Help a Newbie Program!



so these past weeks -if not few months- I have been thinking about ways to improve not just the blog but also my engagement with the community.

The Status Report discord channel was definitely a good idea and a start. We have surpassed the 700 users and it has a surprisingly friendly atmosphere. Also, we have given and still are giving niches so that people can discuss properly different Wargaming products and even AW and WT among other miscellaneous channels (like #Foodporn, #memes, #music, #Historical and Rita’s shitty trivia, etc) so everyone feels and is welcome. I’m always connected there are tend to answer frequently and so do the RSR lads.

I also now started giving rewards to Patrons for their support (planning to improve it with time). For years I have run platoons with the Twitch Subscribers, RITA clan members and Viewers but I never really platooned with Patrons but I have corrected that now. WoT Patron Platoons are now a thing!

But I’m still not satisfied… In a conversation with Ph3lan at Tankfest2017 I realised that I currently no longer have a favourite tank after he asked about it. I still hold dearly the Tortoise and IS-3 but the game meta has changed so much so rapidly that I now find myself playing completely different tanks and most of the time I use them in different roles than they were initially and years ago intended for.

If I, someone who has been playing this game for over 5 years feels this way I can only imagine how it must be for the New Players! It doesn’t help that a lot of the information out there for newbies is very much so outdated but unfortunately it comes hand in hand with the game’s age and the fact that there are so many vehicles out there nowadays that such a task to update would be not only monumental but pointless because like I said, the game meta is changing very quickly.

Although I have and will always make time to answer questions to newbies and tomatoes I believe the best course of action is to take the matter into my own hands.


Launching the “Help a Newbie” program!

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Interview w/RitaGamer & Oneandonly016 + Blog Updates and May Patronage



before and while we are making transcripts and gathering other data I’ve decided to share the interview Oneandonly016 and I did for Wargaming this weekend at TankFest 2017:

Blog Changes

And now that the Tankfest craze is over, right before I left for the event I did some tweaks on the Status Report page:

  • The Header image now fits for mobile and tablets.
  • The Header image now directs to “Home”.
  • Share buttons were changed into icons.
  • Added Reddit as a share option.
  • RSR’s Discord server can now be found on the Right Side bar.

Future changes:

  • Personalised RSR page for mobiles for easier navigation and lighter bandwidth.
  •  Still working in image zoom-in

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Chrysler K: Can It Be Historical AND Balanced?


By: Legiondude
Contributing Editors: ThatTrafficCone and Avalon304

Hello everyone, my name is Legiondude and I’ll be in the commander’s hatch today. I’m not quite sure when this article will make it out of the pipe, but it began drafting just at the close of #FochGate. So far, it doesn’t appear that Wargaming has given any concrete plans on how to change the way things are being done yet regarding the Chrysler K, other recent premiums, or their policy for future premiums. Perhaps now is time to propose a new solution then, at least for this tank, to illustrate how historical accuracy can be a beneficial tool in balancing this tank while keeping it fair to those that play with and against it?


Utilizing that black magic known to the world as Trigonometry, a spreadsheet for mapping armor regions, and, the vehicle will be measured for its current effective armor levels and then projected with historical armor schemes. These armor schemes will be listed at 4 ways per plate: the base thickness of the area with the general angle, the effective thickness without normalization (vs HEAT, HE, or HESH), the effective thickness with AP normalization, and the effective thickness with APCR normalization.

The Chrysler K will be tested under two major scenarios with two variations each. Firstly, a straightforward assault, and when the vehicle is at an optimum sidescraping angle. Both of these scenarios will have an “in the open” and “with cover” variant to their tests.

Flanking situations are omitted since either the Chrysler is fast enough to out traverse its opponent which results in a frontal or angled engagement again, or it’s distracted by another target, flanked and wrecked like just about any other vehicle.

These armor schemes will be used to measure against the average penetration of standard and gold ammunition for each tier-class(i.e. Tier 6 light tanks or Tier 8 heavy tanks), plus the Chrysler K itself to illustrate the general chance if a Chrysler can be fought against or not. These averages are derived from Tank Inspector. It should be noted that while it is not a perfect measure to show what goes on in the typical game, if the average fails the test then that does suggest that generally half the guns a player could bring to the fight from that tier-class will fail as well.

A red-yellow-green color code is used for these Tier-class charts, with red being little chance to pen with either round, yellow being able to pen with premium ammunition, and green being a chance to pen with standard ammunition. In other words, the more widespread the red and yellow, the more problematic fighting this tank can be in any single match.

Live Client

Frontal Engagement

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Supertest: Polish Pudel



another tank just out as well, the Pudel, a tier VI Premium Tank and the first Polish tank:


Tier: 6
Hitpoints: 840
Engine: 700
Weight: 44 235 (Max: 48 000)
Power-to-weight: 15.82
Maximum speed: 55/20 km/h
Hull traverse: 30 deg/s
Turret traverse: 31.3 deg/s
Terrain Resistance: 0.959/1.151/2.205
Viewrange: 370
Radio range: 740.4
Hull armor: 85/50/??
Turret armor: 100/45/??

Gun: 7,5 cm Kw.K. 42 L/70 Continue reading

Supertest: Chinese WZ-111 5A



There’s a new tank in Supertest, the Chinese tier X WZ-111 5A. So far these are the stats available, will update as they come:

HP: 2200
Hull Armor: 140/120/60
Turret Armor: 300/180/60
Turret Speed Rotation deg/s: 26
Hull Speed Rotation deg/s: 36
View Range: 400
Top Speed km/h: 50/15
Penetration: 250/340/65
Damage: 490/490/640
Accuracy – 100m .: 0.39
Aiming Time: 2.5
Reload Time: 11.2