Reality check: Swedish tanks


Author: sp15

This short article will be purely dedicated to comparing the in-game Swedish tanks with reality, in essence I will be expanding upon my previous article “The lies about the Swedish heavies” where I went trough the faults of the top tiers in the heavy tank line. Going by the logic that its better to show you rather than tell you I will simply provide the relevant data below, if you want a more in debt look at these tanks you can check out my last article here.

Armor schemes

Emil I

Just as a note of interest this tank actually has its historical side armor unlike the other heavies. Continue reading

The lies about the Swedish heavies


Author: sp15

The Swedish heavies have just hit the public test server and have generally been well received, however, I thought it would be a good idea to give you the real data about these vehicles. From the way WG´s balance department chose to ignore their historians and historical data I think the Swedish heavies mark a new era of WoT where history is discarded for the sake of convenience for the balance team.

Emil I
The tier 8 Emil as represented in the game is based on the 1951 proposal for a new Swedish 30-tonne tank which had the project name EMIL. Note that nowhere in the original documents is this initial design referred to as Emil 1, instead, it is simply listed as “EMIL”.

The name Emil 1 was later used in 1952 for a completely redesigned version of the tank which was a scaled down version of the Emil 2 that you see in game. It is not fair to either of these vehicles to misrepresent the name like this, but more importantly, it confuses people as to what the tier 8 Emil actually is. You see the 1952 Emil 1 unlike the 1951 proposal had several armor options (none of which are as thick as the one in game btw) and I think WG might have done this deliberately to confuse people into thinking that the tanks armor isn’t really fake.

EMIL 1951 stats Continue reading

Swedish tree, Supertest and beyond: Messed up models and Made up stats


Author: sp15

So as you probably know the next patch will bring the introduction of the Strv m/42-57 as the first Swedish vehicle to be added to World of tanks. Unfortunately, it seems that it will also mark the introduction of one of the most unnecessarily convoluted tech tree’s in the games history. As tanks have started to leak from the supertest it has become clear that historical accuracy was not a major concern for several vehicles. And this is in addition to a frankly botched TD line and several messed up models.

Perhaps not all of this was avoidable but as somebody who has worked on getting Sweden into the game for over 3 years, and as one of the two people who made this tree possible in the first place, I find this kind of treatment of the tree both depressing and infuriating.
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The Laupen Tanks


Author: Mizutayio


I have talked about these Tanks briefly in another article but since they are interesting vehicles they do deserve their own write-up.

Before the Laupen Tanks were developed, the Swiss army bought a set of G-13 tank destroyers from Czechoslovakia in 1949 which stayed in service until 1973 but only used a 7.5cm which was used by the StuG III.  I will make a separate post on the G-13 later as there’s quite a lot of new material on them for Switzerland and knowing how popular the ‘Hetzer’ is/was in WoT the G-13 will offer something special for the Swiss too.

These G-13’s were to be the basis of the Laupen 16t. In WoT it would likely be tier 5 with the L/48 7.5 cm gun as the stock gun and the 7.5 cm Pak. 51 (AMX 13-75s gun) as a top gun, with both autoloading and singleshot variations possible.


Swiss G-13 Tank Destroyer


There is not a lot of information about the Laupen tanks as to why they were designed and why they stayed on the drawing board. From what I can access and understand at the moment it is to do with the Swiss being concerned over the costs rather than performance. Switzerland had problem in tank production as it lacks many natural resources. So based on that, all I can do is make estimated guesses as why some of the things were as they were.

The Why: Continue reading

The Panzer 74 Project ( VZ 67, VZ 71)


Author: Mizutayio

After a long time i finally went to the archives again to find more about that mysterious tank that would very likely become the Tier 9 and 10 Swiss heavy tanks.



First of all this was a project by the Swiss military in order to replace the faulty Panzer 68. Development on the Panzer 74 project began in 1969 and the concept was known as the VZ 67 which stands for Versuchsfahrzeug 67. A later version is called the VZ 71 (1971) and is the VZ 67s hull and the Panzer 68s turret (this version is likely to be the Tier 9’s stock configuration) and would be armed with a licence built RO L7 105 mm gun. Continue reading

How much paper is there in the Swedish tree?


Author: Renhanxue

With the Swedish tech tree announced, we figured that people might be interested in knowing how closely it aligns with historical Swedish tank designs, so we can pre-emptively fend off accusations of paper tanks and clones, etc. Let’s have a look at each tank in the tree to see how it holds up to closer scrutiny.

Strv fm/21
Originally a German design called LK II, but it was never used in its country of origin. Ten tanks were delivered to the Swedish army in 1921-1922. They were in service until the late 30’s, mainly as tech demonstrators and for tank doctrine studies – they were not really intended for use in the field.

Medium/heavy branch

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