[WOWP] Swiss tech tree part 1


Greetings everyone, since Wowp 2.0 is in the works and is, as of yet, very well received considering it’s past. Blockhaj and I have decided to show some of the Tech tree proposals we have worked on in the last couple of months.

Today we start with the first part of the swiss tree as this is one of the 2 nations where we have the most information gathered, the other one being the swedish tree, there are however many other trees we have prepared as well.

However for the Swiss tree we are starting with the 2 fighter lines which will end in 2 tier 9 and 10s per line.

The fighter line, or in this case, Multi role fighter lines will be divided by manufacturer: Dornierwerke Altenrhein ( Doflug), later Flug- und Fahrzeugwerke Altenrhein ( FFA) and

Eidgenössische Flugzeugwerke Emmen ( EFW)

Note that this is merely a proposal so planes are subject to change.


Tier 1: Wild X

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Wowp 2.0 Leakers opinion


Hello everyone, we have gotten a nice article concerning Wowp 2.0 sent to us via E-Mail.

The player who has been leaking WoWp 2.0 footage and other information has decided to share his experience with us today:

Greetings everyone,

As you maybe can guess: I have participated in the Wowp 2.0 testing and leaked one or the other thing. Normally i wouldn’t dream of leaking something but i wanted to make an exception for this game as my biggest fear is that the WoWp veterans could get WG to drop the whole patch as they don’t like the changes at all. They can’t see the main problem which is: If nobody wants these changes and the game would stay as it is now, nobody would pick it up and the player numbers would stay similar atm and on the worst case would start dropping since Studia Persha does not get enough money for development to put out a decently sized patch every 2 months. Continue reading

Out with the bonds, in with the Tokens


Hello everyone, while i originally planned to make an article about swiss premium vehicles, i decided to do something different.

As you may or may not know: I do play Wowp and i really enjoy it, but i’m not gonna focus on the enjoyability of the game, but rather a part of the game which could be easily implemented into WoT.

Also for anyone who doesn’t know what Bonds are: they are a new kind of currency in World of Tanks which at the moment can only be obtained by playing ranked battles. These bonds can be exchanged for improved equipment or directives which has the nasty problem that they will increase the gap between good players that really care about improving their tank as good as possible and bad players who simply don’t really care.


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Swedish Q&A #2 part 2


Good Saturday everyone, here is part 2 of SP15’s Swedish tank Q&A #2


“can you include a visual tech tree? Maybe your personal view and expanded WG tech tree.”

My thoughts on the current tree were largely covered by this article: Swedish tree supertest and beyond messed up models and made up stats

but in short I don’t agree with the choice of vehicles for the “TD” line (especially the Strv 103’s as they were historically medium tanks), and while I find the tanks chosen for the medium/heavy line to be fine their implementation was botched thanks to the way they were unnecessarily balanced with fake armor and modules.

I don’t think WG’s tree is unsalvageable however, it would be completely possible to remove all the fake aspects of the mediums, heavies and “TD’s” however this would require a complete rebalance for the top and mid tiers of both lines.

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Wowp – The Conquest Mode Test Returns!



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Wowp- patch 1.9.10 + Thor’s Hammer Faction event


Greetings everyone, just an article i wanted to post as quickly as possible.


Wowp patch 1.9.10 will be released tomorrow and will introduce 6 new tech tree planes:

  • BV-P210, German Tier VIII Multirole Fighter
  • BV-P212-03, German Tier IX Multirole Fighter
  • BV-P215-02, German Tier X Multirole Fighter
  • SU-9, Soviet Tier VIII Multirole Fighter
  • I-211, Soviet Tier IX Multirole Fighter
  • I-215, Soviet Tier X Multirole Fighter

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Swiss interactive tech tree


As i have hinted in my Q&A yesterday i’ll be showing off a project me and phdrvrba have worked on in the past 2 weeks, with all proposed vehicles with modules. I have to stress that this is WIP, so thingy may change especially when WG adds these vehicles and do some changes themselves. But all vehicles are historical and only a few modules had to be unhistorically added to a vehicle in order to make it attractive to play and competitive.

Visit the Website here

Let us know what you think and if you happen to see a mistake somehwere, let us know as well. We try to improve the proposal based on feedback so i can communicate the changes with WG and tell them what the players want.

Also don’t forget to share the website if you want to see this tree and maybe we can get WG to add it sooner as they planned.

And as a little bonus: here is a 3D model for the Tier 8 heavy tank and the Tier 10 light tank.