Down the Memory Lane: Type 59/Patton Hybrid’s story



Hope everyone is having a nice weekend.

After the past Q&A gathering and by the way, your questions have been submitted, thank you for sending them in, I do –in a sadistic way– enjoy reading what are the topics the community is mostly focused on, that not only allows us to orient ourselves at RSR but it also bring article ideas. As far Q&As go, I rather be a channel and letting you have a voice than asking my own questions, after all, I most likely would “definitely not biasedly” spam WG that the buffed T95 is unfair and I demand a Tortoise speed buff too.

Anyway, especially after the last Q&A I noticed that the 59 Patton has become somewhat a hot topic again but I also notice that most people are not aware of its entire background. I have, in fact, 2 years ago posted an article about the vehicle when it came out but I do not expect people to remember everything, heck, I have trouble remembering it all so instead of going “Support team” mode and paste the article’s link a gazillion times as an answer I am dusting it off and bringing it back up again.

So without more delay, here’s the story behind the 59 Patton which also lights how things work in the Chinese server:


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WoT PC Q&A Gathering.



in a few days there will be a Q&A with the devs for World of Tanks PC so start shooting your questions.

I will be gathering and sending them tomorrow so warn tell your friends and their mothers so that they don’t lose the chance to have their Q answered.


<As for the comment section, don’t worry if your comment won’t be visible straight ahead, a bug is still holding all comments for moderation even after I “cleared passage” to the users to comment freely. I am going to contact the WordPress support team asap to fix it.



9.20 Complete Changes / Changelog



as usual, I’ve compiled the whole list of changes from the 9.20 patch:




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You can Aimbot in World of Tanks



This video created by AgingJedi on Aimbots was brought to my attention:

As a TLDR, AgingJedi, who gets submitted plenty of replays from the community for his youtube videos, speaks of how he feels helpless when he receives replays of players using aimbot aka illegal mods in the game because as always the support team won’t even read the tickets they are sent in and that the automated system is clearly failing to fulfil its purpose.

While I feel AgingJedi, as for the past 2-3 years I received plenty of evidence myself. Nothing has changed and I doubt it ever will especially when it comes to the Support department.

Over a year ago the player base was promised in a statement given by the “Support’s Chief guy” that they would be improving the way they handle our tickets yet here we are, still receiving the same Copy Pasted Rat-Arsed responses by underpaid people who give no shit about their job to even care to read what’s being sent and are only there for the cheque at the end of the month and as for those in other departments who care they can’t do anything about it because it’s not their job.

I am sick and tired of listening to empty promises from the company because I don’t feel like any of them were ever truly meet, as far as Wargaming statements go nowadays, I don’t believe any of their words until I see it actually applied.

As for the deficient automated system, despite the numerous complaints from the community…

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Purple Heart Day


better late than never, yesterday it was the Purple Heart day and Wargaming talks a little bit about its history:


Also, to everyone in the US or not, don’t forget to every now and then to check on a Veteran. 

A player’s views on the direction of WoT Console – By Firehawk894

Here’s the first Console follow-up article like I promised. These are the words of a normal/random player from the community. I also need to thank everyone who has reached me with more Console feedback, I am currently trying to reach everyone. – Rita

Author: Firehawk894

World of Tanks console has been the only WG game I have played to date and I have enjoyed a lot of my time spent playing it, from the initial release all the way up to present date. When the game first came out, a lot of people were excited that they could join the action the people on PC played, without having to use their trackpads or coal-powered computers, and a lot of people took the devs as being initially pretty decent.

But as the game grew older, people started to notice changes. If you found a bug in the game, if you tried talking about the bug on the forums, you would be told that the devs were “aware of the situation”, in other words “Stop drawing attention to this”. Just over the past year, the game has updated to include the new physics from the PC version, such as tanks being able to skid, use their handbrakes to quickly come to a stop, flip, roll, and much more. However, if you DO flip your tank over, you may notice that you don’t get killed, your tank just magically flips back over after a 10 second period of you being on your roof, with no damage done except if you fell a distance while flipping and that change was done very reluctantly by the Devs, only because they had to upgrade to the latest servers. Continue reading

9.19.1 Full Changelog



I’ve gathered the 9.19.1 changelog for you, as usual:


Note: New (Previous)




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WoT Console Chicago Office: WG’s Kindergarden


This is an article intended to lay a foundation to upcoming ones of the same subject.

As most of you may be aware, I made known many months ago that I had started playing World of Tanks Console. At the time, I pretty much only covered WoT PC on this page but I did quite like the game and decided to give a voice to Console on Status Report.

For that, I brought along Deconoir as a co-author which was one of the best decisions I ever made. He’s someone without agendas who genuinely want to see the game flourish, has played console for a long time, was involved in the Supertest program for some awhile and has a far greater insight of the game than me, still, he always has taken the time to explain and teach me about this version of WoT and we always brief before he posts an opinion article.

Rest assured, every word Deconoir has written about Console has my stamp of approval.

With the Console niche created on the blog, we logically have attracted the Console community and I became more involved and especially now after TankFest 2017, I did not expect to have so many console players approaching to thank us and incentivising keep on sharing Console content and asking to get more things going.

On the latter, and this is something I did explain to those people at the event, is that we have, in fact, tried to create a communication channel with the Console staff like we do with the PC staff but to no avail. I formally requested things through the right people, that we solely want to have a proper constructive and friendly atmosphere going back and forth with Deconoir & I, you and they.

The answer I got back was rather offending if not alarming, to put it into simple words we got dismissed because they disliked the fact that we promote constructive criticism.

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Help a Newbie Program!



so these past weeks -if not few months- I have been thinking about ways to improve not just the blog but also my engagement with the community.

The Status Report discord channel was definitely a good idea and a start. We have surpassed the 700 users and it has a surprisingly friendly atmosphere. Also, we have given and still are giving niches so that people can discuss properly different Wargaming products and even AW and WT among other miscellaneous channels (like #Foodporn, #memes, #music, #Historical and Rita’s shitty trivia, etc) so everyone feels and is welcome. I’m always connected there are tend to answer frequently and so do the RSR lads.

I also now started giving rewards to Patrons for their support (planning to improve it with time). For years I have run platoons with the Twitch Subscribers, RITA clan members and Viewers but I never really platooned with Patrons but I have corrected that now. WoT Patron Platoons are now a thing!

But I’m still not satisfied… In a conversation with Ph3lan at Tankfest2017 I realised that I currently no longer have a favourite tank after he asked about it. I still hold dearly the Tortoise and IS-3 but the game meta has changed so much so rapidly that I now find myself playing completely different tanks and most of the time I use them in different roles than they were initially and years ago intended for.

If I, someone who has been playing this game for over 5 years feels this way I can only imagine how it must be for the New Players! It doesn’t help that a lot of the information out there for newbies is very much so outdated but unfortunately it comes hand in hand with the game’s age and the fact that there are so many vehicles out there nowadays that such a task to update would be not only monumental but pointless because like I said, the game meta is changing very quickly.

Although I have and will always make time to answer questions to newbies and tomatoes I believe the best course of action is to take the matter into my own hands.


Launching the “Help a Newbie” program!

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