British Q and A Part 2

Answers variously by Ogopogo, Okinoshima, OhSlowpoke, Shapeshifter, Ed.Francis, Listy, and Vollketten


Hi guys, thanks for the questions, there is some repetition in the questions and we have either lumped some together as they came in or just referred back to an earlier answer it it’s a repeat. Hopefully we got to almost everyone but if we missed you sorry. The response we got for a Q and A was HUGE, thank you everyone but there is so much we’ll have to break the answers into 2 parts. Take note WG of the size of the demand for UK lines.

Just as an FYI though, none of us are not privy to internal decisions or balancing issues by Wargaming so Cannot answer questions about those.


Q: SLAKRRRRRR: How much information has been found on some of the heavy cruiser tank designs, specifically A36, A37, A40, and A44?

A: Yes, enough information has been located for some of these tanks to get them into game but information on them in general is light.


Q9: WULF CORBETT: Will the Ram II ever be moved to the British (and Commonwealth) line where it belongs? Possibly as part of the Global Rebalance? It was never a US tank and would never have been used by them.

A:Ultimately it would be an internal decision by wargaming, though a commonwealth line is possible merging into the Centurion for medium tanks. There are some nice Commonwealth tank destroyers and the occasional heavy tank too. Thankfully there are other Ram tanks to the one WG wasted so all of us are hoping to get some Canadian pride properly allocated.


Q50: ladydreamsicle:

1.Was the Crusader ever used in USSR service through lend-lease? If so, did they do anything notable to improve its performance?

A:There is historic footage of tanks being shipped to Russia which includes one Crusader tank being loaded onto the train. We checked with Russian sources and couldn’t find any information to suggest that this Crusader was received or sent so the footage may be misattributed or the vehicle off-loaded elsewhere


2.Why does the FV304 in-game use an unhistorical 4.5 in howitzer? Weren’t there any better choices?

A:Because WG is welded to the idea of calibre increases, and the British tended to just use the 25Pdr for everything as it did a great job. So because of the desire for increasing Calibre WG had to invent stuff. There was the FV305; a 5.5” gun on the same chassis, however the similarities end there.


3.Was the Matilda I (A11) ever planned to be fitted with anything other than a machine gun?

A:  Yes, it came up as part of our research to try and get the A.11 into the game. There’s options to use some decent ammunition for the machine gun and there was also a find in British archives of a suggestion of using the French 25mm gun in it although this idea went nowhere in real life. For WG this would be an ideal solution in our opinion to get the A.11 into the game.


4.Why is the Vickers Medium Mk III in the British line a Tier 3? Wasn’t there any better choices for that spot in the tree?

A: None of us were in contact with WG at the time the British tree was first introduced, so it wasn’t really our call to make.


5.Are there any more blueprints/schematics/pictures for the FV300 series (FV301, FV303, FV305) and A46 Light Tank Prototype that aren’t already viewable online?

A: Almost certainly. We work hard on a number of archives around the world to try and locate things like these and there’s a lot left to uncover. While details on the FV303 remains somewhat elusive, we have such information on other vehicles you mention.


Q37: FASTESTCLASSIC: Oh, another question: Does the A7 Medium Tank still have a chance of making an appearance in the game? I like the idea of a mini-TOG at tier 2 with the 2pdr. Maybe a gift tank, IDK.

A: Absolutely


Q38: SGTSCHLAUTTER: Is there any way to implement a british light tank line that goes from tier 6 to tier 8? That is one thing I feel this game is desperately missing

A: Yes. With the developers looking at tier 10 light tanks, it is also worth mentioning that the British could possibly have two full lines. There are actually enough light tanks to branch off from T6 all the way to T10 with tanks to spare for Premiums. Many of them are yet to be shown publicly.



1- Will the Churchill ever get its famous off road ability.

A: Famous or infamous? Issues like torque, and reliability are not modelled in WoT. Mobility is a soft stat bearing often little resemblance to real life. While it would be nice to see a more complete physics system implemented better representative of the tanks themselves, it is both a balance and an internal matter.


2-Will we ever get the tetrach in its rightful home, maybe with the little jhon adaptor

A: The Tetrarch is very likely to appear in any future British light line. However, as to whether or not it would have the Littlejohn is largely an internal balance decision. Our research also turned up more information on the Littlejohn and different ammunition which furthers their options.

3-Can you change the name of Stuart I-IV to honey or honey stuart

A: As far as I am aware, ‘Honey’ was an unofficial designation.


4-Will we ever get a Stuart V (M3A3) as an elite tank, or a

A: Unknown at this time.


5-Stuart kangaroo (You think the MT-25 is balance with +3mm who needs turrets anyway)

A: Listy has often suggested a Stuart MKVI he likes to call a ‘Jalopy’, he has suggested the title several times and gets it banned each time he does. The term Kangaroo makes no real sense as even without a turret it’s not much use as an APC. But basically you are asking why we don’t have an unarmed (.50cal maybe at best) turretless Stuart tank in game? Probably because it would be utterly useless. Listy will still want it though….

6-We will ever see a UK light line

A: Most certainly. Hopefully soon


8-Scotland flag please

A– That’s a question for the developers but there’s no reason why not. We have stumbled across more than a few suitable Scottish slogans too.


Q41 DEANO:  from a balance perspective do you think that giving the challenger a 20 pounder gun in game would be such a big deal? i mean if i remember those guns have the same mounting or something like that so why are wargaming so insistent on making people play a bad tier 7 with a terrible gun for the tier. i mean its a 230 damage gun yeah itd have the best pen joined with the at7 at tier 7 just nerf the rof and aim time for it on the challenger make that line not just a free xp magnet.

A: The A.30 Challenger is generally seen by players as mediocre at absolute best, and statistics reflect this. The elite turret is the Avenger and given there are more A.30 turrets these vehicles should never have been merged together. Avenger could have been a tank in its own right.  But anyway it is interesting to note that the 20Pdr type A barrel was actually modelled by WG for the Challenger, but was not implemented on the public test or live server. It wouldn’t be too hard to give it a much needed buff and a decent gun. Hopefully A.30 will be improved at some point



  1. Any pics or stats for Conqueror AT with autoloader?
  2. TOG IV – real project or fake? And when we can see a book about TOGs?
  3. Pasholok mentioned a real world alternative for FV215b, what is it?
  4. More info about A31 project.
  5. Churchill with sloped armor – what it looks like and maybe some modules/stats? 32-pdr maybe?



  • The design of the vehicle was uncovered by Ed. Francis but it was never built.
  • TOGs are very complicated as a development story. ‘TOG IV’ is a fake name though. A book on TOGs is in the works.
  • Probably referring to an upgraded Conqueror.
  • Enough information on A.31 has been found to bring it to the game but isn’t published at this time.
  • Churchill with sloped armour? How? Where? There was a Churchill with a 5.5 inch gun as a SPG variant discussed, but never implemented.



Q43: PHONTOMEN: Now that the Sandbox is in full swing, proposing new roles for Tanks. Are there any new British Breakthrough Vehicles candidates being passed around or being considered? Now that we have all these new spaces to fill.

A: It’s too soon to know what changes will result from the sandbox, and none of us are privy to the internal discussion surrounding the sandbox server or the future direction of the game. All that said, however, there are a lot of British vehicles which could be introduced, more than a few of which could be considered breakthrough vehicles such as the Heavy Valiant. .

The frontal armour of the Heavy Valiant ranges from 4.5” (though well sloped) to the more vertical 9.0” sections (with some pike nose shaping for good measure). With a lower front plate of 8.5” and a 10” thick turret front, it is an incredibly, almost insanely well armoured tank considering its size and weight. Side armour clocks in at a respectable 4.5” to 4” with a 1” thick skirt. Side turret armour comes in at 6.0”, though the rear armour isn’t nearly as thick. Now if only the 75mm/95mm/6 PDR HV matched the armour. Thankfully, we have that area covered with various gun projects and much improved ammunition… the idea of the Heavy Valiant version with twin 20mm Oerlikon cannons would provide some amusement too.


Q44: ANONYMOUS: What are your opinions on the Crusader tank?

A: Fun in game, decent tank in real life providing speed and firepower in North Africa. Even the Italians liked it enough to try and copy it but they weren’t in North Africa long enough for the development to come to fruition and their project was abandoned.


Q47: WHEELEDTANK: Is it possible to see the Scorpion or Scimitar Light tanks, and would they be combined into one vehicle (as the difference is the turret and gun)? If so, what tier could we expect them to be?

A: It is likely that we will see the scorpion and scimitar in game. However, what tier, and whether they’ll be combined is up to WG.


Q55: jorg2: Would there be candidates for an (new) light tank line? And would other fv304 like vehicles (high rof, high speed) be possible?

A: As we mentioned earlier, there are candidates enough for two light tank lines, the second of which would split off after tier 6 and both run to tier 10. As for the second part of the question, if you are referring to FV304 artillery, it remains to be seen what will be done with artillery. Some options for a light line would include, random Vickers Mk. like the Mk.IIIB, A.17 (with new turret), A.18, A.25, A46, FV301, Some Vickers light or medium tanks to top out the branch or alternatively something from the AVR development to lead to Scorpion. Plus there are some totally unknown light tanks found in archives etc. which we can get in. The UK along with a couple other countries can reach tier 10 with light tanks.


Q56: PAUL T.:

Q: Who were ‘The Desert Rats’? What was their roll in North Africa? What tanks, if any, did they use? Any insights into the tactics of The Desert Rats that could help us in the WoT battlefields?

A: The Desert Rats were made up of the 7th Armoured Division, 4th and 7th Armoured Brigades; the Black Rats, and Green Jerboa’s respectively They were critically important in North Africa fighting the combined Italian and German forces and its not really possible to give a full summary of their actions in a short answer. Follow the links in the website above is probably the best and most honest advice. Tanks used included (in multiple theatres) A.12 Matilda II, Mk.VI Light Tank, A.9 Cruiser, A.10 Cruiser, A.13 Cruiser, Valentine, Crusader, Stuart, Sherman, Grant, Sherman Firefly, Cromwell, Challenger (A.30), Chaffee, Comet. There’s basically nothing of real value from real life desert tactics which translates directly to game apart maybe from the principle of flanking. The Desert Rats were successful though in North Africa for several reasons, not least of which was excellent leadership from General Montgomery.


  • Lots of lots of artillery bombardments. The game is just a game.



Q57: ANONYMOUS: Can we expect to see the Uk Fv4401 Continious (Name possibly spelt wrong) and prehaps the french Lorr CDA As a future tank destroyers.

A: Possibly. With regards to the FV4401, however, Contentious isn’t actually one vehicle, but rather a number of vehicles, test-rigs and designs created in an effort to fulfill a certain design goal. As for the one which sits at Bovington, can’t say as of yet.




Q: BATTLEBUDGIE: A note and sort of question (basically, ‘amiright’?) on British vertical surfaces. I believe that the railways of Britain were an influence. The Loading Guage (clear space around and above the tracks) on UK railways is significantly less than US, Russian and European railways. Since the railways were, up until the end of WWII THE way to move tanks long distances British tanks had to be designed to have tighter maximum dimensions than other nations armoured vehicles. In order to get the same number of people, equipment, ammunition etc. as other nations used for a given role within the tighter maximum dimensions the sides of vehicles had to be more vertical for better volumetric efficiency.

A: maximum height and width is commonly restricted by rail loading gauge yes. If the sides slope in then the maximum width of the turret ring is also reduced so vertical sides make better use of the maximum width of vehicle which is restricted by a rail gauge.

Q: Bumbler: It’s no secret that fans of the British line are salty about the Tetrarch. How does that tank compare/contrast with the Harry Hopkins? What are your thoughts on introducing one or both of them or how could they be implemented?

A: Harry Hopkins is a later vehicle with some improvements over the Tetrarch. The primary differences were slightly thicker armour, it’s slightly larger size, while a number of minor changes were made. In terms of introduction they are both best suited to forming part of a UK light line


Q:The Churchill and Churchill VII are very similar with the latter mostly just being an up-armored version of the former. I’ve read in a few places that these tanks were very good at climbing steep slopes. Is there any chance of this ability being implemented in some way that doesn’t conflict with map design such as increased hp/ton or reduced terrain resistance?

A: The real life mobility or climbing ability of many tanks is poorly represented in game currently along with issues like torque, acceleration, and reverse speed.


Q: The Churchill VII has much better armor than the tier 5 version despite the same gargantuan weakspots. As top tier it fares quite well (if you know how to play its style) despite its laughable top speed. I can understand the hp/ton being lower due to increased armor and the same engine, but why is the Churchill VII top speed so much slower than the tier 5?

A: Unsure what ‘gargantuan weakspots’ you are referring to. Regarding the speed, ultimately it does come down to weight. Increases in weight don’t only affect hp/t of tanks, but ground pressure, stress on the automotive components to name a few.


Q: What are your thoughts on giving this tank some kind of big howitzer? As I understand it, WG doesn’t want to implement the AVRE so why don’t they give this thing some derp… I mean it already has terrible gun depression, large weakspots, is very slow and clumsy…. it would be a great platform for a howitzer and would give people a choice in playstyles from fast firing dpm to big blasty derp gun. Thanks!

A: The AVRE guns are likely too hard to implement in game as they would be a nightmare to balance. No one likes being one shotted. It remains an internal decision either way. The Churchill tanks really were not fast but they have decent armour to make up for it.


Q: ADITYA:  Regarding my question about the superconqueror- i had no intention of calling a ‘conqueror with ballistic shield and anti explosive shield’ as superconqueror as I am no fan of fake names myself. Real question is that- will this machine come to world of tanks?

A: Why wouldn’t it? Most of the vehicle is already modelled so just adding some spaced armour across the hull, turret and gun is a fairly simple process and can replace a made up tank. Seems like a logical step.


Q: ISH:  CWJIAN90:  I find it very hard to believe that the 6-pounder AP can outperform that of the ZiS-2, considering the ZiS-2 has a significantly higher muzzle velocity and fires a heavier shell.

A: I’m afraid you might have to be a little more specific than that. Which shell fired by the 6-pounder outperforms which shell fired by the ZiS-2? Could you post or pm your data and sources and we’ll have a look.


Q: ARMANDO RODRIGUES”: since the Chieftain and the FV215b keep coming up I would like to ask exactly what do you guys think stops WG from adding the early Chieftain prototypes said to have 120mm of armor at the front? With the angles of it’s upper and lower front plates it would definitly be acceptable for tier X, the effective thickness would be really close to the current FV215b but with better angles and a higher chance of bouncing. Just take a look at the chinese 113, the upper plate has 120mm just like the Chieftain prototype and it often becomes a auto-bounce due to a 60º slope. If the armor of the prototype was supposed to be more than adequate for a tier X heavy why not add that? afterall aren’t top tier british tanks supposed to be all about their guns? All of them, be it mediums, heavies or TDs aren’t the best protected in the game but compensate with powerfull and accurate guns capable of damaging enemies at range and by doing that reducing the ability of being damaged back

A: Which early Chieftain had 120mm frontal armour? Certainly the prototype Chieftain glacis was thicker than the production version 95mm to 85mm but I’m not aware of a 120mm version

RG: Thanks to everyone that send Q’s in and for all the lads for answering. There will be at least one more British Q&A coming so please leave your Q’s under this comment section.

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