Berlin Map Video


this is the video of the Berlin Map:


What do you think?

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Berlin Map Video

12 thoughts on “Berlin Map Video

  1. Spooooooooooooooooooooon says:

    Are we going to see this in pub matches or is it stuck only for Rampage? Would really like to see more maps in pub rotation

  2. mike t says:

    Better than most City maps I suppose that’s if you like even more city maps, that suit Heavy class above all other classes

    the big open area is a decent size but its ‘far to open’ another killing ground or ’empty area’ ‘to suicide’ in as the trees and cover is minimal at best, any TDs wont last long in there at all and Light tanks a waste of time no real cover to spot or hide,

    So no its just another brawling map with corridor kill zones, big surprise
    This favours one class over others, heavy armour a big gun its Heavy tank reigns supreme

    hopefully this stays as rampage map or whatever its called, another city map is NOT what we need

  3. siralexice says:

    Pretty flat map, nut much cover, favors russian tanks with peek-a-boo strategy applied at each street corner.

    1. mike t says:

      Anything is better than Pilsen even Kharkov is better and I don’t like Kharkov at all but much prefer it to PilShit err Pilsen oops sorry!

  4. theDOC says:

    And another f***in city-map. Suicide for Lights, TDs and Arty.

    Same shit as Pilsen.

    My M56 Scorpion will be destroyed in cap, a few seconds after I am gone afk.

    Lots of UP-german tanks at T6 and higher, OP-russian tanks, T22 just for extreme good players, tunnel-maps, Mutz isn’t much more accurate than T-54 mod1, nerfed Pen on german TDs but ISU152 is still a killer, …this is just unfair.

    Now i’m sure, i will completely change to AW.

    Thx WG for making a great game just frustrating!

  5. Peter says:

    It would be nice if you would write what you like and dislike about this maps and also other posts you make instead of just asking us ‘What we think’.

    1. And I have, but I don’t play Domination/Rampage so have little interest in PAris and Berlin, I would if there was tactics to it but currently what I see is half the players rigging and the other half trying to stop them on the hopes they have a clean game. I prefer instead knowing your opinion.

  6. StumpyDaPaladin says:

    I see that 1/2 the map is open compared to the corridors. So its pretty much RuinBerg all over again. And as we know Scouts can do fine there.
    I see long ass corridors. TDs can do fine there. (presuming something spots with 50m xray if nothing else) AND presuming there are some rubble piles that can block lower glacis plates.
    City maps are sad for arty. Even more when its flat terrain (and randomly placed tall things to break up the few ballistic travel paths into places that dont have shadow) Good Thing that the half the map is open.
    More importantly PS4 WoT Players are getting Severogorsk! and Holy F**! Dragon Ridge!
    … This troubles me.

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