Yuri Pasholok on the Soviet STG


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Here we have a brief LiveJournal post from one of WarGaming’s resident historians, Yuri Pasholok, covering the recently announced Soviet premium, the STG:

Since World of Tanks will be receiving a new vehicle with little known about it, thus leading to certain questions about its authenticity, I think it’s time to discuss it a bit. As well as generally going over the development of Soviet tanks with rear turret placements.


Project KV-4K. Buganova

The first time the idea of a rear placed fighting compartment appeared was in the several projects for the KV-4 heavy tank. Engineers KI Kuzmin, PS Tarapanin and VI Tarotko chose this concept themselves, and  took the second place in the competition. A similar scheme was adopted by other engineers, for example, K. Buganov. They later returned to this concept several times. In the spring of 1944 N.F. Shashmurin proposed a modernization project for the IS-2. This version of the tank had 5 crew members, two of them were in front, in the driving compartment, and three in the turret. The turret was placed in the stern of the hull, and a engine compartment was located in the center. A very similar scheme was designed for the  heavy tank Object 705A, the competitor of Object 260. The layout of having the turret in the rear of the hull became a common concept among Soviet tank engineers. Another thing was that these never reached any further development beyond design sketches.
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