Battle Royale Sandbox test Ended

The Sandbox sever was today turned of and the test ended. There is no news about the future of this mode.


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Battle Royale Sandbox test Ended

12 thoughts on “Battle Royale Sandbox test Ended

  1. Anonymous says:

    Because there is no future of this mode in world of tanks. RNG makes this mode retard, no consumables, you get random tanks like tvp 50/51 vs. object 430U or even wz 111 5a, also you probably wont get any credits or xp which is the main characteristic of WoT and wont be able to grind

  2. Partybooper says:

    I hope it will not be a mode which will always be available on the regular servers in the future!
    Players will learn the basics of this game even less than they already do when they are going to drive around like idiots in a mode which is a non-team mode.

      1. SirGruut says:

        Sandbox instead of sanbox as well. This one was a bit harder to spot but 3 mistakes in 3 sentences it’s becoming a bit ridiculous

  3. heinz says:

    And still I dont understand this april fool. in the news on official homepage it sounded like “we made an article on battle royale for WoT on April 1st but SURPRISE its actually a real mode” so is it a real mode after all?

    i just can’t believe that they made that epic normandy map HD for just 5 days of April fool event.

  4. Let’s hope this disaster never comes back, not until they do something to fix issues like RNG, no repair kits/first aid/fire extinguishers and view mechanics.

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