Sexton Tank Chat: Operation Market Garden 75

Here we have a Tank Chat special from the commemorative XXX Corps convoy for Operation Market Garden 75. See David Willey discuss the a Sexton from the Historic Collection of the Royal Netherlands Army, on location in the Netherlands. Tank Chats Playlist:…

What used to be the favourite low tier Troll premium gift Tank in WoT till it was removed from sale.

The Tank Museum: The Curator’s Dingo

Most Curator’s don’t own Armoured Cars… David Willey, Tank Museum Curator, has owned his Daimler Dingo Scout Car for over 20 years. Find out how he came to own and what he uses it for. As part of the 75th Anniversary of Operation Market Garden, David will be driving his Dingo in a 200 vehicle convoy retracing the route. Keep an eye out for coverage of the route on The Tank Museum Facebook page.

Tank Chats #84 Leopard PRTL


By the Tank Museum Bovington

For TANKFEST 2019, The Tank Museum was extremely lucky to be able to display the Leopard PRTL courtesy of The Historic Collection of the Royal Netherlands Army, in cooperation with the National Military Museum of the Netherlands.

David Willey explores how the self-propelled anti-aircraft system, based on a Leopard 1 tank, works and operates, alongside some footage of the PRTL in action.