AW Mail.Ru Does it again…


when it comes to Armored Warfare which is separated by 3 different branches pretty much (there is Obsidian, My.Com and then Mail.RU) I’ve written before that I see Mail.Ru just like the Chinese server from WoT. Don’t really care much about and they pretty much to whatever the F* they want, but seriously, there are limits to it.

The Mail.Ru marketing department is spending the company’s money on petty shit like this:


Make love not WOT” – Armored Warfare Project Armata Mail.Ru

Since then, Mail.Ru has given the excuse that the advertising has nothing to do with World of Tanks and that WOT stands for “Waste of Time” (wasting time), seriously? Due to their past petty activities, do they think people really will believe that?

I have to point out that Obsidian and My.Com (EU/NA) have absolutely nothing to do with these actions, its only the Russian side of AW who keeps on doing things like these. This is the type of stuff I could imagine WarThunder staff doing instead, honestly, I really hope someone gets fired.

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