TKSz nkm 20A Screenshots



here’s the screenshots of the upcoming tier II Polish Tankette.

I made a small last minute edit on the previous article, according to WG EU they are unsure yet if this will be a premium or standard vehicle.

That’s all for now folks!

TKSz nkm 20A in Supertest, Again.



the Polish TKSz nkm 20A is back on Supertest and these are the initial stats available.

This Tankette is a very odd choice for a Light Tank given that it went from being a reconnaissance vehicle to become an Anti-tank after the Nkm wz.38 FK 20 mm machine gun was implemented.

  • 24 of these were built before WWII and its known that one of these Tankettes destroyed three German Pz. 35(t).

According to WG EU, they are yet unsure if it will be a premium or a standard vehicle.

This is not the first we’ve seen it, back in 2015 it made a Supertest appearance and these were its stats, screenshots and video: Continue reading

Studzianki Original Soundtrack Ft. Żywiołak



Wargaming just posted the official soundtrack for the map Studzianki and it’s quite a nice song:

A small hamlet nested deep in the Polish countryside. Heard from afar is a choir of maidens. The tune is fun but their voices can’t hide the feeling of anxiety. This song used to be sung by the young in their moments of joy. But now that the country is struck by war, the girls want this song to echo across the vast distance, encouraging the country’s defenders. While working on the map, the World of Tanks team collaborated with the Polish folk band Żywiołak. Every time tankers battle on this map, they will hear the band singing the famous folk song “W moim ogródecku” which has been set as the main theme for this location.

Not going to lie, I have listened to the song 3 times in a row now.

Happy Birthday to Yuri Pasholok



Just to embarrass him, I want to publicly wish Yuri Pasholok a happy birthday!

Yuri P. Has been for many years now a Historic Consultant for and he has been involved in multiple armour restoration works and is also the author of some very decent books out there on the shelves which I do definitely recommend to buy!


My T-60’s Copy.

Hoping you have lots of love and happiness for many coming years!



WoWs Changelog (Le Terrible & Alaska)


As I have been getting myself more and more into Naval Warfare for the past months, so have I been paying more attention to the development of the tone-deaf World of Clandestine Detention Centres game and I have decided to start posting more information on it.

Here’s the Changelog of the WoWs patch alongside two new ships stats:


Le Terrible (French Destroyer)

Tier: 8
HP: 18 600

Main Battery

  • Max. Firing Range: 11 240
  • 139 mm/50 Mle 1929:  ‎5 x 1 139 mm

Torpedo tubes

  • 550 mm tube lance-torpilles: 3 x 3 550 mm

Air defence

  • 37 mm/50 Mle 1933: 2 x 2 37 mm
  • 37 mm/50 CA Mle 1925: ‎1 x 1 37 mm
  • 13.2 mm/76 Mle 1929: ‎2 x 1 13.2 mm
  • 13.2 mm/76 CAD Mle 1929:  ‎2 x 2 13.2 mm

Continue reading

Spot the alternative tank facts



Thank you to the “Church of Comfort” lads for pointing this out.

Wargaming paid a sponsored article on the -Alien’s- History channel about tanks facts and dont have to elaborate much further on it for you to know what’s coming. I will leave you to your own devices and see if you can spot all the alternative facts.

It is too early in the morning here for me to even look at it.

Clandestine Argentinian Floating Detention Centres Soon Available in WOWs



firstly, thanks to all the gentlemen in the RSR’s Discord that caught me up to date and gave me details on this matter as I am very much a casual WoWs scrub.

The World of Warships development team, to commemorate the upcoming South American tech tree, have decided to introduce their first ship. A ship that was used as a floating clandestine detention centre during the Dirty War to torture, rape and kill Argentinians and now they are trying to cater it to the very same people.

The Nueve de Julio:

To give more context, Continue reading

Mighty Jingles for WOWs Commander



World of Warships has started a Community Contributor contest called The Ring and the winner will have his face featured as a World of Warships Commander.

Well, I obviously don’t see any winner other than the one and only, our mighty glorious sea gnome and overlord The Mighty Jingles!

To all respect to other contestants but Jingles is the perfect candidate, he has served in Her Majesty’s Royal Navy for 22 years, he’s old, he has a handsome sailor beard and his own sailor hats!

In order to support our Rear Admiral, all you need to do is watch his contest entry, press like and drop (if not spam) a comment in his video!

Thank you, everyone, that wishes to support him and a bonus picture: Continue reading