[WoWs] Latest ST changes


there are the latest ST changes in World of Warships:

European destroyer Västerås, Tier VI:

  • Detectability ranges were increased:

    • By ships from 6.86 to 7.06 km;

    • After firing main guns in smoke from 2.44 to 2.51 km;

    • By planes from 2.9 to 2.99 km.

Effective main battery guns coupled with a relatively low detectability range made the ship very strong on her Tier. An increased detectability range will let enemies spot Västerås and disengage earlier.

European destroyer Småland, Tier X:

  • Action time of the Surveillance Radar consumable increased from 15 to 20 s;

  • Main caliber guns firing range increased from 10.4 to 11.4 km.

The action time of the Surveillance Radar didn’t let Småland use the consumable to its full potential.

British cruiser Cheshire, Tier VIII: Continue reading “[WoWs] Latest ST changes”

[WoWs] Latest ST changes

Bergepanzer 2 by a Combat Engineer


Got a 3 part video coming on this beauty from Gunfire museum thanks to Ief Keizers because what better way to chat about the only publicly available Belgian Begerpanzer 2 Standard in the country other than to do it with a Combat Engineer himself!

I’ve always been particularly interested in recovery vehicles and bridgelayers for the very simple fact that even although tanks can be very cool, without the former they would be screwed! Extremely pleased to have found (more like he found me) someone who’s properly passionate about the subject!


Bergepanzer 2 by a Combat Engineer