British Turreted TD Balance Changes

Good day everyone,

As part of the on going rebalancing being done in the test servers. This time the focus is on the British FV4005 line. Here are the stat changes:

FV4005 Stage II

  • Turret Traverse: 16 deg/sec
  • Speed: +50/-15 kph

FV4004 Conway

  • Turret Rotation: 18 deg/sec
  • Speed: +50/-20 kph

Characteristics of new Gun: BL 5.5 in. AT Gun

  • Depression: -10 deg.
  • Penetration: 260/200/70mm
  • Damage: 600/770/770
  • Accuracy: 0.38
  • Aim Time: 2.4 sec
  • Reload: 14.4 sec


  • Turret Traverse: 18 deg/sec
  • Speed: +52/-20 kph

Characteristics of new Gun: 2 pdr. AT Gun Mk. II

  • Depression: -10 deg.
  • Penetration: 220/252/47mm
  • Damage: 280/280/370
  • Accuracy: 0.35
  • Aim Time: 2 sec
  • Reload: 7.8 sec
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British Turreted TD Balance Changes

26 thoughts on “British Turreted TD Balance Changes

    1. Anonymous says:

      surprised so many people dislike the high dpm 17 pdr with .3 accuracy and the 10 degrees of gun depression to boot. I don’t think a low dpm and unflexible 20pdr will be good for the tank.

      Plus, all you’d end up doing is making the T25/2 even worse than it already is.

  1. Mizutayio says:

    Though i don’t mind these buffs, i really think that the FV 4005 could do with a small buff to the gun, maybe better aim time and accuracy, just to make up for the horrendous armor.
    The FV215b 183 actually has the armor to afford to aim, the FV 4005 hasn’t and it gets the same gun stats.

    1. GlennA says:

      The FV45 has really good mobility and a derp gun…its the T49’s bigger brother so expect it to have shit aimtime and armor otherwise just get the FV183.

      1. zombietropa says:

        The FV4005 has good mobility? The FV215b has better armour… and has roughly equivalent mobility. Maybe with the Griffon engine that the Conwy has, combined with the better fixed traverse and speed that is currently in ST, I’d might consider it mobile, and worthwhile having in my garage again.

    2. Anonymous says:

      As a Fv4005 user i can verify thats true.
      There no point is its better accuracy if your preasured to snapshot because of your low armor and notority in the field its a waste of improved accuracy and high alpha.
      some sort of acc buff would be heavenly.

  2. zombietropa says:

    Also, the Conwy going at 50… holy moly

    The turret traverse buffs are nice, but would’ve liked to see the FV4005 getting a 90/90 degree turret traverse, as it was like on the SB server at one time.

    1. StevoMS says:

      The conway going 50kph and has 10deg of gun depression literally already made this my new favourite patch. AND it gets a 600 damage gun? Shutup and give me this patch already, i need it in my life.

    1. Pang Zhu says:

      Hopefully no nerfs either 😉

      Already feels like a slap to the face, having played the Challenger in its current ragrinducing crappiness and seeing the potentially upcoming buffs. The only thing that kept me sane with the Challenger was knowing that it would lead to “something goods” aka the Charioteer. If they were to nerf the Charioteer now, I would probably die a little bit inside. 🙂

      1. Eizergue says:

        I felt exactly se same, i worked my ass off to get the only one worthing the grind, now, they make it easy (with these buffs, the challenger can be dangerous now)
        Before that you knew the pain the player had to experience when you met a charioteer, i don’t want the charioteer to change to something worse, but a buff to the 9 and 10 would be welcomed!

      2. Nerf? That thing should get a giant buff. I don’t think I’ve seen a Charioteer in a few months. And I’m not surprised. It was the only tank I wanted from this line. And I sold it immediately after researching Conway. It only works if you’re camping in the same spot for the whole battle. If you try to use its mobility you get smacked in the face with horrible gun handling. And turret traverse. And gun depression. If you drive too fast while peeking – or hit a tiny rock – you might as well not bother shooting cause the gun will go batshit crazy. It should get some turret traverse and gun dep and possibly a buff to soft stats. And they should make the Type B 20pdr the stock gun. I mean, what fucking moron thought It would be a good idea to make you grind 45k exp for a gun that’s almost identical to the stock one – and then another 55k for the top one… I don’t remember a stock grind that was more horrendous than this thing… But hey, it’s WG. I’m sure they’re working on it – not another OP premiums… Oh, wait…

  3. Blackswordsmen says:

    Some where out there the churchill gc is crying… waiting to herd and taken care of by a new family…😉

  4. Blankman says:

    The extra gun depression is a nice addition, since i’ve recently sold my Conway because of the horrifying gun depression.. I don’t know about the new gun though..

    Challenger actually would works just fine with the 20pdr type A/B, just like the AT 7.. The extra gun depression is always nice..

    Either way, this is quite some generous love for the British tech tree.. Now, let’s wait for some love for the Black Prince, maybe it’d get the 20pdr type A..?

  5. Chris Smith says:

    On the Conway, by “new gun” that means they are replacing the existing “120 mm AT Gun L1A1” with this new “BL 5.5 in. AT” or they are adding it as a second option? I’m assuming its a replacement which is a bummer. I really like the DPM the L1A1 puts out (3,200). I cannot count the number of times I’m won a slug out because the other person didn’t realize the shear DPM that the Conway can put out.

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