Swiss Q&A #2 the answers


Thanks to everyone for asking questions. I hope i can give you a better insight into the Swiss tech tree with my answers.

Here we go:


-Would you consider Austrian tanks as premiums in a tech tree?

-Also, are there any Austrian tanks that could be fitted into the Swiss tree?

Since the Saurer RK-9 is gonna be the tier 1 tank in order to prevent another Renault FT to be the tier 1 tank. It should be possible for WG to add the SK-105, however i have no power or knowledge over where WG will add the SK-105, in the swiss tree it could either be a premium tier 8 TD or maybe a tier 10 light tank alternative in case the swiss tier 10 light tank would be rejected. The other option is that WG throw it into the german tree or a standalone premium. Only time will tell. Continue reading

Tanks Encyclopedia – WB-10


Author: Tadeusz Pakula

Illustrations by Jaroslaw Janas

Thanks to TE for giving us permission to post this article.

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WB-10, Polish Medium tank prototype from 1927


The WB-10 (sometimes written W.B.10) was the first tank designed and built in Poland. It was also one of the only Polish interwar armored vehicles that was completely original. Without drawing inspiration from foreign vehicles, as was the case with the TK tankettes or 7TP. The WB-10 was planned as a successor to the French-bought Renaults FT. Unfortunately, the WB-10 was a complete failure and the whole project landed in the dustbin of history.

Very little information has remained to this day. Two photos exist which are speculated to be of the WB-10 prototypes, somewhere near Warsaw in 1939. A supposed drawing of the vehicle is also widely circulated on the internet, but it is not compatible with the vehicles seen in the two pictures.

It is highly important to stress that most of the information with regards to this vehicle should be treated with a healthy dose of skepticism until primary sources can be discovered and shed more light on the curious WB-10.

A Polish Renault FT. This was the only tank in Polish service when the WB-10 was designed – Source: Derela Republika

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Reality check: Swedish tanks


Author: sp15

This short article will be purely dedicated to comparing the in-game Swedish tanks with reality, in essence I will be expanding upon my previous article “The lies about the Swedish heavies” where I went trough the faults of the top tiers in the heavy tank line. Going by the logic that its better to show you rather than tell you I will simply provide the relevant data below, if you want a more in debt look at these tanks you can check out my last article here.

Armor schemes

Emil I

Just as a note of interest this tank actually has its historical side armor unlike the other heavies. Continue reading