Advent Calendar Day 24

The Last offer in the Advent calendar is as predicted the Krupp Steyr Waffenträger


There are 3 options to buy them for EU and SEA: Big Bundle, Standart Bundle or just the vehicle itself.

The Standart Bundle contains:

  • Krupp-Steyr WT
  • Garage Slot
  • 8350 Gold
  • 15x Missions – x5 EXP for a Victory
  • 30x Personal Reserves for 100% Crew EXP for 2 Hours

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Advent Calendar Day 24

A look at the Potential Swiss Light Tank Line

Since the new Tier 10 Light tanks  for Germany, France, USA, USSR and China have been leaked i think it’s as good as a time to start talking about the Potential Swiss Light Tank Line.

Also don’t forget this is my proposal, so WG might screw around with it so don’t expect too much. ( And yes, the Tree has been confirmed to me by WG but work on it will Start in 2018 at the earliest since WG plans to fix the game in 2017)


Let’s start with Tier 1

Saurer RK-9


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A look at the Potential Swiss Light Tank Line