AW Flash Sale: A Message from the Production Team


Thanks to YUKIKAZE88Drew, the Senior community Manager has posted the following message in name of the entire AW Production Team on the Flash Sales:


“Hello everyone,
We would like to take a moment to properly address the “Flash Sale” events from last weekend. The goal was a commercial one, we are not sweeping that under the rug. We came up with a very generous offer which would indeed be limited to our most reactive players. Even with a smooth execution of the sale, we were fully aware the deal was not going to reach all of our player base. We have to deeply apologize for this deal not being limited by reaction time, but mostly by our technical prowess, which was not the intent, our mistake and definitely none of your fault as a gamer and customer.

Although our staff did their utmost, during the weekend, to make this less painful, we are still not able look back on the results and pat ourselves on the back for a job well done.

We cannot, credibly, promise that we will never have technical difficulties in the future ever again. But your feedback and the past events have been discussed internally at length. We can promise that we will try to do our best to improve our performance. That goes for both how we run these sales and how we communicate when things go don’t go as planned.

To make it up to you, we are currently working on two major events for June and we will do our utmost to execute them to your full satisfaction. June is going to be an exciting month for Armored Warfare!

Finally, we’d like to thank you all for sticking with us. You are the most passionate and best community we could ask for and we truly value your support.

See you on the battlefield!

Kind Regards,
The Armored Warfare Production Team”


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AW Flash Sale: A Message from the Production Team

37 thoughts on “AW Flash Sale: A Message from the Production Team

  1. If it was WG: “You players are always complaining, everything works as intended”
    And gaijin: “Just try to complain and that’ll be the last thing you do before KGB finds you”

    1. AW: “Gaijin is a dictatorship, you want to speak but you are prohibited to do so. While we here at AW are a democracy, you have the right to speak, but nobody listens to you.” aka SHOT DELAY, 12 months past and still counting. not mentioning SIMM that is!

      1. exocet6951 says:

        You forgot the part where AW closes and archives your thread if you leave negative feedback :^)

      1. exocet6951 says:

        Cough cough, 4 tanks, compared to 3 SERIES of tanks. Then trying to make it seem like it’s a great deal.

        And funny how you try to defend the game by bashing WG, when in this matter, they’re MUCH less awful than AW, despite being painted at the anti-christ by diehard fanboys like you.

      2. Teobold Tor says:

        All i did was mention that WG do the same thing with WoT (and WoWS for that matter). You appear to have overreacted, PT.

      3. exocet6951 says:

        And why did you feel the need to include WG in the conversation, if it wasn’t to try to justify AW doing something shitty like that?

      4. exocet6951 says:

        You know what else is true? You trying to justify AW taking almost a dozen tanks from the tech trees to reskin them and make them premiums in less than a year since CBT by attacking WG for making 4 reskins/remodels in the span of FIVE YEARS.

  2. DoctorBest says:

    Seriously, this is how you get consumer goodwill back after a screwup. I hope they’ve learned from this that Flash sales aren’t the greatest idea in general.

    1. Even if I, personally, have missed out on potentially great flash sales in the past, I think they’re fine, just not this specific one. Nearly all the digital flash sales I’ve seen in the past were limited by time, not by quantity. If Armored Warfare had initiated a flash sale and limited it to 6 or 12 hours, instead of a hard limit of 100 packages, first come, first serve, I think it would have been more successful and more acceptable.

      I have seen quantity-based flash sales done right on, usually in the midst of some promotional thing similar to Steam’s summer sale. 50 copies of game XXX, first come, first serve, and when they’re gone, the sale shifts to another game. The critical difference is that game XXX tends to loop back around to the front page several times during the sale event, meaning even if you missed out the first time, there’s a decent chance you can get it again later. Also, game XXX is typically discounted at least a bit for the duration of the entire sales event, like around 20%, but when it’s one of the 50 copies, its discounted further, like to 75%. This means that everyone wanting the game will still save some money, even if it’s not the super-duper cheapo price.

      Tougher to do something like this when it’s just a singular game, I know, but something to consider.

      1. Thomas says:

        The problem litterally was the flash sale being a 2-step procedure – first people had to spend money to get ingame currency. Then they had to use the in-game currency to get the purchase.
        Suddenly lots of people feel tricked into buying in-game currency because they cannot get a refund and/or does not want to purchase anything else.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’d care about this an awful lot more if this wasn’t SOP for them. Make mistake that costs them players > Apologize and promise they’ll fix it and try to hype the next coming thing > Next thing is poorly executed > Apologize and promise they’ll fix it and try to hype the next coming thing > Make mistake…

    And so on. This isn’t a one off, this is a consistent pattern. To be fair, they don’t make the same mistakes every time, but they’re sure finding a lot of new ones to make.

  4. Teobold Tor says:

    If it had been WG the answer would have been “How terrible” or something on those lines, at least they admit they’ve dropped a bollock and intend to learn from it. Gajin meanwhile would have copyright struck any video mentioning it.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Make huge flash sale. Don’t prepare hardware and software for overload. Be surprised that something went wrong :/
    The question is: Did marketing informed it/dev team about possible higher load on servers???

    1. Nothing says:

      It looks like you never bought any tickets for a concert of a great artist? It’s exactly the same, to many people trying to grab a few tickets. HW failing, people looking for shortcuts/cheats etc. Nothing new about that.

  6. Thomas says:

    TL:DR : we fucked up, but we continue as usual not really doing anything for anyone caught in the issues… Thx fot the gold…

  7. It is amusing to see people complaining when a reasonable response to a fuck up is made, not the usual ‘You are complaining about nothing’ ‘it isnt a problem’ or ‘there are no plans to fix this’ that are the common responses from Wargaming, whilst Gaijun simply threaten anyone who mentions problems. Armoured Warfare is a new game, it isnt perfect but it is certainly better than World of Tanks at trying to fix problems that turn up, it has not promised to do something and not done so for four years, or denied a problem exists at all, so people really should be a little more forgiving overall. As to the Flash Sale offer, there were only going to be 100 copies available so the majority of people buying gold to get one were always likely to miss out. it was a poor way to do a sale, but also people made decisions that the game is not responsible for.

    1. dude, they´re fucking up again and again. it´s not the first time, and will definitely not be the last one. they never learn from their mistakes. it´s even worse than repeating them, they fuck it up even worse after a big fuckup. happens when you´re desperate.

      1. Nothing says:

        Did you play WoT of WT before? They still have the bugs from 3 years ago in their game.. but hey let’s go crazy about a sales that went wrong.

    2. tishr says:

      IDK as much as WG’s dismissive and tendency to ignore players is can be annoying it is kinda nice that they will give flat blunt answers to things.

    3. exocet6951 says:

      Keep trying to justify your choice of games by saying “WG wouldn’t have cared, and Gaijin sucks lol”

      It’s cute to see people trying to justify a company fucking up at selling you a garbage product (reskinned premium tanks that cost them an afternoon’s work adding a layer to the texture), trying to pass it off at a good deal, and seeking sympathy at the same time.

  8. Clubsport-R8 says:

    What a champion group and company – At least they had the guts to admit everything was their issue and a commercial grab – but wow haven’t seen that from the others at all “Kudos AW”

  9. dieroten says:

    Oh yes, even AW seems following the same path as WG did. Well it seems like they aware that milking money on their player base is the only way to keep their servers alive. But at least they admit it, not like WG who just avoiding to admit this kind of practice.

  10. siralexice says:

    The flash sale was announced like 8 minutes before it went live. That’s a page of the WoT book, not how AW does things usually.

  11. wolvenworks says:

    well at least they apologized. i count that as better than Gaijin’s “fuck you. copyright strike, because fuck you”

  12. SkaerKrow says:

    This is nice and all, but I will never give another dime to Armored Warfare (and I’ve given them plenty already). They just do not care about their customers, and so I as a customer no longer care about them.

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