Ride inside WW2 Tank Destroyer Jagdpanther!



Here’s my newest tank video before attending Tankfest, for those going as well I do hope to see you there!

Had such a blast! Still can’t believe they gave me such an opportunity! First Saumur’s Panther and now the Weald Foundation’s Jagdpanther in less than 2 months, this is a dream come true for a cat lady!

Special thank you to Weald Foundation and Harkonen aka Duarte Teixeira for the invite!

To support history: https://www.wealdfoundation.org/

The Overlord Show



A few weeks ago just before the 6 of June I attended The Overlord Show with The Friends of The Tank Museum and had a blast!

In this video, you can see a “StuG”, 10 points for whoever guesses what’s wrong with it! Got some Armoured Car porn and also footage of the only operational Valentine Duplex Drive tank in the world!

I had the pleasure to drive the Valentine DD last summer and it’s on my top list of favourite armour I ever drove!

Hope you enjoy!

Military/History videos are here!


I can’t express how happy I am that my English is at a level I feel comfortable enough to record this sort of content! I’m upping the game for you and I can only sincerely hope you enjoy these more informative videos!

As for vehicle options, I am not chaining myself to only tank videos and I will be making content in whatever my mind sets itself to so expect to see a bit of everything!

Here’s to more! If you would like more videos like this please consider becoming a Patron: https://www.patreon.com/statusreport

Thank you! <3

Militracks 2019 Promo Video



Here’s my promo-esque video from the Militracks event at the Overloon War Museum, Netherlands that I had the pleasure to attend!

I am quite impressed with how much Overloon has grown in a few years and it brings me tremendous happiness that these days tank museums are communicating much better than they use to and lending armour to each other’s shows!

On a personal level, it was lovely to finally meet some of you in person but also so many vehicle owners, historians and fellow content creators!

For those who didn’t come this year but are tempted to, I am letting you know in more advance that I am most definitely attending next year and I sincerely hope to see you there!

Have a great day!


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Gold Type 59 On all Servers



Today, the Gold Type 59 that was once only available on the Chinese server got finally added to the rest of all the regions and ready to be sold.

Also, the price is not expected to be exorbitant like it’s on the Chinese server (💰155.520) and instead has been placed at 💰15,000 gold. 

2019 Tank Season Officially open!



just like the title says, my 2019’s Tank Season has now officially started!

This weekend I decided to attend Militracks at Overloon, Netherlands and already got the first clip out, a starter dish:

As for the main course, a full video is coming later on, I am editing as I type.

In order to balance WoT lack of patch content and now that I have also balanced my health and personal/public life, I have decided to start publishing more military-related content from here on now.

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The current state of Q&As and CC Program.



Recently, the Community Contributors, Circon and Mailand were invited by Wargaming to discuss game development with the Devs, this meeting was confirmed on social media by a photo, which I first saw it surfacing on Twitter and since seems like it was since taken down but it’s still possible to view on Mailand’s Facebook page:


Translation from German by “Shade1982”:

“So, why was I in Paris yesterday? Together with Circon, I had the opportunity to talk to four of the main developers for WoT from Minsk. And it’s been quite a day! These are the people with ideas, work with them and eventually make decisions. We talked about virtually every aspect of the game. We saw opportunities, challenges and limitations. All in all, it was all very open to talk about the complex WoT-system and all its intricate details, and as a whole. Based on that, I am planning to do a video series in which I will start to discuss several different specific subjects about the game. The goal is to show and explain to people the game mechanics, connections and possibilities/engine limits. Even though I can’t share all the details with you yet, it has to stay interesting for you after all. Stay posted! And to conclude, a big thanks to these gentlemen for taking the time, and thanks to WG for making all this possible. In the picture, from left to right:

    • Ph3lan (EU Community Operations Lead)
    • Me Andrey Biletsky (WoT Creative Director)
    • Georgiy (Lead Game Designer)
    • Igor (Lead System Designer)
  • Alexey Ilyin (Product Manager) Circon”

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