Balance 2.0 by Sliphantom


the maker of the “Unicum guide” Sliphantom has shared his opinion on the Balance 2.0 (aka Global Rebalance):

Your thoughts?

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Balance 2.0 by Sliphantom

52 thoughts on “Balance 2.0 by Sliphantom

  1. siralexice says:

    They are basically russians making a lot of money from an abusive relationship with the gamers. The purpose is not to make a good game, the objective is to sell it is one.

    1. We are all like women.
      “He’s the devil!”
      We: “You dont know him like I do…”
      “He’s the princess of darkness!”
      We: “I can change him”

      (Pussy Whipped Satan from Billy Hicks- Its on Youtube )

  2. BattleBudgie says:

    True, but then again sadly he doesn’t say anything we (players who’ve been playing WoT for several years) don’t know. It became clear years ago that you mustn’t EVER take their promises seriously unless you wanna throw yourself off a bridge out of disappointment. Yet it would’ve been awesome if the Havok features shown on the video had made into the game, they would make a really really great addition to the game, much greater than anything WG did in the past years. I know, I know, Russian potato computers, single-core CPUs, etc. One has to wonder how modern games with real destruction and physics model can be a thing.

    1. Modern games require modern computers, not glorified desktop calculators. They won’t authorize new features/improvements that cannot function in an mid 1990s computer running Windows XP without service packs for as long as Russia, their largest market, has outdated equipment in use.

  3. mark west says:

    I disagree completely with the video. First, WOTs is a great game as is that needs only very minor chgs mainly more maps, gold nerf and arty nerf, but id rather have the game as is than bad chgs so i want WG to go slowly. Secondly, I could care less about HAVOC. Thirdly, I like the new physics and think WG did a great job with it. WG has broughr back 2 of the original DEVS and 1 of the original map makers so IM excited about the future of the game.

    1. kilo_india_alpha says:

      Who cares about 1 or even 2 developers they brought back. The question is whether or not WG will deliver. And HAVOC is a great example of how they do it. I firmly believe that the BALANCE 2.0 will be at max a balance 1.0.1.
      Announcing stuff is one thing WG is good at – implementing is something else. Think of the following things.

      -gold ammunition
      -“rigging script”
      -toxic behavior

      when did WG solve any of these problems? Does WG even have a plan how to deal with it?

      1. Enigmaticmuffin says:

        you can’t fix toxic behavior, you can only censor it, which doesn’t solve the problem

      2. @KILO_INDIA_ALPHA: WG will do changes that do not negatively affect their earnings. There are plenty of arty players so arty will remain for as long as people play SPGs. Gold Ammo is one of their money makers so they won’t touch that.

        I do believe that they are trying to get rid of: cheating mods, rigging scripts, bots, toxic behavior and cheaters in general. Because those do affect their purse. The problem is that it is really difficult to create a permanent solution since those involved in cheating also change their cheating behavior when they are caught. It is a permanent arms race with no winner. As long as they keep the cheating population into a small percentage they will be doing fine.

        Suck for us when we are stuck with a cheater in a battle, but as long as that is not a common occurrence we will be fine.

    2. Enigmaticmuffin says:

      >arty nerf
      its already been nerfed to fuck, It doesn’t need more unless you mean removing it, which would have utterly catastrophic results. Heavily armored TD’s and HT’s could move about and camp without risk.

      1. BattleBudgie says:

        Are we playing the same game? Braking news, but the main reason for heavily armored TD’s and HT’s camping ARE arties. Who the fuck would leave cover with their big and slow heavy if arty vaporizes them after going 6 and a half meters?

      2. Infernal969 says:

        Great idea. Remove arty along with all the arty shitters, bring back the old non-corridory maps and WoT is playable again!

      3. George H. says:

        Spoken like a true arty player. What they should do with arty is make it like AW arty, where every time it fires, it lights up for a few seconds so it has to move. My biggest beef with arty is they can hit you across the map without much danger to themselves. Light tanks rarely make arty runs these days, at least the games I play. Maybe the solution to the arty problem is to buff light tanks so they will make those arty runs like when I first started playing.

      4. Utterly catastrophic results? As in actually have fun dynamic battles. Very often do we get battles with no arties and I’ve never witnessed a single instance of catastrophe. Those battles are fun and people less toxic. They can remove arty any day and the toxicity would dwindle in a day. How many times do people shit talk at the very sight of arty and then when getting clicked?

  4. Bob says:

    Good to see someone influential calling them out on NOT actually implementation half the things they talk about

  5. WG 555+ says:

    WG Russia Balance 2.0 (aka biological Father Rebalance)
    Belarus and Russia where the difference?

    Belarus Chinese language (白俄羅斯) Russia Chinese language (俄羅斯) ~~

    白俄羅斯(Belarus) and 俄羅斯(Russia) = (白)<—-removed = 俄羅斯 (Russia)

  6. Even the xbox 360 version has little physics…like moving antennas or other objects on the tanks. And the console version (even the 360 version) has weather and day & night. And it still has my lovely AFK Panther, the SP I C is ugly.

    1. Anonymous says:

      The console version actually has the Havok engine they mentioned in the old video. We don’t have those sorts of destructible buildings, though. However the AFK Panther is going to be replaced, probably next week. They indicated that we would see it again in the future, though, which probably means they will bring it back as a premium like they did with the T-50-2. I don’t mean to pick on the PC, but I kind of think we have the better version of the game.

      1. Yeah, they replaced the AFK PAnther but who had it, still got it as premium…thats really nice. Now i have a premium AFK Panther and the ugly SP IC.

    2. EightCupChemex says:

      The console version actually has the Havok engine they mentioned in the old video. We don’t have those sorts of destructible buildings, though. However the AFK Panther is going to be replaced, probably next week. They indicated that we would see it again in the future, though, which probably means they will bring it back as a premium like they did with the T-50-2. I don’t mean to pick on the PC, but I kind of think we have the better version of the game.

  7. Infernal969 says:

    Hopefully never.
    They are only going to fuck the game up even more.
    Those are the guys that released shit like IS-3, IS-6, WTF100, E25, T50 and T50/51 and still can’t comprehend that the E5 is OP. And now you want them to BALANCE ALL of the tanks once again?
    Am I the only sane one by jumping into the liferaft on this boat?

  8. NoComment says:

    Pretty much agree with this video. This will be yet another case of:

    Coming soon!
    Coming fairly soon!
    We are working on it it will be here soon
    Balance fix? What balance fix….
    oh that! It was cancelled ages ago because it was a Tuesday when we announced it and that is unlucky.

    Buy our great Ltraktor bundle only £99.

    For those that are not used to WG’s promises of great things soon ™ watch the original video again and see where all he promises is to talk about the project more sometime in the summer. No promises that they will even start to deliver anything.

    1. Major Rager says:

      I received & delivered a questionnaire from WG as to why I uninstalled the game.
      Watching the NA player base drop from 50k to 25k (last peak winter months) was a pretty clear indication others were fed up as well with World of Procrastination.

  9. what you need to remember is the average Russians gaming rig is a ZX speccy or there abouts ,
    dont expect anything that uses the multi core support any time soon ,although thank god for process lasso , that does use multi cores while playing tanks , its a shame we need to use third party software to fix a problem that should have been fixed years ago,

  10. 3 nearly 4 years iv been listening and watching WG give promises and reassurances on ‘changes’ then ‘big changes’ and ‘yes we DO listen to the EU players’ ‘players are important’ ‘fix the shit Maps’ ‘Arty is fine but needs balance’ and etc etc

    So 3 years and its still basically the same games as in 2013 – 14 iv not seen any of the ‘real important changes for the better’ and neither have YOU, no you haven’t! whatever bullshit PR you think you believe and know from WG

    this is the truth that I see with my eyes for real

    World of Premium Tanks
    World of 4 minute Tank Slaughter battles
    World of Fail Match Making
    World of Shit Maps
    World of Corridor Maps
    World of Broken Promises

    now this is the real world what YOU all actually have and see today and tomorrow
    enjoy ~

    1. I agree far to many prem tanks give access to higher tiers to not so good players , this leads to your second and third points , the MM does not take into account who is driving , they match the tanks , take prems out and these points are resolved to an extent. city maps should be only available to high tier tanks , you have to remember if you play a medium or light at higher tiers its your choice .

      1. Random pubbie says:

        They don’t even match tanks they match tiers. MM weight is nuts, if tanks of equal tier are supposed to balance each other, you can’t have a team with tanky heavys vs a team of no armor meds or TD team vs low armor HT team.

        MM is a joke right now and has been for some quite time now.

      2. x says:

        Wrong, the mm does take into account who is driving. Read the official patent for the matchmaker…

  11. Der_Typ says:

    Well you can argue about some points but in the end i agree with him in the Point “I only believe if it’s there”. I mean i play this game for 5 years now and well i don’t know about much cases where Wargaming actually said the truth or really improved the Fun in the game. I play less and less world of Tanks and for the last 4-6 Months i play Platoon only because yeah…
    So do i trust Wargaming? -No!
    Do i think they will ever do something that will improve the game massively? -No.
    Do i think they will find a Way to balance all Vehicles that none is op and none is shit? -No.
    But i will wait and play from time to time and if they rly do something good. Well then i can rly start enjoying this game again.

  12. Anonymous says:

    As a heavy mid-tier arty player, even I think arty needs changing. High tier arty annoys tank players with one-shots, and the massive reload times & 1-in-10 hits annoy arty players. No-one gets a fair game. Even my lovely Bishop must infuriate the enemy, reloading & tracking them before they can repair – leaving them pinned, to be ground down with repeated 150-odd point hits. It’s not fair, really… Fun, but not fair…

  13. Shrike58 says:

    So long as WG has to cater to people using bad computers they’ll always be limited in what they can do.

  14. a123non says:

    I have to agree with this video.
    It is unfortunate but true that WG has “cried wolf” so many times about fixing/improving/balancing issues that I just don’t believe them. I wish they would focus on getting the basic matchmaking and game play parameters right and then worry about physics, fun details, etc…

  15. Lomli says:

    Any of you guys remember the old T18 that plague bottom tiers for years, and years. Took WG for ever before being removed as a TD and that was just for tier 2. Don’t hold your breath for a complete rebalance in the next year and a bit. Too be frank it might not ever happen, don’t think it’s even in WG best interest to fix errors in a half broken game and focus on breeding it for cash, like they been doing for the last 2 and ahalf years.

  16. x says:

    Until pleasing the russian speaking masses in underdeveloped countries is the first priority, no great technical or game balance improvements will come. We are stuck with a heavily biased and outdated game, rigged for maximum profit.

  17. Jim Smitty says:

    Wargamming finally needs to split off Russian and West of the World so they can start taking to branches in game play. Most Russian players aren’t joining the 21st century with multi-core computers anytime soon still using computers most of us threw away 15 years ago. I know Russia is their biggest market, but they are losing market in Europe and NA because of lack of support for multi-core computers and other 21st century computer tech. If they did this they could grow NA/European market. Through it would never reach Russian levels of play but it would bring in a lot more money.

    Then again Russian bias, so yeah this is never happening or be 1.01 upgrade instead of 2.0

  18. T90MS says:

    Thoughts ? This guy is speculating on WG speculations and goals. And tries to berate them and everything they try to implement . GG smartass

  19. fighting_falcon93 says:

    I’ve been very sceptical to this rebalance aswell, especially after they said that they would turn arty, which holds the biggest guns in the entire game, into a debuff class… But I guess we can only wait and see :/

  20. Anonymous says:

    breaking development, WG is actually working on their game to try to improve it. see you back in three years time

  21. Just dump arty from game……….sure some crying initially……… will subside.
    Two options for owned arty:
    1. Arty traded for value in Silver including all modules, crews go to barracks and can be retrained and skills reset for FREE.
    2. Arty traded for any non premium tank in game at same tier, modules removed for Silver, crews retrained for FREE to same level, skills reset for FREE.

  22. Domo says:

    i really agreed with this video and it really made me sad that WG is going to take many years to finally reach its potential 🙁

    i really want historical battles back with players VS computer controlled tanks. they could give the computers such ridiculous tanks… landkruzer… sturmtiger… WG could make some of the most epic battles. AW would not be able to match the amount of steel 🙁 but this video made me feel like that will never happen

  23. wfschepel says:

    Nail, meet hammer. Spot on, really. That said, the game is pretty OK as is. I enjoy playing it. It could be better, but then again, looking at AW, or WT, WOT still manages to deliver by far he best game experience all round.

  24. zombietropa says:

    I can sorta see why they didn’t introduce destructible buildings into the game. 1) All of us with potato PC’s will no longer be able to play 2) It will require a massive rebalance of the maps, especially the city ones. Just imagine being a TD defending Bananananana Road on Himmelsdorf as your team lemmings up the hill, and you start to see the buildings to your left collapsing. You cant see which tank it is, because it is hidden by the buildings. Then, as it crashes through the last building, it turns out to be a Maus, and its only 10m away from you. Have fun.

    But I think that all of us realise that the meta of WoTis messed up at the moment. Some tanks are seriously underpowered, some near god like. While WG can choose to balance it bit by bit, this takes forever. Testing out the changes on a “Sandbox” server gives them a chance to change the meta drastically, but not fucking people over on the main server. Arta is a major question as well. Does it need an overhaul, or dropped altogether (I personally prefer Dave Lister’s suggestion, found here;

    When will it come? Who knows. I think that WG has a habit of announcing things that are still in very early development, which may not even make it to the game, and if it odes, it will take a year or two to be put into the game proper

    But I also think that the community is to blame for some things. For example, some people say that the E-25 is OP and needs nerfing, but if WG is even suspected of thinking about it, others demand refunds, full or partial. The developers are stuck between a rock and a hard place. I do think that we are stuck in an echo chamber, where annoying things like arta are blown up to be game breaking (is arta game breaking… no, not really).

    I think at the end of the day all we can do is wait and see wait WG does. After all, the ball is in their court (they own it).

  25. Tadge says:

    I haven’t yet seen any one make comment on removing the balancing algorithm. In my opinion, whether you think I’m right or wrong, the so-called balancing mechanism of the game does far more to break the game for most players than any other mechanic. Does anyone really enjoy being ‘balanced’ just so another player, of lesser skill or whatever, can have him/herself a ‘Good!’ game?
    By artificially inflating a players ability at the game, you will give them a false idea of how well they are playing. Neither will they improve on a personal level because the game does it for them! Personally, if I am crap at a game, then I am crap! I know I am crap but I can still enjoy the game because I know that I won’t necessarily be kicking-ass on all and sundry. I mean, it doesn’t appear to stop people playing any other shooter type games. I have to wonder how well Battlefield would do if EA/DICE decided to implement a new ‘Balancing’ feature to their game because little Timmy doesn’t play as well as the bigger boys’n’ girls do. Do you think i am way, way off the mark?Or do you think i might just have a point? Even if it is just a little one. ;P

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