Help a Newbie Program!



so these past weeks -if not few months- I have been thinking about ways to improve not just the blog but also my engagement with the community.

The Status Report discord channel was definitely a good idea and a start. We have surpassed the 700 users and it has a surprisingly friendly atmosphere. Also, we have given and still are giving niches so that people can discuss properly different Wargaming products and even AW and WT among other miscellaneous channels (like #Foodporn, #memes, #music, #Historical and Rita’s shitty trivia, etc) so everyone feels and is welcome. I’m always connected there are tend to answer frequently and so do the RSR lads.

I also now started giving rewards to Patrons for their support (planning to improve it with time). For years I have run platoons with the Twitch Subscribers, RITA clan members and Viewers but I never really platooned with Patrons but I have corrected that now. WoT Patron Platoons are now a thing!

But I’m still not satisfied… In a conversation with Ph3lan at Tankfest2017 I realised that I currently no longer have a favourite tank after he asked about it. I still hold dearly the Tortoise and IS-3 but the game meta has changed so much so rapidly that I now find myself playing completely different tanks and most of the time I use them in different roles than they were initially and years ago intended for.

If I, someone who has been playing this game for over 5 years feels this way I can only imagine how it must be for the New Players! It doesn’t help that a lot of the information out there for newbies is very much so outdated but unfortunately it comes hand in hand with the game’s age and the fact that there are so many vehicles out there nowadays that such a task to update would be not only monumental but pointless because like I said, the game meta is changing very quickly.

Although I have and will always make time to answer questions to newbies and tomatoes I believe the best course of action is to take the matter into my own hands.


Launching the “Help a Newbie” program!

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Interview w/RitaGamer & Oneandonly016 + Blog Updates and May Patronage



before and while we are making transcripts and gathering other data I’ve decided to share the interview Oneandonly016 and I did for Wargaming this weekend at TankFest 2017:

Blog Changes

And now that the Tankfest craze is over, right before I left for the event I did some tweaks on the Status Report page:

  • The Header image now fits for mobile and tablets.
  • The Header image now directs to “Home”.
  • Share buttons were changed into icons.
  • Added Reddit as a share option.
  • RSR’s Discord server can now be found on the Right Side bar.

Future changes:

  • Personalised RSR page for mobiles for easier navigation and lighter bandwidth.
  •  Still working in image zoom-in

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Pedrogao Grande Charity Stream

Hello everyone,

As some of you may or may not know, there are a series of devastating wildfires in Portugal at the moment. Being from Portugal herself, our own Rita will be starting up a charity stream to help aid victims of the ongoing fires. So if any of you from among our readers wish to stop in and donate or show your support it would be greatly appreciated.

Stream will of course be on Rita’s Twitch channel:

For those of you who just want to donate, the page to do so is here:


Thank you all ahead of time for any support given.

New R. Status Report look!



I’ve finally done something that definitely should have been done long ago, updated the blog’s appearance.


I took special attention to suggestions that you gave so these are the “patchnotes”:

  • Browsing options on the left
  • Authors, Contact Support and Social widgets on the right
  • Now it’s easier to find the “Reply” button in the comment section
  • “Up & Down” and “Back to Top” buttons
  • Patreon now is more visible for those who wish to support
  • Thumbs Up and Down on comment section


  • RSR’s Browser has now a blog Icon
  • With the new layout, I am looking forward to adding other content creators as partners so “hola” me, I don’t bite. Much.

Current struggles:

-Help if you know how.

  • Facilitate the use of images in the comment section.
  • Allow readers to zoom-in single/solo images.


Let me know if you have any other suggestions in the comment section.


Thank you, everyone, for the support.

Rita Sobral

R. Status Report is now a Crew



after listening to the good pieces of advice from the community and closer contacts I’ve decided to bring some lads aboard Status Report.

They will be covering for my derriere when I’m not able to be around and helping me out whenever possible.  I’ve asked them, whenever they are ready and if they want, to write a presentation but for now, will give you a brief.


Current team:


-From RU server. Living in the Ukraine, Ukrainian.

-He’s been around the last months and been crucial to RSR, he’s in charge of helping me with translations. A friend.



-From NA server. Living in the US, Californian.

-One of my moderators from Twitch, has a good English and will be in charge of writing about news (he pays particular attention to console as well).


Life in Black

-From NA server. Living in the US.

-Someone I’ve known for awhile. A Tank connoisseur who pays particular attention to Israeli vehicles and can be often spotted over the NA forum.

-Also will be in charge of dealing with news.



-From EU server. Living in the UK, Polish.

-The coolest craziest grandpa I know and I’ve meet for multiple times in real life.  Another one of my Twitch moderators. Someone who helps me keeping track of things when they get messy.

-He will be in charge of sharing videos from the community/gaming companies.



– EU/NA/RU servers. Living in the UK, Portuguese.

-The Margaret Thatcher of World of Tanks. 😀



-From NA server. Living in the US.

-For those wondering where the heck CK16 went, he became really with his personal life, the lad been killing himself working last few months but still helps around in the background whenever he can. Something I completely respect. I’m keeping him in the team nevertheless.




WoT’s Invite and Existing Account Giveaway Winners



remember the codes I made a giveaway for my birthday to you? Well, it’s been taking me a bit longer than expected than get it all done. They are around 100 physical codes and been spending my free time scrapping them, writing on the PC each code and make a list of the winner’s email it belongs to and going as far as writing the winner’s email behind each card because something always goes wrong with these type of giveaways and I want to make sure that if for some reason the code doesn’t work I can get it smoothly fixed for you.

Anyway, instead of delaying it a bit further, today I sent emails to all the winners of the World of Tanks codes for existing and new accounts and I also organised here all your first names and surname initials, if you applied and your name resembles any of that, please check your email.

Tomorrow I will start sending emails to the WoWS and WoT console winners.

Thank you, everyone, for your continuous support. <3


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A healthy break



I’m finally back from the weekend, was camping at Tanks Trucks and Firepower and was a bit secretive about this as it was more of a “family outing around tanks. There’s always a vehicle or 2 I haven’t seen before at this type of events but I went to it for some peace and quiet away from the desk and games and wanted to be able to go a bit crazy/overboard as I was hanging out with not only a family group but also a second group full of crazy service and ex-service man that I’ve become friends with.

I arrived from it on late Monday night and spent Tuesday taking care of documentation (city council, bank, car, provisional license, etc etc) and to rest because I arrived knackered from partying, playing with kids, driving like lunatics in the arena and catching torrential rain.


Photo (not mine) from Sunday night, eating cooked Halloumi on a stick from a washing-machine drum fire. 🙂

Final of the International Army Games 2016



been a bit absent, took the weekend off to do some work over the garden, I’m scrapping the entire garden for a new layout, planting a bunch of herbs and flowers, I’ve even decided to build my own BBQ Grill and Pizza Oven and if time/weather permits will be building a leisure area as well to Netflix and chill. Also, had to get a check up on my ankle, last week I got a small fracture in it and can’t do training for now (hence the gardening instead to keep me active), going to have a fitness test with the military soon (Will give you more info when its time) and don’t want to lose progress already made. For those curious, this is kinda of what I’m aiming to build.

Anyway, check out this video compilation from the 2016’s International army games: