British Q&A


I’m continuing the Nation’s Q&A, this time we gonna be focusing on the British armoured vehicles.

Feel free to put any historical and in-game related questions in the comment section bellow.

Dave Lister (no, not the Red Dwarf guy) and Volketten (perhaps some of the other guys will join too) will be picking and answering them for you.


Thank you. 🙂

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British Q&A

216 thoughts on “British Q&A

  1. ok i don’t see my post anywhere so i try with the gmail…
    i heard listy say something of 30pdr. any details? can it fit turret of blackprince? was it ever proposed for the tank?

    also when do WG buff the obsolete British tanks? i see no churchill avre or cromwell-centurion avre tanks and there was the centurion turret proposed to be mounted onto blackprince with 32pdr – this can put up a fight with the O-ni, especially if there’s 30pdr mounted in original BP turret theoretically

  2. xander10 says:

    1. Info on TOG 1(stats etc if added) and if it will be added to WoT
    2. Vickers 6 ton, is there any possibility that it will be added to WoT
    3. TOG IV is it real and what is?
    4. TOG 2 (77mm Variant) stats and if it will be added to WoT
    5. Thoughts on Churchill NA75 as premium?
    6. Churchill AVRE ‘Adder Aggie’ variant, is it viable?

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