British Medium Test Changes

Good day everybody, brief bit of news:

As part of the ongoing balance changes, its now the turn of the high tier British mediums. For the Centurions (Mk1 and Mk 7/1), this will come in the form of increased effective armor for the turrets and upper front plates20246379_10159777235525377_3473042765381080916_n

The premium FV4202 will be receiving similar treatment, receiving an effective 223mm of effective armor. On top of that, it will be receiving a horsepower buff, 650 hp.


The Tier X Centurion Action X hasn’t been ignored either, with a effective turret armor buff as well.



More details are likely to emerge in the near future.


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British Medium Test Changes

58 thoughts on “British Medium Test Changes

    1. bbmoose says:

      Yeah, the Leo 1 needs some love. The Object 140 has more armor, same mobility (due to softstats) and better gunhandling. The difference in penetration is neglectable, as well as the ‘accuracy’ (for as far as that is a thing in WoT). The only thing the Leopard has over the 140, is 3 more degrees of gundepression and higher alpha. But yeah, the Object has more DPM.

      They should make the Leopard as mobile as the Batchat and it should have the best accuracy and gunhandling softstats in the game. No need for armor then, it wasn’t designed to bounce real life goldshells (Soviet HEAT and APFDS…-something). Maybe those spaced armor shields on the turret could make a difference, but if it is the hypermobile sniper that it should be, it won’t be necessary.

  1. Jan says:

    Will the top-turret on the Caernarvon and the stock turret on the Conqueror also be buffed? If I am correct, their the same turrets.

    1. Nocomment says:

      Caernarvon is meant to be getting a new turret later this year or early next. At the moment it is using the CAX turret so I think it will either get these buffs or will have the replacement when they are introduced.

      1. Anonymous says:

        so it had a Centurion turret to begin with, they “improved” it by giving it the AX turret, and now they are “improving” it again by giving it back the Cent turret it already had in the first place. DumbShitGaming at its finest.

  2. ThePegasus1979 says:

    That is not a buff, just an un-nerf. Because that were the exact effective armor values before the Cent Mk. I and Mk. 7/1 got hammernerfed with the introduction of their HD modells. Nice try WG, trying to sell the fixing of dumb fails as buffs.

  3. Karel says:

    So now the biggest junk will be brittish HT line and specially 215b. WG is going to buff the meds armor then buff IS 7 mobility and gun precision. So 215b advantages as gun and “good” mobility will be gone. I don’t need to have the chieftain or super conqueror I like fv but it deserves at least HD model with small turret armor and sidescrape weakspots buff. It is shame that WG remodels low tier SPGs to hd models instead of top tier tanks.

    1. Renarde_Martel says:

      “It is shame that WG remodels low tier SPGs to hd models instead of top tier tanks.”

      The HD models are outsourced to another company, and WG implements them as they get them.

  4. So basically WG wants every Medium tank to be able to go Hull Down and tank damage now with all these Medium Tank armour buffs. Because you know, Medium tanks having weaknesses can’t be allowed.

    It’s clear WG wants everyone to play mediums because “Twitch League 1337 360 No Scope!”, so Instead of these slight pushes to of other classes to obsolescence and removal of their class defining niches in favour of giving the niches to Mediums, WG should just remove the other classes altogether, leaving just Mediums.

    1. Anonymous says:

      well considering every map is a corridor and now they’re removing boost (i.e. the only viable means for paper mediums to escape the corridor meta), there isn’t shit else they can do, is there?

  5. Mikosah says:

    Praise the Lord! I have been waiting a long, long time to be able to hull-down in the Centurions like I used to before the HD nerf. Finally these big fat clunky things will have actual relevance in the meta. Don’t get me wrong, they’re really just undoing a nerf that should have never been applied in the first place, and there are other NATO mediums that still need some love, but this is still fantastic news.

      1. Probability says:

        If you insult someone for having a (valid) opinion, YOU’RE* probably just a bad person. And even if one isn’t in the top 5% bracket of players, their opinion is just as valid.

    1. Keller says:

      All of those buffs was were needed though. This one to the armor at least is not needed. The mobility buff I’ll gladly take. As for the action x, it is a big, soft, ammo rack with a good gun.

      1. StevoMS says:

        Ill take a nerf to gun stats for this armour buff if need be, the fv for me was a huge step away from the traditional Brit meds as it could not take any shots at all to the turret, at least in the non prems, you could quick poke and troll the enemy into shooting the strongest part of the turret. The fv couldnt do that since its the weakspots on the turret were the turret itself.

    1. Bob says:

      FV4202 now the new Patriot? I don’t really see that as a bad thing, compared to Defeners and Chrysler K’s and Vk100’s. The Fv4202 was a meh premium, and this helps.

      Tier 8 is a real shit tier right now, so moderately buffing tanks to make it not as painful is alright for me.

      Now just give the STA-1 the 55 kph of the Sta-2, give the bulldog autoloader the reload speed of the t71, and give the tiger 2 an UFP buff and some gunhandling, increase the DPM of the T32 to 2200 DPM and we can start having Tier 8 not being so bad.

      But never return the BS defender to the game.

      1. Bob says:

        Oh and I believe the tier 10 FV4202 had a 121mm highly angled UFP. Looks like they are bringing this back for this tier 8 variant. Again better but not OP with the 20 pounder at a long reload.

  6. heinz says:

    I got the Mk 1 on tier 8 and either this tank sucks or I am too stupid to play it. Now I will give it another try

    1. Blankman says:

      The tank is good, or more accurately good.. It’s still a decent hill/second line support sniper tank, but it’d take some time to adapt as it’s a departure from Comet and Cromwell’s playstyle..

      Let the feel of the tank sinks in and maybe it’d strikes your fancy..

    1. Sandor Nagy says:

      Centurion 7/1 was un-nerfed.. not buffed. This was its original armor before the HD “remake”. This is restoration not a buff.

  7. Anonymous says:

    As an owner of the fv4202 I am happy with the changes BUT I think this will increase the power gap between tier 8 and 7. It all started when wg implemented the op trio (Def, patriot, liberte ) and as a result they started buffing the other tier 8s further increasing the torrent of imbalance between the tier 7 and 8. I think they should just nerf the op premiums to the ground and leave the other tanks as they are. Now the tier 7s are just food for the tier 8s that just steamroll them. Still I think the rv4202 needed the buff just to stay competitive against the broken heavies. But that just further increases the problems of the game…

    1. _Ebola_Chan_ says:

      See the problem with your argument is that WG doesn’t actually cares about a tier that makes no money =| Why make it so the gap between tier 7 and 8 isn’t too big when you can make another 40-50 bucks per person on a spread of roughly 3-5k people? They will never fix the imbalance because fixing the problem stops people from buying the OP prems when they’re released. It stops the feeling of necessity in buying them to be able to win. They won’t nerf prems anymore because of what happened in Germany a while back where WG lost a lawsuit. But let’s be honest with ourselves here… Tier 7 has always been fodder for tier 8

      1. I agree, but I’m sure they will do some buffing to tier 7 at some point as well, also tier 7 might be one of the best, after tier 9, tiers to be top tier, 300-ish alpha can oneshot a lot of TDs and LTs at tier 5, trades incredibly well AND its the first tier where there are quite a few tanks with good gun handling.

    1. bbmoose says:

      It is overkill. It is pretty troll how it is now, I often bounce shots on it in it’s current state. I even bate shots from lower tiers on it.

  8. andrebellons says:

    why 223mm on the HULL of FV ?!?!
    this way it will have better frontal armor than many heavies !!
    Overbuffing the turret is not a problem… but if hull gets buffed too it’s quite nonsense to me.
    It would have better hull than tier X !

  9. arthur wellsley says:

    Statistically FV4202 was one of the worst performing tier VIII premiums in terms of silver profit, win rate, and wn8, so clearly it needed buffing.

    Centurion mk.1 at tier VIII also is one of the lowest performing mediums on the same statistics amongst the tech tree mediums, thus again clearly needed buffing.

    Centurion 7/1 on most statistics sits below average when ranked with the other tier IX mediums and so again was deserving of buffs.

    CAX on win rate, damage per game, wn8 sits near the bottom of the tier X medium tanks and so also is deserving of buffs.

    For the tech tree tanks, for the most part this is just returning them to exactly the condition they were in before the HD models reduced their turret armour.

    The FV4202 took such a huge nerf when it went from a tier X in the tech tree, to a tier VIII premium, that perhaps WG went to far. The question is are they now over buffing it?

  10. Renarde_Martel says:

    I really wish they’d stopp all the unrealistic armour buffs and buff/nerf tanks the way they used to do, with soft stats.

  11. DeLawrence says:

    I haven’t played the Centurions before their supposedly HD turret armor nerf, but I did and still do pretty good in them. Although some of you people think this buff is not needed i think it is. Here’s why:
    All centurions: They are really tall tanks with weak ammo racks, getting tracked and racked quite often from what I gathered, so trying not to expose your hull and use the fantastic gun depression has been an obligatory skill for these tanks.

    Cent Mark 1: You have a 20 pounder, with pretty good DPM, but lackluster aim time and softstats(CDC like). So…if you take aiming into account, you have to expose yourself quite a bit in order to have about 80% chance of hitting. I have often been shot back and penned and the trades generally didn’t go in my favor. I can say the same for enemy centurion 1s.

    Cent Mark 7/1: The L7A1 is a good gun, except the aimtime. It’s 2.16 with BIA, but for some reason it feels more sluggish than that. Again..exposing tank leads to getting shot, but it’s more forgiving in this one since 9.66s reload gives you enough time to position accordingly and fall back after shot.

    Cent AX:TBH, no idea why this is getting buffed. The upper turret part was bouncing quite a lot if hull down…I agree you have those 200mm zones to the left and right of the gun which are 213mm effective as shown by, but they are small and hard to hit reliably.

  12. PanzerKempBoosh says:

    as a proud owner of all four tanks, i welcome these buffs,

    but i would honestly prefer a gun handling buff especially to the fv4202 and centurion mk.I

    an engine power buff to the 4202 would be much appreciated too

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