British AT Armor Changes Pt-2

In this round we have the AT 15 and Tortoise. Both look to be getting significant armor buffs which to me indicates there arn’t going to be any nerfs to shell penetration any time soon.

AT 15


Source WOT Express


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British AT Armor Changes Pt-2

9 thoughts on “British AT Armor Changes Pt-2

  1. Kyros says:

    Gold ammo will still laugh at this. No matter how much armor they add to shitty tanks, if they will not fix their Gold ammo problem by just lowering its DMG by 20%. Heavy armored tanks will still suck till then. Type 4 /5 & Maus player know what I mean.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The #1 dpm monster in the game might become hardened enough to terrify enemies as it fails to die to casual shots into the cupola.

    Or casual shots into the anything for that matter, Tortoise hasn’t been an armoured bunker despite appearances for a long, long time. Mostly because it has no real angles.

    Incidentally the latest round of buffs to tragic tanks seem to mean that WG is finally admitting that cherry picked historical accuracy is total BS and actually fantasy armour thickness to go with the other fantasy stats and non-collision barrels is just how it has to be for any level of credible balance.

    So, will we be getting the Chieftain in the game as a British tank after they decide to pump up the hull thickness so it’s not paper? Makes as much sense as putting a fake thickness on the Tortoise and many other tanks.

    1. Kyros says:

      They could just add sandbags, wallbricks, track parts, steelsheets that were added and it also is clearly visible in the model that its added. They could do a lot things, say it adds armor and the tank will be still historical just “modded by the crew”.

      But why add details, think about your game or pay for more 3D modelling ? If you can be WG, cheap out and say fuck it we add unicorns, anime tanks and change the fuck we want. Because historical accuracy ? We never heard of such mythical thing.

      The Americans used Tanks as stationary “Towers” by covering its whole front hull in sandbags towards the enemy side. Specially used with Shermans. You could at a sandbag sherman to the game and just say the crew was attacked in the morning and the tank moved to battle without any preparation. Boom 20mm+ armor for premium Sherman and a near story. Boom $$$

  3. Anonymous says:

    Oh and to emphasise how “hardened” the tortoise is becoming, it will, after the patch, if it happens, be 275-300mm all over the front except the very middle of the cupola which will be 175mm in the centre and 275-300mm to the sides.

    That’s about as tough as a Type 5 armour overall and now the cupola needs accuracy to hit the weak centre and not just *anywhere* on the cupola.

    2000hp, tank melting DPM and an excellent gun arc to back it all up.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Except shots will still skid across the roof of the tort and pen it like they currently do. I am playing Tort with damage marker mods and a good chunk of the shots penning me are skidding over my roof and out the rear of the tank.

  4. Anonymous says:

    PPS. Current Tortoise has 101mm spaced armour mantlet and 50mm behind that.

    Patch Tortoise will have 152 spaced armour mantlet plus another 152mm behind it.

    Cross that weak spot off the list also.

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