Tank Modeling issues in WoT [Compilation]


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Given the fact that we welcome all Modders in RSR’s Discord, we have the occasional conversation about issues and lack of proper detail given to the models in WoT. Although this is not a “1st World problem” for the game, some of these models have been broken for quite a long time, it is unknown whether the modellers are just being careless or are not aware of these so I’ve decided to compile all of the models we could find, with the great help of Milkym4n, to shed some light on the tanks that require tweaking.

If you have found some yourself that are not in this list, please do link it down bellow in the comment section or join us at our Discord, we have a corner especially designed for modding.

Pz.Sfl. IVc

-Found this one last night while live streaming. The MoE is trying to escape from my toaster.

40k KV-2

-Barrel cover recoiling into the mantlet.


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V.1.0.2 #886 Test Server Changelog



I just finished compiling all the modifications on the new changelog for the patch V.1.0.2 #886.
Not many changes on this patch so far, especially compared to three years ago when I started doing these, it would take me sometimes nearly 2 days to compile and filter the changelog, now, it took me an hour (and I made lunch and coffee in between).

As usual:

-New (Previous)

New Vehicles:

-Polish HT Czolg T wz51 

-Soviet HT Object 277;
-Soviet MT K-91

Soviet MT T-34 shielded (It was called T-34 Experimental in ST but for whatever reason, they changed the name to shielded)



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Supertest Excalibur leaks- Statement



It came to my attention that some of the text about Excalibur was misunderstood by readers at WG. I would like to clarify that in no shape or form has Ed Francis leaked any information about the Excalibur nor the pictures leaked have any connection with him.
We did give him the credit for finding the vehicle. There is nothing wrong with that and we feel there is also nothing wrong with us pointing out the major discrepancies between the historical data, which any member of the public can access at the National Archives (if they know where to look) and comparing it against the tank statistics in the Supertest leaks.
He was mentioned as a friend of the blog. Ed is a friend because he was the person who got me into tank driving and because he gave me the connections in the private tank ownership world. The tank I bought in real life, restored and then sold to help paying for my University tuition? That wouldn’t have happened if wasn’t for him. That’s why he is a friend, we keep the gaming side separated.
Even the leakers know very well and would testify if they could, that at RSR we give the utmost respect in protecting the privacy of anyone who wishes to leak information. We would never be that careless and we never will be.

Tenho dito.

Rita Sobral


The_Chieftain’s “Can Openers” book now on EU


Great news everyone!

The book “Can Openers” written by The_Chieftain is now also being sold through EU which means more reasonable shipping prices for this side of the pond, for those fortunate living in the UK, there’s free shipping for you!

Available at Panzerwrecks

About the author:

Photo source: Militarytimes

I doubt the author requires any introductions but for those who may be living under a rock, The_Chieftain aka Nicholas Moran who’s as old as WoT itself, is an amateur historian and a well-seasoned tanker that started in the Irish Army and now currently serves in the US Army National Guard while also being the Director of Militaria Relations at Wargaming NA. He’s the host of the youtube series “Inside the Chieftain’s Hatch” and has brought us great quality content like the “Operation Think Tank“, furthermore, he writes historical articles for the North American World of Tanks PC portal which is definitely worth a read and can be occasionally spotted giving talks at military events.

As for the book, “Can Openers”:

Coverage of armoured vehicles during WW2 all too often comes to the posterboys of the tank war: the Shermans, the Tigers, the T-34s. “Can Openers” sheds a light on one of the often overlooked aspects of the US Armed Forces, the tank destroyer.

Not to say that the tale of the US tank destroyer is completely unknown. Machines such as the M18 Hellcat and M10 Wolverine are well known to those who read a bit more on armored warfare during WW2. However, some aspects behind the design process may escape the casual historian. This is where this book comes in handy. Continue reading

Good news



I am slightly delayed on posting this as I have been focused on writing my final assessment for the first year of university but I felt this was important enough to still post about.  Apparently, Murazor is no longer in charge of the Dev team anymore. If this is true, this is the best thing that could possibly happen to WoT PC this year and for the rest of its life.

-Thanks to the player _EXODUZ_, for pointing it out, this is now the Lead Balance for World of Tanks:

Prior to working for WG, Murazor was a popular youtuber for the Russian region, he was the one behind most of the hoaxes and some of the worst hate filled hate wagons towards the company and in particular even employees. He joined the company roughly over 2 years ago after being one of the invited to the Wargaming’s HQ in Cyprus.

Since then, this guy has been the lead on running the game to the ground but do you think he is a reasonable fella capable of owning to his mistakes? Continue reading

Because History is Important



I hope everyone is enjoying the good weather and those in the UK, hope you are also having a great Bank Holiday!

And because history is always important, here’s a post from “I’m an expert in tank warfare because I play WoT and watch Girls und Panzer” of “Russian troops washing a T-34-85 wearing only their undergarments as a punisment for retreating during the Battle of Kursk, in the freezing Winter of 1944.



“GaMePlaY eXpERT”



over on RSR’s Discord, which btw has reached over 1300 users! We were having a good laugh so I thought about sharing it with you.

I present you, the WoT Console’s “GaMePlaY eXpERT”:


If you think Murazor, a WoT PC is bad (not saying he isn’t, mind), MaxChaos manages to one-up him with a leg behind his back. This guy, the meme that keeps on giving, is now also the head of Supertest for WoT Console. Think for a minute, Wargaming Console fired a good level-headed employee that actually listened and engaged appropriately with the community to give this guy a promotion.

We also wondered what Serb would think of this “Gameplay Expert”, if you’ve been around long enough this was Serb’s opinion on the WT E100:

“Waffenträger auf E-100 is for retards. It will be removed.” – Serb, 1.3.2015, FTR Q&A

There’s no hard science on why WoT Console is the state it is…