New R. Status Report look!



I’ve finally done something that definitely should have been done long ago, updated the blog’s appearance.


I took special attention to suggestions that you gave so these are the “patchnotes”:

  • Browsing options on the left
  • Authors, Contact Support and Social widgets on the right
  • Now it’s easier to find the “Reply” button in the comment section
  • “Up & Down” and “Back to Top” buttons
  • Patreon now is more visible for those who wish to support
  • Thumbs Up and Down on comment section


  • RSR’s Browser has now a blog Icon
  • With the new layout, I am looking forward to adding other content creators as partners so “hola” me, I don’t bite. Much.

Current struggles:

-Help if you know how.

  • Facilitate the use of images in the comment section.
  • Allow readers to zoom-in single/solo images.


Let me know if you have any other suggestions in the comment section.


Thank you, everyone, for the support.

Rita Sobral

R. Status Report is now a Crew



after listening to the good pieces of advice from the community and closer contacts I’ve decided to bring some lads aboard Status Report.

They will be covering for my derriere when I’m not able to be around and helping me out whenever possible.  I’ve asked them, whenever they are ready and if they want, to write a presentation but for now, will give you a brief.


Current team:


-From RU server. Living in the Ukraine, Ukrainian.

-He’s been around the last months and been crucial to RSR, he’s in charge of helping me with translations. A friend.



-From NA server. Living in the US, Californian.

-One of my moderators from Twitch, has a good English and will be in charge of writing about news (he pays particular attention to console as well).


Life in Black

-From NA server. Living in the US.

-Someone I’ve known for awhile. A Tank connoisseur who pays particular attention to Israeli vehicles and can be often spotted over the NA forum.

-Also will be in charge of dealing with news.



-From EU server. Living in the UK, Polish.

-The coolest craziest grandpa I know and I’ve meet for multiple times in real life.  Another one of my Twitch moderators. Someone who helps me keeping track of things when they get messy.

-He will be in charge of sharing videos from the community/gaming companies.



– EU/NA/RU servers. Living in the UK, Portuguese.

-The Margaret Thatcher of World of Tanks. 😀



-From NA server. Living in the US.

-For those wondering where the heck CK16 went, he became really with his personal life, the lad been killing himself working last few months but still helps around in the background whenever he can. Something I completely respect. I’m keeping him in the team nevertheless.




WoT’s Invite and Existing Account Giveaway Winners



remember the codes I made a giveaway for my birthday to you? Well, it’s been taking me a bit longer than expected than get it all done. They are around 100 physical codes and been spending my free time scrapping them, writing on the PC each code and make a list of the winner’s email it belongs to and going as far as writing the winner’s email behind each card because something always goes wrong with these type of giveaways and I want to make sure that if for some reason the code doesn’t work I can get it smoothly fixed for you.

Anyway, instead of delaying it a bit further, today I sent emails to all the winners of the World of Tanks codes for existing and new accounts and I also organised here all your first names and surname initials, if you applied and your name resembles any of that, please check your email.

Tomorrow I will start sending emails to the WoWS and WoT console winners.

Thank you, everyone, for your continuous support. <3


Continue reading

A healthy break



I’m finally back from the weekend, was camping at Tanks Trucks and Firepower and was a bit secretive about this as it was more of a “family outing around tanks. There’s always a vehicle or 2 I haven’t seen before at this type of events but I went to it for some peace and quiet away from the desk and games and wanted to be able to go a bit crazy/overboard as I was hanging out with not only a family group but also a second group full of crazy service and ex-service man that I’ve become friends with.

I arrived from it on late Monday night and spent Tuesday taking care of documentation (city council, bank, car, provisional license, etc etc) and to rest because I arrived knackered from partying, playing with kids, driving like lunatics in the arena and catching torrential rain.


Photo (not mine) from Sunday night, eating cooked Halloumi on a stick from a washing-machine drum fire. 🙂

Final of the International Army Games 2016



been a bit absent, took the weekend off to do some work over the garden, I’m scrapping the entire garden for a new layout, planting a bunch of herbs and flowers, I’ve even decided to build my own BBQ Grill and Pizza Oven and if time/weather permits will be building a leisure area as well to Netflix and chill. Also, had to get a check up on my ankle, last week I got a small fracture in it and can’t do training for now (hence the gardening instead to keep me active), going to have a fitness test with the military soon (Will give you more info when its time) and don’t want to lose progress already made. For those curious, this is kinda of what I’m aiming to build.

Anyway, check out this video compilation from the 2016’s International army games:

Motive of my absence


TLDR: I’ve got a lot on my plate atm. Getting some things done.


I apologise for my absence. I’ve been getting a lot on my plate these last few days, my cat’s wound is already finishing closing but I’ve been dealing with loss and out and about taking care of documentation like provisional driving license and searching for a car to buy.  These are things that need to be done, right now, for example, British public transports are costing me more money than a thirsty car and besides they are quite unreliable, unpunctual and just with too many messy connections.

I want to go back to studies (Military history) and also take my class H driving license (tracked vehicles) but all these things are slightly far away. I want to keep on living at this place but the school options I have are all +1 hour away plus the class H license will be all the way near London. This summer, when I started going to all these events I’ve meet really nice people that I also would like to keep a friendship with but they are all away up north, I want to be able to just drive to them to hang out, I live in a military area and you rarely get to see the same face twice around here, so things can get pretty isolated and I’m tired of piggybacking on friends every time I need to be anywhere as well.

Working on becoming a full “strong independent sassy women”.

Anyway, on the car, I usually keep things like this away from the blog but most of you are guys so hear ye. Let me know your opinion/suggestions. Continue reading

Half of a Half Century



today I’m celebrating my 25th birthday… first of all thank you very much for all the good wishes you already sent, I woke up this morning with my private messaging and email flooded with love.

I know I’ve been sort of absent these past few weeks, meeting you and gathering footage for you but I also been doing something else…


I’ve been hoarding codes for you!

Unfortunately, they are only EU…nowadays physical codes like these are server bounded I’m afraid. BUT, would make me really happy and I would appreciate, when WG NA reads this (and perhaps even SEA), if they would give some codes as a birthday gift, 50% of RSR reader base belongs to the NA server and there are plenty of SEA here as well!

Basically, you just need to enter your email and in 6 days it will pick you randomly, I will be taking this 6 days to scrap and type down each and every code (there will be more in the next few days, for EU at least).

13 x WoWS/WoT INVITE Code

  • Campbeltown + Excelsior
  • 1 Garage Slot
  • 1 Hangar Slot
  • 1 Premium Day

10 x WoT Invite Code

  • T2LT
  • 1 Garage Slot
  • 7 Days Premium
  • 1500 Gold

19 x Bonus Code for WoT PC

  • Chi-Nu-Kai
  • 1 Garage Slot
  • 3 Days Premium

50 x Bonus codes for WoT Console

  • Excelsior
  • 1 Garage Slot
  • 1 Premium Day


Thanks for everything.


Rita Sobral



RSR Update: Back from the events lunacy and future



this one just arrived from TankFest 2016, had a tiring but wonderful time there, loved meeting so many of you and I cherish all the words of support you gave, thank you!

With Tankfest now over it also means that my schedule will be coming back to normal, June is by far the busiest of all months, I’ve gathered plenty of footage that will be working on in the next few weeks and also got to meet and create lots of new contacts around the “Tank World” to create/gather even more in the future.

I’m going to cover some questions you’ve been frequently asking and giving you an update, it’s been a long while since:

The elephant in the room, FV3805 Restoration Project


Well is hard to put it, the project is currently on stand-by. Basically, with Kickstarter failing (I was against using Kickstarter from the beginning because of the short period permitted to gather all the money but that wasn’t in my decision) it meant that we (Ed Francis & Co.) would have a smaller word on the project, Ed Francis was pretty much the one that was keeping things organised. Continue reading

Old RSR is back up



arrived back home to the great news that Status Report at Blogger is now back up, great news because I had committed myself to repost all the historical articles and Slava L. Q&As which I’ve kept stored (most likely will do it still but at a slower pace).


Many of you been asking through various pages…I’ve decided to stay here at WordPress, not only I have more tools which will improve your experience but also more control over the comment section as many of you been begging me to get rid of “Mark Wests” (yeah, I’ve noticed you actually made this a thing), here I’m able to (Google comment section isn’t optimized whatsoever). I wanted to do this for a long time and was given an excuse, what they say about being given lemons?

Please note that the appearance of this page will be changing in the near future, today I already modified the blog tones but I’m still getting familiarized with everything.

I need to thank SilentStalker, Jingles, all historians/tank connoisseurs, translators and  Wargaming EU/NA, Obsidian/ for their support on these past days and thank you as well!


Feel free to give suggestions or ask any questions, I’m always reading. 🙂

The White



The previous Status Report page has been temporarly taken by the “Google police” by fraudulent reports, I searched for SilentStalker’s advice and he told me this happened a couple times to FTR as well, to not worry as the page should be back in a day or so and take advantage to enjoy some free time.

But instead I took the chance to do something I wanted for many months now, migrate to a better host.


To an improved restart.

Thanks everyone for the continuous support.