Caernarvon Action X Tier VIII Premium.

The forthcoming tier VIII British Premium Heavy Tank.

This will be in the 9.21 pactch available to supertesters only. So it will be seen in the wild from time to time in that patch. Closed supertesting on this project was run in September. This will be the second British premium tier VIII tank.



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Caernarvon Action X Tier VIII Premium.

31 thoughts on “Caernarvon Action X Tier VIII Premium.

  1. Anonymous says:

    So r they saying that after 9.21 that only supertesters will be using it to continue testing it and it’ll eventually be in the shop, or is it a reward for supertesters and we’ll never see it in the shop?

      1. DickHerMax says:

        Dislike just for this comment. Ask Rita to disable “down votes” if they hurt your feelings 🙂

      2. Seth says:

        Wow, great response there Jerry. The guy is asking for clarity, with a question that is NOT a yes/no question, as to what this means for us normal players and you respond with “Yup” and then rant about the down voters. That is just fucking BRILLIANT.

      3. Anonymous says:

        OP here and I don’t understand why these tards r down voting a question. They just further prove jerry’s assessment.

  2. jenik2398 says:

    I’m just scared I will just buy thins thing no matter how good/bad it is. like I bought Sexton I just for being british. 😀

    1. ROMBAT says:

      It,s just stupid not to sell when the market ask for that product. When people won,t buy premiums anymore wg will not produce premiums like knowdays.
      Wg is a good learner about what people wants from premium tanks after the poor sales of bad pather88 premium tank. After that they put on the market even better premiums than regular tanks…so don,t worry wg will stop producing premium tanks when people will stop buying them.

      1. Anonymous says:

        People also ask for proper mm,balanced tanks and a working anti cheat system but I don’t see wg do anything about them….oh wait those think won’t fill their pockets.

      1. Nameless says:

        Once you have a balanced game, proper MM and an actually working anti cheat system, people will naturally join in or back. More people means more possible customers.
        What WG is doing right now is plucking the corpse of the last bits of gold and money it has on it. They’re trying really, really hard to squeeze even a single penny when possible. That’s because the game has long reached its highest peak and has since gone down.
        I can tell you: I’ve been a player since 2013. Although, to be honest, my bad computer setiously limited my enjoyment; this came to an end in 2014 when I bought myself a laptop that I game on even to this day. Game quality has gone down massively.
        It wasn’t the best back then but neither the worst. It had its goods and bads but it was more than enough for a casual player like me.
        I even thought the game was well on its way and that it would get even better as time passes. Back then, people were shooting gold every once in a while. Premiums were released at an acceptable pace and, frankly, were balanced.
        How wrong was I. Everything that I thought of back then got negated in a year or so.
        For us, the “old guard” as I like calling the 2011-2014 generation, the game has been a big disappointment for the past two years. WG have intentionally gone out of their way to replace the people that really do enjoy playing this game with muppets. They like muppets: they are obedient. They buy anything that’s up for grabs in the Premium Shop. They spam gold all day long. They approve anything they do.
        Those thinking that I’m saying bullshit right now don’t know and will never know just how much different and better, above all, were the old days; long gone are these days and they will never return.

  3. real_toothdecay says:

    The canteens should NOT be outside. That’s just stupid. Pistol belt is inside with the crewmen, canteens should still be attached.
    Also, wtf, ANOTHER tier 8 premium !

  4. Anonymous says:

    It has a better turret than the regular Caernarvon, especially the anti-HEAT and HE spaced armour.

    A better power/weight ratio and a slightly higher top speed.

    It also has 28 vs 24 degrees traverse and 40 vs 35 gun traverse speed.

    The downside is 2339dpm vs 2584dpm 100% no gear/perks and 230 vs 280 alpha. However the 20 pounder does have slightly better penetration than the 32 pounder of the regular Caernarvon.

    Sooo…. more flexible, better turret but less dpm….

  5. leonthepro says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but this would be the first british heavy premium tier 8 in the game, since the only other higher tier british heavy premium is the FV201 (A45) at tier 7.

    1. ROMBAT says:

      First british tier 8 tank it,s fv4202 and this one is the second. If you read the news carrefully you wold have notice that it,s not saying the category of the tank, medium or heavy. It,s the first heavy british premium tank and it,s the second british tier 8 premium tank.

  6. nyso88 says:

    Its not the second T8 Prem. You got the FV4202 and the Chieftain/T95. The Chieftain has 50% Bonus for Crew and Credits, so it isnt only a rewardtank.

  7. btw
    Rira is not here anymore
    she’s gone ~

    lost interest awhile ago, and now got a ‘actual life’ with her good mate Jingles
    and University stuff

    reminds me
    Happy Christmas Rita xx

    *thanks for Status report
    – and the fun of all those fun twitch streams

  8. Purple Midget says:

    Hey an arty magnet that will promises to balance a pew pew gun with no stopping power with the assurance that tier 6 lights will pen you from miles away, what’s not attractive about that proposition?

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