Battle Pass: Season 3

Battle Pass Season 3 starts in World of Tanks. Two legendary commanders await you once again. Colonel Barnes will tell their story. Nikolay Samokhin, the commander of the IS-4 “Newt”, is the Deputy Commander of the Marine Tank Battalion. He is experienced and reliable. Samokhin always takes responsibility for his mistakes, and he is ready to go into the heart of the battle to save his tankers. Jack Reed is the brave, hot-headed, and very lucky commander of the T110E5 “Condor”. Although he behaves bravely on the battlefield, he can be reckless sometimes. Reed can take on any enemy by himself, but he doesn’t deny help from allies. By a twist of fate, both commanders were near El Halluf while they were on secret missions. And both got into a tricky situation against superior enemy forces. Will they be able to join forces and find a way out of this ordeal?

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