Avanti! Soldati class destroyer: War Thunder Naval Forces

Good afternoon ladies and gents, today there is some interesting news coming out of the Naval Forces element of War Thunder as today the Italian Soldati class has been announced as an addition to the seas of War Thunder. Thus we can foresee a future where the Regia Marina will have a role to play in the oceans of Gaijin’s game.

It should be noted that the Soldati class will be less well armed than the current ships in game, consisting of 5x 120mm cannons, 4 of these will be in dual mounts in the fore and aft positions and the final one will be determined on the era of this vessel as all Soldati class were originally armed with a 120/15 variant cannon which was designed to fire star shells, though later versions had this replaced with the 120/50 which is seen in the dual mounts. For AA it will be effective at short ranges with its 12x 13.2 mm machine guns, though at ranges over 200m it will start to loose it’s effectiveness. Finally for armament it has 6x 533mm torpedoes mounted centrally in  2x triple mounts and also has depth charges in terms of explosive capability.

Soldati in action

For those looking at the armament and wondering what will be this destroyers strength look to it’s speed. This destroyer has a top speed of 38 knots and with this it will be able to get to advantageous positions and lay in wait for the perfect ambush. It should be noted however that it only has a complement of 206 and so should use its speed and size to avoid return fire.

Overall what we see here is a classic example of a hit and run gameplay and will be an absolute pleasure to play, hitting isolated targets and using the speed to avoid a stronger opponent. With this announcement it is highly likely we are going to see some Motoscafo armato silurante (MAS) in the line up very soon. We shall see how the Regia Marina will influence the nations currently in game.

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Avanti! Soldati class destroyer: War Thunder Naval Forces

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