British TD Changes (Detailed)

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Building on our post from yesterday, here is a breakdown of the changes coming to the high tier TDs of the FV4005 lines. And yes, your suspicions where confirmed, the Challenger is indeed getting a 32 pdr. gun despite the original supertest release listing a 2 pdr. Small miracles, right? Here are the changes:

• New OQF gun 32-pdr AT gun Mk has been added. II (Tier VIII)
• Increased penetration from 171 to 220 mm
• Damage increased from 150 to 280
• DPM reduced from 2406.6 to 2.2246,2
• Increased module damage 105 to 135
• Reload time increased from 3.74 to 7.479
• RoF was reduced from 16.044 to 8.022
• Shell velocity reduced from 884 to 878
• Decreased accuracy from 0.288 to 0.336
• Aim time increased from 1.53 to 1.92
• Reduced dispersion shot after firing from 3.356 to 2.877
• Increased dispersion during turret traverse while at maximum speed from 1.23 to 1.38
• Increased turret traverse to 18 deg/sec

FV4004 Conway:
• Increased top speed from 35 to 50 kph
• Added new BL 5.5-in. AT Gun (Tier X)
• Increased penetration from 259 to 260 mm
• Increased damage from 400 to 600
• Decreased DPM from 3,208.8 to 2,607.1
• Increased damage to modules from 165 to 191
• Reload time increased from 7.479 to 13.808
• Decreased RoF of 8.022 to 4.345
• Reduced shell velocity from 1,067 to 850
• Decreased accuracy from 0.307 to 0.364
• Aim time increased from 1.82 to 2.3
• Increased dispersion during turret traverse from 0.096 to 0.134
• Increased dispersion during turret traverse at maximum speed from 1.53 to 2.

FV4005 Stage II:
• Max speed was increased from + 35/-12 to + 50/-15 kph
• Target dispersion was reduced during turret traverse from 0.326 to 0.288
• Increased dispersion during turret traverse traveling at maximum speed from 3.91 to 4.6
• Increased dispersion during hull traverse while at maximum speed from 10.74 to 15.33
• Turret traverse speed increased from 12.5 to 16.7 deg/sec
• Increased gun depression from -5 to -10 deg
• Horizontal traverse range was increased from 90 to 180 °

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British TD Changes (Detailed)

37 thoughts on “British TD Changes (Detailed)

  1. Pedalpowered says:

    Should also mention that the 5.5inch gun on the conway gets HESH (instead of APCR) with 200 pen and 770 alpha.

    1. Nocomment says:

      This line is in more need and they seem to be drip feeding info on the balance changes. I guess the other line and heavies will get their announcement at some point soonish…maybe

  2. The Conway’s movement dispersion is god awful to start with, the 5.5 is not going to be a gun to get snapshots with clearly.

    4005 changes look nice, and the nice that the Challenger gets the ability to actually deal some damage.

      1. MR_FIAT says:

        20-Pounder does not fit in the era the challenger was made, Then again the same could be said about the avenger turret….

    1. ROMBAT says:

      Haha…just stupid players shoot 4005 in hull when his turret armor is 20 mm. So you,,ll not get any bounces on your turret when you,ll shoot over the ridges.

      1. Morganator says:

        Its not about not knowing the turret as a weakspot rather not showing as much of your weakspot so the enemy may miss

  3. Deano says:

    finally theyve given up with the useless buffs to the worthless 17 pounder on the challenger and given it a gun thats usable. it only took them what 3 years?

  4. zombietropa says:

    With the 5.5″ gun, I’m getting the feeling that the Conwy is going to feel like a FV4005 lite. At first glance, why should you take the 5.5″ over the 120mil? After all, you get less accuracy, slower shells, more dispersion, and lower DPM, for only a very, very, slight buff to pen, and higher alpha damage. With stock ammo that is.

    If you do what most Death Star and Shit Barn payers do, and load the prem HESH. Yes, you drop down to only 200 pen, but gain an additional 170dmg per shell (if it pens ofc). The DPM of the 5.5″ firing HESH is about 100 odd better than the 120mil. You’ve become the bane of medium tanks, TDs (especially the high tier Swedish TDs) and LTs. Sure you can’t pen tier 8+ HTs, but you still can inflict some damage, along with knocking out modules. But if you get their sides…

    And may the gods help tier 7 HTs you come across.

    Its going to be nice way to get used to the FV4005’s play style. And the buffs to the FV4005 are nice, may actually buy and keep it this time around. And finally the Challenged is getting a good gun.

  5. Bumbler says:

    I’ve played all of these tanks a good amount and have mixed feelings about these changes. Here are my thoughts:

    I’m unsure about the Challenger changes. I liked having a fast firing super accurate 17pdr. I think that they should have considered giving the turret traverse a big buff instead. However, it will be interesting to try out a gun with significantly more pen and and alpha… and the did buff the turret traverse some so that’s good. It would be nice at least to continue to have the option to mount the 17pdr for those that want it.

    I don’t think I like the Conway changes. Sure you get a big alpha gun and HESH rounds, but at a huge hit to accuracy, DPM, and aimtime. Will have to wait and see…

    As someone who has a soft spot for “bad” tanks like the shitbarn, I am super pumped for the changes to the FV4005. Finally this tank will have some unique characteristics that set it apart from the FV215b 183. The biggest changes to this tank have to be the massive buff from -5 to -10 gun depression and doubling the turret traverse angles… This tank will feel a lot more unique now and I can’t wait to play it. My only gripe is HESH ammo though because it feels really cheap to me (and somehow really F***ing expensive at the same time haha). I really feel like they should get rid of it and buff RoF a little and ammo capacity to compensate.

    Brits feel like they’ve been kind of neglected lately so this feels good.

    1. StevoMS says:

      i saw you and your negative comments in the last patch notes for this line and all i can think is ‘begon unbeliever’. Have you even played the conway? Sure some tanks have and can handle worse gun depression but that thing is tall AF even the slightest incline thata russian med could shoot on the conway couldnt even think of shooting on because it is so tall. 10 deg of gun dep will feel more like 7 because of its height, same deal with the shitbarn

  6. Uggala says:

    Indeed. I’m kinda losing interest in WoT when i read patch notes like these.

    The power spiral is spinning like a jet engine with tanks being horrendously overbuffed left and right while also being equalized across the board. A while back each nation had its set of strengths and weaknesses – Now everything and its cat gets more gun depression/turret armor/gun handling, the tanks get less and less different – Which is imho taking out a big chunk of what made WoT so fun to play. At the same time they won’t fix the big problems in the game (getting rid of arty and these corridor maps that are way too small across the board) or make them significantly worse with quite brainless changes to the mechanics (again arty, matchmaking).

    /sigh. I really like this game, but at the same time i really don’t like the direction it is taking 🙁

    1. Ragnarokbazil says:

      Im quitting wit the moment patch goes live… I clap everytime when someone outplays me in my type 5.. You know flank and or hug my sides or ass… And not shoot gold at my front.. Now well they ruined all the trees I played there’s no point in playing now… My poor heavies my poor spgs and exspevially my poor light tanks.. Sigh.. And instead of putting b in balance they are driving dedicated players like me away I like the TD changes but Thats not why Im complaining its the med tanks.. Ill be playing crossout until the meds get put back down as the control all the tank classes now… Ah well its been a good time playing since release take care everyone. May the game decide to be good to you all… I may pop on to play my lefh once a week to once a month or less but Im on my final paitance with WG and don’t get me started on the contact lists lol

  7. Blackswordsmen says:

    I hope changes dont end there… the churchill gc should honestly be moved down to tier 4 and have it top gun removed… that way at tier 4 it actually has decent protection at the front… wg should try to find a replacement at tier 6 for this thing..

    1. Blackswordsmen says:

      You cant chang the design of this tank its already shitty at is… no matter how many buffs you give will still be a turd at tier 6

    2. Bumbler says:

      I agree for the most part. It’s just terrible and no amount of reasonable buffing will make it decent. It wouldn’t make sense to drop it to tier 4 though since the base vehicle the Churchill is a tier 5. They could maybe put it at tier 5. I feel it should be a premium vehicle from the beginning because it doesn’t fit well in any tier and and only has one good quality… the gun.

  8. SpeedyCraft51 says:

    -nerf arty because “too much dmg”
    -give heavy tanks an artillery gun that greatly gains from premium ammo. P2W and gamebreaking.
    -overbuff the most OP and P2W gun in the game. As if a TD able to oneshot a tier X or take a third of its health by just hitting needed anything but a removal from the game…

  9. Psychopatton says:

    Was going to get the Leopard prototype. Screw that. I’m going for this now. Have the firefly and 108k free xp. Can even convert a little more. Want the tier eight with top gun. Will try the buffed challenger first though. Might even be awesome now. Some getting used to though. Haha

  10. sippi81 says:

    stupid idea to buff the shitbarn its already performing as on of the best tds on the tier dont know why they think it needs to be buffed any further
    how about tiger II or caern or KV 4 they would really need a HUGE buff especially as they continually buff tier 8 premiums and tier 9 or 10 tanks so the gap gets bigger and bigger and nobody plays standard tier 8 or even grind through the tier 7 or 8 tanks anymore

  11. Skullbriar says:

    Im still grinding my way through the challenger and I liked it because it was a sneaky tier 7 medium tank with an amazing gun and limited HP. I was of the opinion it was the best tier 7 sniper similar to leopard pta at tier 9.
    However it is listed as a TD and the new gun will make it more like a TD.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Why has nobody mentioned an armor buff on FV4005???? I realize the gun power, but at least make the armor the same as the death star. Am I right? Make it balanced…

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