British Q&A



I’m continuing the Nation’s Q&A, this time we gonna be focusing on the British armoured vehicles.

Feel free to put any historical and in-game related questions in the comment section bellow.

Dave Lister (no, not the Red Dwarf guy) and Volketten (perhaps some of the other guys will join too) will be picking and answering them for you.


Thank you. ūüôā

Armored Warfare: Patch 0.16



I’m back from the¬†Czech Republic after paying a visit to Silentstalker and it’s been awhile since I’ve written about Armored Warfare. ¬†The only reason I had gone quiet with the game is because of my growing discontentment about some subjects but they brought up a new patch, the 0.16 and it looks very good so far, this is the trailer:

Main Features:

  • Gameplay Improvements based on Community Feedback
  • New High-Tier Vehicles
  • A Loot System
  • Updated Sound Effects
  • Three New PvE Missions
  • A new Commendation System

More can be found here.

Left Armored Warfare patching while was gone today ad played already a bit, some sound effects are a bit annoying but they can be turned off, so far so good. Trying to get the new PVE missions.

AW Flash Sale: A Message from the Production Team



Thanks to YUKIKAZE88! Drew, the Senior community Manager has posted the following message in name of the entire AW Production Team on the Flash Sales:


“Hello everyone,
We would like to take a moment to properly address the ‚ÄúFlash Sale‚ÄĚ events from last weekend. The goal was a commercial one, we are not sweeping that under the rug. We came up with a very generous offer which would indeed be limited to our most reactive players. Even with a smooth execution of the sale, we were fully aware the deal was not going to reach all of our player base. We have to deeply apologize for this deal not being limited by reaction time, but mostly by our technical prowess, which was not the intent, our mistake and definitely none of your fault as a gamer and customer.

Although our staff did their utmost, during the weekend, to make this less painful, we are still not able look back on the results and pat ourselves on the back for a job well done. Continue reading

Armored Warfare Goofed up too



It’s been awhile since I’ve written about Armored Warfare, on Friday while I was out and about enjoying my day off they “done goofed up” as well. Many of you been requesting me to talk about this and I just caught up now.


Basically, what happened was that AW decided to do a Flash Sale from a couple Premium bundles, to be precise:

  • All-In-One Pack (85% Discount)
  • MERC Pack (50% Discount)
  • ICE Pack (50% Discount)
  • WOLF Pack (20% Discount)

This Flash sale was available for 24 hours, only 100 packages were available and the worst, instead of being able to buy it directly My.Com had the brilliant idea of making people having to buy gold to be able to purchase the packages. What could go wrong? Well, basically everything.

Note: I suggest to read the following while listening to Benny Hill.

-An announcement was made that there would be a Flash Sale.

-Players invaded the Portal and headbanged their F5 key, waiting for the Sale links to be given and crashed the Portal.

-Although the main Portal page was down, the background links were working, so some players found a way to the links.

-Meanwhile, a mass of panicking players who had spent money on gold for the packages flooded the forum.

-Forum luckily held in place.

-When Portal came back, the 100 packages were gone by the smartasses who had found the Flash Sales links.

-Panicking intensifies and even more flood the forums.

-Forum still held in place.

-Armored Warfare realising they done fucked up,  generated 500 more packages.

-SilentStalker was sent by the incompetent ones to warn on the forum thread that there would be 500 more packages.

-There was such a flux on the thread that when he pressed publish it got immediately buried by the panicking players.

-The 500 packages appear on the Portal while most players were unaware.

-The 500 packages got snatched immediately as well.

-AW made some good money.

-AW made some really angry players too. Paying Players.


And now I have to ask you:




Insider Info: World of Tanks 2.0 in development



No, this is not a joke or a hoax. I already had my suspicions for months as I’ve spread my roots trough every crack but¬†my insiders¬†in Wargaming finally have confirmed this information.


Wargaming is currently working on a World of Tanks 2.0 with modern vehicles just like Armored Warfare. The game is in pre-alpha stage and its very likely that it will be announced this year, maybe even at Gamescon.

WG is learning from its competitor Armored Warfare, that there is enough interest in modern vehicles. The screenshots released on April 1st, 2015 as a joke belonged to a very early stage/prototype version of the project and since then the engine has received a major improve and the models will certainly look as polished as the HD WoT models.

And talking about Armored Warfare… I hope this is more than enough reason for them to wake the hell up, I still play the game but it’s very visible of how much less I’ve been writing about it. I’ve been feeling disappointed and just came out from a month break from AW, Obsidian has had many fails since game got released, most patches come delayed, incomplete and¬†full of bugs.

I expected more from Obsidian mostly due to the games they released in the past (Neverwinter, Fallout New Vegas and even Pillars of Eternity) I’ve been investigating around and there is practically no people working on Armored Warfare that worked on the good games.

So yeah, I’m very curious about WoT 2.0 and I hope this to be a wake up call for Obsidian to start doing a better job.



AW Mail.Ru Does it again…



when it comes to Armored Warfare which is separated by 3 different branches pretty much (there is Obsidian, My.Com and then Mail.RU) I’ve written before that I see Mail.Ru just like the¬†Chinese server from WoT. Don’t really care much about and they pretty much to whatever the F* they want, but seriously, there are limits to it.

The Mail.Ru marketing department is spending the company’s money on petty shit like this:


Make love not WOT” – Armored Warfare Project Armata Mail.Ru

Since then, Mail.Ru has given the excuse that the¬†advertising has nothing to do with World of Tanks¬†and that WOT¬†stands for¬†“Waste of Time” (wasting time), seriously? Due to their past petty activities, do they think people really will believe that?

I have to point out that Obsidian and My.Com (EU/NA) have absolutely nothing to do with these actions, its only the Russian side of AW who keeps on doing things like these. This is the type of stuff I could imagine WarThunder staff doing instead, honestly, I really hope someone gets fired.

Armored Warfare: 0.14 Update Trailer



This is the trailer for the next Armored Warfare Update, 0.14:


What we can expect:

  • A new PvP Map Highwall
  • New PvE Missions (Albatross, Cerberus)
  • Light Tank and Tank Destroyer Penetration Overhaul
  • High Tier Gameplay Changes
  • Replay System
  • Field Rebuild Kit
  • Social Network Sharing

More Info here:

I saw a glimpse of the Replay System last night and its actually better than WGs, cant wait for it and I’m pretty sure content producers will be very happy about it!

And while still in AW subject, I started compiling for a new AW Q&A with SilentStalker, if you have any more questions please leave them here. ūüôā

Armored Warfare: ST. PATRICK’S DAY



took an extra day to write about this Armored Warfare event, there were some issues with the commander’s description which got fixed soon after. I had been warned that there was a major F* up and took time to check things around¬†to¬†write about but there is none.


Erin O’Connell

-Anyway, until¬†the 21st of March this is what’s¬†available:

  • From 7 PM to 10 PM CET (EU server) or 6 PM to 9 PM PDT (NA server), all players will receive a 100% Reputation income bonus for all battles
  • Playing at least 5 PvP or PvE battles from 7 PM to 10 PM CET (EU server) or 6 PM to 9 PM PDT (NA server) will make the players automatically eligible for Daily Raffle
  • For the duration of the event, the Gold price for permanent application of Woodland camouflage patterns will be reduced by 20%
  • Each day of the event, players will receive a unique Irish-themed decal (five emblems in total) by logging in at any time during the day (the day resets at midnight CET for EU and midnight PDT for NA)

Continue reading