Black Friday Sales – Known Issues

Clarification this issue is WOT Blitz specific.

The launch of Black Friday Sales has come with a few technical issues.

The ISU-122S has a Unique Permanent Camouflage which can’t be changed.

However, a technical issue will allow you to purchase alternative camouflages for this tank.

This issue will be fixed on a future update.

DO NOT purchase Camouflage for this tank.

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Black Friday Sales – Known Issues

15 thoughts on “Black Friday Sales – Known Issues

  1. Robert says:

    Are you sure, I bought my ISU-122S when it was released (so a year ago?) initially and I put in-game camo on it, still on it now…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Does it just happen with the ISU-122S? Because I bought the three tanks of the Berlin trio and out of curiosity I checked the Cromwell B and the IS-2 and I can buy camouflages.

  3. SpeedyCraft51 says:

    You were always able to add camo t9 these tanks :/
    You just cant remove the base inscriptions byt they dont count as camo anyway, but you can add standart camo below them on tanks like IS2, Cromwell B and thus probably ISU aswell…

    Not a bug

  4. Quaksen says:

    On, it’s sub-section is “World of Tanks Blitz”.
    I guess they have something else for those “Berlin” tanks.. since in WoT, you were always able to purchase camo for all 4 of them.

  5. Landser says:

    As always RU and ASIA get unbundles version of the B and EU/NA don’t. This is an insult to all of us. We’re considered richer this doesn’t mean we have to be milled for all we’ve got.

      1. pixywing says:

        The sad thing is WoTs NA population is hurting really bad. In 2013 a normal Friday had 45k-50k on a x3, even though they rarely even do x3s anymore, the population on Fridays now struggle to hit 25k. The west NA server can have less than a thousand people on it for most of the day, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it go away entirely. I always had about 40-50 ms ping better on the west server, but never played on it due to the 3+ minute queue and was spending almost as much time waiting for a game as actually playing it.

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