Black Market Su-76I fiasco

Today a fuckup of big proportions has happened to WG.

The special Black Market offer for this afternoon was the infamous Su-76I, a Soviet Tier 3 premium TD for 15k Gold.

Or so we thought. Turns out something went wrong behind the scenes and the Su-76I got mixed up with the Su-76G FT, so many people who wanted to buy a nice Tier 3 premium TD got a Chinese Tier 4 tech tree TD instead. Other players report getting a 14.7k gold refund with WG keeping 300 gold for the Garage slot that came with it. Others say that they couldn’t even buy the offer because they already had the Su-76G FT, while others also claim they had neither vehicle. I can’t confirm if any of the other issues were true or not, however the situation is silly enough as it is.



By the time of writing this article, WG has already apologized on the forums and on the main website and is proposing the extremely generous offer for the players to get 2 tanks for the price of one; Keep the Tier 4 chinese TD for free and get the Su-76I ontop.


So far the Issue hasn’t been fixed yet.

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