AW Mail.Ru Does it again…


when it comes to Armored Warfare which is separated by 3 different branches pretty much (there is Obsidian, My.Com and then Mail.RU) I’ve written before that I see Mail.Ru just like the Chinese server from WoT. Don’t really care much about and they pretty much to whatever the F* they want, but seriously, there are limits to it.

The Mail.Ru marketing department is spending the company’s money on petty shit like this:


Make love not WOT” – Armored Warfare Project Armata Mail.Ru

Since then, Mail.Ru has given the excuse that the advertising has nothing to do with World of Tanks and that WOT stands for “Waste of Time” (wasting time), seriously? Due to their past petty activities, do they think people really will believe that?

I have to point out that Obsidian and My.Com (EU/NA) have absolutely nothing to do with these actions, its only the Russian side of AW who keeps on doing things like these. This is the type of stuff I could imagine WarThunder staff doing instead, honestly, I really hope someone gets fired.

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AW Mail.Ru Does it again…

43 thoughts on “AW Mail.Ru Does it again…

    1. Because a lame cheap shot is recognised as such. It wouldn’t in any way make me want to play their game over WOT and would actually make me less likely to play AW – which is the opposite of what advertising is for..

      1. Anonymous says:

        Nice speaking about Russian like they are potatos or something im playing since pre-alpha on Russian Server and i dont like Stats flammers like they dont care about other people thinking about the game.Go make some World of tanks with good ppl and ef stats and other shit only for them and how much will be there players maybe about 2000 max players in game

  1. Anonymous says:

    I dont think this is much of a problem. People who see this might quit both AW and WoT and enjoy being social again.

    1. Uggala says:

      Yeah, that’s what i was thinking too. The toner for that page alone probably costs more than the paper for several complete newspapers 😉

  2. wfschepel says:

    I find it actually pretty funny, and if WG is smart, they will send some flowers: free publicity, right there. Lesson one for advertisers: never mention the competition. 🙂

  3. are simply digging their own grave. Even negative advertisement is still a free advertisement for WOT. If they make such adds, then it’s clear that they know and admit that WOT is still he Nr.1 game in this area.

  4. Me says:

    Make love not WOT – this is targeted to useless retarded WoT pubes, who rushes and get killed in first two minutes and then get insulted even after battle. But if they think this is not happening in AW, they are mistaken badly.

  5. Come on Rita, your comments about this just make you seem a WoT fan girl…companies do this all the time in all business areas, there are no innocents, not even WG.

  6. Remember that is just “department” of for EU/NA. Obsidian is just developer – subcontractor and is the owner of Armored Warfare

    1. Anonymous says:

      Obsidian is the owner, NOT is merely the distributor and are just trying to suck OEs dick to get a taste of a real game.

  7. sgtkokken says:

    ROFL… its not exactly discrete marketing they are doing. But as with love and war, any means necessary…. right??? 😉

  8. hmn says:

    Really dumb move, and this is from someone that genuinely likes AW. All this will do is galvanise WoT fans and ensure they stay away from AW.

    1. badwolf527 says:

      I already don’t like AW.. not because it’s a bad game… it just… it’s like the perfect dog. It doesn’t defecate on your sheets, it doesn’t beg for food at the table, it walks at a reasonable pace, it plays fetch, does tricks. It just doesn’t have any charm to it, too vanilla for my taste. People complain about “Dynamic Gameplay” in WoT not being very dynamic, but damn it seems much more varitable than AW

      1. badwolf527 says:

        As a sidenote I don’t like the “Conflict is Business” premise but that’s just me being a nitpicky liberal

  9. Macbook says:

    I like warthunder better on my very opd macbook from 2008/2009 becuase i can play warthunder on medium settings with around 31 fps and wot on ultra low settings and it needs to become pixelated to be able to play it on barerly 5 fps.

  10. Major Rager says:

    Waste of Time. I don’t know why I did not see that, clever and pretty much what it has become. I always referred to it as World of Banks.

  11. badwolf527 says:

    In no way does this gramatically make sense- “Make Love Not World of Tanks” or “Make Love Not Waste of Time”. Russian translators everybody…

  12. Anonymous says:

    AW definitely convinced me. Been more than 4 months since I last played “Waste of Time” and never enjoyed it as much and I hope more people will realize that as well.

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