AW Flash Sale: A Message from the Production Team


Thanks to YUKIKAZE88Drew, the Senior community Manager has posted the following message in name of the entire AW Production Team on the Flash Sales:


“Hello everyone,
We would like to take a moment to properly address the “Flash Sale” events from last weekend. The goal was a commercial one, we are not sweeping that under the rug. We came up with a very generous offer which would indeed be limited to our most reactive players. Even with a smooth execution of the sale, we were fully aware the deal was not going to reach all of our player base. We have to deeply apologize for this deal not being limited by reaction time, but mostly by our technical prowess, which was not the intent, our mistake and definitely none of your fault as a gamer and customer.

Although our staff did their utmost, during the weekend, to make this less painful, we are still not able look back on the results and pat ourselves on the back for a job well done.

We cannot, credibly, promise that we will never have technical difficulties in the future ever again. But your feedback and the past events have been discussed internally at length. We can promise that we will try to do our best to improve our performance. That goes for both how we run these sales and how we communicate when things go don’t go as planned.

To make it up to you, we are currently working on two major events for June and we will do our utmost to execute them to your full satisfaction. June is going to be an exciting month for Armored Warfare!

Finally, we’d like to thank you all for sticking with us. You are the most passionate and best community we could ask for and we truly value your support.

See you on the battlefield!

Kind Regards,
The Armored Warfare Production Team”


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