs.

Share this with your friends who also may be interested in Wowp and most importantly, have fun asking 🙂

WoT Fjords translation to HD#2


WoT Express has just released a video on the reworked Fjords map into HD.

*Note* The translation may be a bit wonky

The video will show following things:

– Gameplay changes on the map Fjords when translated into HD, as well as video demonstration of new graphics.

3:16 Fjords in HD, with graphics settings on ultra.

12:05 exclusively gameplay changes on the map ( The middle hill is now passable as well as the removal of some boosts. )

World of Warplanes community made equipment sheet


Good evening everyone,

The Reddit World of Warplanes community has decided to create a equipment guide sheet for WoWp courtesy of WafflesofWrath, Wallace Lord of Ouls aka PeteWallace and SimplePleasures. It is covering all planes with their recommended equipment and pilot skills to boost your planes performance to the max.

Link to the Guide sheet is here

It also includes an invitation link to the World of Warplanes Reddit discord channel. In which you will find many experienced pilots who are happy to give advice and recommendations as well as WoWp devs who chat from time to time.

Link to the R/Wowp discord channel

That’s it for now, have a great weekend


Swedish tanks Revisited: Strv m/31 & fm/31


Author: SP15

Welcome back everybody!

It been over three years ago since I started making articles on Swedish AFV’s, in that time a lot of new information has come to light which has made some of my earlier articles obsolete. In this series i will be taking a look back at some of those articles starting with Swedish tanks part II: the history of the Strv m/31 & fm/31.


During the 1920’s the Swedish military started looking into options for the replacement of the Strv fm/21. The fm/21 was originally a German ww1 tank design known as the Lk II, 10 of these tanks had been imported in 1921 under great secrecy as Germany was not allowed tanks under the Versailles treaty. Its been said that they had initially been acquired for the protection of the royal family in case of a revolution, but they soon became a way for the Swedish army to experiment with tactics for armored vehicles. By the time of the mid 1920’s however the Strv fm/21 was already showing its age and due to a lack of spare parts several vehicles had to be cannibalized to keep the others running. Continue reading

WoWp Devblog: how AA guns work


Original article can be found here

Many players have noted that Update 2.0 brought significant changes to the behavior of AA guns: they became more aggressive, dangerous and now pose a real threat to all aircraft classes. Additionally, we now have high altitude AA cannons that defend the objects from bomber and heavy fighter attacks. Let’s dive into the details on these new mechanics and compare them to the old system we had in World of Warplanes 1.x . Continue reading