Brand-New Adjustable Styles in 1.9.1

Update 1.9.1 will introduce even more opportunities to customize your vehicles and make them look sharp on the battlefield. To start with, projection decals will be available for all tiers and all nations, so don’t hesitate to apply them to your favorite tanks!

Also, with the release of Update 1.9.1, you’ll be able to adorn your steel beasts with adjustable 2D styles. These brand-new custom looks come as a modifiable set of different customization elements (inscriptions, camos, emblems, etc.) that you can change to your liking. Let’s see how it works.

Add More Character to Your Vehicles!

The first adjustable style for all tiers and nations will be available for gold in the game client with the release of Update 1.9.1. It consists of:

  • 18 camouflages of different colors and patterns (6 for each season)
  • 2 original fonts to create personal numbers
  • 10 cool emblems

Feel free to combine any of these individual elements to create your own custom look for one of your tanks. You can decide whether you want to apply emblems. In addition, you can apply projection or progressive customization decals to this unique personalized style.

We’ll be closely monitoring the demand for the first adjustable style and your feedback on this new feature. In the future, we aim to add new 2D styles with varying sets of different modifiable elements. Adjustable custom looks will be marked with a special icon in the style selector.

For all future adjustable styles, you’ll be able to apply progressive decals or remove national emblems. Certain rental or special partner styles will remain unmodifiable, including the ones for the following vehicles:

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Brand-New Adjustable Styles in 1.9.1

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  1. ScottG says:

    what happen to fixing the game? Match Making? Too much time spent on camo on not on fixing the broken Match maker.

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