Wowp – Operation Dynamo


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Remember Dunkirk by taking part in special missions between now and August to claim two very special planes for your hangar!

It seems like WG stopped neglecting Wowp and are giving it a special hangar as well as some nice missions, in which you can earn 2 premium planes: The Messerschmitt BF 109 E-3 and the Supermarine Spitfire 1a with a special Pilot with two unique skills ( Unique as in: You can only get them with that pilot and there’s no other way on getting them on any other pilot in the game).

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WoT Kongzhong chinese TD trailer


Good evening everyone, WoTclue just released a trailer for the Chinese TDs for the chinese version of World of Tanks.

Please note that as of now, this has been confirmed for the Chinese server only, however these tanks have been spotted on other servers as well. So we do not know whether WG keep their word and keeps them CN only or if they plan to release them on other servers as well. I personally don’t really care anymore as historical accuracy seems to not be WG’s priority anymore with tanks like the FV 251b (120) or some of the german hightier tanks. ( I also have my personal issues with how they have implemented the Panzer 58 into WoT).

Anyway enough talk, here is the video.

[Wowp] Swiss tech tree part 3 ( premiums)


So here is part 3 of the Swiss Wowp tech tree.


Since we have covered all the main lines we will now list all of the premiums we have in the tree. Now these are just the projects we thought would be great premiums but there are a bunch more projects which could be premium but we have not included due to various reasons but there are more possible premiums if needed.


Tier 2 :Häfeli DH-5S MVa ( Fighter)

Designed by August Häfeli in 1929 as an armed reconnaissance and trainer aircraft.  With it’s 7.5mm synchronized machine gun and it’s rear gun it would be a nice tier 2 candidate.

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[Wowp] Swiss tech tree part 2


Since part 1 of the Tech tree showcase series went well. We decided to continue with part 2 of the Swiss World of Warplanes Tech tree including the heavy fighter line and the Ground Attacker line.

Heavy fighter line:

Tier 5: P-2110


The Heavy fighter line starts from the C-3601 and at tier 5 we have the P-2110 which is extremely reminiscent of the BF 110 heavy fighter.

It has 2 1250 hp engines  and has a calculated top speed of 544 km/h it mounted 4 7.5mm MGs and 2 20mm guns in the nose of the plane and has 1 twin 7.5mm MG in the rear of the cockpit. Continue reading

[WOWP] Swiss tech tree part 1


Greetings everyone, since Wowp 2.0 is in the works and is, as of yet, very well received considering it’s past. Blockhaj and I have decided to show some of the Tech tree proposals we have worked on in the last couple of months.

Today we start with the first part of the swiss tree as this is one of the 2 nations where we have the most information gathered, the other one being the swedish tree, there are however many other trees we have prepared as well.

However for the Swiss tree we are starting with the 2 fighter lines which will end in 2 tier 9 and 10s per line.

The fighter line, or in this case, Multi role fighter lines will be divided by manufacturer: Dornierwerke Altenrhein ( Doflug), later Flug- und Fahrzeugwerke Altenrhein ( FFA) and

Eidgenössische Flugzeugwerke Emmen ( EFW)

Note that this is merely a proposal so planes are subject to change.


Tier 1: Wild X

comte_wild-x Continue reading