British Medium Changes (Part 2)

A few armor models showing off the new armor changes coming to the high tier British mediums, as well as a few other stats:


  • Horsepower increased from 510 to 650
  • Power to Weight increased from 12.26 to 15.63
  • Front armor plate increased from 50.8mm to 76.2mm
  • Frontal turret armor increased from 170mm to 240mm

Centurion Mk.1

  • Frontal turret armor increased from 152.4mm to 254mm

Centurion Mk.7/1

  • Description changed
  • Frontal turret armor increased from 152.4mm to 254mm

Centurion Action X

  • Frontal turret armor increased from 198.1mm at 254mm
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British Medium Changes (Part 2)

31 thoughts on “British Medium Changes (Part 2)

  1. So WG spent years and who knows how many rubels to acquire the most accurate data of the FV4202 armor, especially the turret armor…… just to throw it out of the window a few patches after its implementation, because “balance”. This is a whole new level of silliness. 😀

    IMO they can soon delete this underlined part of the official WoT description, if they implement these ‘buffs’, along with the rest of the new medium rebalances like we saw with the AMX 30, T-54, etc.

      1. I completely agree with you, but the should be some ‘hard stats’, which must represent the historical value. Armor thickness should be one.

    1. StevoMS says:

      Just throwing this out there but im pretty sure the first iteration of the premium fv4202 was with the old balance director (the one who did not want to change ‘hard historical stats’ like armour and engine power). After he was thrown outta minsk the new balance director evidently does not care about changing these stats. In my opinion, this is not great for history buffs but allright for balance purposes and creating unique playstyles for different nations. Admittantly he is also the guy who unleashed tanks like the defender and krysler upon this world so his record is not clean but these changes to americans brits and some russians in 9.20 are, in my opinion, a step in the right direction

    1. Yep, Ive been feeling they are doing that too. IF so VERY good on them, I have seen them make very few good decisions the last years, unless you count not releasing rubicon 😛

      But we will see, I do think the changes to the AMX 30s are a bit much, and I really wonder what they are gonna do to tier 7, cause there is a lot of shit there as is, let alone after tier 8 gets more powerfull…

  2. Phat_Buddah says:

    Karika. The balance (read, WG bank account balance) started when they decided to get a new HQ on Cyprus and they getting use to use excevator in the moneypit, nothing is making that greed turning, until they suddenly sitting there with WOT game transformed into to a Scifi game with lazergun and allowed cheeting etc etc. Nothing history accurate is holy, just a greedy imaginaton signed WG.

    1. madogthefirst says:

      I don’t get these changes either. So far the only buffs I agree with are for the M48, all others are quite questionable. All of a sudden now every medium needs to have the turret of the Maus.

      1. a passing hobo says:

        I feel it’s worth mentioning that the British meds were always intended to be strong on ridge lines with good gun depression and turret armour, so this is more making their strength stronger.

    2. bbmoose says:

      Yeah, the FV is quite troll with those angles. And when you use the gundepression the turret is almost one big autobounce zone.

      1. sippi81 says:

        side of the turret is easy pen I think if gun depression or not the problem is to hit it at a moving turret
        I am especially bad in that

  3. Mikosah says:

    I think the hull buffs to the 4202 are redundant, but the turret buffs to both it and the Centurions were well overdue. They should have never nerfed the turret armor in the first place. Finally these tanks can hull-down as the Lord intended.

  4. No_Quarter says:

    FV4202 buff is shit for the game, pay-to-win….
    They’ll need to buff Ravioli’s penetration, they HAVE to buff CDC which would leave +1mm tanks in even worse status – and they will sell them in tech tree – fraud at it’s finest!
    I just hate what they have been doing with this game lately, I do not see a valid reason to invest in this game and I cannot really enjoy this game, every 10-th game is like “heyyy I had some fun actually”

    1. The CDC and Revalorise just got buffs and they are being sold in te tech tree since they were put in the game. Yohr comment is as useless as the zodiac section in a newspaper. Cry more.

    2. sippi81 says:

      Not so pay to win as they gave the Fv 4202 for free and many me also have it
      Stopped playing this vehicle cause saw no real chance for a slow medium tank with expensive gun versus defender patriots liberties and scorpions with this changes I might have the chance to flank now or at least stay a little more safe in hulldown situation so maybe time to play again in tier 8-10 battles

  5. jenik2398 says:

    Well that Centurin 1 would be OP now, but it can’t be worse than Strv 81 (Swedish centurion) so I’m happy to see it (and also it can’t be different than Centurion 7/1

    I hope that these changes apply to caernarvon too

  6. the centurion 1 always felt underpowered and unable to fulfill its role.. it was a pain in grinding till the 7/1. Tthe 7/1 could pull some bounces on ridges but now it becomes a great tank, it was already one of my favorites, now its a beast on par with the american turrets, the mobility improvements before and now help alot because its a pretty big tank and target, but now its a the ridge master it always tried to be, it still has pretty bad dpm and some unstable accuracy for a tier9 even with the buffs not long ago.

    1. sippi81 says:

      the biggest problem of the 7/1 is and will be the bad gun dispersion imho of course its much better if you have more time to aim because your turret can take a hit but I doubt it will be one of the tier 9s I ll favourite especially because of arty

  7. About time. Though they wouldn’t have needed to buff the Cent 1 and 7 turret this much if they made the turret properly in HD. Pre HD turret was troll as the cheeks was angled. It has around 230-ish armor on flat terrain. Using the gun depression it troll bounces shots on the cheeks. The only thing they probably needed to buff is the mantlet. It pisses me off everytime I see how flat the turret cheeks are on the Centurions.

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